No prizes for guessing that I will be writing about Egypt again this week.  I ought to be looking at the charts for Algeria, Jordan, and the Yemen by now, but I can’t keep up…!  Before we sign off Mubarak, I will take a last look at his chart.  He came to power on 14th October 1981, when Mars was transiting his Neptune (we don’t know what house that is in).  This may describe how he came to power, which was as a result of the assassination of Anwar Sadat eight days before.  Uranus was square to Sadat’s Saturn at the time, but you may not be interested in going back that far in Egypt’s history.  However, Mubarak was the beneficiary at that time because transiting Neptune was trine Mubarak’s Jupiter, and Pluto also opposed his Jupiter giving him the opportunity to exercise his love of power.  The chart of Mubarak’s leavetaking, which is the beginning of Egypt’s future, shows decisive links with the chart of Egypt:  Mars is trine its Saturn (decisive action), Mars is trine its Neptune (a new spiritual impetus), Mars is opposite its Pluto (the military force to take over) and Saturn squares its Uranus (the challenge to rebuild from the aftermath of revolution).  Let us hope that their way ahead is as promising as their method of revolution, and can serve as a constructive model for other dictatorships in the region.  It is also worth mentioning that his regime is ending within 3 degrees of its Saturn Return.  Meanwhile we have other more frivolous matters to attend to, such as St. Valentine’s Day tomorrow.  How is it looking?  Will you receive the Valentine’s card you crave for?  Mercury trines Saturn tomorrow (14th) and while that is not going to light your candle significantly, it won’t quite disappoint either.  It isn’t very romantic, but it is very practical, e.g. you might receive a gift token for B & Q as a hint to DIY.  Any documents you need to deal with you can do so practically and efficiently, in office mode.  The Mean North Node also changes sign tomorrow, so a karmic shift is on the cards, and that may also impinge on your romantic life.  It moves from Capricorn to Sagittarius (always retrograde) so your view of karma itself may soften.  The last 18 months has had a tough karmic flavour, and the next 18 months our view of karma might be slightly rosier or more philosophical.  Certainly many will be buoyed up by the Egyptian example of people power triumphing, and what might be possible to achieve.  The True North Node will move into Sagittarius in early March, when there will be the same sort of effect, but possibly on a more spiritual level.  On Thursday (17th) the Sun conjuncts Neptune, and this is where doubt or disillusionment could kick in.  The people want results, and they want them now, and they cannot see how to get from here to there.  Kenneth Clarke’s warning yesterday that the Middle Classes don’t know what they are in for regarding the cuts, is the type of fog swathing us on Thursday. “Where are we really?” is the question we’ll be asking ourselves.  Are we on an idealistic path on the way to Utopia, or are we being heavily fooled by those with temporal and fiscal power?  But truth, as we see from all the exposures lately about MP expenses, and leaks, and Julian Assange, will out – and that is an inexorable path as much for outer life as inner psyche.  Uranus also semi-sextiles the Sun that day, so there’s a possibility of more surprise information coming out.  It’s a minor aspect, but may tip the balance in our understanding of where we are.  Friday 18th brings a Full Moon in Leo, or rather we bring it on ourselves, with our emotions laid bare and the resulting consequences.  You can’t or won’t hide under a Moon in Leo, so more truth being revealed.  Venus also squares Saturn, so you won’t be faking it in relationships either.  Either your feelings will be real, or flattened to the point that you can’t be bothered.  It is a good thing that this aspect didn’t turn up on Monday, to ruin our St. Valentine’s dreams.  On Saturday (19th) the Sun enters Pisces, leaving behind idealistic Aquarius and taking on the dreaminess of Pisces.  On that cusp, there is a fine line between idealism and dreaminess, so on that day you can co-ordinate your mental ideals (Aquarius) with your heart’s desires (Pisces) to formulate your intent for the next month.  Take advantage of the blur of that cusp.  Finally, the Sun conjuncts Chiron, so health may be very much on your mind, and mental health in particular, so working on healing, your own and other’s, is an optimum project on that day.  (Hmm…that last apostrophe looks a bit dodgy – Lynne, help me out here!).