In a complete departure this week I bring you a video of swimming with Dolphins.  I “met” O’Douce on the networking site ipeace a couple of years ago, and she agreed to do the eighth in my interview series, on her subject of the Mayan calendar.  I hadn’t heard from her since, but this morning she sent me the following film of herself swimming and singing with dolphins.  I therefore present you with her words, and the link to her dolphin video.  The Mayan Calendar interview has therefore morphed into an interview with O’Douce underwater with dolphins.  Read my blog later to see why we are in a most Neptunian phase!


Over to O’Douce:

Aloha Dear Universal Family

Here is a Dream coming true for me

to share with You

Magical  Dance with our Dolphins Family!

As We are in a most auspicious Time

to explore New Space with Wakefulness

I invite you to come and float in the beautiful Water of the Pacific.

I have  kept the editing of theses images at the minimum so you can live  the full experience.

You will hear my voice also

as I sing for the Dolphins and for Water Healing.

Notice that I swim in full respect as I swim far from the shore, starts singing  and wait for the Dolphins to come to me. .

Please share Magical Dance of the Dolphins with your friends and also to  Children!

Dolphins song  is for You!

Dauphins Famille Universelle /  Dolphins, Universal Family

Un rêve?  /  A dream ?

“Viens nager avec Nous  /  Come swim with Us

dans la Nature en Harmonie   /  in Nature’s Harmony

afin de remémorer notre Unité.  /  to remember our Unity

En nage libre,  /  Swim freely

libère tes peurs   /  Release your fears

et flotte dans cette Eau Cristal du Pacifique.  /  And float in this Crystal Water of the Pacific

Accueille la Gairison  /  Embrace Healing

Enfant Intérieur  /  Inner Child

spirale  /  Spiral

en toute liberté!”  /  In full Freedom


Thank you for your Presence
in Lak’ech I Am Another You
and another treat for you sent from O’Douce ~ Lana 22nd February 2011

O’Douce spreading the Mayan Calendar Message at the Open Mind Festival 2010 Ontario

– video added here 10 April 2011