We are in the middle of a phase of Neptunian transition at the moment, so you may be feeling a little at sea.  This emphasis on Neptune started last Thursday, when the Sun was conjunct Neptune, and indeed we did experience some mist and fog in our weather conditions, typical of Neptune.  Some people may have felt a bit lost or in hibernation that day. On Saturday the Sun entered Pisces, Neptune’s sign, perpetuating that mood.  Tomorrow there are two aspects to Neptune, and Mercury enters Neptune-ruled Pisces.  Later in the week, on Wednesday, Mars also enters Pisces.  So expect a feeling of being at sea at least until Wednesday, after which you may feel re-orientated, and incorporating a wider and deeper range of sensations into your experience.  So it was that in my inbox this morning I found a video of an “internet friend” O’Douce swimming with dolphins, and felt it appropriate to share this in a separate blog.  Really I was playing for time, as I felt at sea about writing the usual blog about the Middle East confusion, another manifestation of a Neptunian phase.  That is a story which will run and run, and is primarily about the release of the human spirit under Jupiter in Aries, and soon to be Uranus in Aries too.  However, there is a sense of “What will happen?”, “What will replace Mubarak’s regime in Egypt?”  and “Which regime will go next?” which reflects this feeling of transition.  And, of course, there won’t be resolution by next Wednesday, but there may be a difference in mood.  This evening (UK time) there is a conjunction between Mercury and Mars, and indeed there may be a critical or analytical quality to your interactions today.  There may also be mental irritation and minor skirmishes.  Let us hope that the regimes in the Middle East who are under attack from people power, refrain from major violence.  The sooner that the Egyptians are able to form a new regime, the clearer the whole outlook will be.  After Wednesday, there is more chance of a clear new step.  In the early hours of tomorrow, first Mercury conjuncts Neptune – mental confusion, but also the possibility of spirituality and channelled information coming through.  Channelled information could mean any quality, depending on whether the Neptunian rays are of illusion or clarity.  By their fruits ye shall know them, or the proof of the pudding is in the eating.  This is followed by Mars conjunct Neptune, which if you like is channelled action, so therefore that can be anything from spiritually-inspired movement such as Tai Chi, to the movement of a crowd in mass consciousness, and again this can be positive or negative.  Certainly if you are working on your own careful personal evolution programme, some sensitive growth can occur now.  When it is combined in a group or a large crowd, the outcome is more unpredictable.  On the same day, Mercury enters Pisces, and issues that seemed clear while Mercury was in Aquarius, may need to be re-evaluated, to take in for instance the needs of all of a group, or a society, or a country.  On Tuesday (22nd) Mercury forms a conjunction with Chiron, and it is time to focus on healing.  This may be precipitated by a healing crisis, but there is the potential to accept the influx of healing energy.  Mars enters Pisces on Wednesday (23rd) and the ocean that is Pisces will be full of sea creatures, or dolphins, or planets (symbolically speaking, of course!).  For those who like numbers Mars will be at 0 degrees Pisces, Chiron at 1 degree, Mercury at 3, the Sun at 4, and Uranus at 29.  So Mars/Chiron/Mercury/Sun are in close proximity, producing an intense whirlpool of energy, which you might think twice about entering if you are unsure of what you are getting into and whether you have a handle on it.  Just stand by in compassion, if in doubt.  The intense Neptune phase now starts to wane, and the first aspect which now comes up is Mars conjunct Chiron on Thursday 24th.  This is about healing wounds, and there may be a focus on the results of some of the violence which is going on in the world, such as the governments firing on crowds.  It is about healing the causes and the results of violence, and becoming clear on these issues.  Again, healing energy will be available, but of a more physical and practical nature than when Mercury was conjunct Chiron on Tuesday, which will have been a cooler mental type of healing energy and conjecture.  The energy on Thursday will be more impassioned.  Beware though of energy which comes in a healing guise and is just projected anger.  On Friday (25th) the Sun conjuncts Mercury in Pisces and there is an opportunity for reasoned discussion, but taking into account the plight and feelings of victims of financial cuts in the NHS or oppressed populations.  Those who have the skills to understand can make a difference in sharing their ideas.  Later, Mercury is semi-sextile Jupiter, so small groups can report back their findings and feedback to larger groups, so that information can be applied to circumstances which need attention.  Mercury then sextiles Pluto on the same day, and really deep thought and discussion is possible.  Friday therefore becomes a day where people can make a difference, starting with their own thoughts and then communicating with the wider world and then sitting down to discuss harsh realities and how new ideas can be applied.  It is the sort of day that an idea can take hold on Facebook (sadly I do not have a Facebook page though).  For finally on that day Jupiter squares Pluto again, which is quite a crescendo.  My blog on this aspect focuses on the schism between religion and atheism in our society, and the relationship of dark and light.  And certainly one man’s meat is a vegetarian man’s poison, so differences have to be confronted.  But a lot of thought will have been provoked in advance, and a lot of discussion taken place.  And a lot of good will that the will of the people will prevail.  Friday will really be the important day this week, but there are a couple of aspects on Saturday (26th) when you might be eating leftovers symbolically from the feast the day before, or you may be hungover if you prefer liquids over solids.  The Sun sextiles Pluto, so the light of consciousness enables us to understand the contrasts of light and shade in the issues we are dealing with, not so dramatically as the day before, but nevertheless usefully, and there may be a cold light of day or anti-climactic climate with which to examine issues.  This is followed by another semi-sextile, which is a minor aspect, in the form of Sun semi-sextile Jupiter.  Saturday therefore may act as a light perceived at the end of a tunnel, but certainly the opportunity to get to grips with some of the major issues which occurred at the end of the week, and which followed the transitionary period up to the middle of the week.