Did you have a defining Pluto-entering-Capricorn event over the last few days? Today’s a good day to turn the symbolism over in your mind. Maybe your dreams are trying to bring through a special message related to this event. This week the meaning of the event will start to play out, perhaps in more practical terms, in your life. The first hurdle of the week will be travelling and communications tomorrow (Monday 28th), for Mercury is going retrograde, and skywatchers have got used to seeing its trickster hand in the realms of communication. The retrograde motion of Mercury happens early evening (UK time), so you may get to your destination fine, then have a more complicated journey back. It might be worth asking the question though: why does Mercury do this to us? The answer from me, is I don’t know, but I have observed that under the retrograde people are lax about their verbal communications, are unconscious about that, and misunderstandings arise. So be aware of your communications, and make sure the other person hears you clearly. Mercury is retrograde until 19 February, so you have plenty of time to figure out what you need to work on in your communications. If any skywatchers are working in public transport, they may evolve some understanding of how the transport systems need to change. Venus trines Saturn on Wednesday (30th), and this can encourage commitment and loyalty in relationships, engagements or renewals of mutual vows. Later that day Mars goes stationary prior to turning direct. Some of you may have felt that retrograde motion of Mars over the last few weeks in different ways, such as a pressure to get things done, jobs piling up, but an inability yet to do so. Therefore, it will be a welcome relief to start to catch up on those tasks in early February (Mars skids for a few days before actually turning round). Friday 1st February is a great day to be getting married with Venus conjunct Jupiter. Well if the engagement was only on Wednesday, that’s fast going. So rapid developments will take place in relationships this week. Elopements to Gretna Green are usually chilly at this time of year, but we are having milder temperatures than usual here in the UK. It’s also a good day for social celebrations generally, and Cinderella may get to the ball. And by Friday, Mars is starting to move forward again so it’s a good time to release the passion for house and garden work, get those rubber gloves, oven gloves or gardening gloves on.