Three weeks ago I wrote: “The big question of the week seems to have been whether or not the President of Egypt Hosni Mubarak would stay or go, and if he would go, when. “  Now substitute Libya for Egypt and Gaddafi for Mubarak, and I have another set of charts to consider.  Libya though is a different matter altogether than Egypt, and Gaddafi very different from Mubarak.  The Observer this morning calls Gaddafi psychotic (Andrew Rawnsley, Pg. 35) and his son Saif also earns this epithet ( Pg.8 in an article by Jamie Doward, quoting someone else).  I am not a Psychiatrist, but I will take a look at what their charts might say.  Muammar al Gaddafi has Mercury conjunct Jupiter which gives a wide-ranging mind and nothing  sinister about that, though judgement is blown out of all proportion by a square from Neptune (planet of psychosis).  The Observer could be right on that one.  His son Saif has 3 planets in the loyal family sign of Cancer,  and has his Mercury (mind) conjunct Mars, which indicates that he can talk war, but there is no sign of the psychotic flavour of his father’s chart.  His Mars is exactly conjunct his South Node, which indicates past-life warrior patterns.  Unless a birth time and Ascendant revealed more, I wouldn’t say he is psychotic, just merely protecting his tribe.  Gaddafi has good links and firm ties with the original chart of Libya, and the chart of his coup in 1969 shows Libya Republic Neptune trine his Mars (A spiritual opportunity for him to sieze power, what he did with it after was a matter of his own free will).  But an ominous feature of the comparison of his chart with the Republic chart is Libya Republic Pluto square exactly Gaddafi natal Mercury (Power came to him, to be exercised, but mentally it overwhelmed him and may have been a significant time in the process of his becoming unhinged.  If all power corrupts, he became corrupted at that immediate moment).  His 41-year reign hints at a Uranus opposition being his downfall, or the downfall of the regime.  The Libyan Republican Uranus is at 2 degrees 53 minutes of Aries, and Uranus reaches the opposition to that on 3rd-4th May, which may be when the regime changes to its next format, though Gaddafi himself may be away soon if his support dwindles.  At the time of the Unrest Chart (15/2/11) the South Node was resting on Gaddafi’s South Node (the end of karmic grace, perhaps).  Now looking at this week’s aspects, tomorrow Uranus squares the Mean Nodal Axis, so that puts revolutions still squarely on the agenda worldwise.  In our own lives, we may be rebelling too, though the rebellion may be from one part of our psyche to another which may have held sway for too long in a dictatorial fashion, e.g. we might take a break from a housework regime (N.B. This does not apply to Sagittarians, who don’t like housework, per se). There are two sextiles this week, looking pretty yummy, and the first occurs on Tuesday (1st March).  Venus sextiles Uranus, and it’s a great day for socializing or bumping into someone you haven’t seen for a while.  Luncheon reunions are blessed, and so are more altruistic endeavours as it is quite a humanitarian aspect.  Venus enters Aquarius the next day (Wednesday 2nd) and the social scene looks bright and new.  You might notice everyone wearing the Aquarian colours of Electric Blue and Magenta that day, hopefully not together.  If you have any projects which benefit society, you can take on new recruits that day.  On Thursday 3rd, the True North Node enters Sagittarius, and we are set on a different compass karmically, one which is slightly more upbeat.  We feel the wind beneath our wings.  On Friday (4th) is the second sextile of the week, Mars sextile Pluto.  This brings an opportunity to settle issues through action, and may bring more conflict between states and despots, even though it is a positive aspect.  In your own life, is there something you need to physically shift, like a rockery in the garden?  You’d have the energy to do that, but you still need to mind your back with that heavy lifting – you need to take into account your physical condition and limitations.  Better still have a partner for those odd jobs, one on each end of the plank: On the Mars end, a fresh-faced Aries youngster, in good physical shape;  and on the other Plutonian end, a more mature but wise Scorpio who knows a thing or two about how to lift things, from previous mishaps.  Draft them in!  Have the physical changes to your environment completed earlier in the day, because at the end of the day (UK time) is a New Moon in Pisces, time to raise a toast to any accomplishments of the week or month, and anticipate your new regime.