The week starts with three semi-sextiles, a minor aspect which has recently caught my attention as being worthy of depicting the nuances of the week.  Today’s is Mars semi-sextile Jupiter, so people may be getting into a hot lather or overboard with enthusiasm about things which may not in the long term prove too significant.  I’m still shaking my head with disbelief at walking into a restaurant last Wednesday, which I had suggested was Magenta Day, only to find everybody round the table wearing magenta.  You’d have thought it was a set-up, but it was just another entry of Venus into Aquarius, something that happens every year…On Tuesday (8th) Venus will be semi-sextile Pluto and love, feelings and the affections will be under the microscope for authenticity.  The Ladies Detective Agency will be out in full force, looking for the truth of the heart.  The third semi-sextile of the week is Mercury semi-sextile Neptune occurring on Wednesday (9th) when small paranoias may reign in your mind and niggle at you until you solve or dissolve them.  Something may distract you later and you might even just forget your paranoia, for there are bigger aspects afoot.  Mercury conjuncts Uranus and this favours original, inventive ideas and flashes of inspiration.  The paranoia can really be put in its place by such bold thoughts.  Mercury then enters Aries, and the mind literally has a fresh start, or starts to notice new growth which is already taking place.  This would be a good time for drawing up new documents or constitutions, or tendering new business initiatives.  If you have been afraid or timid about speaking up while Mercury has been in Pisces, your Inner Orator could surface now.  On Thursday (10th) Venus sextiles Jupiter and this is the best social day of your calendar this week.  Engagements and partnerships thrive under this aspect, and a celebration may not be out of place.  On the world stage, Saturday (12th) is the most important day, as Uranus re-enters Aries, joining Jupiter who has been holding up the success of the revolutionaries singlehandedly.  Revolution 21st Century-style is due to ratchet up its pace.  A television commentator this morning mentioned that what we have seen so far were revolts, not revolutions.  Uranus will be saying: “You ain’t seen nothing yet”.   Last week continued to be dominated by the Libyan uprising.  I took a brief look last week at Gaddafi’s son Saif and found him to be very different from his father, but having a strong element of warriorship and tribal instinct.  This week he seems to have become an interface between his father’s regime and the world media, and so I returned to his chart for a closer look.  His intellectual and social leanings seem to be a reflection of the light and airy Venus placed in Gemini in his natal chart.  A comparison with his father’s chart hints that the relationship is not an easy one, with the father’s Jupiter squaring Saif’s Pluto (a power struggle).  Currently, Uranus is opposing Saif’s Pluto (indicating the need to reform his own psychological outlook, rapidly, to keep up with events).  He has an exact Sun-Jupiter opposition in his natal chart revealing over-optimism or possible arrogance.  When Uranus reaches 3 degrees of Aries in May, it will create a T-square with his Sun-Jupiter opposition, and events may be taken out of his control, certainly an unexpected change in his personal life.  He may not be the main player in the Libyan situation, his birthchart is not central to the fate of his country, and therefore Libyan events may take power from him earlier.  The heartwarming themes arising from the Middle East revolutions are the assistance being given to the Libyans by other regimes such as Tunisia, and the gradual emergence of some re-organization in Egypt and Tunisia.  Henry Porter in the Observer reports from Tunisia that “In Kasbah Square, there are representative groups from all over the country huddling round charcoal fires in tents and it was striking how often those who possessed the clearest political ideas and did the talking for a particular group were the women”…then from Egypt: “I saw a demonstration last Friday where the new prime minister, Essam Sharaf, promised meaningful liberal reforms and the rebuilding of Egypt” but reminds us there is still a long way to go.  Uranus first entered Aries last summer, and you may have noticed an impact on your life then.  With revolution now under way in the Middle East, there may be an area of your own life which is currently being revolutionized, and a huge new injection of energy is on its way to you this coming week for that purpose.  Will you know what to do with it?