Radical Virgo (aka) Joyce Mason caught my eye two years ago with the zany humour and upbeat pics on her website.   I like her style of presenting profound material in a lighthearted way.

She welcomed me into the astrological blogging community, and for that I am eternally grateful.  Reading other blogs is a vital part of learning on the job!

As well as being an expert on Chiron, she has a huge heart and has opened her blog to guests while she works on various projects, including a new book on Chiron based on her research findings.

And if that was not enough, she has now hosted something I’ve recently written:

Astrology and Past Lives

The Nodal Axis: The South Node and Where we Come from

If you want to know more about how my Astrological work intertwines with my Past Life work, click on the following link which will take you to her website.


She writes:

“Guests broaden the horizons of my blog. They give readers so much more when I can invite other favorite writers to share their passions and posts.”

Thank you, Joyce!