On Sunday morning Mercury is conjunct Neptune and journeys will still be complicated, communications fuzzy and weather unhelpful, so be prepared with your Sat Nav (or on second thoughts maybe not), flasks of hot tea, credit on your mobile phone and an extra jumper. Over the next couple of days, conversations could be cloudy and inconclusive, in an effort to achieve clarity. By Tuesday (5th) Chiron will be conjunct the Sun and bring you to the point of decision, something pressing for resolution, and the answer to the problem could lie right under your nose. It may be a healing or health issue, such as a weak ankle which stops you from going into work and facing yet another day of rail travel, or enables you to understand the underlying cause of the problem. The Sun conjoins Mercury on Wednesday (6th) and hopefully clears the fog, enables you to travel more smoothly, and brings light where there was confusion. These events all take place in the sign of Aquarius, so there’ll be an underlying “for the good of all” purpose behind any angst, and a Dunkirk spirit. Together and separately we are all working on our Aquarian issues, so if you run out of steam, have a look and see what your nearest Aquarian is up to as he or she may be at the centre of all the action, and may embody the group effort. Thursday (7th) brings a change of sign and scene: Venus from the sign of Capricorn woos Uranus in the sign of Pisces, and Uranus wows Venus in return. There could be a few raised eyebrows, here and there. Of course, the ubiquitous Aquarian will be claiming the right to be in on the act by virtue of having Uranus as their ruling planet. But a good time should be had by all. Right on top of that is an eclipsed New Moon in Aquarius, so O.K. Aquarians never really did go off stage, they just hid for a moment. It is totally their show, and totally a time for everyone to interact as if the Age of Aquarian has dawned. The eclipse factor could still hold a few fears for some, but with Pluto in Capricorn you might have noticed an intensification of effort to dissolve karma and deal with our shadows more courageously, and at this time we can allow the Universe to help us in this process. Mercury is also conjunct Chiron on that day, which will enable you to analyse things on the mental level and also apply insights to health matters – generally to join up the dots. And you can rest easy knowing that I won’t be doing another astro-quiz next week.