Blogging on a Sunday morning ensures that I stay in the now at least once in the week now I am retired and often don’t know what day it is.  When I started this four years ago, I was just writing about the aspects for the week ahead.  But now it has become an exercise in putting the aspects in the wider context of the news and how the aspects from the previous week are playing out.  So I may have to change the title to something like “That was the week that was plus aspects for the week ahead”.  There is so much going on this week that I have a split-screen in my mind of Libya on one side and Japan on the other, and though Libya has overtaken Japan on the news at this moment, there is really a lot more going on in Japan.  However, if you look at Libya as part of what is going on in the Middle East, that scenario has uprising in the Yemen, talks between the government and opposition in Bahrain, and democratic roots starting to be established in Egypt – a lot going on.  Where to start?  A reporter mentioned last night that the new intervention in Libya of a no-fly zone (we now have more idea of what it entails) is happening on the anniversary of the Iraq War of 20/3/11 – there must be some astrological significance in that, even if only a Solar Return!  The United Nations Organization was founded in 1945, the same year that Japan was in such dire straits it is said.  Jupiter is currently trining the Pluto of the UN chart (the wielding of power), but Pluto is squaring its Neptune (the unknown consequences).  As I write, they are still debating the morality of intervention on Sunday morning television, one Professor of Politics advocating the diplomatic intervention of getting both sides together to talk.  Much as I love peacemaking it is difficult now to imagine talking to Colonel Gaddafi.  Jack Straw was speaking this week about how the British Government had to speak to him in order to persuade him to abandon his nuclear weapons, but it would be difficult to imagine that anyone could talk to him now.  I am going to leave the current news scene now, but my heart and thoughts are equally with the Japanese people now for all they have to contend with, opened up to us this week by news reporting of images of the flotsam and jetsam left behind by the tsunami, the heroic attempts to shower the nuclear plants with sea water, and vignettes of personal stories of survivors trying to trace their loved ones.  My brief this week is very brief, as we have few aspects.  Today there is a minor semi-sextile between the Sun and Neptune – a sense of where are we now?  But later in the day we will know exactly where we are – at the beginning of the Astrological New Year with the Sun entering Aries!  It is Spring, and this should register with you on some level; maybe you’ve been planting in the garden, or starting a new project (some of us feel we have new lives, since Jupiter and Uranus entered Aries, and this sense will be reinforced).  Today will have a sense of finishing something and then starting something else.  As if to rubber stamp the new regime, the Sun will conjunct Uranus tomorrow (Monday 21st) and new growth and new projects may see visible results.  In international affairs, there may be surprises (though we are assured we are not going to have a repeat of shock and awe 2003-style).  There may be some new ideas of hope and assistance for stricken countries.  Where individuals have established new projects, they may be able to join with others in group initiatives.  And that is a new beginning, a fresh start, with no other aspects for the rest of the week, which means just consolidating what you have started.  Just a couple of practical notes for your diary:  Wednesday 23rd: Post your Census Form…Saturday 26th: 8.30 pm (international event) Earth Hour, switch off your lights for an hour.  Happy Astrological New Year to you!