There are three major aspects this week, all of them involving the Sun, which is still in Aquarius. So the theme of the developing individuality and its relationship to the group is continuing on from last week. The first aspect evolving and reaching its peak on Monday (11th) is Sun conjunct Neptune: mystery building up and being highlighted on that day, for decoding. This may involve health issues or investigations in our personal lives (x-rays), scandals in public life (oily and slick politicians) or pollution in the environment (more literal oil slicks). For those who are limbering up for St. Valentine’s Day however it’s perfect for bringing out your poetic side. Write that poem now with Neptune as your muse, don’t wait until Thursday, when a different mood will prevail. For the Sun is trine Mars on Thursday (14th), Valentine’s Day, which unleashes passion and impatience. Girls, if you’re tempted to pop the question this leap year, you may not be able to wait until February 29th be warned. Be bold in presenting your poem to the object of your affections! If however you don’t receive a Valentine’s card, then write yourself a poem, or failing that read Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself”. Authentic self-love is the order of the day, and Walt really knew how to express it: “I celebrate myself, and sing myself, And what I assume you shall assume, For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.” Don’t hold back, for Sun trine Mars is expression itself. The third aspect which comes at the end of the week on Saurday (16th) involves karma in the shape of Sun conjunct the North Node. O.K. maybe you should have held back, though it’s too late now, you do have to consider your karma – sorry to have misled you…It’s a great day, joking apart, for taking stock of your karma, perhaps meeting up with an old friend and visiting nostalgic places, tuning into your individual karmic mission, and keeping tabs on your Soul group as this conjunction takes place in Aquarius. Why not invite them all round for a reunion?