The biggest event of the day, around tea-time in the U.K., is Venus entering Aquarius. You may have had a sense of tying up loose ends in relationships this last week, because relationships are making a new start today. Venus is set for a short stay (just over 3 weeks) so we will be trying out new modes of being with each other and looking at people with new eyes. Venus transits Aquarius once a year, so if you are meeting up with people at tea-time, look at the changes in yourselves over the last year, how that has brought you forward, and how that can bring your relationships forward. If you’re having a tea ceremony on your own, focus on your relationship with yourself, and have a second cuppa for absent friends. The second event of the week takes place Tuesday (19th) and pause for fanfare while Mercury does a twirl turning direct after 3 weeks of havoc on the railways and other modes of transport and communication. In the last 3 weeks I’ve seen grown men and women, hardened long-term commuters, turn back at the Station and give up and go home. Mercury turning direct will be slow progress at first but it’ll be a relief if you’ve been waiting for important documents in the post, such as your rail compensation claim, or if you have been trying to clear confusion in negotiations. Blocked e-mails may suddenly appear, days after they have been sent, for instance. Tuesday seems to be the big day this week, because the Sun also arrives in Pisces and sextiles Pluto. With the Sun entering Pisces, you may be able to let go of the fog in communications and on the mental level, only to reveal another deeper layer of unravelling work to be undertaken on the spiritual plane. If it’s all too much, or you have gone down with a heavy cold, or are still in the grip of winter depression, you can always pass on this round. Otherwise, if you are ready to take the next step, you may be able to see your own emotions and those around you with compassion and see beyond the illusions created on the wider screen by politicians and celebrities. Still with Tuesday (if you’ve got the stamina) and now focussing on Sun sextile Pluto at the end of the day, give yourself a pat on the back for the psychological shifts you have made since Pluto entered Capricorn 3 weeks ago, and set your compass according to what you now know. Then cast your mind back to nearly 2 weeks ago and what the eclipsed New Moon brought up (e.g a proposed office move). The Full Moon on Thursday (21st) is also eclipsed, and will bring forward the theme started at the New Moon and intensify the the emotions around it. Bear in mind that the effects of eclipses can take 6 months to work out (e.g that office move could take place in the summer). The Moon will be in Virgo, opposing the Sun in Pisces, and so the issues will have moved on from the relationship of the individual to the group and will be more concerned with issues of purity, especially in connection with the environment. In the workplace this will bring up health and safety issues, e.g. the correct way to pack the ornaments on your desk without damaging them – that collection of souvenirs brought back from staff holidays wants to be preserved intact. Focus on the Virgoan details and the bigger Piscean ocean of office equipment will take care of itself in the move. But it’s all contingent on whether the bid for office space has been accepted, and whether the collective vision has been true. Sorry, I seem to have slipped into an episode of “The Quiet Office”…these things can happen while the Sun is in Pisces.