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Aspects for the week beginning 16 June 2019

Jo Brand

Comedian Jo Brand was under fire this week, for saying throwing milkshake at politicians was too lame, and it should have been acid.  Nigel Farage, assuming he was the butt of the “joke” (made on a pre-recorded radio show, Heresy) called for a police investigation.  The incident certainly sparked a debate on the air waves and on daytime television chat shows.

These days we see her on screen in many guises as Jo takes part in many reality TV shows, and notably hosts An Extra Slice, the spin off from the Great British Bake Off (a lot of her early jokes were based around cake).

Birth Chart

Jo has 7 of her 10 planets in Fire signs (the fiery redhead image), and no planets in Water (her unemotional monotonous and self-deprecating delivery). She certainly has some clear Archetypes in her birthchart: Sun in Leo (The Performer), Sun sextile Jupiter (The Comedian), Sun conjunct Uranus (The Trickster, liking to shock), and Mercury exactly conjunct Mars (the Inner Critic, or acid tongue). Mercury opposes Chiron in her chart, and Chiron exactly square the Nodal Axis, showing an interest in Psychiatry (she worked as a mental health nurse for 10 years).  In addition her Venus conjunct Pluto in Leo shows powerful feelings which are able to push buttons.


When awarded an honorary doctorate for her nursing career from the University of Glamorgan in 2007, the Dean said:

“Jo incorporates much of her experience working in the field of mental health into her current work as a comedian. This has increased awareness of the work done by nurses in the mental health field. She has also used her experiences of working with individuals with conditions such as Alzheimer’s to promote awareness of and raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Society.”

Her transits at the time were Mars on her South Node (past work), Mars square her Chiron, Pluto square her Jupiter and Pluto trine her Venus.


In 2016 Jo took part in a gruelling 150-mile walk across Britain for Sport Relief, with Pluto sextile her North Node in Scorpio (meaningful karma) and Neptune square her natal Saturn (a challenge on many levels).

The Gaffe

Her transits this week for the storm after the airing of Heresy were Jupiter trine her Mars and Mercury (emboldening her Inner Critic), Mars closely trine her natal North Node in Scorpio (bringing out her warrior and sharp wit), plus Uranus closely square her Uranus (bringing out her Inner Rebel, and unpredictability).

Some are saying that is the job of a comedian, to push the boundaries.  But she herself apologized and said it was “crass”.

But what of the complainant, Nigel Farage, how hurt was he?  Mars was trine his Neptune (his sensitivities inflamed) and Neptune close to trine his Neptune (spiritually confident at the moment).  While this incident could trigger someone (and he has received death threats in the past, as have many politicians in this polarized climate), generally speaking he is doing O.K. at the moment, and will probably be fine.  He has Pluto natally on his Ascendant, and is capable of rising from the ashes (as in the plane crash he survived).

One of the alarming and burgeoning crimes in our society now is acid attack, and it is a crime from which victims face a long and uncertain recovery.  Jo obviously has the sensitivity for mental nursing, but this verbalized thought is an example of thinking the unthinkable.  In our violent climate, probably born of austerity and social alienation, we all have to think about what we are saying (and thinking).  Fittingly, I am keeping this short!


Today Mercury conjoins the North Node, bringing the karma of thought and speech to our attention. Choose your words wisely.  Much can be taught and learned under this aspect, and ideas exchanged.

Mercury also trines Neptune, another feather in the cap for Mercury-ruled Geminians and Virgoans.  Communication is spiritualized and sensitized.  You may go on a spiritual journey, either physically or metaphorically.

Thus the morning should flow.  But Mercury opposes Saturn in the early afternoon, and challenges or blockages may occur to that smooth flow.  You may find that after karmic insight (Mercury conjunct North Node) and a spiritual peak experience (Mercury trine Neptune), you are having to deconstruct the flights of emotion and imagination, and knuckle down to detail and more exacting mental work, to concentrate the mind.  Travelling back from a venue may be more delayed.  By the end of the day you may have flipped from total trust to suspicion, but a suspension of disbelief may be required to regain trust and see the total picture.

But the planets have not done with us for the day, and the biggest aspect has been saved for last: Jupiter square Neptune.  This will add to your confusion, and the urge for greater processing.  For it will pull us back to confusion (which is a high state according to The Course in Miracles) and force us to look at the bigger picture.  Conundrums such as are comedians allowed to say the unsayable can make our heads spin.  There is a sort of polarization too about this square.  If you are unsure of where you stand on religion, you would really feel it now.  If you are unsure of where you stand on Brexit, then the conundrum of how to heal society can be heartrending.  The answer to everything must be to expand the mind, I would have thought…

Tomorrow, Monday 17th, sees a Full Moon at 25 degrees Sagittarius.  All the work required of us on Sunday, if not resolved, may increase the tension felt around the Full Moon.  But again, with its placement in Sagittarius, we are again being urged to look at the big picture, and see the global context.  Foreign affairs may come to a head, for example.  Jeremy Hunt (a Scorpio) currently has the complexity of being Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, running for the Tory leadership contest, siding with Donald Trump over the Iranian oil tanker incident, while needing to protect and free Nazanin Zhagari Ratcliffe from an Iranian jail.  Some or parts of those aims and interests may clash, and all are risky ventures.

If you are feeling a similar maelstrom in your life, then you may need to start by going within to that still small spiritual centre, find peace, then make your responses from that place.

Tuesday (18th) brings more balance, with Saturn sextile Neptune, also a major aspect.  Saturn represents materiality and practicality, and here sits happily with Neptune, the planet of spirituality and imagination.  Great work can ensue from that, which satisfies on many levels, ecological projects among them.

In the afternoon, Mercury conjoins Mars, and that can bring brisk and efficient activity, or a war of words.  Remember Jo Brand has this natally, and it is her Inner Critic.  So rein in any negative thoughts, or they could spark a controversy, or go viral on social media.  But if you are coming from integrity in your work, you could get a lot done in a short space of time.

The combination of Mercury and Mars in that way can be manageable, but on the very next day (this is a week of vicissitudes!), Wednesday (19th), we are confronted with a deeper challenge in communication and travel: that of Pluto opposite Mercury.  Perhaps you were glib the day before, or did not think things through on a deep level.  If so, you may be pulled up short by the deeper demands of this aspect.  Hence the continuing theme this week of getting your thoughts and words right.  Are you really sure you meant what you said, or meant to say it?  Is it really your truth?  Do you have the right to change your truth from day to day? Or does what you say always have to be eternal, for all time?  Certainly the consequences of what you say and think have importance today (even more than yesterday).  You may need to examine the past more thoroughly in order to make up your mind.

So it is reluctantly that I have to report Pluto opposing Mars on Thursday (20th), if you like the major reckoning of the week.  Words are not enough to contain and express the two sides of an argument, for Mars and Pluto together contain great physical force and energy.  Extreme sports, if they are your thing, may be a way to express them.  But it may be an incident-prone day, and one which pacifist souls may prefer to sit out, from the comfort of their armchairs or recliner chairs.  If you have to attend a stand-off as a mediator, try to defuse the situation before it gets out of hand.  Or alternatively you may turn out to be wrestling with yourself, e.g. “I want to remain in Europe, but just let’s get Brexit over with”.

Friday (21st) may see a change on your spiritual path, with Neptune stationary prior to turning retrograde.  You may need to retrace your steps on this path, perhaps as a result of some huge learning that has taken place earlier this week.  The coming months will see more researching into the mysteries.  Neptune will go direct again at the end of November, when you will see your path more clearly and confidently.

The Sun enters Cancer in the afternoon, which is of course the Summer Solstice.  Make the most of the peak of summer and the light.  Hopefully, the weather will match the season.  Greta Thunberg will be continuing her weekly Friday school strikes throughout the summer holiday, keeping up the pressure on behalf of the planet.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – mental adaptability required, and trust
  • Tomorrow – emotional high tide
  • Tuesday – some balance, some efficiency
  • Wednesday – intellectual and psychological challenge
  • Thursday – more physical challenge
  • Friday – spiritual reviewing


Aspects for the week beginning 9 June 2019

Another short blog, while I master my new physiotherapy exercises!

Conservative Party Leadership – Part 3

I cannot believe that I find myself writing again about the Conservative Party leadership contest.  Switch off now, if you find the topic agonizing.  The contest formally begins tomorrow, Monday 10th.  Some candidates pulled out last week, but there are still a couple of candidates I haven’t covered, and they are both outsiders.

The Drug Issue

The top runners have set out their past drug habits: Michael Gove has just admitted to taking cocaine 20 years ago, Boris took some while at University, and Jeremy Hunt once took a cannabis lassi.  Rory Stewart smoked some opium in Afghanistan.  In a late flurry yesterday, not to be outdone, Andrea Leadsom, Matt Hancock and Dominic Raab all admitted to taking cannabis at University. Presumably this is something we need to know…For me, it is the quality of their consciousness right now which is more worthy of scrutiny, as well as their innate character.  The drugs of course may have had a permanent effect on some of them.  There is an outcry in Michael Gove’s case that he is a hypocrite, in relation to the drugs admission.  Politics of course is full of hypocrisy, and very few of the candidates can be seen as blameless in that respect.  I am not an admirer of Gove, but am in the “Anything but Boris” camp.

Sam Gyimah

Sam Gyimah is the first of the two candidates left, who I haven’t already looked at. Sam is seen as a one-nation Tory supporting social programmes, and a more sympathetic character than most.  For a Sunsign Leo, he comes across as fairly unassuming, but with the strength which that sign brings, in a strong willed chart.  Leadership is also indicated by Sun in Leo, plus Uranus conjunct North Node in Scorpio.  Although we do not have a birth time, looking at transits in relation to important points in his life story, it seems that his Jupiter in Taurus has been important in this respect.  He studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Oxford University and Jupiter and Chiron in Taurus may indicate a skill in economics, useful for a future Prime Minister.  After graduating he worked at Goldman Sachs as an investment banker (as well as Jupiter in Taurus, he has Uranus conjunct the North Node in Scorpio, another sign of skill in banking).

His Brexit stance is unusually (for the candidates) one of proposing a further referendum, and categorically refuting a no deal.  He voted remain in 2016, and that is one reason he is not likely to be a front runner in the candidacy.

Transits for 31st July (by which time the leadership contest should be settled)

Mars will be on his Sun at that time, so he will be ready to draw a line on the matter and forge ahead with his future plans.  Uranus will be on his South Node, so karmically too there will be change in his life.  Pluto will be trine his Mars, so something will be galvanizing him and firing him up, for his next project in life.

Transits for 31st October (the Brexit deadline)

Mars will be sextile his natal Sun at that time, so again he will be energetic and focussed on new pathways.  Pluto will still be trine his Mars, giving him the oomph to achieve his aims.

Mark Harper

Mark Harper also has potential for leadership in his chart, in his case the Sun conjunct the North Node.  Like Sam Gyimah, he studied PPE at Oxford University, though at a different college.  He is very much his own person, with an unusual feature in his chart being 3 unaspected planets: Mercury, Mars and Pluto.  Despite the lack of aspects to Mars, he has a strongly martial bent with Mars and Chiron in Aries, and has consistently supported military intervention overseas; under Cameron’s government was made spokesman for the armed forces welfare issues and veterans. Again we do not have a birth time, but looking at transits in relation to important points in his life story, it seems that his Mars in Aries has been important feature in this respect. He has also supported fox hunting.  His credentials as a Sun in Pisces were sealed when he broke his foot (Pisces) dancing (Pisces) at his wife’s leaving do in Soho.

He sees himself going to Brussels to negotiate changes to the backstop, and wants to avoid a no deal.  He doubts a deal can be negotiated in time for the end of October deadline.   Like Gyimah, he also voted remain in 2016, which puts him at the back of the queue.

Transits for 31st July

A couple of minor transits may initially put him on the back foot: Mars will be opposing his natal Mercury at that time, so he may be angry about something; though Mars transits are short lived, they can trigger events for people.  Jupiter will be square his natal Venus, so he may even make a social gaffe.  It could be a slightly awkward time for him.  Saturn sextiles his Venus, which can help him rebalance and regain ground.  Uranus sextiles his Sun, so he will have a surprise or new venture up his sleeve, though.  The positive will outweigh the negative for him.

Transits for 31st October

By this time, Mars will be trine his Mercury, so he can be assertive about what he thinks without offending.  Saturn will be exactly sextile his Venus on the day, so a personal issue could be very stabilizing for him, but also if offered a post in the cabinet it may be related to finance.  Uranus will be transiting his natal Saturn, so there is also some discomfort or shock involved with change.  Neptune also transits his natal Venus, so I imagine some important readjustments being made in his personal life too.

Other Leaderships

Anna Soubry became the new leader of the rapidly dwindling Change UK party this week.  According to the Guardian: “Soubry said she was particularly stricken by Umunna’s decision. “I will always be more sad than you can imagine that Chuka is not with us. I think he’s a man of huge ability and talents, and I think he has made a very serious mistake.”  It was the strength of their friendship which was one of the factors that led to the formation of the original Independence Group.  When the leadership was announced, Chiron was trine her natal Saturn and Uranus (some have greatness thrust upon them!)  Her bond with Chuka shows his Jupiter trine her Saturn (she finds him uplifting), Her Uranus on his Jupiter (she sees his highest potential), Her Venus conjoins his Uranus (a magnetism) and his Neptune is on her Sun (she finds him inspiring).

Jo Swinson is tipped to succeed Vince Cable in the Lib Dem party leadership contest.  Since the European MEP elections the party has been transformed into more of a going concern, a more palatable prospect if she does succeed.  The only other candidate to have declared is Ed Davey, and she has been much more high profile (e.g. in the media).  The contest officially began on 24th May. Jupiter was transiting her natal Neptune (opportunity for her dream job?!) and Jupiter sextiled her natal Pluto (the opportunity to seize power!)  Sounds perfect.  The new leader will take over on 23rd July, and at that time Jupiter will be exactly sextile her natal Sun (success in a contest!).  However, Pluto also squares her natal Pluto, so she will learn all about the challenges of Power.

Better just look at Ed Davey too.  He’s a Christmas Day Capricornian, so maybe should have been called Noel…At the time the contest began Uranus was trine his Sun, so he may have surprised himself.  Saturn was trine his Uranus, so he may have been pushing himself beyond his comfort zone, but in a constructive way.  The North Node sextiled his Uranus, again pushing him to take a bold step.  Neptune was opposing his natal Pluto, so the push may have caused him some niggling worries.  But the whole prospect seems exciting for him.  For 23rd July, Neptune exactly opposes his Pluto on the day (likely to rain on his parade), but Pluto sextiles his Neptune (he will be strong psychologically).  If Jo Swinson did not have such winning planetary line ups, I’d say his Uranian transits were quite respectable for such a contest.


Today, Venus enters Gemini, bringing a more mental focus to relationships, and increasing communication around love, art and money. Your diary is likely to be full of engagements during the period that Venus travels through this sign, which takes us up to 3rd July.  We’ll all be social butterflies, deftly spinning plates in social circles!

In the early evening Neptune squares the Sun, and we might be a little dizzy from the social whirlwind, or from other factors.  Even the young in age might experience a senior moment under this aspect.  You may need to slow down, centre yourself, and chill out until you can achieve the clarity or grounding to work with this aspect.

Tomorrow (Monday 10th) Jupiter opposes the Sun, so we’ll need centring in a different way.  We will be more grounded, but will be trying to cover too much ground, and maybe overstretching ourselves, erring on the side of arrogance, although likely to be in good humour.  You’ll want to be travelling, whether physically to far off places, or mentally in your armchair reading about travelling (in my case a recliner chair, with my arm currently in a sling).  If lazing in a chair, philosophical reflections on the quality of freedom in your life can bring relevant insights for this Jupiterian aspect and timing.  Or if you can extend to a desk, writing a comedy script would also be a suitable occupation for the day.  Otherwise, enjoy the foreign holiday, or the planning or prospect of one.

Skipping to Friday (14th), as the middle of the week is an unaspected desert, we have a trine between Neptune and Mars.  This is an aspect I personally like, for it ensures sensitive use of energies, such as meditative activities.  Yoga, Tai Chi and Qijong all represent this vibe.  Mars represents the use of energy or anger directed (in a trine) in a constructive way, and Neptune represents empathy. I recently came across an interview with Melinda Gates (who has the Mars trine Neptune energy in her own natal chart) where she was asked the question, “Why do you write that empathy is more effective than outrage?”.  Her reply was interesting, for example from the point of view of activism:

“Outrage is a knee-jerk emotional response, but empathy helps you take in the other person’s point of view and decide what you are going to do with it and how you are going to move forward.  There might be times when you need to use anger, but you must always use it strategically.”

There is a lot of activism, protesting and demonstrating going on at the moment, especially in relation to climate change.  I would always like to see peaceful demonstration (no cause justifies violence), and Mars trine Neptune is the right energy for this.

The Mars-Neptune trine occurs early in the morning, and may serve the first half of the day at least, but there is a block mid-afternoon when Saturn opposes Mars, and if you are not careful (but you will be, because you will have read this blog!) it could undo some of the subtler and delicate work of Mars trine Neptune.  It is as if you had fashioned a beautiful sand mandala on the shore, and someone has come along and stomped all over it with hobnail boots.  So you might be forgiven for installing protective measures as you work with the more refined energies earlier in the day.  Towards mid-afternoon, deliberately leave the cloud, and work on the grounding of your achievements, having thought about possible loopholes.  It is possible that you may be pleased with your outcomes, but then face criticism from another who does not understand what you have produced, or the processes you went through.  Your own feeling about your work is what is more important, so don’t be swayed.

What could override both aspects, and gives a structure to the day (you’ll find the day overall very meaningful) is a semi-sextile between Saturn in Capricorn and Jupiter in Sagittarius.  This is a balancing between two important planets, which may not be comfortable, but forces us to take into account factors we may otherwise overlook.  It occurs just after the Mars-Saturn opposition.  Jupiter and Saturn are both in their own signs, and therefore strong and true to themselves, but they need to come to some accommodation.  They can’t ignore each other, and so you may find that your creation needs to somehow co-exist with someone else’s, even if it is not your thing.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – social whirling; confusion
  • Tomorrow – over-egging the pudding
  • Friday – sensitive activities, a challenge, then the necessity for resolution


Aspects for the week beginning 2 June 2019

It’s over two weeks since I dislocated my shoulder, and I have an x-ray on Tuesday so I’ll know how the healing is coming along.  So I will plough on with the next 5 candidates for the Conservative Party Leadership!

Conservative Party Leadership – Part 2

I wrote about five of the candidates last week, and since then some more candidatures have been announced, and Liz Truss ruled herself out of the race.  Some of the prospective candidates have appeared in interviews or panel discussions (e.g. Rory Stewart on Question Time) and some have kept a lower profile (e.g. Boris Johnson, though endorsed by Donald Trump this week).  Meanwhile, Nigel Farage and the Brexit Party triumphed at the European Elections, and Farage hinted that he might go for the top job.

So here is my next batch of contestants:

Dominic Raab (odds 4/1)

Dominic Raab is considered to be even more of a threat than Boris Johnson, among moderates. Apparently, there is a new slogan in town, “Stop Raab”. The former Brexit Secretary, who spent a few months negotiating Brexit, then ditched the withdrawal agreement, is very keen to become Prime Minister.  He reminds me of an X-Factor contestant who “really wants it”.  The ambition is plainly written on his face.  But like a lot of the contenders, he is not hugely experienced in Cabinet.  Do we have the right to expect true statesmanship in our party leaders (let alone Prime Ministers) these days?  What he does know, is what he thinks and has learned about Brexit.  On the other hand, he has claimed he is not a feminist, which may lose him some support.

I wrote about his chart last September:

“He is a Piscean, with his Sun/Mercury square Neptune.  So he has sensitivity but also stealth, and may encounter complicated problems.  His natal Jupiter trine exactly Saturn is good for balanced judgement.  Very favourably, he has an exact Grand Trine in Air between Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus, which may stand him, and us, in good stead.”

Transits for 7th June (Theresa officially leaving)

Uranus sextiles his Mercury, which gives him a chance to express himself eloquently, but that may be the extent of his achievement.

Transits for 31st July (by which time a leader should have been chosen)

Uranus sextile his natal Sun, which is more promising as it can be very personally successful, and offers up an opportunity to be fresh and original.

Transits for 31st October (the deadline for Brexit)

With a Mars Return and Mars trine his Venus, he may be seen as Action Man around this time.  Perhaps he has taken a crucial role in some negotiations.  Jupiter is transiting his natal North Node, which can bring karmic reward for merit.  This looks like a favourable period for him, whatever his role at the time.

Matt Hancock (odds 33/1)

Matt Hancock succeeded Jeremy Hunt as Secretary of State for Health and Social Care last July, and again would not seem an experienced enough Cabinet member to be going for the top job (call me old fashioned).  At the time of his appointment, I wrote:

“His background suggests more of a talent for economics than an interest in health .. . He was born under a New Moon in Libra, with a keen, forensic type of mind (Mercury conjunct Pluto in Libra).”

He seems pleasant enough, but was quoted as using the F word inventively this week in relation to business and Brexit (…call me old fashioned).

Transits for 7th June

Neptune trines his Venus (his ruling planet), which is personally heartwarming, though not necessarily related to politics.  The North Node also trines his Venus, so even if his political ambitions are not satisfied, he will be fulfilled in his personal life.  Uranus squares his Jupiter, indicating he is taking a chance on life.  Mars trines his Uranus, so he will put a lot of energy into his attempt.

Transits for 31st July

Neptune still trines his Venus, but Saturn squares his Pluto, which may spell disappointment politically.  In addition, the Nodal Axis squares his Pluto, so the force does not appear to be with him.

Transits for 31st October

At the time of Brexit, his transits are very quiet, so his life may have calmed down considerably, and with it the ambition for the top job.

Sajid Javed (odds 20/1)

Sagittarian Home Secretary Sajid Javid (“my father was a bus driver”) clearly has great ambition, but seems to be a middle of the road candidate when vying for support among his fellow MPs.  He has made a few high profile gaffes in his time in office, which may not have helped his chances.  He has made it very clear this weekend that he does not support a second referendum, a general election, or the revoking of Article 50.

Transits for 7th June

His transits for this time of opportunity are very undistinguished.  That could mean disappointment at the outset for him, perhaps he doesn’t achieve the support he hopes for.

Transits for 31st July

Prospects look brighter for him at the time of the settlement of the contest, with Jupiter on his Sun.  Perhaps the new leader will offer him a plum role, or he will be pleased to keep his current role.  He looks to have some happiness come his way at that time.

Transits for 31st October

Brexit time sees Chiron trine his natal Venus, perhaps some healing or personal satisfaction.  Mars opposite his Neptune may see him bristling on some issue though.  Perhaps the form of Brexit is not quite to his liking.

Andrea Leadsom (odds 10/1)

Andrea Leadsom’s resignation from the cabinet did seem to be crucial in its timing, and led to Theresa May abandoning the 4th vote on her withdrawal agreement, and led the path to the leadership contest.  She and Theresa were rivals in the previous election contest, but Leadsom was criticised for intimating that Theresa would not make a good P.M. because she had not been a mother.  However, in Theresa’s leaving speech she expressed a hope that in the future there would be more female Prime Ministers.  She is a firm Brexiteer, and that will endear her to those on that side of the fence.  The prevailing climate demands that someone committed to finishing the job takes centre stage at this point in time.  Interviewed this morning by Andrew Marr, she stated that she is going for a “managed exit”.

She is a strong-willed Sun in Taurus (a financier), with the Sun in a T-square with Mars and Saturn, and her Sun is closely sextile her North Node (born to lead some).  She seems to be a catalyst, as pulling out of the previous leadership contest paved the way for Theresa to win.

Transits for 7th June

Pluto trines her natal Sun at this time, which would seem powerful, but judging by the lack of support she has gained so far, the power may be in pulling the strings behind the scenes.  This could be a tough period for her personally as well, as Pluto squares her natal Venus.  Her vitality will hold up though, with Jupiter trine her Mars, and Mars trine her Neptune.

Transits for 31st July

Pluto will still be trine her natal Sun, but she will have lost the other transits of interest.

Transits for 31st October

It is interesting to look at the picture for her at the time of Brexit.  Will she be overjoyed or dismayed?  Mars will be on her Mercury, so she will be mentally excited by it.  Jupiter will be trine her Venus, so something will be pleasing her.  Pluto will be square her natal Venus again, causing some personal hardship.  The Nodal Axis will be square her Venus (her ruling planet) so some of her past decisions may not prove to have served her quite as well as she would have hoped.  But Uranus trines her Uranus, so there are surprises up her sleeve (e.g. a good cabinet post), or she may free herself in some way.

Esther McVey (odds 50/1)

Esther McVey was originally a television presenter (Mercury sextile Venus), before she entered parliament as an MP in 2010.  With Mars in Capricorn sextile her Scorpio Sun, she is very ambitious.  She also has tremendous energy and enthusiasm, with Mars exactly trine her Jupiter.  I wonder if it is possible to get through a political career without making a gaffe…notably, as  Secretary of State for Work and Pensions she misled parliament, skewing information regarding Universal Credit, and subsequently resigned.  When making her pitch in an interview this week on daytime TV, she claimed to be more honest than the average politician because she had held her hands up to a mistake!

Transits for 7th June

Mars sextiles her natal Venus at this time, giving her a high profile.  Pluto sextiles her natal Neptune, which will provide her with some profound lessons, and Pluto trines her Pluto, so she will feel empowered in some way, but she is not a serious threat to Boris.

Transits for 31st July

At that time, the North Node will be trine her natal Mercury, so she will be expressing herself verbally a great deal!  Jupiter will be square her Venus, so she may take a knock to her self-esteem.  Saturn trine her Venus indicates that those who are loyal to her will stay loyal.  And Pluto will still be trine her natal Pluto.

Transits for 31st October

She is a hard line Brexiteer, so this period will be important to her.  Accordingly, she has a lot going on astrologically.  Uranus opposes her Sun, so she will be breaking away literally.  Neptune will be trine her natal Mercury, so she will be spiritually in tune with what is going on.  Uranus will be trine her natal Mars, so breaking away and warriorship will be fulfilled within her, both personally and politically.  Uranus also trines her natal Jupiter, bringing out her Inner Entrepreneur: she may land a trade role.  Pluto sextiles her natal  Neptune again.  The North Node trines her natal Neptune, so again spiritually she’ll be at peace too.  Altogether, she may not do well in the race to the top, but in her Brexit hopes she could be quite satisfied.

There is still time for me to cover some or all of the other candidates, though I hope that next week I will find myself writing about something else!  Maybe when the field narrows I can go into more depth.


Happy birthday to Sarah, chief commenter, today!

Tomorrow (Monday 3rd) Venus trines Pluto, which is a deep and meaningful aspect for money and love.  It helps us through changes and transformations on a human level.  Artistic and musical projects also flourish, especially if they are not trivial or frivolous.

The New Moon at 12 degrees Gemini also occurs tomorrow.  This brings a new beginning on the mental plane, such as a fresh outlook, new learning and progress in communications.  New initiatives in the travel industry may also be helpful.

So Donald Trump has chosen well astrologically for his state visit to the U.K. It doesn’t mean he won’t encounter resistance, though!  He is a Gemini, and the New Moon in Gemini is of course especially beneficial to people born under that sign.

Mercury goes into Cancer on Tuesday (4th), so where you may have been super-rational on Monday, emotion will enter into your mental conjectures on Tuesday.  Family considerations for instance may be very much on your mind.

Friday (7th) brings an opportunity to bring mind, emotion and intuition together, with Mercury sextile Uranus.  New ideas will be stimulating, and unexpected communications could be very synchronistic and exciting.  The higher mind feeds enlightened information to the concrete mind.  Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Electrical gadgets come into their own – d’ya hear that, Alexa!

The week in bullet points:

  • Monday – deep engagement; new beginning
  • Tuesday – taking into account emotion
  • Friday – mental brilliance


Aspects for the week beginning 26 May 2019

Again, I am still hampered by the dislocated shoulder, which is healing, but am aiming to keeping this short.

Conservative Party

On Friday morning, Theresa May stood outside 10 Downing Street, behind her lectern, and declared that she had finally come to the end of her rope.  Judging by the lack of sympathy around the country from various quarters, people in general had come to the end of their rope.  But the country is as divided as ever.

Theresa May

Theresa listed the achievements of her government, none of which were recognizable, but her greatest heartbreak was not being able to deliver the one thing she had worked so hard and singlemindedly to achieve: Brexit.  Her main transits at this moment in time, bearing in mind we do not have a birth time for this enigmatic Prime Minister, are Neptune opposite her natal Jupiter in Virgo (a sense of total confusion) and Chiron trine her natal Uranus (a chance at last for her to heal herself).


The contenders for the poisoned chalice of succeeding her  in the post of Prime Minister/Leader of the Conservative Party were all ready at the starting post.  It is said there are 17 contenders in waiting, though only a few have formally put their names forward.  If my flesh was willing, I would go through all 17 (yes, really!), but I am a limited being at the moment, so I will go through a few now, and possibly look at others at a later date.  Timingwise she formally leaves on 7th June, and it is expected that a new leader will be in place by the end of July.  The next (and final?) Brexit deadline looms on 31st October, Halloween.

Boris Johnson (odds 5/4 favourite)

Have people forgotten what a hash he made of the post of Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs? Nazanin Zhagari-Ratcliffe still languishes in an Iranian prison – a situation which he not only did not help, but made worse.  It was a bad move on Theresa’s part to appoint him in the first place, but she had her reasons.  Boris states that he would be prepared to leave Europe without a deal.

Transits for Friday 24 May

Neptune square his natal Mercury in Gemini in 9th House, which may have caught him slightly on the hop.  Uranus was sextile his natal Saturn in Pisces in 5th House, positioning him for 7th June.

Transits for 7th June

Jupiter opposes his natal Mercury in Gemini in 9th House, so he may be a little overconfident.  Saturn will be sextile his Chiron 0.9 in Pisces in 6th House, keeping him steady.  Uranus will by that time have arrived exactly sextile his Saturn in Pisces in 5th House, very good timing for him.  He may well make the shortlist!  Neptune will still be square his Mercury, closer than Friday’s position in Gemini in 9th House, so with that overconfidence there is also uncertainty (in a different part of his psyche perhaps!).  Neptune will be on his Chiron in Pisces in 6th House, so he may be more vulnerable than he seems.

Transits for 31st July

Uranus will be trine his Uranus exact to the day in Virgo in 11th House, which is a highly successful transit and may make all the difference for him.  But Neptune on his Chiron is very close in Pisces in 6th House, so his health may be delicate, and he may wonder if he can deliver on his own promises.

Transits for 31st October

Saturn will be trine his Jupiter in Taurus in 8th House, so he will be feeling more realistic. Saturn will also be exactly sextile his Neptune to the day in Scorpio in 2nd House, and that may be significant if he is prominently involved with Brexit.  He will certainly be looking at his own personal economic interests at the time. Neptune will be sextile his Jupiter in Taurus in the 8th House, so he should be feeling chipper.  Neptune trining his Neptune in Scorpio in 2nd House will see him quite at ease with himself.

Michael Gove (odds 10/1)

I was not a fan of Michael Gove when he was Secretary of State for Education, he made some silly choices.  I don’t think he made much impact as Secretary of State for Justice.  But as Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs I think he has made more effort, and I do believe he was sobered by the public perception of him as a backstabber over the last Tory leadership election.  He became the 8th candidate to declare himself today, so the media focus is now on the battle between him and Boris.  He stayed loyal to Theresa May in her battles to pass her withdrawal agreement.  He would be a more serious proposition than Boris, at least.

Transits for Friday

Uranus was trine his natal Mercury exact to the day.  Inwardly he will have been more prepared than Boris, but still surprised.  Saturn was sextile his natal Mars, so a plan of action will have been forming in his mind.  The North Node was trine his natal Mars and he can dust down his inner warrior ready for battle.  Pluto trine his natal Uranus is an excellent indication for profound change in his life, and Saturn trine his natal Pluto likewise.  The North Node sextile his natal Pluto, like the North Node to his Mars, is an indication that an important time has come in his life karmically.

Transits for 7th June

 Jupiter trines his Jupiter around that date, which is also an indicator of success and confidence.    But Jupiter squares his Pluto closely, inflating his will and urge to power, not in an easy way, and may undermine his success.  He will be torn.

Transits for 31st July

At the time around which the leadership issue should be settled, Pluto sextiles his Mars which is energizing, if not empowering.  Pluto will be sextile his Neptune, bringing complex learning.

Transits for 31st October

At the time of our Brexit deadline, Uranus will be trine his Mercury closely – which as a Brexiteer may bring him cheer.  Pluto will be nearer the sextile to his Mars.  The Nodal Axis will be square his Saturn closely, bringing karmic responsibilities.  Issues linked with leadership battles, and Boris, may be difficult for him to reconcile.  Jupiter will also be square his natal Uranus closely, so there may be a sense of an opportunity missed, or a close run thing.  He is concerned about crashing out of Europe without a deal, and at his department has worked hard on that issue, so it may be a tense time for him.

Jeremy Hunt (odds 12/1)

Another candidate I have been less than impressed by!  He was Secretary of State for Health and Social Care when my daughter was a Junior doctor, on the picket line.  His obdurate stare was chilling, and he gave no ground, contributing to the demise of the N.H.S.  He seems more fulfilled as Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, and more caring than Boris over the plight of Nazanin, but still has that chilling stare!

Transits for Friday

Uranus squared his natal Jupiter, bringing out his Inner Chancer.  Pluto sextiled his natal Saturn, so he feels steady in terms of assessing his capabilities.  Pluto also closely trined his natal Uranus, the same transit as Michael Gove had (an excellent indication for profound change in his life), and Saturn trine his natal Pluto likewise.  The North Node sextile his natal Pluto, exact to the day, also like Michael Gove (an indication that an important time has come in his life karmically).  Perhaps their fortunes will run parallel.

Transits for 7th June

Jupiter will be square his natal Pluto exact to the day, displaying an overweening love of power.

Transits for 31st July

Something may put him out of the race, because by the time the contest is due to be settled Uranus will be opposing his natal Venus, so  he may have pulled out for personal reasons, or just not made the grade with his peer reviewers.  Pluto will be sextile his natal Neptune closely as with Michael Gove at this time, bringing complex learning.  It looks like he won’t make it that far.

Transits for 31st October

He may have new preoccupations by the time the Brexit deadline comes along: North Node sextile his natal Mars will give him a new karmic project.  Jupiter square his natal Saturn may see him chasing his tail.  Jupiter will square his natal Uranus as with Gove so there may be a sense of an opportunity missed, or a close run thing.  Pluto trine his natal Pluto however coming into view may bring self-empowerment, but the timing is probably a little too late.  He may have moved on to other things by then, and success may mean something different to him.

Rory Stewart (odds 25/1)

Relatively recent in catching the public eye, Rory Stewart is a (possibly sensible) Capricorn and seems to have a balanced head on his shoulders, having served in Afghanistan.  As a remainer, he may not be highly considered for the post of getting Brexit sorted.

Transits for Friday

When May announced her leaving date, Neptune was closely sextile his Jupiter, so he may have been feeling a secret elation and the widening of vision for him.  But Pluto squared his natal Uranus meaning change in his life, not necessarily the easy kind.  Chiron trines his natal so his compassionate side is to the fore now.

Transits for 7th June

He will be happy that Jupiter is on his Venus but that may be a personal or family celebration rather than a political one.  The South Node will be on his Jupiter again giving him buoyancy.  But the Pluto square to his natal Uranus will bring difficult changes even closer.

Transits for 31st July

By the time the leadership question is settled, Jupiter opposes his natal Saturn and he may not feel quite as sure of his path.  However, Chiron will be trine his natal Neptune exact to the day, so he may be ripe for a compassionate placing in a new cabinet.  However balanced he may (or may not) be, he may not be sufficiently established for the top job.

Transits for 31st October

He will feel quite settled around the Brexit deadline, with Chiron trine his  natal Mars benefitting his physical energies and interests, and with  Jupiter sextile his natal Uranus (new opportunities beckoning).

Liz Truss (odds 50/1)

Just for fun.  Liz Truss has not yet declared her candidacy, but is rumoured to be considering it.  I only include her because she is my local M.P.  Like Jeremy Hunt she unnerves me, but for different reasons.  Her deadpan voice and slightly soulless gaze worry me, and some of the stances in parliamentary voting she has taken have lacked compassion.  She sits in a Tory heartland, and most of the people I know who have met her have been underwhelmed by her intellect.  She has Mercury conjunct Saturn, so there is some slowness mentally, but otherwise she has done well climbing on the political ladder without accomplishing anything remarkable.  She has Jupiter exactly square Saturn natally, which can indicate a strong Inner Saboteur.

Transits for Friday

Nothing major showing up.

Transits for 7th June

Chiron opposite Pluto, like her odds, going nowhere.

Transits for 31st July

Neptune sextile her natal Mars, some compassion occurring.  But Chiron opposing her Pluto may be difficult psychologically or healthwise.

Transits for 31st October

Chiron closely trine her Sun, may see her moving on, with new ideas about health.  Jupiter will trine Jupiter, so perhaps a new opportunity opening up for her, and a new focus.

May be continued (if you see that your favourite is not here)…


These begin on Thursday, so conditions may apply from last week, or you may feel freer.

Mercury squares Neptune on Thursday (30th) so mentally we may be all at sea, or caught on the hop.  Work to achieve clarity of consciousness and awareness in order to get the best results.  Take particular care in your communications in order to circumvent misunderstandings.  Travel too could be tricky.

In the afternoon Venus sextiles Neptune, which is a much more charming and harmonious aspect, and one which may oil the wheels in communication or travel where they may have got stuck.  Even if verbal and written work is still difficult to concentrate on, social  and artistic pleasures may be some compensation.

On Friday (31st) Jupiter opposes Mercury, which adds to any communication and travel complexity.  You may feel you need to be in two places at once, and be summoned hither and thither.  Exam candidates may feel mentally overstretched.  Geminis and Virgos may need to factor in some extra relaxation time.

That afternoon Venus trines Saturn, again a soothing touch from Venus, but more earthy, realistic and practical.  Friends and relations show loyalty.  Hold steady in relationships, and show your caring.  As with Venus trine Neptune, Taureans and Librans will feel the most benefit.

The week in bullet points:

  • Thursday – mental confusion; artistic inspiration
  • Friday – busy mind; loyalty and commitment in relationships



Aspects for the week beginning 19 May 2019

To my readers: It’s a short blog today, due to the fact that I have dislocated my shoulder.

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible!

Doris Day (1922 – 2019)

Can’t let this week pass without paying tribute to Doris Day, who passed on Monday.  My mother used to take me to the cinema in the 1950s to see her films.  Her films are legendary: “Calamity Jane”, “Love Me or Leave Me”, “The Man who Knew Too Much”, among others.  Her songs sung in a golden voice were legendary: “Secret Love”, “Que Sera Sera” and “Sentimental Journey”, among others.  Her leading men were legendary: Rock Hudson, James Cagney and Jimmy Stewart, among others.

Her image was the fresh faced (Sun in Aries) girl next door: her astrological persona shown by the Moon in Gemini in 10th House conjunct the Midheaven.

Her problematic marriages (she had four) are depicted in her chart as Sun conjunct exactly Chiron and the South Node of past life karma in Aries in 7th House of Marriage.  Third husband Martin Melcher left her with enormous debts and obligations on his death.

She died at the age of 93 of pneumonia, and had dedicated her life to animal welfare after she retired from film making.


The aspects have decided to be short and sweet today, which makes it easy for me in my sling (which hubby and I are wrestling to get right).  Just two days hold four aspects, and Tuesday  has three of them.

On the morning of Tuesday (21st) the Sun enters Gemini. From earthy preoccupations and concerns, such as the state of the garden, communication becomes a higher priority.  Lightness of being may give you a spring in your step.

Mid-morning on the same day sees Mercury enter Gemini, reinforcing this theme, and aligning your mental energy with your general way of being.  Thus you may feel a certain consistency in your thoughts and actions, and communications with others.  It’s a helpful mindset for students facing exams.

At lunchtime, the Sun conjoins with Mercury at 0 degrees Gemini, which crystallizes and focuses thought, communication, and a lighter look at life.  You may write or speak some memorable lines.

On Wednesday (22nd) Mars sextiles Uranus, which promises to be a dynamic day for action, mechanics and engineering, and the power of surprise.  A good day to get projects going.  If you have been feeling jaded lately, this aspect could act as a pick-you-up tonic.

I’m off to readjust the sling, if possible…

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – Sparkling mental outlook
  • Wednesday – dynamic electrical energy

Aspects for the week beginning 12 May 2019

Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor

Welcome to the world, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor!  He is already creating controversy over his first name Archie, so could be an exciting addition to our royal family.  He was born apparently at the Portland Clinic in London, and not at home in Windsor as planned, so could be full of surprises!  But his mother Meghan has already pronounced him to be calm, with “the sweetest temperament”, both adjectives which can be applied to his Sun sign Taurus. The royal couple, Harry and Meghan decided to include the name Mountbatten in the mix, and there is a link with Lord Louis Mountbatten in that his Mars is conjunct with Archie’s Part of Fortune, so perhaps Archie has this ancestor watching over him.  His chart also has very positive ties to that of his grandmother Diana Princess of Wales, so again she will be cheering him on from the other side (this includes a telepathic link of her Mercury to his Uranus).

Archie is a double Taurean, in that his Sun sign and Ascendant are in that sign, so he would have many of its traits.  His Sun is rising close to the Ascendant (within one degree, in the 1st House), and as the Sun represents the father in the birthchart this depicts very well a prominent royal father (the Sun). Taurus as Sun/Ascendant  highlights many talents such as growing things, connection with the Earth, and musical and artistic expression.  Sun in Taurus inclines towards the Arts in general, and specifically fine art, sculpture and pottery.  The Sun rising brings in an interest in addition for drama and the performing arts.  There is a sensuality about this sign which inclines to his being a naturally “touchy feely” person”.  Mum Meghan will probably be into baby massage which would foster this.

He has his Moon placed at 0 degrees Gemini: According to “Star Names for Baby” by Dan Crawford, the name Archibald comes under this sign. The name means “bold”, and he says it depicts one who will take chances.  Like both the Queen and Prince Phillip, Archie has his Saturn conjunct his Midheaven (Careerpoint), so duty and tradition will be an important value to him.  This is emphasized by being in the sign of Capricorn, and also being conjunct his South Node, showing that this trait is established through past life links.

Mercury conjunct Uranus and trine Jupiter implies an original, wide, free-ranging mind, and ability to pick up information.  A great deal of curiosity here, and a love of travel and interest in other cultures, and philosophy.  It also shows a good business acumen, and entrepreneurial skill.  He’ll receive a good education and is likely to be poly-lingual.

He has some reserved traits (double Taurus, plus Venus square Saturn) but also has a sociable Venus/Jupiter trine and the Sun rising, so he may express both extraversion and introversion, perhaps wearing different hats or masks for different situations.  With the Sun, Part of Fortune/Moon in the 1st House his personality will always attract attention, but having Venus and Mercury/Uranus in 12th House he will also very much have a private side to his life.  Mars exactly opposite Jupiter suggests extreme enthusiasm, for example in certain sports or as a collector (they fall across his 2nd and 8th Houses).

Relationship with Harry

There’s an extremely dynamic and energetic link between Archie and his father Harry, as  Harry’s Sun forms a T-square with Archie’s exact opposition between Mars and Jupiter.  Harry’s Sun trines Archie’s Pluto, so Archie will have a profound and life-changing effect on Harry.  Archie’s North Node sextile’s Harry’s Moon, so that shows a family karmic link, likely to originate in past lives.  Archie’s Uranus trines Harry’s Jupiter, so he may be dynamically involved in some of Harry’s projects.  Harry’s Saturn is exactly opposite baby’s Ascendant, and therefore Harry may be quite a disciplinarian in their relationship.

Relationship with Meghan

Mother Meghan has Mercury trine her baby’s Chiron, so will be very much in tune with his needs, and in particular his health.  Her Pluto squares Archie’s Nodal Axis, so there is strong karma to be enacted between them.  Her Sun in Leo squares his Taurean Ascendant, and that might result in a clash of wills when he is older.  She may experience him as placid now, but he will have strong ideas of his own as he grows up. His Chiron is also exactly opposite her Moon, so emotionally he will have her on her toes from the outset.  But, love overcomes all, especially mother love, and her Venus is trine his Ascendant.

Relationship with Prince Charles

Just as Harry’s Sun trines Archie’s Pluto, so Prince Charles’ Sun sextiles Archie’s Pluto, and Archie will also have a profound and life-changing effect on his grandfather Charles.  Archie’s North Node closely trines Charles’ Sun, and that is a close karmic link.  Charles has Jupiter trine Archie’s Mercury, and so will be a factor in his education, and in expanding his knowledge, reinforcing Archie’s own natal Mercury-Jupiter trine.  Prince Charles also has his Ascendant trine the baby’s Chiron, and this soul may share some of Charles’ alternative views about healing, nature and anthropology.

Relationship with the Queen

Being the same Sun sign of Taurus gives the two a natural affinity, and in addition Archie’s Mercury falls close to his great-grandmother’s  Sun.  His Chiron falls exactly on her Mercury, so mentally he will help her to see life differently, with new eyes. They have a splendid sextile between their Jupiters, so will feel uplifted in each other’s presence.  Her Pluto sextiles his Ascendant, so he will feel the weight of her history and role (in a constructive way).  His Saturn/South Node falls on her Ascendant, so she will also keenly feel the sense of his serious purpose in coming into the world.  There will be some element of the male side of his energy which will remind her of her own husband, Prince Phillip, as Phillip’s Mars is exactly conjunct that of Archie in the sign of Gemini.  Perhaps Archie will inherit his great grandfather’s mischievous streak.


We may have made solid gains with yesterday’s Sun/Saturn trine, and may consolidate them when the Sun trines Pluto on Tuesday (14th).  So these three days (11th – 14th) have that potential, of the combined power of Saturn and Pluto supporting us to make real progress.  You may have been working along some lines or on a particular project, and have felt it to be a real hard slog.  You may even have felt that you haven’t got very far, but may receive an indication in this period that you have done better than you thought, or that a pipe dream could become a going concern.

Around lunchtime the same day, Venus sextiles Mars.  Saturn and Pluto are both serious dudes, but Venus and Mars may introduce some more lighthearted frivolity.  Your project may be acceptable and adequate and on firmer ground, but maybe you can introduce some artistry or romance.  Or maybe you take a break from the serious stuff, and join a social whirl or a coffee shop outing with friends.

Moving on to Wednesday (15th) we see Venus coming home to Taurus, which gives a feeling of “all’s right with the world”.  Gardens flourish, money grows, arts are created, music is expressed, and there are sighs of satisfaction.  Venus is here until 8th June.

Sweet music continues on Thursday (16th) but of a more cerebral kind, as Mercury sextiles Neptune.  The inspiration is certainly there, but its application may be less earthy and more ethereal.  You may play around with mystical possibilities, for example.

Mars also enters Cancer that day, and may see you putting more effort into family affairs, or being protective of others.  Nurturing instincts and nest building are to the fore.  Mars is here until 1st July.

Thursday may be an eventful and productive day.  The next aspect occurring is Mercury sextile the North Node, bringing karmic information to light.  Communication is highly significant and imbued with meaning, though subject to differing interpretations according to belief.  It is a good day for teaching, tutoring and revising for forthcoming exams, so if this is a goal in your life pencil out the day in your diary for that purpose.

Lastly, and late in the day (in the last hour), Mercury trines Saturn, and you could really feel you accomplished something today.  It may be right down there in black and white, on paper, or on your computer screen.  You might even feel a last minute spurt of  mental energy carrying you through to midnight or beyond.  An odd late night won’t hurt you, not if it is so worthwhile or productive.  It is a good time to assess what you have achieved and what you plan to do for the next stage of your work or project.

Mental activity is still supported on Saturday (18th) with this time Pluto trine Mercury, deepening the nature of the work and thought and giving it a more psychological slant.  Conversations could be life changing: the right word at the right time, striking home in the right place.

From mid-afternoon things are more capricious, with an exciting conjunction between Venus and Uranus pepping up your social life.  It is time to take another little break from work, see who’s in town, and seek out new experiences.

It’s also a time to look within and examine your emotional health.  The evening belongs to the Scorpio Full Moon, and you will need to be in touch with your deepest emotions and be constructively authentic.  There may be a focus on shared finances and an attempt to balance material resources and needs between two people.  There may be a need for collective decisions going forward, so everybody involved needs to be clear about how they really feel.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – profound; sensual
  • Wednesday – homely pleasures
  • Thursday – mental inspiration; family concerns; karmic information; detailed work
  • Saturday – deep conversation; surprise meetings; intense emotion

Aspects for the week beginning 5 May 2019

UK Politics

The people have spoken this week, and pronounced that the political system as we know it is indeed, as we suspected, broken.  The two main parties have suffered a severe dent in popularity, for various reasons.  They have declared it is because of Brexit, but there are other factors.  Meanwhile, the Lib Dems have finally risen from the ashes after being burnt from their involvement in coalition government.  And the Greens, benefiting from Greta Thunberg’s success (and rightly so) have had their best ever results.  Just when you thought our politics couldn’t get messier…Time for an astrological stock take.

UK Chart

Transits for the U.K. Chart for the 2nd May local elections show (for the 1922 Chart) Pluto from Capricorn in 8th House opposite its natal Moon in Cancer in 2nd House – a harsh emotional climate and verdict by the people.  And for the 1801 Union Chart Neptune square its Mercury in Sagittarius in 8th House (mental confusion), Jupiter trine its Saturn in Leo in 4th House (some balancing of its internal politics).

European Elections

We have a deadline to achieve a deal by 23rd May in order to avoid the European Elections on that day, so this is a date to scrutinize for transits to the U.K. chart. Some of the transits remain the same, but for the 1922 chart: Uranus squares its Midheaven in Aquarius in 8th House – a seismic shock in its direction, while Pluto still opposes its Moon.  For the 1801 chart: Uranus trines its Chiron in Capricorn in 9th House (sudden events or crises), and Neptune still squares its Mercury.

Conservative Party

Saturn was sextile the Sun of the Tory chart at the time of the Local Elections, which can indicate a sober result, though I would have expected a stronger astrological message.

Theresa May

Both major parties have been tearing themselves apart over Brexit, but Theresa May’s popularity is at an all time low, having handled the issue badly and not having achieved a deal on time.  Candidates for a new leader have been lining up for some time, but she refuses to give a definite date when she will leave. Neptune is currently opposite her Jupiter, bringing to mind the phrase “the triumph of hope over experience”.  She took as her message from the people a prompt to get on with Brexit.  She is still as single minded and one pointed as ever, and trying to ignore the wolves who are queuing up for the key to her door.

Gavin Williamson

Another story which has dominated her week is the sacking of Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson after a security leak from a National Security Council meeting  He has been a bit of a maverick (Sun trine exactly Uranus) and made some strange statements over the time he has been in office.  In November 2017 I wrote: “He has a reputation for slipperiness, and that may be connected with his close natal Mercury-Neptune opposition.”  On the date he was sacked, Chiron was square his natal Sun (a healing crisis), but Jupiter was trine his Mars and Saturn was trine his Jupiter (he has some fighting spirit); Uranus was square his Saturn (personal earthquakes), Uranus opposed his natal Uranus (the midlife crisis, or midlife rebellion), and North Node sextile his natal Jupiter (some freedom from a situation).  He has totally refuted Theresa May’s claim that he leaked information from a security meeting, and she refuses to reveal further information about it. In their synastry Theresa’s natal Sun is conjunct Gavin’s Pluto, and though he has been loyal, he is capable of turning on her.  The event is borne out by Theresa’s transit of Neptune opposite her natal Jupiter, showing her to be a victim of deception and leaks.  The senior civil servant Mark Sedwill who is involved in the story has Neptune currently opposite his natal Venus, another deception transit (whether victim or perpetrator we do not know).

Labour Party

Transits for the Labour Party at the Local Elections were: Jupiter square its Mercury (an influence of over-optimism), Pluto sextile its Mercury (some serious and soul-searching information), and  Jupiter opposite its Neptune (over-optimistic and unrealistic outlook).  On paper, Labour did not suffer as many losses, but clearly the public is not happy with them as an effective Opposition.

Jeremy Corbyn

Like Theresa, Jeremy is blaming it all on Brexit, but the elephant at their headquarters is the issue of anti-semitism.  Nick Cohen this morning in the Observer has written a cogent article on the subject, stating: “when Jews and genuine anti-fascists complained, he and his supporters treated them as if they were false witnesses hiding their real aim of advancing Israeli interests”.  Sad to say, Jeremy’s days may be numbered, for this country needs a government of socialist values to remedy the austerity of the Tory years.  The tide so nearly turned for him in the 2017 election.  He might have capitalized on that if he had made his party line more strongly pro-European.  Chiron was this week sextile his Sun, and he may need to work on personal healing.  Uranus also squared his Jupiter in April, so he may have been overconfident or complacent.

Lib Dems

Does the Lib Dem chart show a strong sign of resurgence?  Their firm Remain policy has paid off, as well as the public disenchantment with the two main parties.  Uranus has been trine its Uranus/Saturn conjunction coming up to the election, and the Lib Dems have been well-organized and clear in their message.  Good for them!  It is about time they were karmically rewarded for the scapegoating they suffered under the hands of David Cameron.

Vince Cable

Despite his promise a decade or so ago, Vince Cable has made a lack-lustre leader for the Lib Dems, and clearly not relished the job, announcing his imminent retirement.  Ironically then he finds himself at the helm of their rebirth.  Mars is sextile his natal North Node (he must have done something right, and the planets have put new fire in his belly).  Jupiter is trine his natal Chiron (a wonderful healing transit, which he should be thoroughly enjoying), Saturn opposes his natal Jupiter (he may feel torn at the moment, now that he will be leaving just as success has arrived), Neptune sextiles his Sun (a graceful spiritual completion to end this phase of his career).

Green Party

A big cheer was given to the Greens by the public (their most successful ever result), and again well-timed now that we officially have a Climate Emergency.  Caroline Lucas is one of the most honourable and hardworking politicians at Westminster, and though she no longer heads up her party she is still its most high profile proponent (recently triumphing on Question Time).  She has Neptune square her Sun in Sagittarius at the moment, manifesting as euphoria rather than confusion.  She may hardly believe this big breakthrough.

Jonathan Bartley and Sian Berry are the new joint leaders of the Green Party.  Jonathan has Pluto square his Sun at this time, again a huge challenge in his life, but a breakthrough for his integrity perhaps in trying to protect the planet. Sian too has a challenging main transit, that of Pluto square her Mercury (she may not be able to compute the enormity of her task ahead), but she has Neptune on her Jupiter (a spiritual high) and Jupiter sextile her Uranus (an enterprising opportunity).  She also has two seismic shifts: Pluto square her Uranus and Chiron opposite her Pluto.  Her life is likely to change drastically as a result of this set of local election results.

In Summary

The country is still in a huge mess, and likely to be for some time.  The immediate response of the two main parties is to get their heads together over a Brexit deal which can go through, though some are calling this prospect a stitch-up, enabling the type of Brexit nobody wants. But there are two ways of looking at the political landscape now.  One, it’s a disaster for the Conservatives and the Labour Party, neither of which has seemed to serve its population well recently.  Two, it is the beginning of a new political order, one based on new values such as care of the planet.  The Greens are also fervently Remain, and anti-austerity.  But if the smaller parties are able to consolidate, grow their position and unite (the Independents also did well in the local elections), they may have a chance to do things their way.


There’s a bouncy aspect of Mars opposite Jupiter today, which is a highly energetic opposition of energy and enthusiasm.  This may work well for you, but it could also get out of hand if it is not balanced.  You may be trying to multi-task, for instance, and find that you can’t keep hold of one of your spinning plates.  Sport and keep fit regimes may be happy areas for handling all that energy.

Tomorrow (Monday 6th) Mercury enters Taurus, and the mental energy may be steadier and calmer than the fieriness of the last two or three weeks when Mercury has been in Aries.  This placing is better for negotiation, which is something much needed at the moment.  Practical ideas will be the order of the day.  Mercury enters Gemini on 21st May, so this is a short window, pre-European Elections.

Tuesday (7th) could be deflating, with a square to Venus from Saturn.  Don’t expect too much of others, or yourself.  Self-care is important, so a pampering (such as an aromatherapy massage) would be a constructive and reviving antidote.  Relationships and finance are key areas where you must be prepared for adjusting your expectations, or cutting your coat according to your cloth.  In relationships, you may need to prepare to be a listening ear. Work with what you have, and love the one you’re with.

Wednesday (8th) won’t be a dull day!  Mercury conjoins Uranus on that day, so mentally it could be off the wall.  You’ll be thinking inventively and out of the box.  There may be some interesting synchronicities happening.  Welcome the power of surprise!

Thursday (9th) has a sublime sextile between the Sun and Neptune to bask in.  The day begins on a note of inspiration and spiritual harmony.  In your creativity, you may be able to reach the parts which have been hitherto unavailable.  Nature may be a real source of nurture.

Jupiter semi-sextiles Pluto that day, so there may be minor power struggles going on, more likely on a wider scale, such as internationally.

In the afternoon, Venus trines Jupiter, one of the best aspects of the year, so altogether it could be a powerful day which moves your social objectives on significantly.  Romance and celebration could be on the cards.  Feel the Love.

Hold the Love.  At the end of the afternoon, Venus squares Pluto, so there may be some turbulence after the engagement, wedding or honeymoon that is Venus trine Jupiter.  Perhaps there is some jealousy or mean-spiritedness, which can come up if people think they are not getting their fair share of the limelight, or are threatened by a display of high self-esteem.  So the day ends with some psychological soul-searching.  It might be a roller coaster of a day on the stock exchange, too.

If you found Thursday to be a roller-coaster, Saturday (11th) provides a chance at a more stable and equanimous state of affairs, courtesy of Sun trine Saturn.  You can pick yourself up, dust yourself down and start all over again.  If you found Wednesday easy (for some it will have been a high) then you can build something practical from that, such as a new chapter in your blockbuster.  It is a day of laying good and solid foundations.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – energetic and enthusiastic
  • Tomorrow – mental practicality
  • Tuesday – low key
  • Wednesday – mental excitement
  • Thursday- powerful
  • Saturday – stabilizing

Aspects for the week beginning 28 April 2019

“The Convoluted Universe”, Books 1 – 5

by Dolores Cannon (1931 – 2014)

Book Review

Dolores Cannon was an American past life therapist, who died in 2014.  I have just finished reading the fifth of her enormous volumes entitled “The Convoluted Universe.”  The content will seem bizarre to many, but I just found them wonderfully mind-expanding and endlessly fascinating.  Sometimes I could only read them in bite sized pieces for the sake of my mental digestion, but other times I would be entirely engrossed on a long railway journey, far away from my everyday preoccupations or the political wranglings of the day.

Early books of Dolores Cannon

Dolores was born in 1931, and married a US Naval man in 1951, with whom she spent 21 years travelling all over the world in relation to his work.  She was a housewife and brought up her children, until in the 1960s she began to work with hypnosis.  She began by using hypnosis to help alleviate physical illness, and one day (in 1968) a client spontaneously went into a past life.  Thereafter, Dolores developed her own way of working with past lives, bearing in mind that at the time it was a new practice.

I read several of her books written in the 1990s, centred around past lives (such as the Essenes, and Hiroshima) but also some accounts of clients who described lives in spaceships or other stars.  At the time, she tended to focus on past lives, but her work was to expand.  She began to work with the expanded intelligence of the client, which she thought of as the “Subconscious Mind”, and to ask questions about the person’s own health, and the meaning of life.  She developed a method of healing entitled the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique.

Her body of work increasingly took her into the realms of UFOs and extra-terrestrials, i.e. beyond lifetimes on earth.  She also identified “Three Waves of Volunteers” (her book of that name, published in 2011, in between volumes of the Convoluted Universe), some people who were reporting that this was their first life on Earth (coming in without karma), and they had come to help planet Earth (tying in with the Ascension and New Earth movements).  Stop reading now if you are cynical, or faint-hearted!  When her work became thus expanded, she started putting together the “Convoluted Universe” series, which initially she thought would only be one or two volumes.  It is an apt title, for nearly every page is mind-bending.

Birth Chart

Dolores had a pioneering Sun in Aries, with a futuristic close conjunction of Uranus and the North Node (karmic mission) also in that sign.  Her Moon was right at the beginning of Aries too, so she was completely fearless.  The ruling planet of all that pioneering energy, Mars, was conjunct the Part of Fortune, so it was her joy and passion to investigate the unseen (this conjunction occurring in her 12th House of the Unconscious).  Her Ascendant was in Virgo, with Neptune rising, which gave her both the rigour of examining detail (Virgo) and the  sensitivity to work with clients who might often have presented with a trauma, phobia or emotional turmoil.  She also had a wider, but powerful, conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto in Cancer (delving deeply into the past) in 11th House of Group Work.  Last but not least, Mercury was conjunct Chiron in Taurus, a conjunction of working with mental trauma to find solutions.  The expansiveness and breadth of her work is shown by Mercury exactly sextile her natal Jupiter.

The Convoluted Universe, Book 1 (2001) [509 pages]

The books are compiled by sections of transcripts from her sessions grouped by different themes.  In the first book, some of the material comes from earlier sessions going back to the 1980s which were considered too “out there” at the time.

There was a startlingly huge amount of new information that came to me with this first book, even though I have been a past-life therapist for nearly 30 years.  The first revelation was that some people come into this life with no karma.  Often this is because they may have had lives on other star systems, but it is their first lifetime on Earth, because they have taken up the call for help for our planet from the place or places they call “Home” in the Universe.  Most of my clients have had many lifetimes here, though I did have one who said it was her second lifetime.

Although this book takes you beyond the realms of “ordinary” past life work, there is still plenty of material for those interested to learn more about them.  For example, she investigates historical details of past lives in the ancient civilization of Atlantis, something many regard as mythical, but a subject I have had much personal experience of.  Some of our actual myths and mythological creatures originate in those times, such as mermaids, and there is a section on mermaid life in this volume, as well as in volume 5.

There is extensive documentary about life on other stars and planets.  Again, this is not a “normal” part of my work, but I have had clients who experienced origins on other stars.  One of them described crystal buildings, and that is a feature of some of the descriptions in this volume.  The fashion designer Paco Rabanne has described coming from the crystal star Altair thousands of years ago.  I think I have always believed in life on other planets.  When I was a young child I wrote a story about life on another planet, and even then the life forms I envisaged were not concrete but rather abstract in consciousness.  There is a huge body of work about such life forms in these volumes, and the only other literature I have come across with so much to say on this subject is “Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld.

Time itself is highlighted in these volumes as being our human linear construct, whereas there are other ways of looking at it, such as seeing it as non-existent.  The client I had from a crystal planet, when asked when she was there replied “before the Earth was formed”.

By far the most electrifying, and mind-challenging, section of the book (for me) was the section on parallel universes.  But enough said, I don’t want this book review to be a “spoiler”.

” In “Keepers of the Garden” Phil said many souls that had never known Earth lives had volunteered to come to help the Earth at his time in its history. They were the infusion or transfusion of new blood, the ones who have never known violence. Because they do not have this in their soul’s history they can help to change the vibration of the Earth and raise it to a higher dimension where such things as violence are impossible”.

The Convoluted Universe, Book 2 (2005) [661 pages]

Each time she published one of these books she thought it might be the last in the series, and then more and more material came in.  Each book is able to build on the credibility of the last, for if you followed the earlier work you are more able to take in the next phase.  For this reason, she urges you to read her earlier material (and though I had read several, I certainly now intend to go back and fill in the gaps, because I read her first few books, then rested on my laurels for a while before coming to the new material).  She established her own publishing company, Ozark Mountain Publishing. and has a vast catalogue of books written.

So if you are still with me, what fascinating delights are contained in Book 2?  The book starts out with examples of healing various ailments through identifying past life causes.  This in itself is an element of past life work which is satisfying.  Dolores would ask to speak directly to the Subconscious for an overview of the physical and mental condition of the client (rather like in the healing sessions of Edgar Cayce), and then from the Source would direct healing into the auric field or the cells of the body to restore the body to a normal healthy state.  This she called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique.

There follows in this volume insights into the mysteries of ancient civilizations such as that of Egypt, and other lost civilizations, from information gathered in her sessions.  A controversial subject, that of Underground Cities, is also explored, as well as more information about Atlantis.  She believed in checking, and cross-checking various topics with many subjects, to arrive at truth and verification.  There are whole sections on the intricacies of the subject of karma, too.

She also introduces us to lives in non-human bodies.  Some people have not only had ancient lives, but been instrumental in the creation of Earth itself.  Therefore, you hear about lives in different elements and aspects of nature.  This is something I have not come across in my practice, but I remember reading the books by Arthur Guirdham about his Soul Group, where he asserts that his first consciousness was within an amethyst.  This may seem a stretch, but if you consider that many people have had the experience of being one with nature, that may be akin to such an experience or memory.

“Some of the non-human lives that have been reported to me were life as a stalk of corn where enjoyment came from basking in the sun and swaying in the gentle breezes. Life as a rock where time went by with incredible slowness”.

The Convoluted Universe, Book 3 (2008) [693 pages]

In the Introduction to this volume, Dolores elaborates on the healing element of her work:

“The client is instantly cured in miraculous ways in only one session.  I have reported some of these cases in my other books…It is most important for people to realize that they can cure themselves.  That their minds are extremely powerful, and the body will heal itself if properly directed to do so.”

She did train many others in her method, and indeed there are hypnotherapists doing amazing work along these lines, such as Steven Blake in the U.K. who has developed a neurolinguistic programming based technique called OldPain2Go which involves connecting with the subconscious.  Dolores’ guidance was that she needed to train as many people as possible as it would be the “therapy of the future”.

Also dealt with in this volume are Parallel Lives and Walk-Ins, subjects introduced in the books of Ruth Montgomery a few decades ago.  Again, these are controversial subjects.  I was told by Judy Hall a few years ago that I had a Parallel Life, which I do feel sceptical about.  But when I was hosting a regular meditation group about 20 years ago, one of our attendees used to talk about 7 Parallel Lives she was experiencing.  So I have an open mind on the subject per se, just not about my own!

Life in non-human bodies (including part-robots and even inanimate objects) is expounded in more detail in this book, with many examples given:

“It doesn’t matter what you’re made of, you still see, are still aware. It doesn’t matter; flesh and bones or nuts or bolts. There is still consciousness”.

Again, I can even stretch my mind to this, when I consider that in meditation you can become one with a flame. Objects and crystals can take on the vibrations of people they are in close contact with.

She also writes a great deal about the New Earth, which many souls are working towards.  This is linked with the Ascension movement, and involves the Earth moving into a higher dimension.  The book was written before the 2012 end of the Mayan calendar, which was a key date for this happening.  There are many still developing this work, post 2012, notably Celia Fenn.

The Convoluted Universe, Book 4 (2012) [595 pages]

This book was published in 2012, in anticipation of the end of the Mayan calendar, but before the actual end, which took place in December of that year.  This was a watershed in people’s minds, as much as that of the Millennium and the end of the Nostradamus prophecies.  But, life goes on, and the world is in as much turmoil as ever!  This book continues to illustrate the hope for the evolution of mankind/womankind, and describes the limitless consciousness and awareness contained in the subconscious mind of the many people who continued to work with Dolores.  If I am going to be pedantic, I might put in a plea for the word “superconscious” rather than subconscious, but I continue to (as I always have done) look at different definitions of subconscious and unconscious, a subject which has intrigued me since my undergraduate days.  I have never settled with this issue satisfactorily, even with the diagram of Roberto Assagioli who does bring in the superconscious.

What is lovely in this book and Book 5 is that increasingly Dolores asks for a parting message from the subconscious of the client, which is always lovingly reassuring.  Here is one:

“You’re exactly where you need to be. You are on the right track. You are doing what you are exactly supposed to be doing. So just be who you are and know that you’re not responsible for anybody else. You’re only responsible for you. Take care of your people. Have fun”.

In this volume, she describes how sometimes very advanced souls take on very difficult lives and bodies.  There are also interesting ideas about the cyclical nature of events, overcoming fear, the importance of love, and many other metaphysical concepts.

Here is an example of the process of healing during one session:

“The SC [subconscious] then described how it was going to remove the growth. ‘We are going to melt it. And allow it to flatten back out to normal health, and the energy she has been building up is being released…as it melts, it moves back into where it came from’ “

The Convoluted Universe, Book 5 (2015) [336 pages]

I had assumed that, having made her transition in 2014, Dolores had not written any other books.  Imagine my surprise then when at Christmas my sister gave me Book 5!  This apparently had been almost finished by Dolores when she died, and her daughter Julia completed the work.  It is shorter than the other volumes, because it is not padded out by Dolores’ commentaries and reflections, but still as fascinating as ever, containing transcripts of many of her sessions, together with the encouraging “parting messages”.  There is a delightful description of a life as a mermaid, for example.

Earlier in her career, Dolores had written a book specifically about life between lives, but there is an interesting description in this book of something which is reported extensively in Michael Newton’s books on the between life state:

“D. Well, now the ones you’re waiting for are coming. Now you can find out about it. What do they look like?

K. They look like people that Leonardo did of the Last Supper. It looks like people in robes. Sitting all at a table

 D. Are there many of them?

K. I think there are nine

Many times when the spirit goes to the other side they report being before a group of robed beings. This council is usually composed of nine or twelve”.

Dolores Cannon passed away on 18th October 2014.  Her transits in passing were Mars trine her Sun (an energetic shift), Saturn sextile her Saturn (steadiness in the process), and Uranus conjunct her South Node exactly to the day (a cycle of her karmic work completed).

I leave you with one of the particularly uplifting “parting messages”, which you might want to adopt for yourself:

“You are worthy of loving yourself. You’ve done great things in the past. You’ll do great things in the future. You’re doing a great thing now. All will be revealed to you. You are Divine. Rejoice! The rest of your life will be  Jubilee, jubilant. Impart that to others, jubilation, and they won’t feel threatened by their own jubilation. They’ll revel in it. As you revel in yours, they will revel in theirs.”

Julia Cannon reported that she received a message as her mother passed, which was “I can do so much more on the other side than I can from this side now”.

These books have given me so much more perspective on life, the Universe, and the limitlessness of the human mind, and  are a source of strength and enlightenment.


In the very early hours of Tuesday morning (30th) Saturn in Capricorn will be stationary prior to going retrograde.  With Pluto also retrograde in Capricorn, we are learning deep lessons about patience and timing, and our relations with authority.  All over the world the existing order is being challenged, and this is yet another sign of the need for change.  It highlights what is not working, and where there is a need to revision certain structures of society, for example people keep saying that the political system (Capricorn) is not working.  It is a good time to re-examine the structures in your own life and take a cool look at how they are working and how they might be improved.  Some structures seem beyond repair (Pluto in Capricorn) but don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.  In France, the destructiveness of agents of change does not seem the way to go.  The Extinction Rebellion movement and the School Strike movement seem to be able to get their message across without damage.

On the same day, Saturn conjuncts the South Node, which hammers home the same message, adding a karmic emphasis.  The consequences of things people do that day will matter.  It may be a case of “It ain’t what you do it’s the way that you do it…”.  But it certainly will be important to think before you act.  If you are protesting or demonstrating, be mindful.  The principle of cause and effect will be highlighted.

Early on Wednesday morning (1st May) Mercury sextiles Mars, which may be a helpful start.  The early bird will catch the worm.  It is important to clear a path early on that day, because the rest of the day may be rather more complicated.  The energy of the early morning is brisk and efficient, so set your alarm for 6.37 a.m. (the time of the sextile) and accomplish some outstanding tasks.

The next aspect of the day is Mercury squaring the Nodal Axis, the second karmic aspect of the week.  Karmic information may come into your awareness, and communication in groups will be important.  Past life exploration may beckon, for some!  A good day to acquire a volume of  “The Convoluted Universe”!

Mercury also squares Saturn, so it could be a heavy going day if you are trying to wade through documentation or forms, or exacting paperwork.  There may also be communication or travel difficulties.  Patience may need to continue to be your mantra (one of the themes of this week).

Learn the lessons of Wednesday well, for a greater lesson awaits on Thursday (2nd)!  Mercury goes on to square Pluto, which is a deeper mental challenge.  Whereas Mercury square Saturn speaks of frustration and delay, Mercury square Pluto needs to get to the source of the problem in order to recalibrate.  There may be deep psychological conjectures, or challenging conversations to be had, in negotiating this square.  Approach this aspect in a spirit of constructiveness, positive speech, and a desire for peace.

Be heartened that your efforts will be rewarded, for in the early hours of Friday (3rd) Mercury wins through, after all the toil of the week.  Mercury trine Jupiter signals a big breakthrough of some sort, with a stroke of luck on your side.  You may be able to pull together some of the loose strands of this week, or achieve some enlightenment on its issues.  This aspect favours business, teaching and learning, travelling, and positive thought.

Finally, on Saturday (4th) we have a chance at a new beginning, for the New Moon occurs at 14 degrees Taurus, which is good news for those born around that date.  It completes the week with a flourish, and Taurus brings such a cornucopia of good things to our lives, the abundance of the earth, plants, food, money, art and music (I could go on) that you may benefit from one of these areas or several of them.  Remember to set your intentions for the month, and if you know the area of life (House) it occupies in your chart, your intentions can be even more focussed and potent.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – patience and timing, give what is due
  • Wednesday – the early bird catches the worm, otherwise slow
  • Thursday – think deeply
  • Friday – a bonanza
  • Saturday – the New Earth

Aspects for the week beginning 21 April 2019


One of the greatest and most beautiful Cathedrals in the world, Notre-Dame in Paris, was shockingly partially destroyed by fire on Monday evening.  The next day, as the damage was assessed, new hope arose and its rebuilding was pledged.

It is an incomprehensible marvel to contemplate how such an edifice was created over its 170 years of building, using medieval methods, the finest artistry, with the devotion of its workers, some of whom may have spent nearly their whole lifetimes on the project.

I am not well travelled, but I have been to Paris several times in this lifetime (as well as in past lives) and have a huge fondness and sentimentality for the city.  And Notre-Dame is undoubtedly the soul of the city.


Notre-Dame, a project started by Maurice de Sully, was built on the site of an ancient 6th Century church on the Ile de la Cite, and that was built on the foundations of a Roman Temple of Jupiter.

“Masons had to haul the stone from quarries far from the city; while a new street, Rue Neuve-Notre-Dame, was pushed through to enable materials to be brought up to the building site from quarries upstream on the Seine.  Pope Alexander III blessed the foundation stone”

~ Alistair Horne from “Seven Ages of Paris”

The date of the laying of the foundation stone in 1163 is most interesting astrologically.  6 of the 10 planets are in fire signs.  In looking at transits for last Monday’s conflagration, we need look no further.  For there is a double whammy of conflagration transits, namely Pluto square its Mars in Aries, and Mars on its Pluto.  There is also Chiron exactly on the Cathedral’s Sun, indicating that this event has a healing purpose.  In practical terms, the wooden constructions may be rebuilt with more enduring modern materials.  In psychological terms, the event has raised all sorts of issues about French society, and the world at large: the repercussions and chain of issues seem huge.


There are many who see this burning, at this point of time, as deeply symbolic.  Is it a warning of an ending?  Is it a divine judgement on the presidency of Emmanuel Macron, is it aimed at the European Union, or the state of western civilization itself? Or even more broadly, does it hint about our failure to address the dangers of climate change?  The religious and the mystical thinkers may think this way, but atheists too have loved this monument and find meaning in it.  Some have said it is only a building, and others have said it is not a tragedy because nobody died.  But, like the sight of a comet across our skies, deep down it feels significant in an unknown way.

Chart of the Event

The first intimation that there was anything happening came at 6.20 p.m. local time on Monday (15th April).  An alarm sounded during a service. There was no sign of fire, but the building was evacuated.  23 minutes later a second alarm was heard, and fire officially declared.

Eyewitness Agnes Poirier writes movingly in the Observer this morning:

“Of those moments, I remember a kaleidoscope of images and feelings: the stupor in people’s eyes, their mouths forming in silent screams, the vivid yellow of the smoke…The flames were bright red and orange like those tongues of fire in Renaissance paintings.”

The chart of the event shows Pluto on the South Node, a devastation which bears the hope of a phoenix rising from the ashes.  How does the timing of the event strike the chart of France itself?  Does it give any clue to its significance for the country?  For the last few months of agitation by the Gilets Jaunes, Uranus has been on the 4th House cusp, signifying the civil unrest, and that is part of the picture.  Last Monday transiting Venus was in the 2nd House of the nation (signifying its beauty and treasure) and Pluto from the 12th House of hidden dangers was exactly sextile Venus.  Again, there is a feeling that all is not quite lost.  In addition, Chiron is trine France’s Moon, showing the need for the emotional healing of the people (Moon).  Saturn trines its Mercury, sober thinking will be constructive.  And Uranus opposes France’s Jupiter (an unexpected event).


The 500 firefighters faced a gargantuan task, and at one point it looked as though the whole Cathedral would be destroyed, but much was saved, including the twin bell towers.  The fall of the spire was one of the most dramatic images of the night.  The next day’s stocktaking revealed that the trio of rose windows had been preserved, all the works of art from the ‘treasures’ area were preserved, Coustou’s sculpture Descent from the Cross, and the great organ, were all saved.  Father Jean-Marc Fournier was responsible for saving some of the holy relics, such as the Crown of Thorns.  And a few days later, the bees thought to have perished from the hives in Notre-Dame were found to be alive and well.

Emmanuel Macron

Just checking on Emmanuel Macron’s chart at the time of the burning, Mars was trine his Mars (a burning issue) and Uranus was sextile his Jupiter (an unexpected event, not necessarily detrimental to him).  He has pledged to rebuild Notre-Dame within 5 years, which many say is unrealistic.  A competition will be launched around the world for architects to unveil their ingenuity.


Almost immediately, Francois-Henri Pinault (the husband of actor Salma Hayek) pledged 100 m euros towards the rebuilding of Notre-Dame (moved by Chiron opposite his Ascendant), then another billionaire Bernard Arnault pledged 200 m euros.  The fund now stands at more than 1 billion euros.  It is clear that the fire and destruction of this beloved Cathedral means much in the hearts of many.

Very quickly too, the counter arguments began to unravel.  The population of Paris had stood strong together, singing hymns, that first night.  But the poverty highlighted by the Gilets Jaunes had not gone away.  Emmanuel Macron had postponed his speech on the subject. Many people argued that money pledged by billionaires should be more available to the plight of the poor.  Shades of the Ancien Regime and the French Revolution…And indeed the turnout in the Saturday riots yesterday had risen, far from being sobered by the shock of last Monday.

It has been upsetting these last few months to see the centre of Paris (e.g. the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs Elysees) destroyed every Saturday.  Peaceful demonstration is one thing, but the antiquities, burnings and graffiti showed no feeling about the historical preservation of the city.  There has been no suggestion that the fire at Notre Dame was started deliberately, but it seems to be a peak after all the destruction that has taken place.

Now in England we have a new movement, the Extinction Rebellion movement, which sprung up a week or so ago, causing disruption but so far peaceful, as has been Greta Thunberg’s School Strike movement.  Greta Thunberg this week gave a speech in Europe asking why the time and money spent on Brexit could not be spent fighting climate change.

So there is a highlighting of our values and what we pledge money to.  Do we value the preservation of antiquity, do we value the plight of the poor, or do we value the fight for our planet?  I think that it might be a good idea to have one of those pledge evenings such as Comic Relief and Children in Need devoted to Climate Change, with David Attenborough films interspersed, and see where people put their money.  In a scale of values, the planet ought to come first, and humanity’s suffering is also a priority.  There ought to be enough money for all these things.  The hearts of politicians, though, don’t seem to be in it.


Happy Easter!  I hope you are enjoying basking in the gift of the sunshine.

Tomorrow, Easter Monday (22nd), sees the Sun conjoined with Uranus.  Expect the unexpected, in other words!  It is a good day to demonstrate your originality and inventiveness, and in your leisure time begin a project which is highly creative or benefits society.  You may decide to join a group activity along those lines.  If you are feeling more contemplative in mood, new ideas can flash into your consciousness during meditation.  Unveil your ingenuity!

Wednesday (24th) may bring a deep realization that you need to go back and work on old psychological themes, without which you cannot progress in the long term.  For Pluto is stationary, prior to turning retrograde.  You may recognize a psychological theme where you have been making headway, but now need to revise your steps, perhaps look further into the past.  If you’ve been knitting, you may need to unravel a few rows, for instance.  Eventually, you will recoup your ground and be stronger, richer and truer for it.

On Saturday (27th) clumsiness or confusion may reign, so take extra time for activities and for thinking things through, for a smoother ride.  You may find it difficult to harmonize your spiritual ideals with your practical action. Meditation can be helpful, and particularly those which combine physical movement with a stilling of the mind, such as Tai Chi.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – originality and surprise
  • Wednesday – going over old ground
  • Saturday – trying to combine the spiritual and the physical

Aspects for the week beginning 14 April 2019

Darcey Bussell

“I believe that in life, if you are fearless and curious, allowing your ideas to evolve beyond their immediate boundaries, I think they can take you anywhere.  This is why I think creative arts like dance must always have a place in education, so that children and young people can benefit from the many attributes they provide.  Increasingly, complex societies rely on the creative individual, so let’s make sure we always encourage creativity.”

~ Darcey Bussell, “Evolved”

Dame Darcey Bussell announced this week that she would be stepping down from her role as one of the judges on the nation’s favourite programme “Strictly Come Dancing”.  The programme won’t be the same without her: we rely on her kindness and grace to prop up hapless contestants.  Other judges have other personas: Craig Revel Horwood is the pantomime villain, and Bruno Tonioli expresses superlative passion like no one else.

Birth Chart

In looking at her chart, the question of what makes such an outstanding dancer is posed.  She has half her planets in the element of Earth, so grounding presumably is a useful asset for dance.  The feet are ruled by Pisces, and so dance is associated with Pisces and its ruling planet Neptune.  In her chart Neptune is exactly sextile Jupiter, which is one feature of her genius in this genre.  Her Sun itself is in the sign of Taurus, a sign associated with beauty and the Arts in general.  She has tried to be a supporter of the Arts, not just of dance, and has in her life taken part in many collaborations in different areas of the Arts, as well as many different types of dance.  We do not have her birth time, but if she was born exactly at Noon her Sun would have been exactly trine her Moon, which would show that her right hand (or foot) knows what her left hand (or foot) is doing, again a useful attribute in dance.

Darcey has Mercury trine closely with Jupiter, denoting an expansive mind and sense of movement, and an intelligent application of her mind, with many interests.  A trine from Uranus to her Mercury adds the capability of original thought.  Pluto also lines up for the trine with Mercury, giving her the power of deep thought.  The triple conjunction of Jupiter/Pluto/Uranus is in itself a very powerful expression.  North Node in Pisces points to a  karmic mission as a dancer.  Venus trine Mars gives great sensuality, and Venus conjunct Chiron enables healing through the Arts, though it may link with childhood wounds.  Mars square Pluto may also link with childhood wounds, but also generates great energy.  Jupiter conjunct Uranus is the Entrepreneur, and Jupiter conjunct Pluto confers personal power.

Karmically, Jupiter closely conjunct the South Node in Virgo brings through good karma from past lives, which the North Node in Pisces trine exactly with Neptune re-emphasizes her potential as a supreme dancer (which she realized early in life).  She also has the North Node conjunct Chiron, an attempt to bring healing and wholeness in what she does being a part of her karmic mission.

Life and Career

Darcey was born in London to Australian businessman John Crittle and Andrea Williams, his English wife, who separated when she was three years old.  Her mother then married Australian dentist Philip Bussell, and they lived for a while in Australia.

She trained as a ballerina at Sadler’s Wells, then at the Royal Ballet, and became a principal dancer at the age of 20, when her progressed Sun trined natal Jupiter and opposed natal Neptune, thus connecting with her natal sextile which showed so much promise.

She was taken under the wing of Kenneth MacMillan, who also had the North Node conjunct Chiron, principal choreographer at the Royal Ballet.  When only 18 she had performed his Elite Syncopations with the Sadler’s Wells Royal Ballet School.  MacMillan created a new arrangement of The Prince of Pagodas and wanted Darcey to play the lead role: this was her big break, and a star was born.  Undoubtedly, he played a crucial role in her life in elevating her so early in her career.  Their Marses were exactly conjunct in Sagittarius (their energies in affinity), and his Jupiter was exactly sextile her ruling planet Venus (encouraging success).  The Prince of Pagodas was launched on 7th December 1989, with Jupiter closely sextile with Darcey’s Sun (her big break).  Jupiter was square MacMillan’s Uranus (an adventurous experiment) and Pluto trine his Pluto (self-empowerment).  Darcey went on to become one of the U.K’s most acclaimed ballerinas.

Retirement from Ballet

She retired from her first career on 8th June 2007, at the age of 38, and spent a few years in Australia bringing up her two young daughters.  She had married Australian businessman Angus Forbes in 1997.  At the time of her retirement Pluto was square her natal Jupiter (a sense of an ending), and Pluto was square her Nodal Axis (a karmic ending).

Viva la Diva

One of the collaborations in her life, the show Viva la Diva performed with songstress Katherine Jenkins in 2007, brought her into different genres of dance.  “When we met, Katherine and I clicked” recalls Darcey in her book “Evolved”.  You can see why, when you look at their charts.  Their Suns are exactly sextile (Katherine’s Sun in Cancer to Darcey’s Sun in Taurus) and their Mercuries are exactly sextile (Katherine’s Mercury in Cancer to Darcey’s Mercury in Taurus), so they are perfectly in sync!

Strictly Come Dancing

Darcey became a household name due to her involvement with Strictly Come Dancing.  She had made brief appearances in the programme, before replacing Alesha Dixon as a judge in 2012, after she had returned to live in England.  From the world of ballet, she was now demonstrating an expertise in the ballroom and Latin genres of dance.  She was a breath of fresh air, sitting among the veteran judges Craig, Len and Bruno, exuding a sympathetic and warm empathy.

Heroines and Heroes

Darcey has subsequently been involved in other programmes on the BBC.  In 2014, she presented a documentary entitled Darcey Bussell: Looking for Audrey.    Audrey Hepburn was “always a heroine” of Darcey’s, and a fellow Taurean.  There is a quiet, graceful, elegance which she shares with Hepburn.  Dress designer Neil Cunningham has designed dresses for Darcey along the clean cut 1950s lines of Audrey Hepburn’s couture, notably a red gown in her photoshoot at the restoration of the Albert Memorial.

Margot Fonteyn, also a Taurean, was the subject of another programme: Darcey Bussell: Looking for Margot, and Darcey had briefly worked with Margot when she was young.  Another Taurean, whose dances Darcey re-created in a production of 2011 (Darcey Bussell Dances Hollywood)  was Fred Astaire – she had to brush up her tap dancing for that.

So it is interesting, and worthy of note, that some very prominent dancers have been Taurean.  Taurus, through its ruling planet Venus, is associated with the Arts in general, but is not the first sign that comes to mind for dancing.  Nijinsky and Nureyev, born 12th and 17th March respectively, the subject of Darcey’s Ballet Heroes (2015) both fit the accepted mould of Pisces/Neptune.   But Taurus cannot be discounted for such talent.


A quirky fact: Uranus (the unusual) squared Darcey’s Sun in Taurus (models) in 1997 when her waxwork at Madame Tussauds was unveiled.  Her comment: It was certainly one of the more unusual experiences of my career”. Neptune (illusion) was also exactly sextile her North Node.

Stepping down from Strictly

Her announcement this week that she was leaving the Strictly family was a surprise.  Perhaps there is an inner process we don’t know about, for Neptune squares her Mars this week.  She says she would like to concentrate on other projects.  Certainly she has Pluto trine her Pluto currently, which means self-empowerment.  She soon experiences her Chiron Return (the emergence of the Inner Healer), on 8th May, and this may be a trigger for new pathways.

Her words:

“It has been a complete privilege for me to be part of Strictly, working with such a talented team. I have enjoyed every minute of my time and will miss everyone from my fellow judges, the presenters, the dancers, the musicians, the entire back stage team, and especially the viewers of the show, who have been so supportive.”


Today is a red letter today, with one of the best aspects of the year, Sun trine Jupiter.  If you found aspects of yesterday’s Sun-Pluto square tough, today should be much more easeful.  It speaks of eat, drink and be merry; laugh and the world laughs with you.  It is a good day to embark on voyages, and even to have a flutter on the lottery.  A touch of luck is possible.  It’s a great time for  positivity, affirmations and creative visualization of better outcomes in the future.

Late in the evening, just before midnight in the U.K., Venus sextiles Pluto, which is also constructive but much more soulful.  It favours the declaration of deep feeling, for example, where Sun trine Jupiter tended to just concentrate on enjoying life.  A steamy night may follow on from a heady day.

Tomorrow (Monday 15th) Venus squares Jupiter, so whereas Sunday was comfortably social, Monday is also social but more awkwardly so.  Behaviour may be gauche or a little inappropriate, and that may have consequences.

Mercury enters Aries on Wednesday (17th), and plain speaking replaces the flowery language of Mercury in Pisces.  You will need to get to the point much more directly in your communications, and there is more sense of urgency about paperwork.

Emotional tension gathers for the Full Moon on Friday (19th) at 29 degrees Libra.  If meditating, you can use the energy more constructively.  This Full Moon is emotionally dedicated to relating, while the Sun which opposes it wants its own way.  Thus a delicate balance operates, which may be resolved in common aims.  The Brexit juggernaut will still be trundling along, as we are now in extra time.

On Saturday (20th) the Sun enters Taurus, a time of the blossoming of the earth.  Gardeners will garden, artists will paint or sculpt, and dancers will dance.  Channel your inner Alan Titchmarsh (Sun in Taurus), Joseph Turner (Sun in Taurus) or Darcey Bussell.

In the afternoon, Venus enters Aries, so we may be torn between impulsiveness (Venus in Aries) or patience (Sun in Taurus).  There might be a place for both: use the Venus in Aries if you want to get things done, or watch your asparagus grow, or the Sun in Taurus if you are watching the paint dry on your garden fence.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – joy bringing
  • Tomorrow – mind your p’s and q’s
  • Wednesday – plain speaking
  • Friday – balancing needs
  • Saturday – blossoming