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Aspects for the week beginning 25 April 2021

George Floyd 2

Black Lives Matter, almost a year on

Almost a year ago, the world watched as George Floyd was murdered in Minneapolis by a white police officer, during the course of eight minutes.  Everyone hoped it would be a turning point in race relations, and there were reverberations around the world, not least in the U.K.  This week, a landmark verdict was given in the trial of the perpetrator Derek Chauvin, guilty on three counts.  It has been seen as a long-awaited sign of hope in the cause of Black Lives Matter.

George Floyd’s birth chart

Re-post from last year:

What do we know of George Floyd?  We know that he had five children, and was a caring provider for them, and lost his job due to the coronavirus crisis.  We know that he has lobbied for a change in the gun laws.  We know that at the time he was being apprehended, his crime was attempting to pass off a fake banknote.  We know he was not a violent or dangerous criminal, therefore not remotely deserving to lose his life.  The actions of the policemen were extremely disproportionate to the crime.  He tested positive for the virus, but had been recovering.

The first thing which leaps out to me in his natal chart is an exact Venus-Neptune conjunction in Sagittarius, conjuring up a phrase often used about him, that he was a “gentle giant” (at 6 foot 4 inches).  Another nuance of this conjunction is that of “global martyrdom”, where Sagittarius = global and Venus exactly conjunct Neptune = martyrdom.  Another aspect in his chart which is definitely problematic is Saturn exactly square Pluto.  Mars square Jupiter gave exuberance and Jupiter trine Pluto a more powerful side (playing basketball in his youth).  Saturn on his South Node in Cancer may have caused him to bring through some difficult past life karma, and Pluto square his Nodal Axis may show that his death has been used karmically to show humanity a profound lesson.

Derek Chauvin

There is a lot of confusion within the birth chart of Derek Chauvin.  Firstly, he has Sun in Pisces, ruled by Neptune.  That Sun is closely squared by Mars, implying that he has a strong temper, which may be difficult to control.  Then Neptune squares his Mercury, bringing a great deal of mental confusion to his make up on top of that.  He has 0 Earth planets, which adds to his lack of grounding, and 7 planets in Water (very unusual) indicating a very high degree of emotionality.  His Jupiter square Saturn can be ham fisted, and Saturn square Chiron may lack the skills of healing (i.e. in not having the presence of mind to try to resuscitate his victim on the spot).  The whole picture shows someone who is not in control of his emotions.  That he has become notorious in a public murder is hinted at by his Moon (emotion; public) conjunct his North Node (karma) in Scorpio (a sign associated with death and rebirth).  George Floyd cannot be reborn, but his memory is living on in a profound sense.

Synastry with George Floyd

A karmic connection is clearly shown in their Synastry (compatibility).  George Floyd’s South Node (past life karma) is exactly conjunct Derek Chauvin’s Mars (anger); thus it would seem George Floyd may have been destined to bring out Derek Chauvin’s weakness (misdirected anger; a badly aspected natal Mars), and Chauvin was unable to control his impulse.  Floyd’s Neptune was also square Chauvin’s Venus (social confusion).

Transits at the time of the murder

Chauvin’s transits at the time of the murder  included Jupiter opposite his Saturn in Cancer (literally, over-restraint!) and Pluto square his Chiron in Aries (a horrendous expression of inhumanity).  Of course, while referring to it as a murder, I realize that he may appeal.

Transits at the Guilty Verdict 

Chauvin’s transits at the time of the verdict this week show Chiron opposite his natal Pluto (a reckoning), Pluto opposite his Saturn (the guilty verdict itself), the South Node on his Neptune and ruler (a karmic reckoning).  For anyone who has any of these transits currently – don’t stress – other interpretations are available…!

Transits for U.S. chart at this time

How much of a turning point is this for the U.S.?   Jupiter is on its Moon in Aquarius in the 3rd House at the moment; they have a new leader at the helm putting out new policies.  But there are also confusions, e.g. Neptune square its Neptune.  The U.S. has been undergoing its Pluto Return, and this landmark court ruling I feel is part of that process of transformation.  The South Node is also on its Ascendant in Sagittarius, putting an emphasis on reparations for past actions and omissions.


This morning served us a double dose of Saturnian reality, with first Venus square Saturn then Mercury square Saturn.

Venus square Saturn: Maybe you were wrestling with a conundrum overnight possibly triggered by events last night…Maybe you felt let down by someone or you disappointed yourself in some way.  Forgiveness could be a solution, in that case.  Your dreams may have held a key to the way forward.  We need a great deal of patience in our human interactions, and some may be dealing with rejection or sadness.  We need to acknowledge those feelings before we can move on.

After rising this morning, and while getting going with the business of the day, we may be finding it heavy going (unless we are having a total Sunday lie-in), submerged in paperwork (left over from last week’s schedule), or subject to delays or technical hitches.  Patience may be the key here too, but more on the mental level, and in communications or travel.  More haste less speed may be a useful mantra to follow.  So, for the early and mid part of the day, Forgiveness plus patience is the formula.


You may find that things come together more easily in the evening, especially late evening when Mercury conjoins Venus.  This conjunction is ideal for socializing, conversation, artistic or literary endeavours, or negotiations.  Your communications will have an artistic flair, so it’s a good time to get creative.  You might even find that the struggles of earlier in the day have added grist to the mill, or lessons which enhance your evening activities or performance.

Tuesday (27th) brings a Full Moon at 7 degrees Scorpio, during the early hours.  You may feel the emotional tension building up the night before.  This is the most emotionally intense Full Moon of the year, and it is a Supermoon which may magnify that.  Something which came up in conversation the night before could set you on a profound journey.  You will need to be in touch with your deepest emotions and be constructively authentic.  There may be a focus on shared finances and an attempt to balance material resources and needs between two people.  With the Moon opposite the Sun in Taurus, values and shared values may be the current issue on your mind.

In the evening, just as you may laying such issues to rest, Pluto goes Stationary, prior to turning Retrograde.  This may give you a fresh set of preoccupations, or remind you of earlier ones.  You may recognize a psychological theme where you have been making headway, but now need to revise your steps, perhaps look further into the past.  If you’ve been knitting, you may need to unravel a few rows, for instance.  Eventually, you will recoup your ground and be stronger, richer and truer for it.

Friday (30th) looks more promising, with a sextile and a conjunction.  First, Mercury sextiles Neptune: Sensitivity towards others, and spiritual awareness, inform our minds easily, making delicate conversations and channelling easier.  You can receive inspiration, especially for writing and communication.  This occurs in the early hours of the morning, so again may influence your dream and dream guidance.  You may feel that you communicate with other dimensions on other planes.

Then in the evening the Sun conjoins with Uranus.  Expect the unexpected, in other words!  It is a good day to demonstrate your originality and inventiveness, and in your leisure time begin a project which is highly creative or benefits society.  You may decide to join a group activity along those lines.  If you are feeling more contemplative in mood, new ideas can flash into your consciousness during meditation.  The evening’s television or film viewing (Netflix or whatever) could provide heightened interest.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – deflation then equilibrium
  • Tuesday – emotional high tide; psychological reviewing
  • Friday – mental inspiration; creative invention

Aspects for the week beginning 18 April 2021

Shirley Williams (1930 – 2021)

a “Liberal lion and a true trailblazer” –

~ Ed Davey

Shirley Williams, who died at the age of 90 this week on Monday 12th April, was a member of that rare breed: a popular politician.  She became an M.P. in 1964 when to be a female M.P. was also part of a rare breed.  During the course of her career, she belonged to three different parties: Labour, SDP and Lib Dems.  In her most recent years, she led the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords.


I wrote in 2015:

” National treasure Shirley Williams struggled to express the fine party line on Question Time this week.  Coming close to the election, she was trying to uphold the achievements of the coalition while re-defining the individual goals of her party.

Shirley has Pluto on the Ascendant, hence she changed her political afflilations a few times in her life, but never in a shallow way, always in a deeply considered fashion.

The mother figure is important in her chart, with a dominant Moon in Leo and a Cancerian Ascendant.  Her mother Vera Brittain wrote, and lived, the wonderful “Testament of Youth” account of a woman’s life in the 1st World War, which was subsequently made into a TV series and now a film.  Vera had the extremely challenging conjunction of Pluto and Neptune, one which many of her generation will have had.  She had no personal aspects to her Sun (except perhaps her Moon, if her birth time were known), and this comes out in her life and work as a deeply held sense of service, or surrender to the needs of her time.  Loyalty was also a theme, with Venus closely trine Saturn.

So Shirley had a rich heritage, and in her later years has married an American academic.  Shirley also has no aspects to her natal Sun, and a strong social conscience and sense of service.  She has a brilliant mind (Mercury exactly trine Uranus) but is hampered by an exact opposition between Jupiter and Saturn, which means she is sometimes hamstrung in decision making.  Her only cabinet post, as an Education minister under Labour, much earlier in her career, did not live up to her potential and promise.  And yet she was born to put herself into a meaningful relationship with society, with Pluto closely trine her Midheaven, and Chiron exactly sextile her Midheaven: she aches to make a difference.”

I would add

Shirley was a lioness, astrologically, being born under the Sun sign of Leo.  Lib Dem leader Ed Davey also picked out another Leo quality in his eulogy, that of “generosity”.  She had the chart of a potential leader, but for various reasons held back from that role in her life.  One possible astrological reason may have been that her natal Sun was unaspected except for squaring the Nodal Axis, so it may not have been part of her destiny to take the top job(s), although her ambition when young was to become Prime Minister.  David Steel spoke this week about her reluctance to take pole position in the new parties.  Maybe she did not reach her full potential, hung back a bit on it, or diversified into social causes and academia etc. instead of leadership.  She was not a very effective Education Minister, and this perhaps knocked her self-confidence, although there were wider reasons in the educational policy of the Callaghan government which contributed to that.  Polly Toynbee observed in the Guardian: “She never burned with the ambition that caused the bitter rivalry between Jenkins and David Owen…But some inner reticence held her back…That lack of cut-throat ambition may be why people warmed to her.”

Perhaps a clue is to be find in the description in the Guardian Obituary by Julia Langdon:

“In July 1981 Williams refused an invitation to fight as the SDP candidate in a byelection at Warrington, Cheshire.  Later she wrote: ‘I did not dither.  I quailed.’  She recognized her error swiftly and stood successfully in Crosby a few months later, but as she acknowledged: ‘My reputation for boldness, acquired in the long fight within the Labour party, never wholly recovered.’ ”

Her 2nd House of money and materiality contained the Moon (also in Leo), Neptune and Venus, so she would have had very idealistic views on the subject, and was initially a socialist.  With such a preponderance of Leo in her chart (Sun/Part of Fortune, Mercury and Moon) she considered an acting career, and auditioned for the part in the film National Velvet which was taken by Elizabeth Taylor.  The North Node in  Aries in 10th House, meant that her self-fulfilment and karmic mission lay in Politics.  She appeared on Question Time 58 times: with Mars in Gemini, she liked verbal gymnastics!

Life and Career

Shirley’s father George Caitlin was an English political scientist and philosopher, and her mother was Vera Brittain, whose book “Testament of Youth” was a moving portrayal of love and loss during the First World War.  Her mother was also a pioneering feminist and pacifist.  Shirley spent some time in Minnesota during her youth.  She was educated at Oxford (reading Philosophy, Politics and Economics), and took up journalism upon graduating.  She joined the Labour party at the age of 17, and became an M.P. in 1964, serving in the Labour cabinet from 1974 to 1979.  She lost her seat in 1979, and in 1981 was a prime mover in the “Gang of Four” who formed the breakaway Social Democratic Party.  Where does the Rebel Archetype show up in her chart?  Uranus is right at the top of the chart, exactly trine her Mercury.  So her rebelliousness is very much tied up with her intellect.

The SDP was an experiment which did not measure up to its early promise, and she was later instrumental in supporting the merger of the SDP with the Liberal Party in 1988, amalgamating to form the Lib Dems.  After 1988 she moved her focus to academia, becoming a professor at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.  While there, she helped draft constitutions around the world.  In 1993 she was elevated to the House of Lords.  She was passionate about our participation in Europe, and Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament, among other causes.  She said in 1972:

“I am not as much a passionate European, as I am a passionate internationalist, with a deep sense of the special and unique nature of Britain.  I see staying in Europe as being part of the price of living with reality.”


Her first marriage was to the prominent philosopher Bernard Williams, who she met in America, and married in 1955.  They have a daughter Rebecca.  Shirley said of that relationship:

“… [T]here was something of a strain that comes from two things. One is that we were both too caught up in what we were respectively doing — we didn’t spend all that much time together; the other, to be completely honest, is that I’m fairly unjudgemental and I found Bernard’s capacity for pretty sharp putting-down of people he thought were stupid unacceptable.”

Interestingly, Bernard Williams has in his chart the conjunction of Mercury and Mars, which is the Critic Archetype, useful though for a philosopher.  But in their synastry his Mars was square to her Pluto, which is quite a conflicting interaspect.  The marriage ended in 1974.  She found love again with a Harvard professor and historian, Richard Neustadt.

Maybe she had her reasons for staying out of the top echelons of her profession.  My guess is that she was too nice!

“Political life will be poorer without her intellect, her wisdom and her generosity”

~  Ed Davey


This week we have 3 ingresses (energy changes) and 3 conjunctions (intensity).

Tomorrow (Monday 19th) the Sun will be conjunct Mercury at 29 degrees Aries, a final focus of Aries energy.  It is a good day generally to apply your mind with clarity,  concentrate and focus,  and make important statements.  The focus may be on your own growth and potential and physical wellbeing.

Mercury enters Taurus on the same day, and the quality of the mental energy may become steadier and calmer than the fieriness of the last two weeks or so when Mercury has been in Aries.  This placing is better for negotiation, which is something much needed at the moment.  Practical ideas will be the order of the day.  Mercury enters Gemini on 4th May, so this is a short window,  just before local elections take place.

Later in the day the Sun enters Taurus, a time of the blossoming of the earth.  Gardeners will garden, artists will paint or sculpt, and dancers will dance.  So it is very much a cuspal and switchover day, concentrating on Aries energy, saying farewell to that initial Spring energy, and settling down and embedding into a productive Taurean period.

Fast forward then to Friday (23rd), when we have a conjunction between Venus and Uranus at 10 degrees Taurus.  This conjunction may pep up your social life.  It is time to advantage of the new freedoms, see who’s in town, and seek out new experiences.  Innovations can be made in Taurean activities such as gardening, financial arrangements, art and music.  This conjunction occurs very early in the morning, so may bring you unusual dreams.

In the late morning, Mars enters Cancer, which represents an energetic shift from a mental and analytical mode, to that of feeling and protectiveness.  Mars stays in Cancer until 11th June, so it is a good time to nurture those you love and foster family feeling.

The last feature of the week comes on Saturday (24th) when Mercury conjoins Uranus at 10 degrees Taurus, the same degree as the previous day’s conjunction between Venus and Uranus, so there may be some continuation in its themes.  Mentally it could be off the wall.  You’ll be thinking inventively and out of the box.  There may be some interesting synchronicities happening.  Welcome the power of surprise!  If you had some interesting conversations or encounters the day before, there could be a continuation of those.  If your creativity was soaring, you may introduce an additional intellectual element to your productions.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – initially mentally sparkling; then settling into a stabler and more productive groove
  • Friday – sparkling social life; then emotional intensity
  • Saturday – mentally sparkling but with a different focus from Monday

Aspects for the week beginning 11 April 2021

Prince Philip (1921 – 2021)

It is sad to think of the Queen without her consort of 70 years.  Prince Philip was in his own right a larger than life character, and these last two days his death at the age of 99 has dominated our screens and newspapers.  He has been praised, not least by Queen Elizabeth herself, for being a rock by her side for her all these years.  I will keep it brief this morning so that you can digest all the newsfeed!

Repost from 2012:

“There are a couple of breathtaking features in common between the Duke of Edinburgh’s chart and his wife’s binding them despite being opposites in many ways.  He has the Sun in Gemini, and so all that he processes is through his intellect and the mental plane.  He is known for his witty, acerbic comments, which sometimes hit the mark (Sagittarius Archer ascending) and sometimes emerge as gaffes (Sagittarius rising again).  Sagittarius is very different from Elizabeth’s Capricorn rising.  But he knows his own mind (Moon closely sextile to the Sun), and he undoubtedly came into this world to play a specific role.  One of his main roles is as a spiritual bodyguard to the Queen.  He has a warrior’s chart (Sun conjunct Mars trine his North Node) and karmic mission.  Mars conjunct the Sun in Gemini indicate a more verbal than physical style of warriorship.  The stunning similarities with the Queen’s chart are his Moon in Leo (born to rule) and his Saturn exactly conjunct the Midheaven just as she has (defining his Career Path as one of duty and discipline, and showing just how close his path has been to hers).”

I would add

Philip was born in Greece, of royal stock from the Danish and Greek royal families.  He met our future Queen early in life,  when he was about 13 and she was 7, and they began to correspond when she was 13.  They must have had an early inkling that they were destined for each other.  He had a difficult childhood: his father left and his mother Alice was diagnosed schizophrenic.  She had become deeply religious and converted to the Greek Orthodox Church. Then she claimed she was communicating with the divine and possessed healing powers.  After a spell in an asylum, she began good works, such as helping Holocaust victims.  Philip was separated from both his parents and attended the harsh regime of Gordonstoun School in Scotland.  This separation from the parents and specifically the mother is reflected in a virtual absence of aspects in his birthchart to his Moon (the mother and parentage).  He did however, have the Moon closely sextile the Sun, meaning that he knew his own mind.

He married Elizabeth on 20th November 1947, with Uranus trine his natal Node (an unusual new aspect of his destiny).  Neptune was sextile Elizabeth’s natal Moon, ensuring a spiritual foundation for their marriage.  They were both deeply religious.  In their synastry, her Venus is trine his Mercury, so with their ruling planets in sync theirs was a marriage of happy companionship.

The death of King George VI in 1952 sealed their fate: she was to take over the throne, and he was to be her rock in this lifetime assignment.  His transits were very telling: Mars was trine his natal Pluto in  Cancer in his natal 8th House (courage required going forward),  Jupiter was trine his natal Neptune in Leo in 9th House (a sacred entrustment),  Uranus was sextile his natal Jupiter (an opportunity) and Pluto was on his natal Moon in Leo in his 9th House (a huge task for his wife).


For him, the transits point to the right time for him to leave, especially with Jupiter trine his North Node (a lifetime’s karmic service successfully achieved).  The loneliness of the Queen at this point also shows in her chart: Saturn exactly opposite her natal Moon in Leo in 7th House (loss of the partner and emotional focus) and Nodal Axis square exactly her natal Venus in Pisces in 2nd House.  Sophie, Countess of Wessex, remarked yesterday after visiting, that “the Queen has been amazing!”  There is no doubt that the Duke of Edinburgh played the role assigned to him in life with the greatest of skill, leaving us with many moments of laughter and surprise.


In the early hours of tomorrow morning (Monday 12th) we have a New Moon at 22 degrees Aries.  The New Moon in Aries is the new of the new!  It is the first New Moon of the Astrological year, in the first sign of the Zodiac.  So it means the brightest of new beginnings.  Look to the future, unhampered by the past.  Coincidentally (?) it is a new beginning in the U.K. as it signals the easing of some restrictions, e.g. hairdressers and non-essential shops opening.  Set your intentions, wishes, creative visualizations and affirmations accordingly.  I shall venture forth to the hairdresser’s to make an appointment, after a year and a half of wild hair growing…

Very soon after the New Moon, also in the early hours, Venus squares Pluto.  This may impact on your New Moon experience, e.g. urging you to purge the old to make way for the new.  Venus rules relationships and Pluto represents the force of transformation or deep soul searching, and both planets rule money, so all these factors may be on your mind and vying for attention, in some cases conflicting.  For example, should I spend my money on a material desire or on a loved one?  The pulling apart may be even deeper and the dilemma wider, especially if the problem is a lack of money itself, or a lack of love.  Upping the love (Venus) quotient will always help, though, in a decision, against fear (Pluto), however difficult the circumstances.

Things may seem more straightforward on Tuesday (13th), at least at the very end of the day, when the Sun will be sextile Mars.  You may feel you can get things moving again, if they had stalled.  The energy and fuel is in supply, and the will is there.  This aspect favours the masculine elements of life, e.g. men, cars and dogs.  There may also be an aspect of competitiveness about it.

On Wednesday (14th) the feminine principle holds sway, with Venus entering her own sign of Taurus.  This gives a feeling of “all’s right with the world”.  Gardens flourish, money grows, arts are created, music is expressed, and there are sighs of satisfaction.  Venus is here until 9th May.

A splendid boost to fortunes occurs on Thursday (15th) when the Sun sextiles Jupiter, which is one of the brightest aspects of the year.  Time to embrace hope, or even celebration.  It will certainly be lucky for some.  Focus on what makes you happy, and make more of that.

As with Monday, it is later counterbalanced by another aspect, and this is the Sun square Pluto at lunchtime.  That brings up the darkness for healing with the light.  This is another deep soul searching aspect.  It is the sort of day which can be looked upon as a gamechanger, or watershed.  So if you are in integrity, you may be able to influence what side the coin lands on.

With four aspects on Saturday (17th) you will need a time schedule:

5.14 a.m. Mars trines Jupiter – a high note!.  This is a go ahead, spirited aspect which makes us feel we can achieve anything.  Enthusiasm and energy abound, and you may spring out of bed early full of the joys of the season. 

  1. p.m. Mercury sextile Jupiter – another high note! Some good news may be possible. This aspect favours communication, sales and travel.  Some worries about business may be alleviated.  Higher learning is also a benefit – This may be helpful to further education students awaiting their fate academically and in relation to the alleviation of covid restrictions.  It’s a good time to practice any new language skills, though you may not be able to employ them for a while yet.  Prince Philip had this aspect natally, which showed his great sense of humour.

7.09 p.m. Mercury sextile Mars – so far so good… this combination can also spark wit!  Some of your most enduring jokes could stem from today…So sharpen your pen, and if appropriate, loosen your tongue!  Physical and mental energies can co-ordinate.  If you are cycling a great deal to keep fit in these challenging times, you may find the wind behind your sails.  You may be able to cycle just that bit faster or longer, and your fitbit may register record stats.  You may also find shortcuts to your usual way of doing things.  My own exercise of choice at the moment is running, so I anticipate upping my running speed and cutting my running time (picture an appropriate emoji).

9.49 p.m.  Mercury square Pluto – Here comes the rub – did you overdo things today?  With the lovely trine and sextiles did you also remember to remain balanced and listen to your guidance, if not your body?   It is difficult sometimes, when you are on a roll, to know when or how to stop, but stop  you must, at least before 9.49 pm (in the U.K.) and take stock.   You may encounter awkward communications or travel.  Some ‘me space’ could enable the depth of thought you need to see things clearly, and put your priorities in order.  There could be some slight mental strain, e.g. some issues you have been able to put to the back of your mind during the day, but start to impinge.  A spot of evening meditation could help get things into perspective. 

The week in bullet points:

  • Monday – new beginnings; heart and soul searching
  • Tuesday – active
  • Wednesday – pampering
  • Thursday – early luck; later challenge
  • Saturday – mainly super; later need to take stock

Aspects for the week beginning 4 April 2021


The Police have been at the forefront of news lately; two policemen have been charged with crimes (one being a Met police officer for the murder of Sarah Everard).  The conduct of the Police has been called into question, in the context of their behaviour towards rioters. 

Astrologically, the Police are represented by the planet Pluto.  Capricorn represents public institutions, such as the police force.  Pluto is now nearing the end of its long stay in Capricorn, which highlights the tearing down of institutions, for the purposes of reform.  Our Police force have been accused of being institutionally racist, at least since the murder of Stephen Lawrence.  But this week the government issued a report (by the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities) denying institutional racism in the U.K., even though the Black Lives Matter movement and the Windrush Scandal have exposed the issues and our inadequacies as a society in these matters.  It is clear that more black men and women are arrested or detained or “stopped and searched” than their white counterparts.  Astrologically, it looks like the death throes of Pluto in Capricorn, but we ought by now to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  When Pluto enters Aquarius in March 2023 (it moves very slowly – it entered Capricorn in January 2008) we should see a shift in these issues, and a totally different view.

The Met

The Metropolitan Police is one institution we can examine astrologically.  It was founded by Robert Peel on 29th September 1829.  The chart shows that deliberate and prompt action (Mercury conjunct Mars and sextile Saturn) is a strong feature, but curiously with Chiron exactly conjunct the North Node in Taurus, there is a healing function too.  The Sun in the chart is in Libra, emphasizing a peacekeeping role.  Of course, the “bobbies on the beat” of the time painted a very different picture from today’s outlook, and we have many different crimes these days.  The Met Police chart is shaken up at the moment, with Chiron on its Uranus, demanding change and healing, highlighted through crisis.

Robert Peel

Robert Peel himself was an Aquarian (reformer), with Pluto (the police planet) exactly conjunct his natal Sun, so founding the Met was an important part of his self-expression and life purpose.  It is worthwhile to note that Sir Keir Starmer, now Labour Leader, was the head of the C.P.S. as Director of Public Prosecutions from 2008 to 2013, and also has Sun exactly conjunct Pluto.  Robert Peel also had Jupiter exactly trine his Pluto, an asset in handling power correctly and fulfilling the Pluto principle well.  On the day he founded the Metropolitan Police, Jupiter was exactly trine his natal Sun/Pluto (a marked success in  instituting power).  He also had a Jupiter Return, enhancing the effect.

Cressida Dick

There have been calls lately for the current Commisioner of Police of the Metropolis Cressida Dick to resign over various perceived mismanagements, most recently the handling of the vigils over Sarah Everard’s death.  She is the first woman to hold the post.  In her chart, she has a close opposition between Mars and Saturn, so is capable of being tough in this post which would assume toughness!  Saturn trine Pluto in her chart is another sign of great strength, also a requirement.  Saturn exactly trine her natal North Node assumes a karmic mission of seriousness and discipline.  She took up the post on 17th April 2017, with transiting Mars squaring her Chiron (stressful, not healing), Saturn on her Jupiter (a limiting and disciplined event in her life), Saturn sextile her natal Chiron (requiring discipline for healing), Uranus trine her natal Uranus (a surprise), Neptune sextile her natal Saturn (complex discipline required), and Neptune on her South Node (a result of complex past karma).  In her position, she has had to contend with lack of funding by the government, who have refused to increase pay for the police, as with the NHS.  She claims that low recruitment can be laid at the door of the glamourization of violence and social media.  As a result, we see fewer and fewer policemen “on the beat”.

Priti Patel

As Home Secretary, Priti Patel has been embroiled in some of the controversies since her appointment by Boris Johnson in the summer of 2019.  She settled out of court on a bullying charge against her. I previously wrote about her (when she was forced to resign under Theresa May):

“Priti Patel is an individualistic, uncompromising Aries, who was the poster girl for the Brexit campaign.  With 6 Cardinal planets, she likes to lead, but with 0 Water planets she can be unemotional.  She is a gambler by nature (Sun square Jupiter…An interesting feature of her chart is Mercury exactly conjunct Chiron in Aries: a mind suited to problem-solving, but unusual in its processes…Her chart has many aspects, and her Mercury also has a square to Jupiter (likes to travel) and an opposition with Uranus (not afraid to be controversial).”

She has defended the actions of the police, notably during the vigil of Sarah Everard.  At one point, it looked like a George Floyd incident was narrowly averted.  Patel called for a report in the matter, but the findings were that the police “reacted appropriately and were not heavy handed” because Covid social distancing had to be observed.

Sadiq Khan

As London Mayor since 2016, Sadiq Khan has had some tough issues to face, and in his chart his Sun in Libra and natal Mars conjunct Pluto trine Saturn in Virgo have been helpful for dealing with them with restraint and fairness.  I think he has shown strong and humane leadership.

Roll on Pluto in Aquarius, for we need to be able to tackle the ills of society with fairness and firm restraint, and weed out police brutality where it may exist.  Other elements of society need to play their part, such as the tackling of violence in film which feeds and fuels the collective unconscious.  An alternative cultural diet needs to be found.


In the early hours of this morning Mercury entered Aries.  Plain speaking replaces the flowery language of Mercury in Pisces.  Mercury travels fast through Aries this month, so there is only a short window of this fast-track vibe: we have until 19th April (i.e. just over a fortnight), which is very unusual.  Mercury in Aries favours mental work which is unemotional and without frippery, such as accountancy and tax returns.  You will need to get to the point much more directly in your communications, and there is more sense of urgency about paperwork.

Venus will be sextile with Mars on Tuesday (6th), an aspect given over to pleasure and  indulgence, and maybe romance is also on the cards.  You could feel skittish like a newborn lamb or flirtatious as a Bridgerton script.  It is not quite time for socializing in hospitality venues, otherwise a cream cake and coffee in a cafe would be in order.  But some picnic delicacies in the park may suffice… In addition, art will have vigour, and movement will have artistry or elegance under this influence. 

Midweek is quiet, aspectwise, so hold that elegant movement or posture through till Friday (9th) when a new flurry of aspects begins.  Mercury conjunct Chiron at 9 degrees Aries is the first aspect to arrive that day, which can produce minor healing crises, but can also pave the way for problem-solving.   One area which is especially suited to this conjunction in Aries is finance and economy.  Chancellor Rishi Sunak may have an important announcement.

Towards evening, Mars squares Neptune and clumsiness or confusion may reign, so take extra time for activities and for thinking things through, for a smoother ride. Meditation and activities which combine meditation and movement, can be helpful for centring.

Late in the day, Saturn trines the North Node, and events may align more constructively with karma.  Negotiations and compromises may have been made, commitments and responsibilities recognized and honoured.

Saturday (10th) is the best day aspect-wise, with no less than three sextiles, so it could be a Super Saturday for socializing and getting out and about in parks in socially distanced sets of six people…The first sextile is Mercury sextile the North Node, setting up the productive element of the day: the karmic wind will be beneath your wings.  Communication will be highly significant and imbued with meaning, though subject to differing interpretations according to belief.

In the early afternoon, we have a constructive and practical sextile between Mercury and Saturn, which is ideal for planning.   This favours exacting mental work and documentation.

If that all sounds very dry, the Universe has saved the best till last: at tea time Venus sextiles Jupiter, one of the highlights in a year, conducive to socializing, celebrating partying, and romancing.  This sextile combines luck and love.  Enjoy!

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – direct communications
  • Tuesday – pleasure and indulgence
  • Friday – problem solving; clumsiness; stabilization
  • Saturday – karmic uplift; deft planning; super socializing


Aspects for the week beginning 28 March 2021

Kate Garraway and Derek Draper

“I pray for him every night, in my prayers”

~ Sir Elton John

This week television schedules featured a documentary “Finding Derek” about Kate Garraway and her husband Derek Draper, who faced an induced coma this time last year from Covid-19, and is on a very long road to recovery.  Kate comes over as remarkably courageous, and their relationship remarkably strong.  Doctors have said he was the sickest survivor of Covid they had come across.  He did not open his eyes until July 2020, and his cognitive functions have been seriously impaired.

Kate Garraway

Kate’s birth chart shows 6 Earth planets (very grounded), 0 Air planets (instinctual), and 6 Fixed (very strong willed) planets.  With the Sun and Mercury in Taurus trine Pluto, she is a deep thinker.  Having Mercury conjunct Mars and trine Uranus makes her quick thinking, which is very useful in live broadcasting.  Mercury closely square Jupiter would have inclined her towards Journalism, which she trained in.  Venus trine Jupiter radiates a lovely sociable vibe.  She has energy allied with enthusiasm in the shape of Mars square Jupiter, in common with her husband Derek.  Then she has a raft of other aspects in common with him (they were born in consecutive years, but this is unusual):  Jupiter trine Saturn (balance), Jupiter square Neptune (some religious uncertainties), Uranus sextile Neptune (the ability to deal with complexity), Uranus conjunct Pluto (zaniness), and Uranus opposite Chiron (some tensions).  Kate in addition has Mars trine Pluto (a powerhouse of energy).

Kate has been a TV presenter since the early 2000s.  She took part in Strictly Come Dancing in 2009, coming 8th.   She also took part in I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here at the end of 2019, just before the pandemic: she was a popular contestant, and came 4th in that contest.  She married Derek Draper in 2005, and they have two children, Darcey and Billy.

Derek Draper

Like Kate, Derek is also high in Fixed signs (5) and has 0 Air signs, but whereas Kate is high in Earth, Derek is high in Fire (5 planets).  Derek has the Sun in Leo, loosely square his Mars (adding to his fieriness).  He has Sun exactly square Neptune in his natal chart, and his career has been surrounded by intrigue.  His Moon is involved in a difficult T-square with Chiron and Uranus/Pluto.  He can be a stern taskmaster, with Mercury square closely Mars (the Critic) and Mercury exactly trine Saturn (exacting).  His career in “spin” on behalf of Peter Mandelson and the Labour Party is seen by a mentally high spirited conjunction between Mercury and Jupiter.  His second career as a Psychologist (he took time out in America to train as a Psychotherapist), after he walked away from a couple of high profile scandals in the political arena, is shown by Venus conjunct Pluto in Virgo (psychoanalysis).


In their synastry, his Mars opposite her Sun (they bring warmth to each other’s lives), his Jupiter trines her North Node (a successful karmic partnership) and their Uranuses, Neptunes and Plutos are all conjunct (they are born in consecutive years).


Derek was admitted to hospital suffering Covid symptoms on 30th March 2020.  At the time, Saturn was square his Nodal Axis (harsh karma or fate) and Neptune was close to opposing his natal Pluto (a chaotic time).  By the time he was put into a coma on a ventilator on 5th April 2020 Saturn was still square his Nodal Axis, and Neptune opposed Pluto exact to the day (representing a slipping into oblivion).  Kate had some constructive transits keeping her strong, but she also had Saturn square her natal Venus (symbolic of loss in a relationship) and Neptune also opposing her natal Pluto (her life plunged into chaos).

The Documentary

Derek remains in hospital, over a year on.  He suffered multiple organ failure, and it is amazing that he lived. In the documentary, Kate is seen preparing the house, with the help of builders, for his return, entailing wheelchair ramps and a downstairs bedroom with a hospital bed.  She is shown interacting with the children, and wisely and bravely explaining to them the realities of their situation.  Above all, her love and commitment shine through.  If you haven’t watched it, I would recommend it, as it has implications for society’s recovery from this pandemic, how it can change lives, and touches on the extensive phenomenon of long covid, of which Derek’s is a very extreme case.  Kate will be releasing a new book “The Power of Hope” on 28th April 2021.

“Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds”

~ Gaby Hinsliff, quoting Shakespeare (Sonnet 116), in the Guardian 27th March 2021.


There’s a conjunction between Venus and Chiron today at 8 degrees Aries.  This can warm the cockles of the heart, while as the same acknowledging wounds.  So it is very poignant, and some of the greatest writers of love songs have it in their natal charts!  Notable examples are Adele, Christine McVie and Joan Armatrading.  So if you’re feeling it, write a poem or a song.  Forgiveness and healing are positive manifestations of this conjunction (“I wish nothing but the best for you… ♪♪” ~ Adele).

A Full Moon follows this evening, at 8 degrees Libra, so you may experience some emotional tension until it peaks.  The Libra Full Moon entails a balance between the needs of two people in partnership, and hopefully works towards harmony.  This is the most equable of the 12 Full Moons of the year.

On Tuesday (30th) we have another conjunction, that of Mercury and Neptune, at 21 degrees Pisces.  It’s not conducive to exacting and detailed mental work and documentation, but it can favour dreams, mystical states and spirituality.  They in turn can affect creativity, art and music in an inspired way.  If you are feeling below par, you may experience added confusion or brain fog, so it is best to plan your diary accordingly.  As it occurs in the early hours of the morning, it may literally affect your dream life and guidance.  Write your impressions as soon as you wake up.

The afternoon brings a sober but constructive sextile between Venus and Saturn.  If you were a bit foggy in the morning, the mist may clear a little and you may know where you are going, especially in terms of relationship, or art.  In the realm of human relations, it is about steadiness and loyalty: reaffirming commitment.

This trend is consolidated on Wednesday evening (31st) with this time the Sun sextile Saturn.  Practical initiatives and the laying of foundations thrive under this sextile.  Creativity is firmed up, and decision making may be easier.  If you made gains on Tuesday, you can back them up and invest them with more power on Wednesday.

And there is another sextile on Friday (2nd April): that of Mercury with Pluto.  Mercury in harmony with Pluto in this way can produce profound thought and communication,  honouring the gravity of a situation if necessary, and enabling meaningful debate to occur.  This tone can be set early in the day.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – poignant but possibly also beautiful; emotional tension
  • Tuesday – dreams and spirituality; human loyalties
  • Wednesday – practical initiatives and plans
  • Friday – profound thought and communication


Aspects for the week beginning 21 March 2021

Roman Kemp

28-year old Roman Kemp has just made a documentary about mental health.  I usually try to vary my blogs, but it is looking like Mental Health month here now…first Meghan Markle, then Caroline Flack, and now Roman.  He was driven to make this programme “Our Silent Emergency”, which aired last week, by the death (by suicide) of his buddy Joe Lyons.  There is concern that particularly young males are vulnerable to suicidal thoughts and feelings, and of course a year’s worth of lockdowns has exacerbated all mental health issues.  Roman has himself suffered depression, and talks in the film about how he was able to talk to his mother Shirlie to some extent about his feelings, but wants to encourage young men to open up more.  In the documentary, he explored what can be done to help, and also the effect on those left behind when there is a suicide.

I will keep this blog short…firstly, there is not much to go on, because Joe’s birth date isn’t recorded online (though I have a possible date), and secondly because I wrote a blog about the Kemp family (Martin, Shirlie, Roman plus Gary) in 2019.

I wrote in 2019:

“Roman Kemp is the younger of their [Martin and Shirlie’s] two children, and is currently appearing in I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.  He normally works as a radio presenter.  So far in the Jungle he has revealed that it was his Nan’s suggestion that Gary bring Martin into the band Spandau Ballet, and that he has seen a UFO.  He describes his father as his best friend.   Martin’s Sun is conjunct Roman’s Jupiter, which suggests a shared sense of humour.  They have a karmic link, in Martin’s Ascendant sextile Roman’s North Node.  George Michael was Roman’s godfather.”

Of his recent claim to have suffered depression, one would look mainly at the planets Saturn, Pluto and Neptune in a birth chart.  He has Sun and Mercury trine Jupiter, plus Mars square Jupiter in his chart, which are quite upbeat.  He admits that their work together (Joe as a radio producer) was to produce laughter.  Where he might experience depression is in his conjunction of Mercury with Saturn, a propensity to overthink things perhaps or to look on the bleak side at times.  Neptune squares his natal Jupiter, meaning that he can get confused about existential beliefs regarding religion and spirituality.  And Saturn square Pluto is a difficult square when facing the realities of life.

The two working colleagues were very close, and Roman could not believe he did not spot how much Joe was hurting.  His death hit Roman very hard, and has resulted in galvanizing Roman into making this programme.  His shock at Joe’s death (the news of which came while Roman was on air) shows the following transits for Roman:

Mars sextile Roman’s Saturn (some harsh news); Mars square his natal Uranus (a sudden shock); Mars square his Neptune (great sensitivity); Mars trine his North Node (a karmic event involving a fellow warrior in life); Jupiter on his Uranus/Neptune (more surprise and sensitivity, though not of the right kind); and Uranus sextile his natal Mars (more surprise and shock).

Joe Lyons

Joe was a talented young radio producer, aged 31 when he departed.  Although his birth date is not recorded, I found a tweet for May 24th 2020 in which he mentions sharing a birthday on that day with someone.  So I have looked at that as a possible chart for his birth.

If accurate, Joe would have had Mercury square Saturn, which can sometimes result in depression,  Moon square Neptune, which is very imaginative, and Mars conjunct Chiron which can hold some wounding.  In his bond with Roman he would have had a brotherly sextile between his Mercury and Roman’s Mars, and a laughter filled opposition between his Jupiter and Roman’s Sun.  His pressures at the time he took his life would have included Pluto opposing his natal Chiron.  However, bear in mind that may not be his birthchart at all.

You probably know of a similar tragic case.  Back in the 1970s, I worked for two years in a Psychiatric Unit.  In the early ’80s, a Senior Charge Nurse from that Unit took his own life.  That event affected me deeply, and I began to feel that some young men were extremely vulnerable…perhaps they did not have the emotional resources, or the faith in life, or ability to reach out.  I took the decision to stop doing astrological readings for this group for a while, a few years in fact.  Eventually I reached a place where I felt it was more useful to do the charts than not.

Roman’s programme has been well-received.  Talking about his conclusions in an interview, Roman said that it was important not to take for granted that people were O.K.; people around them should always encourage them to talk about their feelings.




Venus enters Aries this afternoon, joining the Sun in the early degrees of that sign.  For many, that will be a signal to go forth boldly.  Venus types may feel that they are being pushed to a faster pace of life than they are comfortable with.  There is a warmer and more demonstrative feel about Venus while she is in Aries, but hugs are still not allowed in the present climate.  Venus stays in Aries until 14th April.

Late tonight, Mercury will be sextile with Uranus, giving rise to spectacular and unusual communications.  This encourages us to use all the new technology for our communications, and brings new ideas, heightening intuition and telepathy.   This aspect can amaze you and help you find that “wow” factor.  Occurring so close to bedtime in the U.K., the flashing forth of new ideas may keep you awake in the early hours!

Tomorrow (Monday 22nd) Mars trines Saturn, which favours practical action, and works that are deliberately planned and executed.  Hard work can pay off.  So far, so good!

A trickier aspect occurs on Wednesday (24th) when Mars squares Mercury.  If you’ve been sailing along on a bright new health and fitness regime, be careful not to overdo things as you may be slightly incident-prone, partly through carelessness or complacency.  Another possible hazard of this square is argumentativeness and verbal conflict.

Mercury squares the Nodal Axis on Thursday (25th): this brings in a karmic theme including karmic information, and the need to attend to detail in your work and communications.  A time of karmic recalibration, especially in relation to groups.  A phrase we are hearing a lot is “After this is all over…”  It is time to make a list!  And put into practice what we can do now.

Friday (26th) puts the spotlight on those twinned influences, Venus and Mars.  First up, a conjunction between the Sun and Venus at 6 degrees Aries.  If you are an artist or a musician, it is the day you can produce your best creative output or performance.  If neither, then love or money may be beneficiaries of this combination.

Then Mars conjoins the North Node at 13 degrees Gemini.  This brings to the fore warrior karma, e.g. standing up for your rights.  Street protests may be in the news, for instance.  With Mars conjunct the North Node, we see the karmic results of our actions straight away, giving us the wisdom of knowing, instant-karma style, whether or not we are doing things the right way.  With the Sun in Aries, directness and impulsiveness are currently in the air anyway, but it’s a good time to practise conscious interaction with integrity.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – warm feelings; intelligent ideas
  • Tomorrow – practical action
  • Wednesday – incident-prone
  • Thursday – karmic information
  • Friday – arty crafty; honing the inner warrior

Aspects for the week beginning 14 March 2021

Caroline Flack (1979 – 2020)

We started the week with a mental health issue (Meghan Markle) and at the end of the week we were reminded of the death by suicide a year ago of Caroline Flack, who was also hounded by the press.  On Wednesday evening there will be a screening of a television programme about her, a film made by her mother and sister, featuring friends and family and their recollections of her, among them Olly Murs and Dermot O’Leary.  I did not write an obituary for Caroline last year, so here is my tribute.

Birth Chart

Caroline was an intensely feeling Scorpio, with the Sun/Uranus, Venus/Mercury  and the I.C. in the 3rd House of Broadcasting and Presenting.  She was undoubtedly multi-talented in her field.  In her chart, her Sun was exactly trine her Moon, the conscious and subconscious mind in sync, so she knew what she wanted in life.  The Sun/Uranus conjunction indicated a real individual, but in opposing Chiron there was a wound to address, perhaps in how she saw herself.  The Moon in Cancer, another Water sign, would make her very emotional, and in addition the Moon was square Pluto, adding increased depth to that emotion, and re-emphasizing her Scorpio traits.

Mercury in Sagittarius gave a wide-ranging mind and restlessness, which was re-emphasized by a close square with Jupiter.  No wonder she found success on a geographically far-flung location, Love Island.  Mars square Uranus gave her energy an electric quality, but could make her impatient and explosive at times.  This was tempered by Mars trine Neptune, a gentler side to her energy.

There was also quite a strongly Virgoan side to her, with the North Node conjunct Jupiter in Virgo in the 12th House, Ascendant in Virgo, and Saturn in the 1st House in Virgo, so in some ways she was a perfectionist, and possibly also self-critical.

She was adept at counselling the lovelorn on Love Island, and there was a marked healing quality in her chart:  the healing asteroid Chiron was trine her North Node/Jupiter and Ascendant.  The Greek mythological centaur Chiron was able to heal others, but could not heal his own wound.

Life and Career

Caroline Flack was born in November 1979, and had two sisters (one a twin) and a brother.  The packed 3rd House, mentioned above, also represents siblings.  Caroline first starred in Bo’ Selecta in 2002, and went on to present many different television shows, such as the X-Factor and I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! NOW!  When presenting Big Brother’s Big Mouth, journalist Rob Leigh commented: “her sharp delivery makes her the best presenter they’ve had on this series”.

She won Strictly Come Dancing in 2014 (partnered with Pasha Kovalev), and her chart shows a clear talent for dance: Neptune (the planet of dance) trine Mars, sextile Pluto and conjunct the I.C.  While at school in Norfolk, she developed an interest in dance.  Later, she studied dance and musical theatre at the Bodywork company in Cambridge.

She began presenting Love Island in June 2015.  She had favourable Pluto transits when it was announced, and when the series started Uranus was trine her natal Neptune (an intriguing new venture) and Neptune was sextile her natal Chiron in Taurus in 8th House (a sensitive vehicle for her healing skills).  She commented: “I know what it’s like to be that victim online.  And that’s why I hate seeing it happen to them.”

In the same year, she published her autobiography Storm in a C Cup, with Jupiter (publishing) on her Ascendant.  In her natal chart, Mercury exactly conjoins Venus in the 3rd House represents writing talent.

Olly Murs

Caroline had a special friendship with the singer Olly Murs, and they presented The X Factor together.  They had a dynamic, sparky relationship, with her Mars square his Sun, and her I.C. conjunct his Uranus.  When she died, Pluto was transiting his Midheaven, showing that it was a huge shock to him.


Caroline was arrested in December 2019 for an alleged assault against her boyfriend Lewis Burton.  There was quite a lot going on in terms of transits at the time, including 3 triggers from Mars (one of which was an exact transit to her Sun), indicating a possible flare up of anger.  In addition, Saturn was square her Pluto (which may have given rise to depression) and Neptune exactly opposite her Ascendant (confusion).  She felt obliged to stand down as host for the next series of Love Island on 17th December, which compounded her sadness.  A judge ruled that she and her boyfriend were unable to see each other (even though he withdrew the complaint), which meant the loss of a relationship as well.

Her synastry with Lewis shows a deep connection: They had opposing Marses by 1 degree (some conflict), his Saturn was square her Sun (some disappointment), her Saturn on his Neptune (they could bring each other down) and their Plutos were sextile (a deep level of engagement).  Plus their Jupiters conjunct in Virgo suggested a shared sense of humour.  Uranus squared his Chiron at the time of her death, again showing a deep sense of shock.

She subsequently a great deal of trolling on social media, and her family and friends advised her not to look at it.  But it preyed on her mind, and the last straw was the announcement that the domestic assault case would be going ahead.  She died on 15th February 2020.

In looking at the other “mental health” red flag of the week, Meghan Markle reported that although she had Harry beside her at the time of her dark night of the soul, she needed more expert help at the time she felt suicidal.  Reportedly, when she reached out for some, it was not forthcoming.  Meghan’s friend reported this week that her circle of friends had been worried about her, but they were unable to do anything to help.  Caroline Flack had a loving mother and sister and many friends, but they were unable to help her.  It does seem that there needs to be more help more easily available, somehow, to reach souls in crisis in this way.  What this week may have highlighted is that people need to be more seriously alert to warning signs.

“Be Kind” was the motto adopted by the public to remember her, a year ago.


A congenial set of aspects this week, not a square or opposition among them!

Happy Mother’s Day!  Early this morning Venus was conjunct Neptune at 20 degrees Pisces.  You may have had sweet dreams in the night…During the day inspired artistic and musical expression is assisted.  Idealized and spiritual love may also be on the menu.  You may find inspired ways to show love.  This conjunction also depicts the sensitivity at this time towards men’s treatment of women, as highlighted by the murder of Sarah Everard, and the poignant vigils which have taken place on her behalf, and on behalf of change on this issue.

Tomorrow (Monday 15th) Mercury enters Pisces, so there is likely to be more mental focus and communication around compassionate issues, such as the vulnerable, those with mental health issues, and the state of institutions, such as prisons and the NHS.  In the period of its sojourn in this sign (up till 4th April) compassion will be more easily shown and charity given, and it will be easier to receive ideas of creativity and inspiration.

Some powerful help could arrive on Tuesday (16th) with a sextile between the Sun and Pluto.  If you dig deep, you can find the treasure you need.  It is a profound aspect which may help to show us the direction we need to solve our collective problems, and understanding the meaning behind our dilemmas.  This sextile can bring a profound air of quiet contemplation.

The mood is enriched and enhanced on Thursday (18th) by a sextile between Venus and Pluto.  If you began a creative venture on Tuesday, you can add extra artistry and harmony to it.  You can also experience profound connections between people, and it’s a good time for evaluating what people mean to you.  As with Sun sextile Pluto, you may have to dig deep for the treasure, but it is worth the quest.

The Sun enters Aries at the Spring Equinox on Saturday 20th, the first day of Spring.  It is something we have all been waiting for, representing a step closer perhaps to the easing of lockdown and being able to see loved ones.  It is the start of the Astrological New Year, the beginning of a generally more active, conscious, dynamic way of relating to the world (from the Sun’s more introspective time of its recent passage through Pisces).  For the population generally, if your energy has been a little low lately, you may feel revived.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – unconditional love
  • Tomorrow – compassion
  • Tuesday – deep psychological treasure
  • Thursday – artistic and musical depth
  • Saturday – new beginning

Aspects for the week beginning 7 March 2021

Oprah and the Interview with Harry and Meghan

You might be wishing this story would go away, but with Oprah’s impending interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, it is likely to intensify over the next day or so.  In the U.S. the interview will be taking place this evening.  In the U.K. it will be happening at 1 a.m. tomorrow morning, but airing on Monday evening on ITV.  The interview will be two hours long, but I will try and keep this blog brief.

Meghan Markle

I first wrote about the royal pairing on their engagement in December 2017.  Her birth chart emphasizes the royal sign Leo and its ruler the Sun: she has the Sun in Leo, and Leo’s ruler the Sun in the 1st House trine her Midheaven.  So she has a very strong Queen Archetype, but she was in someone else’s territory, under their rule.  She also has half her planets (5) in the Cardinal signs, showing that she is a leader. Meghan was a liberated woman before she came into the royal fold: once you have your wings, you will not want them taken away; you can’t put a genie back in a bottle.  It may have been naive of her to attempt it.

Prince Harry

Where there is a Leo, there is often a Virgo close by.  With being neighbouring signs often they can have planets close together.  Leos need to lead, and Virgos like to serve, so they make good companions.  Prince Harry has half his planets (5) in the Mutable signs, so he is more adaptable.

William and Harry, Kate and Meghan

William and Harry shared an iconic mother, and the tragedy of losing her (a shared trauma), and were very close until recent years.  But they do have strains in their relationship astrologically:  for example, their Moons are exactly square!  William’s Venus opposite Harry’s Uranus points to a possible estrangement.  And William’s Pluto square Harry’s Ascendant on Harry’s 10th House cusp has a dramatic effect.

Kate Middleton, a Capricorn, has much more natural affinity with the Queen than Meghan.  Kate and Meghan’s Mercuries are exactly opposite (mentally they are far apart),  and Kate’s Saturn conjoins Meghan’s Pluto exactly, which is a difficult dynamic.  But I would say that the brothers’ charts clash more than those of their wives, and it is possible that the media made more of the clash between Kate and Meghan than there actually was.  I do believe that the media stoked the problems, and that there was racism and bias involved in the treatment of Meghan.  I am neither a royalist nor a republican, but have an attitude of “live and let live” towards the royal family.  However, I do think that Meghan shows insensitivity towards the Queen in particular.

Meghan’s Discontent

The documentary made in 2019 of Meghan and Harry’s tour of Africa included an interview with Meghan in which she expressed the fact that their way of life at the time was not conducive to “thriving” for her.  Pluto was at the time approaching her Descendant (opposing her Ascendant), which is a major transit of transformation and often great difficulty for an individual.  It can bring problems within a marriage, but for this couple it resulted in a move across the pond.  This transit became exact for the first time on 11th March last year (they made the move to Canada shortly afterwards), and because Pluto is slow moving, it transited that point again in June 2020 and January this year.  It’s a long process, so there are two more passes to come: 8th September and 3rd November this year, 2021.  It is also a very psychological process, so very much internal for Meghan.  Though she is ready to talk to Oprah now, she is still in some ways in the middle of her journey.

At the time of the move to Canada (which preceded the move to California and their new celebrity lifestyle), Harry had Jupiter trine his natal Sun, indicating foreign travel and to some extent fulfilling his restless nature, but there was also difficulty in the shape of Saturn square his Pluto (a wrench) and karma (Saturn trine his North Node).

Material Fortunes

Their dream of financial independence took an upward turn with their Neflix deal last Autumn.  Though Meghan had largely helpful transits (for example Pluto trine her Chiron), the material benefit seems to show up even more strongly in Harry’s chart, with Uranus trine his Ascendant from his 5th House cusp (an opportunity for greater creativity) and Pluto exactly trine his natal Sun (a huge monetary deal, where Pluto can represent big money).

Meghan’s Triumph over the Daily Mail

Meghan won her long-running case over privacy against the Daily Mail in February.  This was important to them both, because Harry is haunted by the hounding of his mother by the press and the paparazzi.  Meghan’s transits were very favourable, including Jupiter exactly sextile her Midheaven (upholding of reputation) and Pluto sextile her natal Uranus (an important turning point of change).

Oprah Winfrey

The run up to Oprah’s interview has been a bumpy ride, especially with the trailers we have seen being quite provocative or contentious from the point of view of the royal family.  I wrote a blog about Oprah in 2018:

“The first thing that strikes me about the birth chart of this outstanding woman is that she has three exact conjunctions”.

Those conjunctions are:

Chiron exactly conjunct North Node in Capricorn in 1st House of Personality  (Karmic Mission as a Healer)

Sun exactly conjunct Venus in Aquarius in 2nd House of Finance (Inner and Outer Riches)

Neptune exactly conjunct the Part of Fortune in Libra in 10th House (A Mystical path)

Oprah is big business, and has a reputation for sensitive but tough and in-depth interviewing.  Obviously this interview will make a lot of people a lot of money, but if she is to maintain her own reputation she needs to handle this interview with the greatest of sensitivity.  Her loyalties lie with her friend Meghan, but how far will she also honour the elderly lady across the pond?  Meghan has complained that the royal family might have had a hand in perpetuating falsehoods about her, but will Oprah let Meghan get away with any unfair negativity towards the royal family?  Can Oprah be scrupulously fair?

Transmission of the Interview

The interview was filmed a few weeks ago, before the beginning of Prince Philip’s stay in hospital and subsequent heart operation (which shows up as Chiron square his natal Pluto, exact to the day); we don’t know if his condition was stress-related.

Here are the transits for its transmission, for the people involved:

For Meghan – Pluto sextile her natal Uranus , this changes everything!  There is no going back.

For Harry – Neptune sextile his natal Moon – uncertainty about family relations, and especially in relation to the women in his life.  But Jupiter trine his Venus, and Saturn sextile his natal Uranus show that there will be positive aspects to the experience for him.

For Baby Archie – Jupiter sextile his natal Venus, and Neptune sextile his natal Saturn – like his father, there will be positive aspects to the experience for him (he may even be blissfully unaware).

For the Queen – She is the greatest focus of concern, but Neptune sextiles her Ascendant in Taurus from the 11th House cusp, so she may be more serene than is currently perceived.  Perhaps she has some perspective on the matter we are unaware about.  She will also be focussing on her own speech for Commonwealth Day.

For Oprah – Oprah has a plethora of significant transits at this time – maybe she is the real winner.  She may even have consulted an astrologer for the date of transmission.  Here is a selection of her transits: Saturn on her Sun  in Aquarius in 2nd House of Money indicates a huge responsibility; Chiron sextiles her natal Sun (she may be trying to bring about healing, but will it be just for Meghan, or for the wider situation and family?); Saturn squares her natal Saturn in Scorpio in her 11th House of Friendships and Networks – she needs to be super wise and clear about her own boundaries and principles; Jupiter on her Mercury in Aquarius in 2nd House – extremely lucrative for the media outlets and networks. Pluto square her natal Neptune in Libra in 10th House (she will see this as a seminal moment for her, and it will be important to her how it comes across in terms of how her “brand” is seen).

Will you be watching?  Apparently the Queen will not be watching, but instead an Aide will be staying up all night and briefing her at breakfast time.  I have to admit I will be watching on Monday evening, for nuances of understanding, though I can perfectly understand those who will not!


The Nodal Axis squares Venus on Tuesday (9th).  This focuses on karmic relationships, particularly in relation to groups.  This may present itself especially in the search for harmony within groups of people, and that can include families.  Perhaps the revelations and repercussions from the Oprah interview will lead people to re-evaluate their own relationships.  You may be looking at balancing the needs of various people.

At the first minute of Thursday (11th) in the U.K.,  at 00.01 Hrs and at 20 degrees Pisces, the Sun will conjoin Neptune.  Neptune combined with the Sun so intensely can bring high spiritual experiences and inspiration, especially if you are channelling or working with your creativity, in art or music for instance.  But for some, for example if you have a difficult aspect to Neptune in your natal chart, it may bring confusion.  However the confusion could lead to clarity.

A New Moon at 23 degrees Pisces follows on Saturday (13th), which is the most sensitive New Moon of the year, and a time to set intentions, make affirmations, and creatively visualize along the lines of peace in your own environment, and the plight of war torn nations around the world.  Lessons we have recently learned can be put to good use.  If members of the royal family have been licking their wounds, it may be time to soothe them and move on.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – karmic relationships
  • Thursday – spiritual or confused
  • Saturday – new beginning

Aspects for the week beginning 28 February 2021

Sturgeon vs Salmond

I last reported on Sturgeon and Salmond in 2014, just before the Scottish Referendum.  Film footage at the time shows them as best mates…so when and how did that turn to enmity, to the extent that Alex Salmond now shows a desire to bring down the Scottish government, and even to jeopardize the future prospects for Scottish Independence?

Nicola Sturgeon

I wrote in 2014:

“Scottish Deputy Nicola Sturgeon … is a role model for the strong woman, and unflinching in her political aims….  She is comfortable with power, as her Sun is sextile Pluto… Nicola started young on her course: she was 16 when she entered politics”.

I would add now:

She has the Sun conjunct Mars, the Inner Warrior Archetype.  Her strength comes from the Sun closely trine Neptune and closely sextile Pluto, and in addition the problem-solving exact trine between Mercury and Chiron.

Alex Salmond

I wrote in 2014:

Alex is a Sun in Capricorn (ambition and politics) whose Sun is conjunct the North Node also in Capricorn (representing his karmic mission, which is also on side).  He has the fighting spirit of Moon conjunct Mars in Pisces, which sometimes obtains what is desired by subterfuge.  But his Ascendant is in Cancer, giving rise to the moon face and also the patriotism.  Rising within 6 degrees of his Ascendant is an exact conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus (the Inner and Outer Entrepreneur)  And we all know what his Enterprise is.”

I would add now:

He has a strong sensuality (Venus in Scorpio trine Mars) and a capacity for revenge (Venus square Pluto): traits I did not emphasize in my earlier account.

Their Synastry

I wrote in 2014:

The remarkable thing with respect to her alliance with Salmond, is that her natal Sun is exactly conjunct Alex Salmond’s Jupiter/Uranus exact conjunction, in other words she can directly help co-create his Enterprise.  Karmically, their North Nodes are exactly sextile, so a karmic contract will have been set up before birth for this aim.”

I would add now:

Her Chiron exactly square his Sun shows the possibility of a wound being exacted.  The Synastry seemed favourable looking at it in 2014, and it has not changed.  But perhaps their karma has gone through another turn of the screw, yet to be unravelled in the future, and possibly even in a future lifetime.  Her Pluto also opposes his Moon, which is another in-depth emotional wrangle.


Having left this story after the Scottish Referendum in 2014, there are some gaps to fill in.

2014:  Nicola’s transit picture for the Referendum  was described in my original blog:  “On the day of the Referendum, Neptune is conjunct her North Node, a day on which her dreams could also come true.”  The Scottish National Party lost the vote, and Alex Salmond resigned as First Minister of Scotland. Saturn was on his Venus at the time in his 5th House in Scorpio – personal sadness and loss.

At the time, Nicola said:

“The personal debt of gratitude I owe Alex is immeasurable. He has been my friend, mentor and colleague for more than 20 years. Quite simply, I would not have been able to do what I have in politics without his constant advice, guidance and support through all these years. […] I can think of no greater privilege than to seek to lead the party I joined when I was just 16. “

So there was not a trace of animosity in that speech, in that point in their relationship.  Resentment from Alex Salmond would come later.

Nicola’s transits at becoming First Minister for Scotland showed up Saturn sextile her natal Pluto in Virgo in 11th House (leading the party and country, a fulfilment of power) – with Saturn trine Pluto natally indicating this potential.

Her record of achievement as first minister has come into some criticism, particularly over her governments’s performance in Education.

2015: She was notably hailed for winning a 7-way TV debate in preparation for a general election.  In forceful combat, Mars was square her natal Mars at the time, showing that she had no fear of conflict.

2016:  In the Brexit Referendum, Scotland voted to stay in Europe, by 62% to 38%.  This of course contrasted with England, and the overall percentages for the U.K.  Nicola had a new fight on her hands, to uphold the interests of Scotland in the matter, and more ammunition for leaving the Union.

2018:  In August of that year, Alex Salmond was faced with charges of sexual misconduct, which he denied.  At that time, Pluto was sextile his natal Mars and Saturn  (at the midpoint of their trine) and opposed his Ascendant.  Pluto and Mars represent the area of sexuality.

2019:  In January of that year, Alex Salmond was arrested, with Uranus opposite his natal Neptune (a sudden even throwing him into confusion) and Uranus square his natal Chiron (a sudden event causing an emotional wound).

2020: A new challenge for Nicola Sturgeon: the pandemic. She is generally deemed to have handled this relatively efficiently, especially in comparison to the U.K. Prime Minister.  She showed up every day to speak to her countrymen in a briefing, for example.  Interestingly, she had had some prior experience, for in 2009 she had impressed with her handling of the flu epidemic, as Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing.

On 23rd March of that year, the same day that England went into its first lockdown, Alex Salmond was cleared of all charges.  He had many favourable transits at the time, including: Uranus trine his natal North Node in Capricorn in the 6th House; Neptune trine his Ascendant on 9th House cusp; Pluto sextile his natal Moon and sextile his natal Venus.  He had admitted at the trial, however, that he should have been “more careful with people’s personal space”

Marriage and Meetings

Nicola Sturgeon’s marriage comes into this story, as Alex Salmond has accused her husband Peter Murrell, the  Chief Executive Officer of the SNP, of conspiring to have him imprisoned.  They may well have personal karma, for Alex Salmond’s Moon squares Peter Murell’s Nodal Axis.

Alex Salmond alleges that he had a meeting with Nicola Sturgeon a few days before the meeting where she acknowledges they discussed his charges, in 2018.  Here he claims she has broken the ministerial code by lying, where she claims she forgot about the first meeting. The meetings are said to have taken place on 29th March and 2nd April 2018, and the charts for these two meeting are interesting.  The issue is further complicated because in giving evidence, Murrell has contradicted himself and Nicola Sturgeon over whether he was present at one of these meetings and how long for.

An aspect for the first meeting is very telling – Venus exactly conjunct Uranus (strange meetings).  Transits for the first meeting show:  for Alex Salmond, Saturn on his Sun in Capricorn in his 6th House, a time of great difficulty; Uranus square his natal Jupiter in Cancer in 1st House; Uranus opposite his natal Neptune in Libra in 4th House, and Uranus square his natal Chiron in Capricorn in his 7th House (Uranian transits taking someone by surprise).

For Nicola Sturgeon, Uranus square her natal Sun (taken by surprise), Saturn trine her Venus ( a question of loyalty in friendship), and Uranus opp her natal Jupiter (more shock).

For Peter Murrell:, Neptune opposite Peter Mars, Neptune opposite Peter Uranus and Neptune transiting Peter Chiron (Neptune transits possibly suggesting being implied in a scandal or deception).

Transits for the second meeting show: for Alex Salmond, Mars exactly on Alex Salmond’s Sun (a feeling of being endangered), Saturn still exactly on his natal Sun, Mars conjunct Saturn in Capricorn in his  6th House (pain or difficulty), and the other transits as a few days earlier, though Uranus was moving away from a trine with Pluto, possibly leaving him more exposed.

For Nicola Sturgeon,  Saturn was still trine with her Venus, and the other transits still applied, but Uranus moving away from squaring her natal Sun, which may imply that the earlier date was significant for her.

For Peter Murrell, as before, but with Neptune starting to move away from Chiron, again a possible implication that the earlier date had significance for him. For him and for Nicola, the earlier date may have had a completely different application in their lives, however, and it is not clear which meeting Peter Murrell was supposed to have attended.

Current Transits

On Friday at a Holyrood inquiry, Alex Salmond had his say about the allegations of the mishandling of the enquiry by Nicola Sturgeon’s government:

“This inquiry is not about me…The failures of leadership are many and obvious.  And yet, convener, not a single person has taken responsibility.” he claimed. Pluto is sextile his Venus –  an impassioned expression of his feelings, and Pluto is opposite his Jupiter/Uranus conjunction – a challenge of power, bearing in mind his conjunction is conjunct Nicola Sturgeon’s own Sun.  Pluto has homed in on the crucial feature of their synastry.

Nicola Sturgeon is due to testify tomorrow, and she is undeniably stressed: Mars is opposite her natal Neptune – her version of the truth under examination; Uranus square her natal Moon in Aquarius in 3rd House – emotionally, she feels uncertain. Uranus is opposite her Ascendant, quite a shock to her system.  And then comes Pluto, opposing her natal Sun – a severe test for her, but Pluto trine her Pluto, she has some form of self-empowerment.

For Scotland itself, the cause of Independence has grown during Nicola Sturgeon’s period of leadership, though a recent poll suggests some levelling off.  The chart of Scotland itself highlights conflict and transformation at this time, with a preponderance of Mars and Pluto transits: Mars sextiles the Scottish Sun, Pluto sextiles the Scottish Sun, and Mars sextiles the Scottish Pluto.  The nature of sextiles may show that the damage may be less severe than feared; some voters even hope that the Scottish National Party will be damaged.

The chart for the SNP shows Neptune (confusion) closely square its Sun (its identity),  Saturn on its Venus – a sense of loss, Uranus square its Venus – some disruption and disharmony.  Also Chiron sextile its Venus – an ultimate healing purpose, though that seems a long way off at the moment, and Neptune sextile its Mars, confusion and sensitivity over its leadership.

This would seem to be a distressing mess at the heart of Scottish government and leadership, and the meltdown of a relationship once united in a cause.  Nicola Sturgeon is trying to salvage her position, and Alex Salmond is calling for an overhaul of the Scottish government and her resignation. I would hope for a satisfactory outcome, but that does not look easily achievable at the moment.  Truth needs to be established, before they can move on.  Meanwhile, opposition parties are making the most of the crisis.


The notable aspects begin on Wednesday this week, with a sextile between Venus and Uranus on 3rd March.  It is good to see some Spring weather turning up these days, warming up the population and raising hopes, together with some prospects of some return to social interaction.  Though we are not quite there yet with the measures, Wednesday is a good day for socializing, as far as the rules and regulations permit.  Many of us are reliant on zoom, facetime and WhatsApp (what happened to Skype?) for contacting family and friends these days, but a chance meeting on a walk in the park is not out of the question.  As mentioned in the above blog, meetings are significant with the combination of Venus and Uranus, and sometimes they can be strange.  Venus sextile Uranus is on the pleasantly uplifting side of the equation, and can bring reunions.  There is also an impromptu or spontaneous element to such meetings.

On Thursday (4th) Mars enters Gemini, and we go from the more sluggish energy of Mars in Taurus to a brighter, more expressive energy.  It’s a high action placing, with a spike in mental and physical energy, and the urge to get things done.  Certain sports, such as running and cycling, are highlighted.

There’s a treat in store late in the week when Mercury conjoins with Jupiter on Friday (5th) at 17 degrees Aquarius (check whether that is an important degree in your chart).  This conjunction favours learning and education, communication and good news, sales and transport.  The enjoyment of mental expansion and philosophical awareness should bring about a major uplift.

The week in bullet points:

  • Wednesday – special meetings
  • Thursday – physical and mental stimulus
  • Friday – mental expansion and philosophical awareness

Aspects for the week beginning 21 February 2021

Latifa Maktoum

Last week, I looked at one daughter who was being controlled by a father; this week I am looking at another daughter, who has been held captive by a father.  The plight of Princess Latifa Maktoum, daughter of  Sheikh Maktoum, the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, is now being taken seriously by the U.N. who have formally requested evidence that she is alive.

Birth Chart

There is a great deal of symbolism in Latifa’s birth chart which can describe the events of her life.  Sun  in Sagittarius indicates a restless soul, one that could not tolerate the restrictions of such a life she was born to in Dubai.  The Sun exactly sextile Jupiter emphasizes that freedom loving nature and adventurousness (she is an experienced skydiver).  The Sun conjunct Uranus gives her the Rebel Archetype, another sign that she could not give in to his regime.  The Sun opposite Chiron indicates a wound connected with the father.  Mercury conjunct Saturn may indicate the fact that she has been silenced.  Jupiter square Pluto shows a life characterized by power struggle.  Furthermore, Pluto conjunct closely South Node denotes painful past lives, possibly with similar themes and struggles (and very likely to be with the same father).

Escapes and Captures

Latifa has several siblings, but one of her sisters, Shamsa, also tried to flee the family nest before her, and was found in Cambridge in the year 2000.  She was taken back to Dubai, but has not been seen in public for 20 years.  The investigation into her disappearance lapsed, but is now being renewed.

Latifa’s first attempt was in 2002, aged 16.  She was caught at the border of the United Arab Emirates, and then jailed for over three years.  Her transits on that occasion included Uranus square her natal Mercury (attempt to escape).

In 2011 she got to know a Frenchman, Herve Jaubert, who helped plan her 2018 escape.  They have a significantly strong synastry: his Mercury sextile her Neptune (a means of escape), his Jupiter sextile her Mars (optimism) and Saturns conjunct (making plans).

They enlisted the help of a friend, Norwegian Tiina Jauhianen, who accompanied her on the boat in 2018.  They left on 24th February 2018, with a suitable set of transits: Mars conjunct Latifa’s natal Uranus in Sagittarius (a bid for freedom), Saturn sextile her natal Pluto (a deliberate act on behalf of change), Saturn trine the North Node in Taurus (a deliberate act connected with karma) and Neptune exactly square her natal Sun (confused and at sea).

The boat was intercepted on the orders of her father eight days later on 4th March 2018.  Two of the transits were still operational, showing different aspects of the process: Saturn trine her natal North Node in Taurus (a blocking in her karmic path) and Neptune square her natal Sun (her hopes for subterfuge uncovered).

On 11th March 2018 a video was released which she had prepared before her trip in the event that her life would be endangered.  It described family life (“I’m not allowed to drive, I’m not allowed to travel or leave Dubai at all”), her reasons for fleeing, including an accusation that her father had committed a murder.

After she had returned to Dubai, speculation arose about the conditions she was kept in.  On 15th December 2018 the former President of Ireland Mary Robinson was sent to Dubai to meet her, to establish that she was alive and “free”.  They had dinner together and photos were taken.  Later it was revealed that it was all a ruse.  Latifa’s stepmother Haya (daughter of King Hussein of Jordan) says she was told Latifa had mental health problems, and the visit would be a good idea.  She had invited Mary Robinson, and Mary Robinson has now said she is horrified that she didn’t realize the true reason she was there.

The transits for this “fake meeting” were, for Latifa: Neptune still square her natal Sun, still confusion and subterfuge surrounding her.  For Mary Robinson: Pluto trine her natal Venus (a deeply significant meeting), Uranus square her natal Mars (a hidden danger), the North Node on her natal Mars (a karmic meeting), Jupiter opposite her natal Uranus (an opportunity), Neptune sextile her natal Moon (deception connected with a female), Neptune square her natal Midheaven (a high profile deception) and Chiron trine her natal Mars (an attempt at healing).

Haya, in her role as go-between, had the North Node (karma) trine her natal Venus (charm and connections), Chiron exactly on her Venus (attempt to heal a female), and Jupiter on her natal Neptune (A charitable, naive or deceptive act).  When Haya found out the truth, it set off her own desire to escape, and she fled to the U.K. on 15th April 2019.  The transits for her bid for freedom included: Jupiter sextile her natal Uranus (a bid for freedom), Saturn square her Chiron (discomfort leading to action taken for healing), and Uranus sextile her Saturn (a bid to free oneself from ones chains).  The Jupiter sextile to natal Uranus prevailed, as Haya currently resides in a home in Kensington Palace Gardens, but there have been wranglings over the custory of her children with Sheikh Maktoum.  She has diplomatic immunity under the Geneva Convention.


In early 2019, Latifa established contact with some of her friends and supporters through a mobile phone smuggled into the villa in Dubai where she was held captive.  She made a series of videos detailing her conditions: “I’m doing this video from a bathroom, because this is the only room with a door I can lock. I’m a hostage. I am not free. I’m enslaved in this jail. My life is not in my hands.”  But one day the contact stopped, and, fearing for her fate, her friends have released the video recordings.  They have not given out the date the recordings stopped, but it appears likely to be in the second half of 2020.  A date would have been useful to track astrologically what was going on for her at the time.

The Father

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, to give him his full name, the Prime Minister of Dubai, has built modern Dubai into the business magnet and global city it is today.  He has six wives and 30 children.  He has enjoyed friendly relations with our own royal family too.  As a Cancerian, family comes first, and ironically his statements about Latifa’s whereabouts and condition always state that she is in the safety of her family.  However, it is difficult for us to understand in the West such a callous treatment of a child.  Latifa has gone further, in describing him as capable of murder.  So in not knowing her fate, we cannot assume that she is safe.  He has the chart of a Leader (half his planets in Cardinal signs; Mars closely sextile his natal North Node in Aries.

The synastry between father and daughter shows: Her Mars closely square his Sun (her Inner Warrior stands up to him), their Marses are trine in Air (an engagement of their Warriors), his Uranus opposes her Neptune (his will opposes her attempts at escape), his Neptune sextiles her Sun (he is the architect of her captivity, though there should have been a potential for spiritual closeness) and his Neptune trines her natal Jupiter (again, a connection between him as jailer and her sense of freedom, but there should have been the potential for spiritual understanding).  At the time of her capture, Jupiter was trine his natal Sun (he won) and Pluto was square his Nodal Axis (he exercized his will, possibly creating more karma in the future).

The Position this Week

The issue erupted again into our consciousness around this week’s Saturn-Uranus square, which will have struck each of the charts in question differently.  We only have a birth time for Mary Robinson, whose regret was broadcast this week.  In her chart,  Tellingly, the Uranus falls exactly on her  7 degree natal Mercury in Taurus in 3rd House of Broadcasting, making her newsworthy.  The Saturn falls in her 12th House of Secret Sorrows.

The transits for Latifa this week were: Jupiter sextile her natal Sun in Sagittarius and a Jupiter Return in Aquarius (her plight and need for freedom being recognized again), Saturn square her natal Pluto (revealing the extent of the peril she is in), Saturn square her Nodal Axis (a fateful time, karmically) and Uranus transiting her natal North Node exact to the day (a very karmic revelation of the  truth of her captivity).

The transits for Sheikh Maktoum this week were: The North Node sextile his natal Venus (the Universe is watching his human relations), and the North Node sextile his natal Pluto (his psychology is laid bare).

The latest statement (issued on Friday) says she is “being cared for at home , supported by her family and medical professionals.

She continues to improve and we are hopeful she will return to public life at the appropriate time.”

The U.N. cannot afford to ignore the treatment of women in the U.A.E. as a human rights issue, as well as the U.A.E.  involvement in Yemen.  A heartbreaking news report from Orla Guerin emerged this very week about the children in the Yemen. There is also the question of arms sales to the U.E.A. and Saudi Arabia: new U.S. President Joe Biden has now taken the lead in freezing further sales, and it is to be hoped that the U.K. will follow.  And our royal family may think again about their friendship with the Sheikh (I know they have had family troubles too this week, but even so).  Saturn square Uranus has dictated that it is crunch time to deal with such matters.  I do hope that Latifa is safe, but even if she is, years of solitary confinement and lack of sunlight won’t have helped her wellbeing.


Have you felt any difference this morning?  The difference that a Direct Mercury would make?  Is your I.T. working better?  Is your message getting across better?  Well, at any rate Mercury is now functioning fairly normally, you may be pleased to hear.  So if you have projects waiting to happen of a literary or technical nature, this may be a green light for you.  If you have been holding back on communication, you may feel the push to move forward again with it.

You don’t have an aspect for 3 days, and then three come along: So, on Thursday (25th), Mars trines Pluto, very early in the morning (you may feel its effect late Wednesday evening).  This aspect speaks of self-empowerment, but you have to remember that everyone also has this force!  This is a great aspect for tasks which need great energy.  If gyms were still open, it would be a  good day for the gym, so failing that you could make up your own gym at home.  Housework or decluttering could substitute for formal exercise, however.  A top scientist today is urging the government to lift the ban on outside sport.  We’ll find out the latest thinking tomorrow as Boris gives another briefing on his plans for easing lockdown.

At lunchtime on Thursday, Venus enters Pisces, so with the Sun already in that sign we are beginning to lose that evangelical focus on Aquarius, and beginning to appreciate a soft-focus approach which takes into account the emotion and feeling of every sentient creature.  Venus in Pisces is unashamedly emotional and easily prone to tears, so don’t be surprised to release the tears which have been stoically been held back coping with the long months of lockdown.  This placing will enable charities to be more easily heard, and the Arts to acquire inspiration.

In the evening, we have another constructive aspect: the Sun sextile Uranus.  Spontaneity and innovation characterize the evening’s proceedings.  Telepathy and higher consciousness, or liaising with a constructive group, are also favoured.

On Friday (26th), Jupiter trines the North Node, and this favours future vision, reaping karmic rewards,  and looking at life positively.  A good day to refresh your hopes, and to observe how everything is happening at the right time in divine right order.

Saturday (27th) brings a Full Moon at 8 degrees Virgo, which is likely to bring some emotional tension and a desire towards perfectionism and practicality, at the same time as honouring spiritual ideals represented by the opposing Sun in Pisces.  Work and service are also principles of this polarity of signs.  The Full Moon takes place at 8.17 a.m. in the U.K., so your dreams may help you work through the upcoming tensions, and early morning action may help to dissipate or fulfil the Full Moon by its peak.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – communications eased
  • Thursday – powerfully galvanizing; emotionally compassionate; mentally brilliant
  • Friday – karmically rewarding
  • Saturday – emotional high tide