David Hockney

The Observer reported “Everybody is coming out with a smile on their face” from the David Hockney exhibition.  Accordingly, we took photos of ourselves before and after, and indeed there was a look of great exhilaration after seeing the grand and colourful landscapes, stunningly portrayed.  Of all British artists of the last century, I would venture to say his works are easiest on the eye, and I have always held the thought that I would be comfortable with Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy on my wall!  David Hockney has Sun conjunct Mercury in Cancer, so he very much processes through his emotions: even his mind processes through his emotions. The colour in his artworks is an attempt to express the emotion he feels.  In the current exhibition, his landscapes and love for his native Yorkshire are on display.  Rosie Bramley, Head of Art at local school Driffields has said: “He’s an incredibly talented observer but when he introduces colour he’s clearly capturing his feeling about a place – and I think that does relate to how we view the Wolds.”  His ruler the Moon, also governing emotion, is trine Saturn, so he is a shrewd operator, and is able to turn his emotion into practical use.  This aspect would also give him proficiency in drawing, and his artworks are very clearly delineated, sometimes almost cartoon-like.  Martin Kettle wrote in the Guardian: “It is a statement about the primacy of skilled drawing and painting in the visual arts and about the challenge of doing them with originality in the 21st Century.” Venus in sextile to the Moon and Saturn, in between their trine, gives a feel for beauty, and this makes his paintings easier to relate to than the majority of British art arising in the last century (unless you are Charles Saatchi).  Added to this, his Sun exactly sextiles Neptune giving him a precise and intense degree of inspiration.  The trine of Mars to his Sun/Mercury conjunction accounts for his prolific output.  So overall, he has the constructive chart of someone who has been a mainstay of British art.  I am working on a separate blog about the Exhibition (which may stay as a pipe dream), but in the meantime would urge everybody to try to see it!


As there are only 4 aspects to mention this week, I can make the U.S. and Australian adjustments to each. If one of these weeks there is only one aspect ( as did happen once) I could expand to other locations… I left my last U.K. blog at a Saturday night party, and further to this on Sunday in the early hours we have a square between mercury and Jupiter. This indicates wild exaggeration about what a business contact can do for you.  You were networking at the party, and one or the other of you made wild claims, raising expectations.  Either you continued the discussion through the night, or when you took these ideas into your dream world they became more fantastical.  Keep the excitement, but also keep your feet on the ground.  This aspect occurs on the evening of the 28th in the U.S., so becomes more of a conscious interaction, e.g. you may be at a political fundraising event and may get swept away by a candidate’s promises, or have a vision of the future which may seem impossible at this moment in time.  If you’re in Australia it occurs early afternoon (29th), so on sunny Bondi Beach you may need to apply extra sunscreen, as the temperature may unexpecedly rise and it could be a scorcher, if you’re a Brit on holiday.  If you’re a regular working Aussie in an office, the air conditioner could be playing up.

On Wednesday 1st February at tea-time in the U.K. Mercury semi-squares Pluto, and you will be forced to fine-tune your business plan, perhaps involving concessions.  “Tea” could be a little tense or terse, with undercurrents, so keep it light, with not too much to digest.  Suggested lite-bite:  rice cake and tahini.  This aspect occurs in the U.S. at lunchtime, so you still need to be cautious about business ventures and calorie intake, though you may be over the original euphoria and into a more sober stage of planning.  Aussies will experience this aspect early in the working day on 2nd, and that may entail actually calling in the workforce to mend an appliance or system, such as the air conditioning.

Aspect 3 occurs late on 1st in the U.K., and it’s Venus opposite Mars, a battle between the sexes among other things.  In the U.K. you might be burning the midnight oil again, even though you’d planned a mundane evening of TV viewing, and even though you might have work the next morning.  For some reason, you couldn’t resist an invitation, but excessive indulgence such as drinking ginger wine may tip you over the edge, and unbalance your system.  You may take this out on your other half, or if you don’t have another half, then that means the other half of yourself.  If you need to be functional the next morning, take heed.  Our man or woman in the U.S. will experience this at tea-time, but they may not call it “tea” [please enlighten me, someone!].  So the yin and yang interaction may take place over this meal time.  If you are dining out you may be tempted to send back your meal with the waiter or waitress, as it may not be quite up to scratch.  But at the same time, work on your inner polarity issues.  Where do you feel yourself to be out of kilter?  Too much salt or sugar, not enough water…?  A slight adjustment here or there could make all the difference to the rest of your day.  And the Aussie outlook will take place late morning on 2nd.    Whether jogging on the beach, or sweltering in the office, it’s a good time to just observe how you are doing with your nearest and dearest, and with your sugar and water levels, and make adjustments accordingly.

Last but definitely not least, Neptune enters Pisces on Friday (3rd) at tea-time in the U.K.  This will be a very different atmosphere from Wednesday’s tea-time.  You will be much less on your guard, much more chilled at the end of the week, and possibly in the mood for a liquid evening: Soup of the day (fish soup for pescatorians) rather than tahini and rice cakes.  Neptune did dip into Pisces last year, but with a 14-year cycle through a sign, it’s a good time to take stock of your emotions, both the personal ones and your empathy regarding world level concerns – how much compassion can you encompass without falling apart through overwhelm?  It may be a fine boundary for some.  In the U.S you’ll be lunching, perhaps on a fish which is not threatened by over-fishing.  Accompany that with a watery cucumber salad dressed with watercress, if you’re feeling really virtuous, and in the spirit of the event.  It truly is a watershed moment, so make a ritual of your lunch and use it for a meditative contemplation, washed down with copious amounts of mineral water.  The questions for this moment are centred around the heart: where would you like to see your personal heart centred over the next 14 years, and where would you like to see your  impersonal heart consciousness centred for this period, or at least for the start of the journey?  If you are born around 19 February, as is the musician Seal (who has split up with his wife of 7 years, Heidi Klum), you may be suffering emotional confusion with Neptune on your Sun at 0 degrees Pisces.  Aussies in the early morning of 4th could be planning for a barbie on the beach, communing with dolphins…But those in the continental interior may look to other sacred spaces to define this important ingress (change of sign by a planet) and to honour the Earth.  The prayer to Water of Masaru Emoto is as relevant as ever now (see under my Prayers category), and there are populations who do not have access to clean water.  We may pray about the balance of our earth and waters, for past victims of tsunamis, and hope that the effects of future tsunamis be minimized.


If you haven’t looked at my website lately, it has had a bit of a revamp, with some new mandalas and a new page for “Future Lives”.

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I am still working on the “Pay Pal for Dummies” and the wrinkly photo – the current one was taken when the website was first set up, six years ago!  The blog followed a year later.

Dancing on Ice

And I haven’t given up on the Dancing on Ice commentary (my Taurean Ascendant stubbornness ruling here!).  There were some superb performances again last week. Chico had a good choice of song: “You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling” by the Righteous Brothers – it wouldn’t have mattered how he had skated, but he scored well.  I have now found a birth date for him, and he has the Sun conjunct Chiron in Aries square Mars and opposing Uranus, so he’s an oddball who intrigues people, and loves to live on a fast vibration, and to surprise others.  Jupiter was conjunct his Mercury at the beginning of the competition when he had just stepped in for Chesney Hawkes, so he was off to a flying start.

Sam Nixon, presenter friend of Mark Rhodes (I am gradually getting to know them…) was Kung Foo Fighting on the ice.  He is another dare devil Sun in Aries, and currently has Jupiter transiting his natal North Node (good karma), another Aries doing well.  He also has Mars in Sagittarius conjunct Uranus (an electrical energy).  As his presenting partner for his children’s TV show has now gone out of the competition (before I had a chance to blog about him) – that means I will have to make a substitute.

Andy Whyment is a third Aries male, indeed another 2nd April with Chico!  He has a tight conjunction between Venus/Mars/Sun which is expressive, but Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Libra sometimes holds him back.  His unaspected Uranus may be the reason he keeps surprising the professionals! Jayne Torvill told him “I was shocked how good your skating was” and Katarina Witt followed with the comment “You keep surprising me”.

For our fourth, let’s look at one of the new judges, Katarina Witt herself, who we remember (if we are old enough) as an international ice skating competitor during the heyday of Torvill and Dean (circa 1984).  What a gracious lady!  She always tries to make a constructive comment, and is full of enthusiasm where she has enjoyed a performance.  She has a natal Uranus/Pluto conjunction:  a complex high energy conjunction from one born in the mid-60s, opposed by Saturn/Chiron and squaring her Sun/Mercury conjunction in Sagittarius, forming a T-square which must have been difficult for her to manage. This current opportunity in her career is shown by a trine of transiting Saturn to her Jupiter.  That’s all Folks!

The Week in Bullet Points:

  • Today – Keep the enthusiasm, but don’t overdo it!
  • Wednesday – Deep thoughts, but lite-bites; later male-female balancing
  • Friday – in at the deep end, spiritual swimming