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Aspects for the week beginning 7 November 2021

Strictly Come Dancing 2021 – Part 3

I am posting this blog early, as I have to be away on Sunday, so cannot take into account Saturday night’s performances, but there is still plenty to write about!  Here are the next four in this series, and there are only a couple of contestants left, so I will save them for a rainy blog day!

Rose Ayling-Ellis

I am starting with Rose because she scored four 10s last week, which is very early in the contest for such a score.  She is the first deaf contestant to take part in the show, and has amazed with her talent and ability to circumvent the problem of non-hearing in a contest which is very much about hearing.  She was previously known to us as the character Frankie from Eastenders, daughter of pub landlord Mick, a role which itself was groundbreaking.

Rose has Venus, Mercury, the North Node, the Sun, Jupiter and Pluto all in Scorpio!  If anyone can overcome impossible hurdles it’s a Scorpio.  She is very emotional (6 out of her 10 planets are in Water signs), instinctive (0 Air signs), and very strong willed (7 planets in the Fixed Signs).  She’s a female Warrior (Sun square Mars), immensely positive (Jupiter exactly conjunct her Sun), powerful (Jupiter conjunct Pluto) and has healing ability (Sun/Jupiter exactly sextile Chiron).  She has over the top energy allied with enthusiasm (Mars square Jupiter), and entrepreneurship (Jupiter sextile Uranus).  An extraordinary young woman with an extraordinary chart.

For her perfect 40 score last week, her transits included Jupiter opposite her Mars (high energy) and Neptune sextile her Neptune (spiritual poise), Pluto sextile her Sun/Jupiter (the force was with her) and Pluto trine her natal Chiron (a healing).

At the end of the contest, her transits will include Jupiter square her natal Pluto (a bid for supremacy), Saturn square her natal Mercury (there may be a small disappointment), Neptune still sextile her Neptune, and Pluto still sextile her natal Sun/Jupiter.  She seems headed for the final, but perhaps John Whaite will pip her to the post.

She is partnered with the wonderful Sicilian dancer Giovanni Pernice who has been with Strictly since 2015, and whose Pluto in Scorpio is conjunct Rose’s North Node (a karmic set up).  He is a Virgoan, a sign in harmony with Scorpio.  His Uranus is sextile with her Saturn (a good solid working relationship), but his Venus squares her Pluto and his Jupiter squares her Venus, so there is some grit between them.

For their outstanding performance last week, he had Uranus trine his Sun, and the North Node on his Mars, plus the North Node sextile his Jupiter (all very helpful).  At the end of the contest he will have Jupiter opposite his Venus, Mars trine his Jupiter, and Uranus trine his Neptune, a favourable line up, which could put them at the top.

John Whaite

John Whaite has a super-intelligent chart, with two exact conjunctions in the sign of Gemini – a very social Venus conjunction with Jupiter, and a mentally focussed Sun conjunct Mercury (he studied Law at Manchester University). He has suffered from depression, and has in his chart a close conjunction of Saturn and Neptune, a feature of his birth year (1989).  At the same time he has Saturn exactly sextile Pluto, a sign of strength, also a feature of his birth year.  He came to fame as the winner of the Great British Bake Off in 2012, and runs his own cookery school in Lancashire.

Though he declared himself “scared” at the outset, he has consistently scored highly in the contest from the very start, and seems headed straight for the final.  His partnership is the first gay male partnership in the competition, and has shown great ingenuity.  His transits this weekend include Mars sextile his Uranus (a vigorous and surprising performance), Mars trine his Chiron (athleticism) exact to the day, Uranus trine his Saturn (a combination of the old and the new), Uranus trine Neptune (mastery of complexity) and Uranus opposite Pluto (including some risk and change).  At the end of the contest Uranus will still be trine his Neptune, but the other transits will be waning.  I am not sure how that will translate for the final, because he has done so well so far, it is difficult to imagine him not being there.

He is partnered with Johannes Radebe, who was memorably partnered with Caroline Quentin last year.  Johannes has shown superb skill in his choreography.  In 2019 I wrote:

“He has 6 Fire planets, and was born close to a New Moon in Taurus.  His dance credentials include the Sun closely trine Neptune… He has Mercury trine Uranus, so could surprise us with ingenious choreography.  With Mars sextile Jupiter, he has energy combined with enthusiasm.”  One of the reasons their partnership works may be because Johannes has 6 Fire planets and John has none, so they complement each other.  This week Johannes has Saturn square his Sun, and Neptune square his Saturn, which may not be as sparkling as usual.  At the final, he has Pluto square his natal Mercury (mental challenge), and Neptune still square his Saturn.  The transits are not as favourable as I would expect for such a dynamic duo.  There may be something I am missing…

Tilly Ramsay

19 year old Tilly shares a Scorpio birthday with her father, the ferocious chef Gordon Ramsay.  She has followed him into the world of cookery, presenting her own show.  Their synastry shows up with Suns exactly conjunct, her Jupiter trine his Sun/Venus, and her Sun sextile his Mars (she can handle his temper).  Tilly’s mother Tana has the Moon in Scorpio, and Tilly herself has the Moon in performing Leo.  It is worthy of mention that she has a strong Writer Archetype, by virtue of Mercury-Venus trine the North Node and can communicate – she recently gave a good riposte to a detractor who called her “chubby”.  While the Mercury component of the conjunction inclines her to teaching, the Venus component marks her out for a career in the food industry, but also gives her musicality.  Not only is she taking part in the Strictly competition, but at the same time, quite remarkably, she has started her first term at University.

This weekend, Tilly’s transits include a Solar and Mercury Return (she will be feeling right at home!), and Saturn on her Mars (very disciplined, maybe overly so).  At the end of the contest, she will have Chiron sextile her natal Mars, which doesn’t sound like much, but it could bring out some astonishing qualities.

She is partnered by newbie professional Ukrainian Nikita Kuzmin, who doesn’t look much older than her!  So I am looking at his chart for the first time.  He has an unaspected Sun in Capricorn, which may mean he is a free spirit.  His Moon is in musical Libra, and he has a dynamic conjunction of Mars, Venus and Uranus in Aquarius.  He has Chiron in Scorpio, and his chart works well with Tilly’s: his Sun is sextile her Mercury (good communication), and his Jupiter is conjunct her Uranus (a winning combination); their Saturns are sextile (good for focus and balance in partnership), and his Saturn is trine her Pluto – it’s a partnership of Strength.  I could go on…

His transits this weekend are Venus on his Sun, bringing out the beauty of his dance, Mars square his Mars (perhaps some fire), and Saturn on his Uranus (he may be feeling some restraint).  At the end of the contest, Mars will be sextile his Venus/Mars conjunction in Aquarius (that could be exquisite).  This pair may currently be performing in the middle of the leaderboard, but their transits look very promising for the rest of the tournament.

Tom Fletcher

Tom Fletcher belongs to the boy band McFly, and is married to the popular vlogger Giovanna Fletcher, who won I’m a Celebrity in the castle last year.  He is another contestant who has been gracing the middle of the scoreboard throughout.  Tom has the Sun in Cancer, having been born on 17th July 1985, a few days after Live Aid.  Giovanna was born earlier in the same year.  He has a very emotional chart, with half his planets in Water signs.  He was born close to a New Moon in Cancer, so has the ability to start afresh easily.  His Sun is exactly conjunct Mars in his chart, giving him the Warrior Archetype, and with a square to Pluto, there’s a lot of pent up energy.  He has an entrepreneurial exact sextile between Jupiter and Uranus also going for him.  Craig Revel Horwood has praised Tom’s “amazing rhythm”, a quality associated with Cancerians.

At this point in the contest Tom has Pluto opposite his natal Sun/Mars, which is challenging, and may have been instrumental in him taking a week out due to testing positive for covid.  He also has Neptune trine his Saturn (bringing a sensitive interpretation to a practical task).  At the end of the contest, Pluto will be starting to move away from the opposition, which will mean less pressure.  But there are no additional helpful transits, so he may not last much longer in the contest, despite his obvious talent – there is so much talent out there!

His chart has a great affinity with dance partner Amy Dowden: they are both born close to a New Moon, hers being in Leo.  Whereas he has Sun opposite Pluto, she has Sun exactly square Pluto, a difficulty which may be linked with her Crohn’s disease, which is serious but she manages it successfully in tandem with her professional career.  She has great ingenuity, with Uranus trine her Mercury, Venus and Mars.  Like Tom, she has an energetic link between her Mars and Pluto, in this case a sextile.  In their synastry her Neptune trines his North Node, which makes for harmony in dance.

This weekend she has Jupiter opposite her Jupiter (she’ll be dancing with gusto and enthusiasm), and the North Node will be trine her natal Saturn (her professionalism will be exemplary, e.g. her choreography and sense of discipline).  At the end of the contest, Uranus will be trine her Uranus so she will have the power of surprise – this may not be connected with her partnership with Tom, so there may be a surprise announcement about her private life, in a good way.  I don’t see Tom and Amy going all the way, though they are a lovely couple.

Of these four couples, my head says John and Johannes are the strongest, my heart says Rose could well inspire in the final, and the astrology says Tilly will do better than expected! 


The aspects for this week begin on Wednesday (10th), which as described last week for the Climate Conference is a big day astrologically.  The times are for the U.K.

12.56 Hrs: The first aspect is Mercury conjunct Mars at 7 degrees Scorpio.  You may feel highly energized, and could get through some early afternoon tasks efficiently.  You or those around you may be slightly irritable, however, and if so – you know why!  There may be a loosened tongue, sharp words, or a war of words.  On the more high functioning end of this conjunction, you could write or say something witty, such as a critical review.

17.04 Hrs:  Mercury squares Saturn, with the latter at 7 degrees Aquarius.  Please note that if you have a 7 degree planet in  your chart, it may trigger something for you that day.  You will need a great deal of patience.  You may also need a new strand to your philosophy of life, incorporating the quality of resilience.  “What is being required here?” is a useful question. More haste less speed may also be a useful mantra to follow. Travel and communications could be slow, and mirror this process.

23.14 Hrs: Now it is the turn of Mars to square Saturn, which can bring awkwardness in the late evening, with Saturn squaring Mars.  Physically you may want to push an issue, but that approach may not work.  Think before you act, to avoid clumsiness.  It may be difficult to obtain co-operation (e.g. on worldwide climate agreements).  You may experience fatigue, including compassion fatigue, discouragement, and a feeling of not having accomplished all you set out to do in the day.  But, tomorrow is another day…

On Friday (12th), people may have more to give. The Sun trines Neptune, which will be an ideal day for the contestants on Strictly to practise their dancing!  It’s a graceful day:   expand your consciousness, and allow your imagination to embellish your work, or project in hand.  If you experience meditative bliss (which is possible that day), try and carry some over to Saturday.

Saturday (13th) may contain more tension, by virtue of Mercury opposite Uranus.  This could be tricky for communications, such as I.T.  Social media could be a bit fraught!  A spanner could enter into the works.  But if you are tuned into a higher mental wavelength, e.g. that of telepathy, you can achieve progress and flow.

The week in bullet points:

  • Wednesday – difficult (consult time-table)
  • Friday – sublime
  • Saturday – the spanner in the works

Aspects for the week beginning 31 October 2021

COP 26

The 26th U.N. Climate Change Conference in Glasgow starts today, and lasts twelve days.  It is the last chance for the world’s nations (around 125 are involved) to commit to keeping warming from carbon emissions below 1.5 degrees C.  There is not a nation that won’t be affected by increased global warming, some are more responsible than others, some care more than others, and some are more vulnerable than others.

Astrologically, the next twelve days carry the challenge of a T-square between the Sun and Mars in Scorpio, Uranus in Taurus, and Saturn in Aquarius.  You would not expect anything less for such a complex and demanding international scenario.  Perhaps in your own life or work you are negotiating a long, difficult and complex task, such as a house move.  It is a huge balancing act, and requires commitment.  Additionally, Mars has just entered Scorpio which makes each party fight for its corner and be less inclined to compromise.  But the good of the whole has to be predominant.

In this blog I will attempt to chart the progress of the Conference through the main astrological aspects which occur in this period, and how they impinge on the charts of some of the participants, the countries, and eco-warriors.  So follow my unique guide to the next twelve days!

The Grand Opening

Well, Happy Halloween!  Let us hope that in today’s Grand Opening all the good ancestors of the world nations are lending a hand to the proceedings!  Today is the procedural opening of negotiations.

Mars will be on Boris Johnson’s Moon in Scorpio in his 1st House.  He has centre stage, and will be passionate and ebullient.  As a historian, he has said that if we fail, then it would be akin to the decline and fall of the Roman Empire.  That may be an understatement…

U.K. chart has transiting Chiron sextile the U.K. Asc on the 11th House cusp of Friendship, and is also in the middle of its Chiron Return – an attempt at healing.

Joe Biden has a lot of important transits at this time, and indeed he has a lot going on domestically as well as globally.  With Mars opposite his Moon at this time, and Uranus opposite his Mars, he feels under fire.  Chiron is exactly sextile his Saturn today and the North Node is exactly on his Uranus, so it is an important day in his life in terms of enacting his ideals.  In addition, the South Node (karma) is on his Ascendant in global Sagittarius, emphasizing his role.

Monday 1st November

Mercury trine Jupiter

Boris Johnson is tasked with giving an opening speech.  Mercury trine Jupiter is favourable for international initiatives, and for expansive speeches.  I think Boris should avoid talk about Kermit this time, though, given the extreme gravitas of the situation.  Starting out with high hopes, this will be one of the better days of the summit.

Jupiter will be at 22 degrees Aquarius, and will directly affect the following charts:

Vladimir Putin has Pluto at 22 degrees Leo in his 11th House of Friendship, and though he will not personally be attending, the transit indicate the importance of the summit in his life.  Jupiter will be opposite his Pluto, so he will be exerting his influence from a distance!  Jupiter will also trine his natal Mercury which is at 22 degrees Libra in his 1st House – more power to his elbow.

David Attenborough will be attending, and Jupiter will be trine his natal Mercury, fulfilling his efforts in communication.  There is also great poignancy for him, as Jupiter opposes his natal Neptune at 22 degrees Leo in his 6th House of Environment, his great sensitivity.

Emmanuel Macron has Mars sextile his natal Mercury in his 12th House, so may make a memorable barb.  At the same time (!), with Jupiter sextile his natal Venus in his 11th House of Friendship, he could launch a charm offensive.  Mars is trine his natal Jupiter in his 6th House, enthusiasm added to his energy, and his Napoleonic side may emerge.  But with Mars sextile his natal Saturn in Virgo in his 9th House, at the same time he will be capable of being measured.  There may be some contradictory behaviour!

Tuesday 2nd November

Mercury square Pluto

Tuesday has been allocated to the handing over by the  leaders to the  environment ministers of the various countries and other politicians and diplomats.  Astrologically, this is the first major challenge, as Mercury square Pluto is very demanding mentally and in communications.

Pluto is at 24 degrees Capricorn, and will directly affect the following charts:

Angela Merkel will be making her final appearance internationally as the outgoing Chancellor of Germany.  Looking at her overall transits, this Conference is tremendously important to her.  Pluto will be opposite her natal Sun at 24 degrees Cancer, symbolic of a swan song.

Australia’s chart is significantly affected, with its Midheaven (role in the world) transited by Pluto.  Its position has been controversial of late, pulling out of an agreement with France and allying itself with the U.K. and the U.S.

Wednesday 3rd November

Wednesday is allocated to finance.  There are no major aspects.

Thursday 4th November

New Moon in Scorpio

The New Moon indicates a New Beginning, especially if the intent of all parties is focussed on the same goal.  A cautionary note, though.  Not all New Moons prove successful: Alec Baldwin (subject of last week’s blog) launched his film making for “Rust” on the last New Moon, which was in Libra.  The theme at the Conference will be accelerating clean Energy.

Sun Opposite Uranus

Uranus opposing the Sun makes the New Moon initiatives more unpredictable and subject to sudden changes, maybe the switching of sides.  The Moon, the Sun, and Uranus will all be lined up at 12 degrees, and will particularly affect the following charts:

Boris Johnson with his Midheaven at 12 degs Cancer in his 10th House will be a special focus, and the aspects as far as they can may benefit him with this placing.

Vladimir Putin has his Part of Fortune 12 Taurus in his 8th House, so may spring a surprise from afar!

Scott Morrison of Australia has Venus at 12 degrees Taurus.  He too may make a surprise move or announcement, with Uranus on his Venus.

China’s chart has its Jupiter at 12 degrees Capricorn in its 7th House.  President Xi Jinping will not be attending, despite China being a key player for the issue of global warming.  Uranus will be trine the China Jupiter, so this is a chance for a helpful pledge.

Angela Merkel has her natal Jupiter 12 degs Cancer in 7th House, which will be in favourable aspect to the New Moon and Uranus.  She may feel empowered to make a significant contribution at that time.

Friday 5th November

The spotlight will be on Greta Thunberg on Friday, and she will be holding a school strike, as has become normal for that day of the week.  The day is billed for a focus on Youth and Public Empowerment and Education.  She was interviewed at length by Andrew Marr this morning, and answered lucidly on all angles of the subject of climate change.

Her Sun/Chiron is at 12 degrees Capricorn, so the New Moon is in a sympathetic sextile to her Sun, and Uranus is trine with her Sun.  This portrays the summit as a good vehicle for her life’s work.  Other beneficial transits at the start of the Conference are Neptune trine her natal Mars, and Chiron sextile her natal Neptune.

Another climate activist, Caroline Lucas, has low key transits for this Conference, and I believe will not be attending in person, though she has done much to put climate change at the forefront of our minds and hearts.  But the South Node (karma) is transiting her natal Mercury in Sagittarius, so she will be very much exercised mentally, and have much to say.

Saturday 6th November

Mercury sextile Venus

Nature and sustainable land use are the foci for Saturday.  The aspect for the day is not one of high impact, but does foster diplomacy and negotiation.  So this may be a fairly peaceful part of the Conference.

Sunday 7th November

This will be a rest day, prior to the second week of the Conference.  Jupiter moves to 23 degrees Aquarius on that day, and may bring different emphases and different delegates to the fore.

The following charts will be affected by this move:

Vladimir Putin has his Midheaven at 23 degrees Gemini in his 9th House of Foreign Relations, and Jupiter will give a boost to his standing.

Angela Merkel has three planets at 23 degrees, but at awkward angles to transiting Jupiter.  She may feel she has to speak out about difficult subjects, such as protecting more vulnerable nations.

David Attenborough has Saturn at 23 degrees Scorpio in his 9th House, and Jupiter squaring that planet may present difficulties for him.

Nicola Sturgeon has her Midheaven at 23 degrees Leo in the 10th House, so Jupiter will be on her I.C.  The world has literally come to her doorstep, with all the challenges that brings!

Monday 8th November

The focus on that day is on the practical solutions needed to adapt to climate change.  There are no major aspects.

Tuesday 9th November

The focus on that day is gender equality, science and innovation.  There are no major aspects.

Wednesday 10th November

Mercury conjunct Mars

Mercury square Saturn

Mars square Saturn

This is the most challenging day for the Conference astrologically.  The focus will be on transport with the emphasis on cutting carbon from cars. Certainly the transport infrastructure of Glasgow will be under strain!  The conjunction and squares take place at 7 degrees, and the charts especially involved will be:

U.S.A. chart has North Node at 7 degrees Leo, so Saturn will be at the South Node, which may include the principle of repaying karmic debts.

Nicola Sturgeon, although not directly involved in negotiations, has her natal Moon at 7 degrees Aquarius in the 3rd House cusping her 4th House, depicting again the responsibility of having the world arrive on her doorstep.  Her Ascendant is at 7 degrees Scorpio, at the site of the Mercury/Mars conjunction, so it will be a heavy day for her.

Thursday 11 November

The focus on that day is cities, communities and regions.  There are no major aspects.

Friday 12 November

Sun trine Neptune

This is the last day of the Conference, and the Sun trine Neptune offers the possibility of the nations coming together on a higher level, in spiritual unity, even after the ruptures of Wednesday’s challenging aspects.  Let us hope they are listening to the Universe, or at least Gaia.  The crucial requirement of the close of play is the number of countries who pledge to reach net zero by 2050, which seems a long way off.

Neptune will be at 20 degrees Pisces, and charts especially affected by this aspect are:

Xi Jinping has Mercury at 20 degrees Gemini, which is squared by Neptune.  He may feel torn and confused.  The results of this Conference are very significant for Xi Jinping, despite his absence.  His Chiron at 20 degrees Capricorn will receive a sextile from Neptune, tugging at his sensitivities.

France’s chart has Mercury at 20 degrees Virgo.  France is in contention with the U.K. over fishing rights and with Australia over a broken contract at the moment.  Neptune opposing its Mercury is also very torn and confused.

Italy’s chart has the North Node at 20 degrees Gemini, so the Nodal Axis is being squared by Neptune, indicating a sacrificial role.  Italy may feel obliged to pledge more than it can afford, accepting a karmic duty.

Australia’s Moon is at 20 degrees Taurus, receiving a sextile from Neptune.  They may feel at peace with their contribution.  Prime Minister Scott Morrison has Pluto at 20 degrees Virgo, being opposed by Neptune, a sign of a need for deep surrender to the situation and its requirements.

Nicola Sturgeon has Saturn at 20 degrees Taurus in her 7th House, and Neptune will be sextile to Saturn, so she will feel that her sense of honour has been fulfilled in this task.  The chart for the city of Glasgow itself has the North Node (karma) at 20 degrees Capricorn, which Neptune will sextile.  Again, a service fulfilled.

Saturday 13 November

Mercury opposite Uranus

The day after…This is a divisive aspect, and having repaired to their own nations, cracks may start to show again (and this is only to be expected), but hopefully the spirit of the enterprise will still remain. Greta would like a little less conversation and a little more action.  And so say all of us.


Our aspects begin with a trine between Mercury and Jupiter tomorrow, Monday 1st November.  This could bring productivity, and good conversation.  .  Mercury trine Jupiter expands our minds and philosophies.  This is an upbeat vibe mentally, and one which could just make the start of your week one to remember.

Tuesday (2nd) is a bit more of a tricky proposition, with a square between Mercury and Pluto.  You may encounter awkward communications or travel.  You may need extra ‘me time’ in order to separate yourself from worried pronouncements about the state of the world.  If you do engage in chatter, choose a worthwhile subject.  People have been reporting trouble with locks recently under this square, so I just thought I would put that out there…

We have a New Moon at 12 degrees Scorpio, and a new beginning, on Thursday (4th).  This can be a sign of Regeneration, but with Uranus opposing the conjunction of the Sun and Moon, the change may be uncomfortable or sudden.  There may be a certain amount of letting go required, before the fresh start can be established.

Just before midnight the same day, Uranus opposes the Sun.  This will require new insight, resolve and conviction.  You have to get with the programme, or be left behind.  Maybe you are challenged by an upgrade on your phone, and can’t use it until you sort it out!

Venus enters Capricorn on Friday (5th) and people will be more serious, and measured in their interactions.  Their expectations of others will be more realistic.Venus now needs to bring her skill in human relations into the workplace, into administration and public institutions, and into politics.  So if you have started to set up some entertainment for the Christmas period, think further ahead to what might be needed for your relationships to move forward in 2022, and begin working towards that.  The upside of Venus in Capricorn is more commitment and loyalty.

Another ingress takes place late in the evening, that of Mercury into Scorpio, bringing greater intensity, depth and rigour to our mental functioning and purpose.  The mental outlook is more forensic in nature, and looks deeper than the surface, than was characterized under Mercury in Libra.  You may have more courage to look at what really matters, and to worry less about how things appear to others.

The last aspect to entertain us this week is on Saturday (6th), a combination that aims to please, and it is Mercury sextile Venus.  This favours socializing and conversing, and creative forms which combine art and writing.  There is potential for negotiation in diplomatic efforts, and harmony and agreement between kindred spirits.  A lovely note to end on for this week.

Unusually, if you want a peek at next week’s aspects, there are clues in the main blog!  Have a good week.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – productivity and good conversation
  • Tuesday – difficult communications
  • Thursday – new beginning, twists and turns
  • Friday – changes of tone
  • Saturday – congeniality

Aspects for the week beginning 24 October 2021

Alec Baldwin

The actor Alec Baldwin found himself at the centre of a gun-related tragedy this week, at the time of the Mars-Pluto square.  The cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the film Rust died, and the co-director Joel Souza was injured. This haunting event has been described as “unfathomable” – it was an accident, but highlights many issues.  Astrologically, three planets have volatile or combustible qualities: Mars, Uranus and Pluto. All of them are involved in the story.

Birth Chart

Alex Baldwin is no stranger to drama and crisis in his life, but this is a tragedy he will struggle to come to terms with, even for a man of his resilience. He has the Sun in Aries exactly sextile Mars (the Warrior Archetype).  In addition, Mars opposes Uranus in his chart (the Activist Archetype, e.g. for animal rights).  Mercury squares Uranus in his chart, bringing controversies, such as the occasional outburst and verbal gaffe he has made.  It is easy to see why he has had such an eventful life.  More gently, he has Mercury sextile Venus, (the Writer Archetype).

He has three younger brothers, all actors, and has had a distinguished acting career, known for roles in Mission Impossible series of films among others.  He first married the actress Kim Basinger, with whom he had a daughter named Ireland, but the divorce was messy and acrimonious.  The aftermath of the relationship took its toll over a number of years, and he later toured with a book on fatherhood and divorce, during the period of his Chiron Return.  His second marriage was to Hilaria Thomas, with whom he has a further six children. He turned vegan in 2011, the same year he met her. In recent years, he has been acclaimed for his uncanny impersonation of Donald Trump.

In the Observer this morning, Vanessa Thorpe analyses his approach to what she terms a turbulent life, commenting: “It is tempting to see Baldwin’s recent bold claims to be in control of his life as a bad case of baiting the fates.”

Co-Director and Co-Writer Joel Souza

Earlier this month, on 6th October, filming began on “Rust” which was co-written by Alec Baldwin and Joel Souza, inspired by a true story.  The story is about a grandfather outlaw (played by Baldwin) who goes on the run with his 13-year-old grandson  who is wanted for accidentally killing a local rancher  (chillingly, life imitating art again – see last week’s blog subject).

Joel has 0 Earth planets, and Mars square to an exact conjunction of his Sun with Saturn in his chart.  In addition, he has the Writer Archetype, like Alec (Mercury conjunct Venus) and the controversial Uranus-Mercury square which Alec also has. In addition, Joel has Mars opposite Pluto, a difficult, high-energy combination. Baldwin had been very keen to work with Souza, and their charts show they have much in common.  The synastry between Alec and Joel shows Joel’s Mars square to Alec’s Saturn (an abrasive combination), but Joel’s Jupiter conjunct Alec’s Mars (huge enthusiasm between them).

Accidental Shooting

Alec Baldwin’s transits for the accidental shooting included Uranus square his natal Mars (an explosive combination) and Saturn opposite his natal Uranus (often a transit for personal earthquakes).  Joel’s transits for his shoulder injury sustained in the incident included Chiron square his natal Venus (a personal wounding).

No one has at this time been charged in the ongoing enquiry, but other people are implicated.  Baldwin was handed the colt pistol by experienced assistant director Dave Halls who pronounced it “cold”, i.e. harmless, which he believed it to be.  The guns were prepared by the armourer, a fairly inexperienced young 24-year old called Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, whose father Thell Reed is a veteran actor in the western genre.  We do not have birth dates for Dave Hall or the armourer, though we do have one for Thell Reed (that would be a step too far removed from this investigation!).

The gun apparently had been used for shooting practice with real bullets.  Some film crew members had protested about poor health and safety measures on the film.  Was there a cavalier attitude to guns?  We are more cautious about guns here in the U.K., but could this incident lead to more anti-gun lobbying in the U.S.?  Could it be a more effective deterrent than all the school shootings have been in turning the tide of Republican support for the use of guns?  Will it result in fewer “westerns”?  And fewer children playing with toy guns (certainly in the U.K. that has lessened over the years).

As an example of the ferocity of a Mars-Pluto square, it is a supremely shocking event.  In the U.K. this week we had the revelation that young girls were being injected with drugs in nightclubs – a new horrific crime, and certainly Mars-Pluto in nature.

Halyna Hutchins

And what of the victim of the fatal shooting, which has left Alec Baldwin “heartbroken”?  She was only 42, and a rising star of the cinematography world, from Ukraine.  She was married, with a nine year old son.  We do not have a birth date for her, but if one presents itself, I will add a footnote under comments.  By all accounts she was a vibrant soul.

“I am gutted by the loss of my friend and colleague, Halyna. She was kind, vibrant, incredibly talented, fought for every inch and always pushed me to be better.”

~ Joel Souza


Apologies for the lateness of  the blog today.  This was due to indecision on my part about the subject.  As it happens, no harm done, for the first aspect of the week does not occur until Wednesday!

Wednesday’s (27th) aspect, Neptune squaring Venus, is not a straightforward one however, so it would bear some preparation over the next few days and clearance of illusions, especially in relation to personal relationships, money and the Arts.  Sift out any paranoia, iron out artistic flaws, and financial insecurities. That may assist a smooth passage on Wednesday…and tread softly on the day,  lest you tread on your own dreams, or anyone else’s.

Happier times await on Thursday (28th), with Venus sextile Jupiter, one of the high spots of the year aspectwise.  The day could bring hope and happiness, socially or romantically.  Engagements, celebrations and parties (virtual or otherwise) could be on the agenda.  This sextile combines luck and love.  Enjoy!

Sadly, more caution is due on Saturday (30th) morning with a square from Saturn to the Sun, so you may be excused for feeling a little flat that day.  Perhaps you are still nursing a hangover from all the revelry of Thursday… This square can produce delay and frustration.  The Sun-Saturn square is an opportunity to think through what you are doing, and your strategies.  If you are making economies, are they the right ones, based on your optimum values?  There may be something you need to let go of.

A change of pace may help in the early afternoon, or take your mind off current preoccupations.  For Mars enters Scorpio and that is a brisker energy, though it puts some people automatically into battle mode.  If you are a pacifist, just observe.  If you are a warrior, your power may be heightened.  If you are a diplomat, be ready.  Mars will be in the battle zone until 13th December, so take your position, and may everyone do their best in the effort to express the best of this dynamism.

The week in bullet points:

  • Wednesday – illusion in relationships
  • Thursday – a high point
  • Saturday – a slump, and some rallying!


Aspects for the week beginning 17 October 2021

William Shatner

“I’ve heard about space for a long time now. I’m taking the opportunity to see it for myself. What a miracle,”

~ William Shatner

At 90 years of age, William Shatner, aka Captain James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise, travelled to the edge of space on Wednesday this week, in an example of life imitating art.  In the second voyage of Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin sub-orbital capsule, he became the oldest person to make the voyage (Wally Funk, who travelled on the first flight, was 82).

Birth Chart

He has an unusual tally of 7 (out of 10) planets in Cardinal signs, indicating a leader, not a follower.  He has a very Martian chart, starting with the Sun in Aries, and that too indicates leadership and individuality.  The Mars theme continues, with the Sun trine Mars.  The Sun closely trine his Midheaven suggests a career in acting.  The Moon square Mars, makes for impulsive and self-centred emotions. Mercury square Jupiter denotes far flung travels  With Mercury loosely conjunct Uranus, he is not afraid to be controversial.  Then there is his Mars trine Midheaven, emphasis on his role at the helm of the Starship Enterprise, yet more Mars.  He also has Jupiter square Uranus (a Chancer, taking a risk at 90!).  And power, with Jupiter loosely conjunct Pluto in Cancer in 6th House.  He has had his fair share of personal earthquakes  in his life, with a Cardinal T-square composed of Saturn opposite Pluto, squared by Uranus/North Node.  The North Node exactly conjunct Uranus (Ascendant ruler) in the 3rd House depicts an unusual karmic mission, and “boldly going”, in his on screen persona.

Life and Career 

Shatner was born in Montreal, Canada, to a family of Jewish immigrants from Austria-Hungry and the Russian Empire.  He gained a degree in Economics from McGill University, and worked initially as a business manager before training as a classical Shakespearean actor.  He always worked hard, and would accept whatever roles came his way.  He played Captain Kirk from 1966 to 1969 in the original series of Star Trek, a role which was very much his own.  He has been married four times.

Relationship with Leonard Nimoy

From 2015 blog:

William Shatner, his co-star on the Starship Enterprise, is quoted to have said: “I loved him like a brother”. My feeling is that they came from the same Soul group, and possibly had recent lives in other star systems, planning to portray space adventurers in this lifetime.  In two  amazing coincidences, they both came from Ukrainian Jewish descent (two letters away from Uranian descent!), and they were also born only 4 days apart in the same year (which makes them almost astrological time twins).  Though he has many similar planetary placements, William Shatner has a more indulgent chart, with Venus rising in Aquarius, and Moon in Taurus.  Apart from the astrological affinity of their planetary conjunctions, brotherhood is shown by William Shatner’s Mercury in Aries exactly sextile Leonard Nimoy’s Ascendant in Gemini.  William Shatner has the conjunction of Uranus and North Node, symbolizing star trekking, but unlike Leonard Nimoy the conjunction does not include his Mercury, so there is not the same emphasis on intellect.  They both contracted tinnitus of the ears (Aries-related) during an episode of Star Trek which involved an explosion (a Uranian phenomenon).  William Shatner’s persona (Midheaven) is in the flamboyant, fiery sign of Sagittarius.  Although Captain Kirk (Shatner’s character) was the leader on the starship, in truth they both have astrological top billing because they both have 7 out of their 10 planets in Cardinal signs.”

The Flight 

Shatner was quick to express the intensity of his experience to Jeff Bezos on landing, after experiencing the weightlessness in the spaceship and the view of Earth from space:

“Everybody in the world needs to do this.  It was unbelievable.  What you have given me is the most profound experience. I’m so filled with emotion about what just happened. I hope I never recover from this. I hope I can retain what I feel now. I don’t want to lose it.”

His transits for the voyage included Saturn transiting from his 1st House of Self sextile his natal Uranus in Aries in his 3rd House of Voyages conjunct his North Node of karmic mission.  The sextile from Saturn to his North Node/Uranus makes concrete his life long interest in space travel.  Another transit embodying “boldly going” is transiting Mars squaring his natal Nodal Axis, plus Mars sextile his natal Chiron is like an itch that has finally been scratched!


Not that his sublime experience did not have its detractors.  Firstly, Prince William, who is involved in the Earthshot prize to be awarded this week.  His view was succinctly made in his comment that entrepreneurs: “should be “trying to repair this planet, not trying to find the next place to go and live”.

John Crace, writing in the Guardian yesterday commented: “I can’t help feeling there’s something rather pointless, not to mention self-indulgent, about the ongoing billionaire space race between Bezos, Elon Musk and Richard Branson.”

Rebecca Nicolson in this morning’s Observer writes: “Bezos argues that building a road to space is crucial for the survival of humanity. Shatner reiterated this idea in his response to the prince, politely arguing that trips like his can show space travel is possible, meaning new solutions to the climate crisis might be found away from Earth. But all these “coulds” ​​and “mights” ​​ lack urgency, and the idea that the solution to climate change is to simply try again somewhere else is inherently bleak. It implies a feeling of resignation, as if Bezos knows there is no point in attempting to fix what we have here.”

 “You are as young as you feel. If 22 is your preferred age, you’re going to feel that way for the rest of your life, even when you’re doddering with a cane.”

~ William Shatner


There are a couple of challenging aspect this week, but we started early today with a smooth flowing sextile between Mercury and Venus.  This favours socializing and conversing, and creative forms which combine art and writing.  There is potential for negotiation in diplomatic efforts, and harmony and agreement between kindred spirits.

The first challenge of this week comes this lunchtime, with a square to the Sun from Pluto.  This is a deep soul searching aspect.  There is no whitewashing or kicking the can down the road, as if you try to gloss over something you could meet it in another guise.  Divine the message which the Universe is trying to download to you, for your greater knowledge.

But. there are lights at the end of the tunnel this week, and the first is tomorrow morning (Monday 18th) when Jupiter is stationary prior to turning Direct.  That might bring a breath of fresh air to your day’s plans, peppering them with promise.  Something may lift you, and point the way to your next direction.  In the words of Alice Bailey (the seed thought for Sagittarius): “I see the goal.  I reach that goal and then I see another”.  You at least get to the stage of seeing the goal, or resuming an earlier goal.

Late afternoon, Mercury confirms Jupiter’s green light by also stationing prior to turning Direct.  Both planets concern travel, so there may be a turning point in your travel plans.  Hopefully, if you have projects waiting to happen of a literary or technical nature, this may also be a go-ahead for you.  If you have been holding back on communication, you may feel the push to move forward again with it.

More pushing forward is possible on Tuesday (19th) when Jupiter trines Mars, which boosts energy and combines it with enthusiasm.  It is a day for your favourite activities.  If you are self-employed, you could decide to take the day off and pursue your favourite  hobbies.  Any sports will be heightened by this trine, for instance.  The day could be the highlight of the week.

Some emotional tension building on Wednesday (21st), if you are susceptible to the Moon’s phases, with a Full Moon late lunchtime at 27 degrees Aries opposing the Sun in Libra.  This is about balancing your own needs and that of the other, and bringing the two into balance.

The intensity of the week increases with Mars square Pluto, the second challenge of the week, on Friday (22nd) in the early hours.  I consider it to be one of the most difficult aspects of the year.  It’s a volatile combination, which can give way to riots or situations which can get out of hand.  Prepare your stock of peaceful vibes beforehand so that you can send out a blast of soothing comfort wherever you go.  You may need all your conflict resolution skills.

With the Sun’s entry into Scorpio in the early hours of Saturday (23rd), there is no let up in intensity, though hopefully the destructive aspects of the previous day’s square will be waning.  Now we need to confront the deeper issues in life (such as how to actively go about achieving peace and balance in our society) and find more lasting solutions which treat the causes and not just the symptoms of a situation.  For this we need more insight, resolve and conviction, qualities of this sign.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – congeniality; drama
  • Tomorrow – two green lights
  • Tuesday – a third green light
  • Wednesday – emotional high tide
  • Friday – stay away from conflict
  • Saturday – deeper considerations


Aspects for the week beginning 10 October 2021

Strictly Come Dancing 2021 – Part 2

I am posting this blog early, as I have to be away on Sunday, so cannot take into account Saturday night’s performances, but there is still plenty to write about!  The standard of overall dance is so high this year, that it seemed a travesty for anyone to leave last week…Here are the next four in this series.

Katie McGlynn

Katie found herself in the dance off last week, which is why I am writing about her first, in case she should leave this week.  Corrie fans will know her as Sinead, who left after a heart wrenching story line of a young mother dying of cancer.  She has now moved on to Hollyoaks.  In her birth chart, she has 0 Fire planets.  You might think that is a disadvantage in the Latin dances, but she performed and scored well in week 1 in the Tango.  She is a Cancerian, so should have a good sense of rhythm, but has a challenging T-square in her chart between Pluto, Chiron and Saturn. In addition, her Sun opposes an exact conjunction of Neptune and Uranus in Capricorn.  She is not afraid to be controversial, and can be a little absent-minded, with Mercury opposite the Uranus/Neptune conjunction.  But Mars trine the Uranus/Neptune conjunction helps her with movement and dance.  And Chiron in Leo means she can experience healing through performance.  She beat Nina Wadia in the dance off, with her energetic jive in a pink tulle skirt.  I was disappointed to see Nina go, having tipped her as having good transits – either Nina’s happiness is due to other factors in her life, or she hugely values her experience.  Katie’s current transits are: Saturn exactly trine her natal Jupiter to the day (she could be saved this weekend), Neptune trine her natal Mercury (inspired for dance), Neptune trine Pluto (deep internal changes).  At the end of the tournament, she has Saturn trine her Venus (steadiness), Saturn sextile her North Node (she can hold her head up), Neptune sextile her Uranus (incorporating complexity), Neptune sextile Neptune (at peace with herself).  So she will be happy she did Strictly, but is not likely to make the final.

She is paired with Gorka Marquez, of whom I have written “With the Sun exactly trine his Neptune, he is born to dance.  The Moon square Mars means he could be quick to temper.  But Mercury  exactly trine Saturn at the same time gives him good concentration – he could be a hard taskmaster.”  In their synastry, his Mercury trines her Neptune, which is helpful for him teaching her dance;  his Saturn is on her Neptune, which is uncomfortable for disciplining her dreamy side.  Not a remarkable rapport, yet in week 1 Shirley praised their chemistry. Currently, he has Chiron square his natal Neptune and Uranus opposite his Pluto, which are quite discordant.  At the final, he will have Uranus trine his Sun (some excitement, even if just in the group dance!), Mars trine his natal Jupiter (energy and enthusiasm), and Uranus trine his natal Neptune (incorporating complexity), which are very favourable.  My impression is that at the final he has moved on to something else.  So I don’t think this partnership will last too long.

Adam Peaty

Olympic swimming champion Adam Peaty has the Sun in Capricorn, and half his planets (5) in Earth signs.  With 4 planets in Water, the water is still an element he is very comfortable in.  He has 0 Air planets, so relies heavily on instinct.  Where swimming is indicated is his Moon in Scorpio conjunct the North Node – this is clearly where is karmic mission as a top swimmer comes in!  He has Mars closely square Jupiter (over the top energy and enthusiasm) and really went for it in week 1!  Mars square Pluto gives him a powerhouse of energy which needs to be properly directed, which it obviously is through swimming, and Jupiter conjunct Pluto gives him Power (with a capital P)!  Apparently he is over 6 feet tall, with very large hands and feet, double-jointed knees and ankles, and an unusually strong cardiovascular system (that can’t be a disadvantage on the dance floor!)  His current transits are: Uranus trine his natal Mercury (new experiences), and Pluto on his natal Uranus (change and challenge), plus Neptune sextile his natal Neptune (in harmony with his soul).  At the final, his astrological picture will be: Neptune trine his natal Venus (he will be in love with dance), Mars on his Jupiter (all fired up), Pluto still on his Uranus, plus the South Node on his natal Pluto (psychologically life-changing).

He and his partner Katya Jones are both extremely competitive.  Taurean Katya is well known now for being exceptionally creative and innovative.  In their synastry, his Neptune is trine her natal Sun, so that is a direct line to a satisfying dance partnership, in enhanced creativity for her, and bringing out the dancer for him.  However, his Saturn squares her Mercury which could bring some mental or communication challenges for her.  His Saturn trines her Mars, so if she is not too much in her head, some of that blocking can be circumvented.  His North Node sextiles her Neptune, so this is a destined partnership for their mutual spiritual growth.  Her current transits are: Neptune sextile her Sun (sublime, and perfect for dance), Chiron sextile her natal Jupiter (enabling the healing component of her art), and Chiron squaring her natal Neptune (exquisite emotion, painful at times).  Her main transit at the end is Chiron square to her Mars (possibility of injury).  I think they will continue well into the process, but won’t be in the final.

Sara Davies

The judges considered entrepreneur Sara Davies to be comparatively lacklustre in the first week, but, my goodness, how that changed in the second week with her outstanding foxtrot, to the tune of “Dream a little dream of me”!  She of course joined the dragons in Dragons’ Den (which was announced on her Solar Return in 2019), by virtue of her successful crafting business. As a Taurean, she has the practical skills and artistry which give her that particular expertise.  With 6 planets in the Fixed signs, she is very strong willed.  She has grace and elegance, with her Sun/Mercury trine Neptune, and that also accounts for a comment judge Shirley made in week 1 that she has “a good ear for music”.  Her good business head is indicated by an exact sextile between Jupiter and Saturn (balanced judgement).  Her current transits are: Mars sextile her Mars (so she should be putting on an energetic show), Chiron square her Jupiter (it is a learning curve for her), Uranus opposite her Saturn (learning new ways and being out of her comfort zone) and Chiron trine her natal Uranus (also stretching herself in a good way).  Her main transit at the end of the process is Pluto sextile her Mars (improved fitness!), so she will feel the benefit physically.

She is partnered with Aljaz Skorjanec who is a veteran of Strictly, having danced with among others Alison Hammond, Daisy Lowe and Gemma Atkinson.  His synastry with Sara shows up his Sun sextile her Neptune (a good dance partnership), his Sun trine her Pluto (she will teach him too, on a deep level), and his Sun square her Chiron (more deep interaction).  His Jupiter sextiles her Mercury, which is excellent for communication; but his Jupiter also opposes her Neptune (so they may have differing views about life and religion).  But his Jupiter trine her Pluto, could produce real power in performance terms.  His Neptune on her Jupiter will deepen her sensitivity, and his Neptune sextile her Saturn will soften her on some level.  His transits at the moment are Uranus trine his Mars (surprise moves), Neptune sextile his Saturn (inspiration added to his discipline), and Uranus trine his Neptune (incorporating complexity).  At the end of the contest he has the Nodal Axis square his Sun (he may have a karmic decision to make), Neptune will still be sextile his Saturn, Saturn will be on his Mercury (he may be stressed), and Chiron will be square his Uranus (possibility of injury).  There again, I think this couple will be middle of the road, but not at the front in the final.

Greg Wise

Actor Greg Wise, married of course to Emma Thompson, is trying his hand this year on the dance floor.  He has 0 Air planets, and though he comes across as intellectual he operates on  quite a deal of instinct too.  His Sun in Taurus is conjunct Mars, so there may be something of a warrior about him.  But with Neptune opposite his Sun he likes to confuse, too.  He may like mysteries and riddles.  His Sun is conjunct the North Node in his chart, so he is commanding and this also indicates the Thespian path.  With Mercury trine Uranus, he likes the unusual, anything that tickles his brain cells.  His Mercury also trines Pluto, as he has the anarchic energy of Uranus exactly conjunct Pluto in Virgo (a feature of the year he was born, 1966), so there is also depth of thought, and sometimes too much mental activity.  He has Mars trine Uranus (electrical energy) and Mars opposite Neptune (also some confusing energy – he won’t always be confident on the dance floor).  Mars trines his Pluto, so he has a powerhouse of energy, too.  His Jupiter squares Saturn, so sometimes he is torn between two courses of action.  He also has the desire to heal, through the Sun/North Node exactly sextile Chiron.  This week he has Jupiter square his Sun (he will put everything he has got into performance), Pluto trine his Sun (he will infuse deep feeling into the performance), Chiron is on his Venus (feeling the pathos and poignancy of life, whether on or off the dance floor), Mars is opposite his Saturn (could be experiencing physical discomfort), and Uranus will be trine his Uranus (he has the power to surprise).  At the end of the contest he has Saturn square his Mercury (a little disappointment), Uranus on his Mercury (nervous strain), Saturn sextile his Venus (re-commitment to family life), Neptune sextile his Mars (increased sensitivity) and Neptune sextile his Neptune (attunement with his Soul).  He’ll be fine, but not likely to be on the dance floor at the final (except for the group reunion dance).

I wrote about his partner, Karen Hauer in 2015: “She has a dreamy Moon/Venus conjunction in Pisces, gliding with a trine to her North Node, so she will always do well in ballroom dancing!”  She seemed to go through a radical change when she separated from Kevin Clifton, and we have seen a more raunchy and raw side of her.  Their astrological relationship has  a great deal of opposition and squaring, so they may not be a good fit.  Where they may do well is in communication, because they have their Mercuries (intellects) conjunct in Taurus, and they are both Taurean Sunsigns, so there is that basic understanding.  Her current transits show Uranus sextile her natal Venus (she will be enjoying the new relationship and challenge), Mars square her natal Neptune (her sensitivities may be aggravated), Jupiter is trine her Pluto (she feels her power) but Pluto squares her Pluto (at the same time, she has difficulty expressing it, and may feel challenged).  Her final transits are  Saturn square her Mercury (disappointment), Mars sextile her Mars (fighting spirit) and Pluto still square her natal Pluto.  This couple may not go far in the competition.

Two of these couples may be in danger of going out this week (Katie and Greg), but I feel the other two (Sara and Adam) will get to at least the central midpoint of the process.  But the show is as always top class for enjoyment and interest.  I will be back in a few weeks with another four analyses


It’s all good news this week!  At least on the astrological front…Not a cloud in the sky, astrologically.

Tomorrow (Monday 11th). Saturn is Stationary prior to going Direct (following Pluto last week), so we are gradually coming out of an intense retrograde period.  This may be experienced as a relief to some, especially for Capricornians, and may release some of their chains or burdens.  Climbing up that mountain may seem slightly easier. Depending on where this turnaround falls in your chart (6 degrees Aquarius), your efforts, struggles and hard work in that area may start to bear fruit, progress, and just get easier.

On Wednesday (13th) Venus will be sextile Saturn, and relationships need consideration, and will repay the time and loyalty you give them.  It is a helpful aspect for laying the foundations of artistic or musical work.

We have one of the luckiest aspects of the year on Friday (15th), the Sun trine Jupiter.  This is a happy-go-lucky aspect where circumstances allow.  It is a day of good cheer, laughter, adventure, golden opportunity and looking ahead to the future with optimism.

Last, but not least, on Saturday (16th), Venus will be trine Chiron, and this may aid healing and recovery.  Try to keep the heart open; it is the antidote for many things.  The healing power of love comes to the fore.  There may be a real opportunity to re-group your healing energies and feel harmony within your being.  Personally, I am planning to attend a reunion in Cambridge of the Quiet Office!

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – an easier climb
  • Wednesday – loyalty and commitment
  • Friday – lucky and expansive
  • Saturday – relationship healing

Aspects for the week beginning 3 October 2021

Cressida Dick

The currently serving Commissioner for the Metropolitan Police, Cressida Dick, has again come under pressure to resign following this week’s sentencing of ex-policeman Wayne Couzens, who murdered Sarah Everard on 3rd March.  Sarah’s murder is a watershed in so many ways, highlighting violence against women, and mistrust of the police, misogyny in the police force, as well as the inadequacies of police vetting.  Should Cressida stay or should she go, and will she stay or will she go?  The whole issue raises, among other things, the question of the responsibility of individuals in authority

Birth Chart

I wrote in April:

“She is the first woman to hold the post.  In her chart, she has a close opposition between Mars and Saturn, so is capable of being tough in this post which would assume toughness!  Saturn trine Pluto in her chart is another sign of great strength, also a requirement.  Saturn exactly trine her natal North Node assumes a karmic mission of seriousness and discipline.  She took up the post on 10th April 2017, with transiting Mars squaring her Chiron (stressful, not healing), Saturn on her Jupiter (a limiting and disciplined event in her life), Saturn sextile her natal Chiron (requiring discipline for healing), Uranus trine her natal Uranus (a surprise), Neptune sextile her natal Saturn (complex discipline required), and Neptune on her South Node (a result of complex past karma).  In her position, she has had to contend with lack of funding by the government, who have refused to increase pay for the police, as with the NHS.  She claims that low recruitment can be laid at the door of the glamourization of violence and social media.”

To which I would add:

She has an extremely strong chart: the Moon conjunct Pluto links her with the police force, Mercury trine Mars can be combative in speech and able to debate, or stand up for herself; Mercury loosely square Uranus means she is not afraid to be controversial, and Mars sextile Pluto conveys the sense of strength and power you would expect from a Police Commissioner.

Sarah’s Murder

Sarah Everard’s murder may prove to be a defining moment for the Met, and for Cressida.  The event of course is beyond tragic for her family, and certainly changed Wayne Couzens life, as he has now been handed a Whole Life sentence, apparently a rare type of sentence.  Only a hundred such sentences have been handed out since its introduction in 1983 (the year Pluto went into Scorpio, a telling ingress).  A candlelight vigil was held for Sarah by the public.  At the time of the murder, Cressida’s transits were Jupiter square her Mercury, Saturn square her Neptune (very difficult) and Uranus trine Pluto (insistent change).

The transits for the chart of the Metropolitan Police at that time shows the North Node (karma) square its Venus (female issues), and Pluto square its Mars (the Institution in danger, or disrepute).  Jupiter sextile its Saturn indicated an opportunity.

Sarah’s chart shows a lighthearted and gentle spirit, with Sun sextile Jupiter and the Moon trine Venus.  Harshness towards her may be shown by a conjunction of Saturn and Uranus opposite her Sun.  Karmically, she had three squares to the Nodal Axis, which is quite unusual.

Her murderer, Wayne Couzens, was Sagittarian (of the opposite to her Gemini Sun).  He was a Full Mooner (very emotional), with the Sun square to Pluto, the planet of darkness, but also of the Police.  However, he has apparently shown no contrition.  Mars was unaspected in his chart, which could have been a problem (misdirected sexual urges, or something unattainable niggling at him).  Jupiter was loosely square Uranus in his chart, indicating a Chancer.  Was this a cocktail recipe for a murderer, or do other factors such as sociological considerations come into play in the development of such a psyche?

How did he chance upon his victim?  There is one karmic conjunction, which is her Mars on his South Node.  Their synastry shows: her Sun trine his Uranus (his power of surprise), her Mercury opposite his Jupiter, her Venus trine his Pluto, her Jupiter opposite his Uranus – in each exchange, his planet has the advantage.  That is not to say that her murder could not have been avoided, given the changes we know we need in policing and public safety for women.  This murder exposed loopholes which needed to be addressed.

Wayne’s actions impacting on Cressida’s life and work are also interesting to look at:  his Sun at 28 degrees Sagittarius is exactly conjunct her Jupiter (the psychological principle of trusting to luck), which in turn is sextile her natal Chiron.  His Uranus (shock) is on her Sun, and his Chiron (crisis) is square her Saturn, posing a troublesome problem.

The transits operational for Sarah at the time of the murder included Uranus opposite her natal Pluto, in this case devastating change.

And the transits operational for Wayne Couzens included Saturn sextile his natal Mercury, suggesting premeditation (a fact which is undeniable, in the face of all the preparation he made in the hiring of a van etc.)

Cressida’s Life and Career

Cressida’s career has had its ups and downs.  She earned a degree in Agriculture and Forest Sciences from Balliol College Oxford, before joining the Met in 1983.  She later took a Master’s degree in Criminology.  In 2005, she was at the head of the operation when the innocent Jean Charles de Menezes was shot and killed by the police.  Though the Met was blamed, she was cleared of responsibility. She commented about this in 2008, saying: “If you ask me whether I think anybody did anything wrong or unreasonable on the operation, I don’t think they did.”  Later still, she commented: “The events of that day stay with one; I think about it quite often. It was a traumatic period. It was an awful time for so many people, obviously and most of all Jean Charles’s family, the people who were there when it happened, the firearms officers, the surveillance officers.”  In 2012 she oversaw the security operations for the Met in the Summer Olympics.  She was selected for a five year term as Commissioner for the Met in 2017, notably being the first woman in that post.  The announcement came on 22nd February, with transiting Jupiter on her natal Sun (a promotion).She criticized the cuts in budget to police funding, and also in 2018 warned about the effects of Brexit on services.  In the same year, she initiated a campaign to recruit more female officers in the Met, something which is needed for the safety of women.

What Now?

81 women have been murdered in the 28 weeks since Sarah died, including the murder of schoolteacher Sabina Nessa in South East London on 17th September, for whom the public also paid a candlelit vigil. It is now clearer than ever that something needs to be done.  Is Cressida Dick the right person for the job?  She initially recommended that if women felt unsafe in an encounter with a police office in the future, they should resist arrest, run away and flag down a bus or call 999.  These and other recommendations which have been put forward all seem lame, and women have responded that the onus needs to be put on men to be educated and be responsible, and to act appropriately.  That is difficult to implement if you are dealing with a psychopath or deranged personality which is determined to act out aggression.

Today’s Observer Leader comments: All the emphasis is on women changing behaviour to protect themselves but there is an overwhelming lack of strategy to prevent male violence by working with perpetrators of domestic abuse and fostering healthy attitudes towards women and girls among boys.”

The transits for the Met currently show a Solar Return (a spotlight on the Institution), Jupiter trine its Mercury (a good time to look at improvements), the Nodal Axis square its Venus (a karmic need to revise its behaviour towards women) and Mars opposite its Uranus (triggering a needed shock).

The Observer this morning included suggestions going forward from prominent women, who came up with Compel Action, Improve Vetting (warning signs were ignored about Couzens), Changing the Culture, Earning our Trust (ironically, Boris Johnson urged us to trust the police), and the Police Listening to Us.  Shadow Minister for Domestic Violence and Safeguarding Jess Phillips advocated a change in culture, saying “British policing needs to, for the first time ever, prioritise violence against women and girls and include it as serious violent crime, with all the prevention strategies and resources that come with that.”

Catherine Bennett, also in the Observer, comments on Cressida’s role: “The kindest thing that can be said about Cressida Dick, given the evidence of employee mistreatment of women tolerated in police forces, is that this misogyny is so entrenched as to have defied any attempts she may have made to expunge it.”

In an article by Rajiv Syal and Vikram in yesterday’s Guardian,  they wrote:

“Asked if Dick could continue in the job, [Lord] Stevens said she should ask herself some searching questions. ‘You have to look at yourself and say: Can I continue?  Can I continue with confidence?  Can I continue in a way that brings around the change that’s necessary to make the public feel safe…Have we got people in the police service who should not be there?'”

Cressida’s transits for the sentencing this week show Jupiter trine her natal Sun, Uranus trine her natal North Node, Pluto sextile her natal Venus – someone has been brought to justice, but these transits imply she probably would not resign now.

As for my penny’s worth, I think it all comes down to psychology, needing to get to the root of why men need to do this.  And then the encouragement of violence through violent film and media.  No doubt there are similarities across the globe, so the human race may need to be rewired.  And yet, I believe that the human heart is fundamentally sound, so when and how does it get twisted in that way?  Answers on a postcard.


The Sun is opposite Chiron today, a day of wrestling with conundrums.  Apologies for too many Observer quotes in my piece about Cressida Dick, but I felt that this week’s issue was too important and too complex to skim over, as I am sure you will agree (!)  It is good to cultivate a good relationship with your Inner Healer today, and thus find more intuitive answers to any problems.  Look more deeply into the source of the symptom or problem.

Tomorrow (Monday 4th) brings us a splendid trine between Mercury and Jupiter (although Mercury being retrograde may take off a little of the shine).  This aspect will help business transactions, and expand our horizons, minds and philosophies.  This is an upbeat vibe mentally, one that takes in great wads of information, produces good ideas and may incline one to travel (as more countries are taken off the red list).

A New Moon at 13 degrees Libra graces us on Wednesday (6th).  Some of the artistic, musical and relationship issues you have been grappling with could receive new impetus and a more confident direction.  Where there has been struggle, there could be more harmony.  Where there has been vacillation, there may be more balance.  But whether or not you are conscious of beneficial changes or shifts in these matters, they may still be progressing and bear fruit over the next month.

Additional help arrives in the evening, with Pluto Stationing prior to turning Direct.  We may feel we are coming through a transition, or at least on a more salubrious path.  The ruminations of the entire retrograde period (since late April) bear fruit.  Breakthroughs can take place at this juncture, e.g. reunions where perhaps people have not been speaking to each other.

A fresh social vibe arrives on Thursday (7th) with the advent of Venus into Sagittarius.  You may be in party mood, whether in person, socially distanced gatherings, or in virtual reality.  Venus in Sagittarius ensures that the mood stays around, right through till 5th November.  It is there if you need it.  Venus in Sagittarius is a good-will-to-all men and women vibe.

On Friday (8th) there is an upsurge of energy (and possibly conflict) with the Sun conjoining with Mars in Libra.  This signals two days of intensity in relationships, due to a triple conjunction in Libra.  You can get things done, but also it can bring out the warrior in people..  If you are sure that you are entirely justified and constructive, then go for what you want.  If you are a peacemaker, then your work may be cut out.  It is not a day to take big risks, for either type of personality.

The next component of the triple conjunction is the Sun conjunct Mercury which occurs on Saturday (9th).  That brings a touch of sparkle to your consciousness.  It is a good day to apply your mind with clarity,  concentrate and focus,  make important statements, and look to the future.  You may write or speak some memorable lines.  Look out for some telepathy, too!

And the final side of the triangular process completes in the evening, when Mercury conjoins with Mars.  This brings brisk action, mental and physical stimulation, and again can help movement in your projects.  Again, there is a small element of risk of being incident-prone, as in minor cuts and bruises.  So mindfulness is a key to successful outcomes.  It is mentally acute and favours critical thinking, if you are composing an analysis, a review or critique.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – wrestling with conundrums
  • Tomorrow – educational and mind-stretching
  • Wednesday – new beginning; psychological progress
  • Thursday – party time or party planning
  • Friday – upsurge of energy
  • Saturday – mental clarity; brisk action


Aspects for the week beginning 26 September 2021

Clive Sinclair (1940 – 2021)

“Once you start to make machines that are rivalling and surpassing humans with intelligence, it’s going to be very difficult for us to survive. It’s just an inevitability.”

~ Sir Clive Sinclair

Inventor Sir Clive Sinclair died just over a week ago, and what a character he was!  His life and career were full of ups and downs, but he was inventing up until he died, at the age of 81.

Birth Chart

We have no birth time for Clive, but the picture we have from a Noon chart is quite vivid and apt.  He had 6 (over half) his planets in the Fixed signs, and was known to be stubborn – how else could he have brought his whacky inventions into birth?  His Sun was in Leo, the sign of Creativity, and squared Jupiter so he had a sense of adventure (and risk: he was a poker player).  But Jupiter in his chart was conjunct Saturn, so he had his failures as well as successes, and was hamstrung at times.  The Sun in his chart was also conjunct Pluto, so his character was also deep, and perceptive in terms of what he felt was needed in society.  What gave him specifically an Inventor’s Mind was Mercury (mind) exactly sextile Uranus (invention).  Mercury was also closely conjunct Chiron, a problem-solving conjunction: he may often have started with a problem to solve.  Added to that the inspiration of Mercury sextile Neptune, and the depth of thought of Mercury conjunct Pluto, and you have a unique mindset.  His Mercury was placed in Gemini, which is already a busy condition for the mind, and he earned his stripes and an honorary presidency at Mensa with an I.Q. of 159.  He has a generally well-aspected Neptune, a trine and two sextiles, making him a visionary, but with Venus square Neptune, he had two marriages, which did not last, but his first marriage produced three children.  Without a birth time, we cannot look at his 7th House of Marriage.  Mars squaring Jupiter gave him an over-the-top enthusiasm, which an inventor would need.  At the same time,  Mars squared Saturn from the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction – also bringing in some caution.  The enthusiasm in this combination probably won out, as with his stand-out failure, the electric car, he implied he had been too hasty in his timing as January was not a good month to launch something which required the use of the battery (it might have stood a better chance later in the year, as the battery was not suited to cold weather).  But Uranus trine Neptune gave him the ability to work with complexity.

Life and Career

Unsurprisingly, Clive came from a family of engineers, and both his father and grandfather had worked at the shipbuilders Vickers.  During the war, the family home  near Richmond was  destroyed by bombing.  Clive was not overly interested in academia, but excelled in mathematics and physics, and began inventing from an early age (at 21 he founded Sinclair Radionics Ltd.).  In 1972 he produced the first electronic pocket calculator.  In 1980 most notably he produced the hugely successful ZX80, the first home computer.  A member of my family was training in computers at the time, and bought a model!  So we had one in the family, but of course it didn’t do much!  It was very basic, requiring a television and a cassette.   He was knighted in 1983, for his pioneering work.  In that year, his Progressed Sun was trine Jupiter (awards and honours).

The failure which dented his record most adversely, was the Sinclair Vehicles C5 battery electric vehicle, in 1985.  He was subsequently forced to sell his computer company to Alan Sugar.  Ironically, he himself disliked using the Internet or email, and used a slide rule rather than a calculator.  He viewed having technical and mechanical things around him as a distraction from the invention process.

An interesting and lively Soul, and a rare talent.

“I never feel, my God, that’s the end of the world, I just get on with the next stage.  I am not a businessman by nature…I certainly have no desire to be hugely rich:…”

~ Sir Clive Sinclair


Today, the Sun is trine the North Node, which augurs well if you are trying to straighten out your karma! It can help you to stay on the right track.  Clarity emerging can throw up creative avenues and karmic insights.  It is good preparation for the impending onset of Mercury Retrograde.

As just promised, tomorrow (Monday 27th) brings Mercury to a stationing position, prior to turning retrograde, and we have to take in our stride the rigorous routine which Mercury Retrograde entails.  As usual this would be for a three week period, in this case until 18th October.  This of course, may herald difficulties in communication.  We may need to upgrade our technology during the next three weeks, and we will need to practice mindfulness and stay alert for misunderstandings.  Mercury Retrograde in Libra benefits the highlighting and resolving of old relationship problems, and bringing equality, fairness and justice to problems of that nature.

Venus trines Neptune on Wednesday (29th) which is always a serene planetary dance.  Dance is one of the art forms enhanced by this trine, and we are now well and truly in the pleasure season of Strictly Come Dancing.  Whatever your art form, it can be enhanced, and if you are an observer there is the great enjoyment in being an audience.  In relationship, there is a potential for spiritual bonding.

In the evening, the Sun trines Saturn, which is a more down to earth aspect, but you may still be able to incorporate some of the sensitivity, inspiration and spirituality of the earlier trine, and two trines in one day is a blessing.  Sun trine Saturn is a solid and productive aspect.  If you are engaged in creativity, it can help ensure that it works on a practical level.  Simplifying your plans, or making economies, may make them more workable. This is especially useful to bear in mind if you own a business, and are considering staffing and resources.  One solid step at a time, and one day at a time.  By the end of the day, you may feel that you have honoured more than one area of your life.

There’s a square on Thursday (30th), but probably the most benign square of the year: Venus square Jupiter, composed of the “greater and lesser benefic”.  It occurs in the last hour of the evening, so some of the afterglow of Wednesday’s trines may still be operational.  Venus square Jupiter is a very social and sociable aspect, but can be gauche, awkward, or inappropriate.  Social non-conformists won’t care, but conformists may lament the lack of sticking to the rules.

Friday (1st October) brings an opposition between Mars and Chiron, which may be tricky.  This can highlight wounds, mainly of the psychological kind.  Something may be flagged up for you to heal.  Perhaps a longstanding misunderstanding in the family, especially concerning the male of the species.  We may be surprised to hear how deeply someone feels about an issue, which might hitherto have been hidden.  We can only start to address something which has emerged in consciousness and awareness, so can thank Chiron for that process.

By lunchtime, our attention may be drawn to another issue (or a different facet of the same issue), with a square between Mercury and Pluto, highlighting analytical and psychological nuances.  You may be asked to take stock.   You may encounter awkward communications or travel.  Some ‘me space’ could enable the depth of thought you need to see things clearly, and put your priorities in order.  There could be some slight mental strain, e.g. some issues you have been able to put to the back of your mind during the day, but start to impinge.  A spot of meditation could help get things into perspective. 

Some balm arrives on Saturday (2nd), and not just the surface brush of a dock leaf, for Venus sextile Pluto has the capacity to get to the root of the problem, be it Love and/or Money, both of which are represented by aspects of Venus and Pluto.  It could be a time of difficult but rewarding soul searching with loved ones.  In finance, there could be hard won but satisfying bargaining and balancing.  If you are an artist or musician, you could take a step further in your art, and deepen the value and content of the material you are working with.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – straightening out karma
  • Tomorrow – communications disrupted
  • Wednesday – a serene dance; and a practical proposition
  • Thursday – awkward, but hopefully no harm done
  • Friday – highlighting wounds for healing; challenging mental processes
  • Saturday – getting deeper satisfaction

Aspects for the week beginning 19 September 2021

Strictly Come Dancing 2021

The series has begun!  Last night we saw the launch show for this year’s Strictly extravaganza.  The celebrities all seemed pleased with the professional partners that had been chosen for them.  As usual, I will look at the pairings and prospects.

So for the first four contestants:

Judi Love

Judi has the quick wit of Sun in Gemini, and facility with words of Mercury conjunct Venus.  She needs these qualities to be able to talk about anything on Loose Women, where she has been a panellist for over a year.  She is a great comedian, and a warm hearted personality. She has the North Node in Leo, The Performer Archetype, as part of her karmic mission.  Her transits now show Jupiter on her South Node in Aquarius, some past life karma to enjoy, perhaps a past life liaison.  She has transiting Uranus on her natal Chiron in Taurus, so her Inner Healer is receiving a kick start.  And Neptune squares her Neptune, dancing may make her feel dizzyingly a little at sea!  Around the time of the final, she has mixed influences: Uranus will be trine her natal Mars in Virgo – a surprisingly energetic finish, but Neptune opposite her natal Saturn, she may have let other things slide to make way for Strictly, and may need to catch up with herself.

She is partnered with Sizzling Sicilian Graziano di Prima.  There’s a little grit between them, with her Mars opposite his Saturn.  But there is also healing, with her Jupiter conjunct his Chiron (she will find his funny bone).  And there may be some fire between them, with her Pluto opposite his Mars.  His current transits show Jupiter squaring his Nodal Axis (a comedian comes into his life), and Pluto sextile his North Node (drama and passion).  At the close of the tournament Jupiter will be squaring his Mercury (he’ll still be laughing), Uranus will be sextile his Saturn (he will feel he’s done a good job), and Pluto will be on his Uranus (he will feel deeply changed, as a person).  Next week they will be dancing the American Smooth to Aretha Franklin.  I don’t think this is the winning combination, but I am certain they will be enormously entertaining.

Dan Walker

BBC Breakfast Presenter Dan Walker was born on a New Moon in Pisces.  With the Sun closely sextile Jupiter, and Mars square Jupiter, he has great enthusiasm for sport, especially football.  He is very tall, at 6′ 6″, so will look gallant on the dance floor.  He is the son of a church minister, and his Christianity is important enough for him that he refuses to work on Sundays – Pisces is especially connected to Christianity.  From 2016 until this week, he was partnered on the sofa with Louise Minchin.  For Louise this week, Saturn was trine her natal Venus, the end of a partnership, while for Dan this week Pluto was square his natal Venus (the severing of a long term partnership), while Jupiter is sextile his natal Venus (a new partnership arriving at the same time).  At the end of the contest, Saturn will oppose his natal Saturn (a stuckness), Uranus will square his natal Saturn (he could go out unexpectedly before the end) and Uranus opposes his natal Uranus (a mid-life crisis or rebellion).  I feel that emotions will emerge through this process which have not come up for him before.

His new partner Nadiya Bychkova is a very perfectionistic Sun, Mercury and Mars in Virgo, with all the brilliance of Sun exactly trine Uranus, and all the energy of Mars sextile Pluto.  Louise Minchin is also Virgoan, and Virgo and Pisces can provide a balance for each other, being opposite signs.  The chemistry between Nadiya and Dan shows her Uranus square his Mercury, so she could shock him at times.  Her Mercury trines his Jupiter, so he could open her mind with new information.  His Pluto also squares her Chiron, which could make for mutual discomfort at times.  Her transits now show Saturn trine her natal Venus, so she may need to be patient.  Her transits for the time of the final show Chiron square her natal Neptune, so she may be feeling a little disengaged by that time.  So overall, this does not look like the winning pair.

Nina Wadia

Born in Mumbai of Parsi ancestry, actress Nina Wadia has a powerful (Sun at the Galactic Centre) but challenging chart, with a complex T-square of Sun/Mercury conjunction on an Opposition between Chiron/North Node and  South Node/Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto.  This is helpful for channelling and expressing a wide variety of roles, and she says that is what she will most enjoy about her time at Strictly.  Among other roles she of course famously played Zainab Masood in EastEnders.  She has an entrepreneurial Jupiter conjunct exactly Uranus and may find that she has the confidence to tackle anything she sets her mind to.  One of her challenges is that she has 5 squares to her natal Mercury, so her mind could often be on overdrive.  The North Node is conjunct Chiron in her chart, indicating a healing karmic mission.  Her transits now show Jupiter trine her natal Mars, great enthusiasm for the task; the North Node trine her Jupiter, karmic reward and uplift; and Pluto trine her natal Pluto – self-empowerment.  That’s a good starting block!  By the end, her transits show Saturn on her Venus, disappointment; Mars sextile her Jupiter, enthusiasm still ongoing; Mars sextile her Uranus, electrifying; and Jupiter square her Neptune, disillusionment.  I wonder if that mixture means she could get to the final, and be pipped to the post.  She has said: “I’ve always danced like nobody’s watching, so if we blindfold the judges I could actually win Strictly 2021.”

She will be dancing with Neil Jones, a Taurean, with a sparkling triple conjunction of Mars/Mercury/Chiron in that sign.  Their synastry shows his Mercury trine her Pluto, so she will give him deep pause for thought.  Her Pluto also squares his Venus, so he will deeply feel some of that complexity and life experience she brings to the table (dance floor).  His Neptune squares her Chiron, so his dance expertise could challenge her physically (she is already complaining of sore feet!) and enable her to grow her Inner Healer.  They will be dancing a Samba next week.  Neil’s current transits are: Uranus on his Sun, which becomes exact on 20th October (that could be a defining moment for him in the contest); Pluto trine his natal Mercury (pause for deep thought), Neptune sextile his natal Mars (learning increasing sensitivity in his craft), and Saturn sextile his natal Uranus (patience and stability).  At the end of the tournament, he has Pluto still trine his Mercury (ever deepening mental development), Neptune still sextile his Mars, Chiron trine his natal Jupiter (a more optimistic view of life and the ability to heal), Chiron trine his natal Uranus (more healing, some possibly miraculous), Jupiter sextile his Neptune (“there is a God!”), and last but not least Jupiter trine his natal Pluto (great Power).  That certainly looks like a winning set of transits for him: so this couple could reach the final.

Robert Webb

Comedian Robert Webb has half his planets (5) in Air signs, so is mentally focussed and communicative.  He has Sun square Jupiter (comedy), and Sun sextile Neptune (which may be a factor for dancing success).  How well I remember his mesmerizing performance winning Let’s Dance for Comic Relief in 2009!  He has quite a serious side, too, with the Sun conjunct Pluto and Mercury trine Saturn.  His thought processes are lightning fast, with Mercury conjunct Uranus, and that may quicken his quickstep.  Mars closely squaring Jupiter gives him over the top enthusiasm at times, which can get out of control:  “I am ludicrously excited to be taking part in Strictly this year. It’s a big, generous, joyful show and I can’t wait to get packed into a spandex onesie”.  With Mars conjunct Pluto, he has a powerhouse of energy, which maybe sometimes he doesn’t know what to do with.  And Jupiter squares Pluto in his chart, so he may have issues around power.  He famously came to our attention as part of comedy duo Mitchell and Webb, having met each other at Cambridge.  They have good trines and sextiles between them. Robert wrote a memoir in 2015 entitled “How Not to Be a Boy”.  He is a confirmed atheist, having strayed slightly after the death of his mother, and returned to his original beliefs.  His transits now show Mars on his Pluto, which is over-strenuous.  He has a heart condition, but must have been passed for the show.  Saturn currently trine his Sun may help to steady him.  At the end of the contest, Neptune will be square his Saturn, so he could overdo things and need to rest at some point.

He is partnered with the very red-headed Dianne Buswell, who is still linked with her partner of 2018, Joe Sugg.  Dianne is a supportive Taurean, with Chiron, Mars and the Moon in Cancer (the sign of musical rhythm).  Dianne’s current transits are: Saturn trine her natal Mercury, so she will tap into Robert’s serious side straight away; Chiron sextile her natal Jupiter, so she will find him engaging and the humour will be healing; Uranus trines her natal Saturn – they will keep each other on their toes!, Chiron square her natal Neptune (there will be challenges, even possibly healing crises), and Uranus opposes her natal Pluto (a surprise a minute, she won’t have a restful time).  Next week they dance the Cha Cha to Rasputin.  At the end of the contest, Jupiter will be square her Venus (good socially), and Saturn will trine her Jupiter (she’ll be philosophical).  I think Robert will put in some good performances, but a minor injury or discomfort may put him out half way through the contest.

I’ll be back in a few weeks, when the contest has embedded itself into our consciousness, with another four analyses.  In the meantime, keep viewing!


A sparkling trine tomorrow (Monday 20th) between Mercury and Jupiter assists us in our learning in this new term, whether we are academic students, office workers, or mere students of life.  Mercury trine Jupiter expands our minds and philosophies.  This is an upbeat vibe mentally, and one which could just make the start of your week one to remember.  It can also help the currently beleaguered teaching profession and educational policies, foster dialogues between nations (we need that, with Liz Truss now at the helm of our foreign policy, and the Aukus crisis upon us), and even support struggling businesses.  The aspect occurs very late in the evening, so could spill out into Tuesday in its effect.

Even later, just before midnight in fact, we have a Full Moon at 28 degrees Pisces.  Pisces is one of the most sensitive and emotional Full Moons of the year, so treat yourself with tender loving care and you can then treat others with that sensitivity.  Issues which may come up may be the plastic in the sea, or the fishing industry.  The Pisces Full Moon reminds us that we are all One.  Dan Walker has his natal Sun at 28 degrees Pisces, so his emotional expression is likely to open up significantly!

On Wednesday lunchtime (22nd) Pluto squares Mercury, which can be mentally fractious, so you may feel grumpy and find it becomes a chain reaction, unless you consciously intend to make every word count in a constructive way.  You may encounter awkward communications or travel (if you are allowed to travel).  You may need extra ‘me time’ in order to separate yourself from worried pronouncements about the state of the world.  If you do engage in chatter, choose a worthwhile subject.  The weather may be turbulent that day, too.  Liz Truss’ gunboat diplomacy over Aukus may rattle, though she has already pledged Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s husband support for her release.  Nazanin faces her 2000th day in custody this week, and our new foreign secretary is due to meet the Iranian counterpart in New York.

Meanwhile, the Sun enters Libra signifying the Autumn Equinox in the early evening, which may bring some balm.  That could bring a change of pace and mood.  It is a good time to take stock of the events of the Summer, and embrace the colourful Autumn prospects: different, but equally beautiful.  Libra may draw you to artistic or musical pursuits, new relationships, or an interest in the law and justice.

The last aspect of the week occurs on Saturday (25th), offering us a constructive trine between Mars and Saturn.  It may seem unexciting, but it does mean that hard work can pay off.  Think through what you want to achieve, and set about steadily allowing it to unfold, with some concrete or physical input or ignition on your part.  A trine not to be sniffed at.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – new learning; emotional high tide
  • Wednesday – mentally fractious; new autumnal mode of being
  • Saturday – constructive, practical worth

Aspects for the week beginning 12 September 2021

Emma Raducanu

“Every time you watch her you think she’s going to win every point.  You don’t even get that nervous.  She’s the real thing, you don’t get someone head and shoulders above that often and she’s one of those.  She has an incredible future.”

~ Virginia Wade

Young tennis star Emma Raducanu has been electrifying us with good news and mounting anticipation this week at the U.S. Open, culminating in her astonishing win last night as champion of this tournament.  Since her surprise emergence at Wimbledon this year, she has received A* in A Level Maths and an A in Economics, and toured America, before the tournament which began on 24th August.  She has quipped that she was set for an early exit with a flight back, but is taking it all in her stride, focussing one day at a time, taking care of each day.  Maybe her approach is a masterclass on living in the Now…?

Birth Chart

What is it that marks Emma out as outstanding in her field?  Without the valuable information of a birth time, what stands out for me is her Sun exactly conjunct Mercury in Scorpio – a super intense focus of concentration and strong will, making for precision and depth.  This conjunction is part of a T-square with Jupiter opposing Uranus.  Mercury square Jupiter gives a wide-ranging mind, and Mercury square Uranus tends not to care what others think, which leaves the mind and heart clear in some ways.  Venus is involved in a Grand Trine with Saturn and Uranus, conferring personal strength, and the ability to see the value of the old and the new at the same time, which is a great balance.  She has Mars exactly sextile Jupiter, often found in tennis players, a combination of energy and enthusiasm – as evidenced in her smile.  Mars trines Uranus giving her the power of surprise in action, and at the same time Mars is closely sextile Pluto, providing a powerhouse of energy.  One of her great strengths is Jupiter exactly trine Pluto, a tremendous power, which can be a great force for good in its application.  With Neptune closely trine the North Node, she is already a spiritual leader, judging by the legions of very young tennis players inspired by her example.  Pluto at the South Node in Sagittarius implies that she has undergone intense training in past lifetimes, not just this one, in order to achieve this level of athleticism. Martina Navratilova quipped: “She’s been here before in another life”. Tennis is her chosen path, but one gets the impression she is capable in so many ways.


Emma was born in Toronto on 13th November 2002, of mixed parentage (Romanian and Chinese).  She came to England when she was two years old.  She started playing tennis when she was five and turned professional when she was 16.  She chose as her idols Simona Halep (of Romanian heritage) and Li Na (of Chinese heritage).  Now here’s a thing!:

Instinctively, she chose perfectly.  For her Mars (physical energy) is at 18 degrees Libra (the sign I most associate with tennis), and Simona Halep’s is so close to that at 19 degrees Libra, while Li Na’s Mars is spot on the same degree (18 degrees Libra).  Their energies are synchronized.  She was literally able to follow in their groove.  That made it easier to find her own individual physical path in the pursuit of perfection.

The Guardian reported last July:

“At 17 years old, Raducanu is the biggest young British prospect in the women’s game and she has shown why this week at the Battle of the Brits, her meaty serve and groundstrokes dominating throughout.”

In July this year, she came to our notice as a wild card at Wimbledon.  When she reached the third round, on 2nd, she was quoted as commenting: “Everyone thinks I’m absolutely fanatic about my school results. They think I have such an inflated ego about it. Actually, I would say I have high standards for myself. That’s helped me get to where I am in tennis and also in terms of school results.”

By 3rd July, at 18 years of age, she was being hailed as the youngest British female to reach the second week of Wimbledon since 1959.  In her transits, Jupiter was trine her natal Venus.

Sadly, on 5th July, she experienced breathing difficulties on court and retired from the fourth round.  Worry was raised over the parallels with young Naomi Osaka who burst onto the tennis world at a young age, then began to have mental health issues.  With Mercury exactly conjunct the Sun in Emma’s natal chart, the respiratory system may be a slight weakness, but it was generally thought to be a panic attack.

A Level results came out on 10th August, and she excelled in these:  her transits reflected that, with three trines (Mars trine her natal Chiron in Capricorn, Jupiter trine her natal Saturn in Gemini, and Saturn trine exactly her natal North Node to the day in Gemini).

The U.S. Open began on 24th August, and she has progressed steadily through the tournament, without dropping a set.  Jupiter was on her natal Uranus as she was riding high at the tournament.  She astonishingly qualified for the final against fellow teenager Leylah Annie Fernandez.

Leylah is another astonishing young woman, and the two are well known to each other.  Leylah was also born in Canada, and was playing for her home country.  She is also an exotic mixture – of Ecuadorian and Filippino heritage.  Both girls have arresting smiles.

At the final last night, Emma’s transits were:-

A Venus Return in Scorpio exactly at the time of the match

Mars square her natal Saturn in Gemini, exact at the time of the match, a test of her self-control

And Jupiter on her natal Uranus, an amazing surprise

For her opponent, Leylah Annie Fernandez, Mars is also square natal Saturn (also exact at the time of the match), for although Fernandez is two months older than Raducanu, their Saturns are conjunct.  It was a karmic meeting!  The recent New Moon during the tournament was supportive to Fernandez, for it fell exactly on her Sun in Virgo.  At the final, Uranus trined her natal Sun, though that does not become exact until October.  The Nodal Axis is square her natal Mars, and Saturn opposes her natal Jupiter in Leo.  There are other similarities in their charts, such as having their Venuses in conjunction, their Saturns and Neptunes.  Emma’s North Node makes two karmic connections, trines with Leylah’s Mercury and Neptune.


This week Emma has broken several records:

She is the only singles qualifier to win the U.S. Open final

She is the  lowest ranked U.S. Open semi-finalist since 2009

She is the youngest semi-finalist since 2005

She is the first British female in 53 years to reach the finals

The Match

The match was a superb display of women’s tennis, reflective of the power tussle of yesterday’s Jupiter-Pluto semi-sextile.  Emma was playing without the support of her parents there, and with the crowd volubly on the side of Leylah.  The first set was evenly matched, so much so that Emma’s win took me by surprise – it seemed to come suddenly.  Leylah started to trail in the second set, but saved a few match points.  Then came drama.  Emma scraped her leg on the ground and it started bleeding.  It was at a crucial point, for Leylah was on the verge of possibly breaking back.  The match was stopped while the leg was attended to, but Leylah was visibly upset at the disruption.  This incident (itself unheard of according to the commentators) may be reflected in the transit of Mars (blood) square Saturn (leg), which happened to Emma but affected Leylah – they both had this transit.  Eventually, Emma forged on and won the tournament on an Ace.  Leylah was upset, but composed herself enough to make a memorable and mature speech, praising the resilience of New Yorkers, on this the 20th Anniversary of 9/11.

Watching Emma, I became aware of her unusual body language, and open aura, as though stretching out to her full potential.  Ah, who knew the power of a Venus Return in Scorpio?…I suspect she has a Libran Ascendant.  But both girls were outstanding, and the future of women’s tennis is showing great promise.

“When you make history you do it at  one level or two.  Emma is doing it at so many.  We’ve been hyping her but it’s happening.  She’s backing it all up.”

~ Martina Navratilova


On Tuesday (14th) Neptune from its own sign opposes the Sun in Virgo, and careful schedules may be thrown into confusion.  Your concentration may not be so acute, and issues may seem more clouded.  Conundrums may present themselves to you.

There will a be a change of energy on Wednesday, from the early hours of the morning, with Mars (the planet of war) entering Libra (the sign of peace).  It means that Peace and War have to interact, and negotiate, and can no longer ignore each other.  Either one can prevail, but they do have to try and acknowledge each other and if possible make progress.  Whether you have an ongoing tussle in your circle, or are interested in the wider world picture, this movement of Mars could be crucial, especially if you have experienced an impasse.  Brave and hard headed negotiations could take place with the Taliban in Afghanistan during this sojourn of Mars, which lasts until 30th October.

Two contrasting aspects occur on Friday.  The first, in the very early hours of the morning, is a psychologically constructive and positive trine between the Sun and Pluto.  You may experience and contemplate (or dream) in great depth, and any creativity will have this profound quality imbued within it.  You may find that you have made more real progress than you thought, your patience is rewarded.  There could be a revelation.

The other aspect, occurring around waking time, is more sober: a square between Venus and Saturn.  Both influences may operate during the day, and possibly together may produce bittersweet experiences.  Maybe you were wrestling with a conundrum overnight…Maybe you felt let down by someone or you disappointed yourself in some way.  Forgiveness could be a solution, in that case.  Perhaps the way the changes are taking shape are not quite to your liking, but it is not too late to change them.  It may be about the way something looks, or the way something makes you feel, but some warmth of heart can make a difference.  Relationships need work.  If it’s any consolation, the power of the first aspect may overcome the difficulties of the second.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – mystery
  • Wednesday – galvanize for peace
  • Friday – psychological strength; sadness

Aspects for the week beginning 5 September 2021

ABBA Reunion

“Thank you for the music, the songs I’m singing
Thanks for all the joy they’re bringing
Who can live without it? I ask in all honesty
What would life be?”

~ Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus

No more conjecture of will they or won’t they!  ABBA announced on Thursday evening that they are planning a reunion album and virtual tour.  With a huge fan base, the news was welcomed with great joy and celebration.

The Swedish group was formed of two couples, Agnetha Faltskog who was married to Bjorn Ulvaeus, and Anni-Frid Lyngstad who was married to Benny Andersson.  Bjorn and Benny were making music before they met their future wives, but they met them within weeks of each other, and eventually formed the group of four in 1972.  They went on to be one of the most successful bands of all time.


Blond Agnetha was five years younger than the other three (who were all born in 1945).  We have birth times (and therefore Ascendants) for the two women, but not for the men.  Agnetha has the Sun in Aries in the 8th House exactly opposite Neptune on the cusp of the 3rd House, so has a strongly shy and reclusive side to her nature.  Her Ascendant is in performing Leo exactly conjunct Pluto, which is very challenging both psychologically and through life circumstances.  She has several phobias, including apparently: a fear of flying, heights, stage fright, a fear of crowds, and agoraphobia.  They may be linked with her Pluto on the Ascendant.  She has a very Plutonic/Scorpionic chart altogether, with the Moon in Scorpio and the Sun exactly trine Pluto, making for great depth.  She has the ability to move people’s emotions, with her voice.  Sun exactly trines her Ascendant, again showing up the Performer Archetype – born for stardom!  Venus exactly conjunct Jupiter in 7th House depicts the successful double partnership.  Jupiter makes an entrepreneurial trine with Uranus in her chart.  And Uranus squares the Nodal Axis, implying a karmic entanglement in a Group.


With half his planets (5) in the Cardinal signs, he is a leader.  His Mercury/Venus conjunction in Aries immediately brings up the Writer Archetype, and he is the author of ABBA’s hits, together with Benny.  His Sun hails from the musical sign of Taurus, and his Moon hails from the other musical sign, Libra.  With Uranus trine Neptune, he is capable of dealing with complexity, and certainly there is great variety in the songs, and some complexity.  Bjorn first formed a band  called the “Hootenanny Singers”, then teamed up with Benny, who was also a talented songwriter.  Benny’s Venus is sextile Bjorn’s Jupiter, making for good musical collaboration, and their Jupiters are exactly sextile, so they were able to bring each other success.

Bjorn met Agnetha in a cafe in March 1969.  Mars was trine his Pluto at the time (a recurring trigger in his life) and Pluto was opposite his natal Mars.  The Nodal Axis was square to her natal Uranus, which echoes her natal Nodal Axis/Uranus square which speaks of group karma.  Their synastry is not easy, with her Neptune opposite his Mercury, and her Mars conjunct his Chiron.  They married on 6th July 1971, with Pluto on his Chiron (quite an impact on him), and Venus trine her Venus, Jupiter sextile her Mars, but Pluto on her Mars (so high intensity and a lot to process psychologically).  They had two children together but after 7 years they separated at the end of 1978.  It was the time of the Saturn Return for Agnetha, and she needed counselling after they divorced.  For Bjorn, Pluto was opposite his Venus, a classic relationship break-up transit.  When they were breaking up, Bjorn wrote the hit “The Winner Takes It All” (one of my favourite tracks).


Benny has Mercury, the South Node, the Sun, the Midheaven and Mars in Sagittarius.  Both he and his ex-wife Anni-Frid have 0 planets in Earth, which may have been tricky as a partnership trying to live in the real world.  He has the Moon and Neptune, possibly conjunct, in Libra, making for sensitive musicianship.  Like Agnetha, he has Venus exactly conjunct Jupiter, but in Scorpio (her conjunction is in Aquarius).  Venus squares Pluto in his chart, which can bring volatile break ups in relationships.  And with Jupiter (which is conjunct Venus) also squaring Pluto, there can be power issues going on in his life.  He has several aspects to his Nodal Axis, which makes for quite a karmically intense life.


Benny met Anni-Frid just weeks before Bjorn met Agnetha, when Jupiter was sextile his natal Mercury. Chiron was trine her Mars.  Their Synastry seems easier than that of Agnetha and Bjorn, with Benny’s Saturn sextile her Neptune, and his North Node sextile her Pluto.  Agnetha has the Sun trine the Moon in Water signs, so is deeply emotional.  Her Ascendant is in Libra with Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter (in the sign of Music and Partnership).  Her Sun is closely trine the Midheaven in her 10th House of Career, which gives her the Performer Archetype.  There is a great deal of sensuality in her chart, with the Sun in Scorpio, and Venus square Mars.  Venus closely trine the North Node points to music and singing as part of her karmic mission.  Like Agnetha, she has the entrepreneurial trine of Jupiter with Uranus, and hers is exact.

A Brief History of ABBA

They first played as a group on stage together on 1st November 1970 in Gothenburg.  It was a challenge astrologically for Agnetha, with Mars on her I.C. in Libra in 3rd House, and Neptune square her natal Venus/Jupiter in Aquarius in 7th House, which implies an element of surrendering in the group.  For Bjorn, there was again that transiting combination of Mars and Pluto, this time Mars sextile his natal Pluto in Leo.  He also had Uranus trine his natal Uranus in Gemini, exact to the day, so it was momentous for him. Benny had a Jupiter Return in Scorpio, and Uranus trine his natal North Node (a karmic opportunity).  Uranus was sextile Anni-Frid’s Pluto, a performance which would change the course of her life.

However, the Swedish public did not take ABBA to their hearts until they were selected as their Eurovision entry on 9th February 1974.  Their transits at this time were much more definitive and positive.  For Agnetha, Jupiter was sextile her natal Mercury and Midheaven in Aries in 9th House, Uranus trine her natal Jupiter/Venus, linking in with her natal Entrepreneur Archetype.  Pluto was on her natal South Node in Libra, a signal that her life was about to change fundamentally.  Benny too had an upbeat sextile of Jupiter to his natal Sun in Sagittarius (a success).

The rest, of course, is history, for their song “Waterloo” won the contest on 6th April 1974, a Solar Return for Agnetha.  Jupiter was trine Bjorn’s Saturn, a major boost to his confidence.  Pluto was sextile Benny’s natal Mercury, and for Anni-Frid Venus (her Ascendant Ruler) was trine her natal North Node in Cancer in the 9th House of Foreign Lands (the Eurovision Song Contest was held in Brighton that year).

After a few years of intense success and hit after hit, both couples separated, performing became less viable emotionally, and eventually the group officially disbanded in late 1982.  In this period, Uranus was trine Agnetha’s North Node in Aries in her 8th House (karmic change); Neptune was square Bjorn’s Chiron in Virgo, which will have been a complex time for him; Benny had Pluto sextile his natal Mars, drawing a line energetically in his life; and Anni-Frid had Saturn on her natal Venus in Scorpio in 1st House, a disbanding of significant relationships.

The reunion announced this week does not have very dramatic transits for the group.  There had been hints, and the performances will be virtual in some new technical technique using digital avatars in the future.  Three of the members are in their mid-70s, and the format does not sound too strenuous for them, although the recording was complex.  Agnetha has Saturn sextile her natal North Node in Aries in her 8th House (a deliberate and serious karmic choice/decision); Bjorn has Pluto sextile his natal Mars in Pisces, a new injection of energy into his projects, and that transit combination of Mars and Pluto again; Benny has a Saturn opposition to his natal Saturn, often a defining moment; and Anni-Frid has Neptune trine her natal Sun, a welcome chance to enjoy musical inspiration again.  They sound in good voice!

The public never seem to tire of their songs.  So much so that their songs were sculpted into a stage musical Mamma Mia in 1999, and Meryl Streep starred in the film in 2008,  Just when you thought they couldn’t cram any more songs into one musical, a sequel film was made starring icon Cher, singing “Fernando”.

“I’ve played all my cards
And that’s what you’ve done too
Nothing more to say
No more ace to play

The winner takes it all
The loser’s standing small
Beside the victory
That’s her destiny”

~ lyrics from “The Winner Takes It All” by Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson


A high proportion of aspects occur in the very early hours of the morning in the U.K. so could affect our dream experiences.  In the U.S. they would occur the previous evening, so that would make for a different experience, which may be more emotional in tone.  In Australia, they would occur around breakfast time, so may be more motivating for the waking day.

The first of four trines this week occurred in the early hours of today.  The trines could give the impression of more flow and ease throughout the week generally. Today’s trine is Mercury trine Saturn.  This combines mental work with practicality, and brings focus and realism to the mental activities.  So it is a good day for making plans.  Serious conversations can also safely take place under this aspect.

If there is a fly in the ointment, it would be tomorrow (Monday 6th) early in the morning, with a square between Venus and Pluto.  Deep feeling issues may be preying on your mind and give rise to vivid dreams, or even nightmares.  These will require some psychological soul-searching for a true interpretation, and may spur on honest-as-you-can-be interpersonal communication.

Lunchtime brings more courage, conviction and dynamism, with a trine (second of the week) between Mars and Pluto.  There may be some upheaval involved, as when you are decluttering in earnest, but you should have the energy to start afresh once you have cleared some old ground.  This aspect speaks of self-empowerment, but you have to remember that everyone also has this force!

Yikes!  Two trines within an hour!  Closely following the Mars-Pluto trine and still at lunchtime, Venus trines Jupiter (one of the best aspects of the year).  Lunchtime could be very intense, or the lunch itself may be very rich.  Venus with Jupiter is so very social, and can be romantic too.  It’s an aspect to savour and enjoy.  Proposals and engagements often occur under this combination.

In the first hour of Tuesday (7th) we have a New Moon at 14 degrees Virgo.  Aspirations around the New Moon in Virgo could be very work-orientated.  Ecology and the environment are also provinces of Virgo, so benefits could accrue for the planet if enough minds are concentrated on this aspect of life.

Shortly after that time, again very early in the morning, the Sun will be trine Uranus (the fourth trine).  This could bring vivid dreams, with informative futuristic information encoded in them.  On waking, they may give you the go ahead to forge ahead with innovative plans and original creativity.

Venus enters Scorpio in the evening of Friday (10th), so emotions and passions could be heightened.  This is a time when deep feelings can be experienced and expressed.  Her previous sojourn through Libra focussed on relationships, and on entering Scorpio the quality of relationship deepens.  You can take a relationship to the next level.  Venus will change sign again on 7th October, so make the most of the opportunity.

A minor but potentially powerful aspect occurs on Saturday (11th) when Jupiter semi-sextiles Pluto.  This can bring power struggles, both personally and internationally.  In your life, you may be re-arranging the furniture in some way.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – constructive plans and conversations
  • Tomorrow – deep feelings need processing; dynamic activity; love and romance
  • Tuesday – new beginning; innovation and creative originality
  • Friday – deeper feelings
  • Saturday – power struggles