Europe – MPs analysis

In this, the first of two blogs on the subject of the European Referendum today, I surveyed a random sample of the Sun Signs of 88 MPs, 44 of whom were for Brexit, and 44 were for staying in, to see what the Sun Sign leanings were.  I found the results very interesting from more than one angle.  Does your opinion match your sign?


Aries MPs tended to be for Brexit.  This may be because Aries is the main sign of warriorship, and they like to have a cause.  Other warrior or activist signs also tended to favour Brexit.  8 out of the total sample of MPs were Aries, slightly above average; and 6 out of this sample favoured leaving Europe.  Capricorn is the sign most usually associated with politics, but Aries people like to put themselves out there!

Examples: Chris Grayling, Priti Patel, Iain Duncan Smith – Conservatives OUT

Heidi Alexander – Labour IN

Nigel Farage – UKIP OUT


The Taurean sample was split equally among the INs and OUTs, perhaps what you might expect from the sample by the law of averages.  A sample of 6 Taurean MPs were taken, slightly under average.  You would expect a sample of Taurean politicians to be less than average, as Taureans tend to take a supportive role.  This may be unconsciously why the leader of the IN campaign for Labour, Alan Johnston, did not want the top job.  But, he says, he is happy to lead the campaign, as he feels passionately about the issue.

Examples: Justine Greening – Conservatives IN

Alan Johnston – Labour IN


The sample of Gemini MPs was 8, slightly above average.  6 were on the Brexit side, and 2 for staying in, i.e. even more in favour of getting out than the Aries sample.  Geminis are an intelligent bunch, and will be interested in the debate of the issue, the ins and outs of the argument.  Debate would be one facet of politics which would draw Geminis to this world.

Examples: Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg, John Redwood, Nadine Dorries OUT

Jeremy Corbyn – Labour IN

Kate Hoey – Labour OUT


There were 7 in the sample of Cancerian MPs, virtually an average sample size.  Cancerians tended to favour Brexit, to the tune of 5 to 2.  It is easy to see why they might, for Cancerians are very patriotic, protective and cosily island-loving!  What is fascinating about this sample is that all 3 Labour MPs were pro-Brexit.  When you consider that only 7 MPs are down for the OUT count, that is nearly half their number – way, way over average.

Examples: Kenneth Clarke – Conservative IN

Michael Howard – Conservative OUT

Frank Field, Khalid Mahmood and Rodger Godsiff – Labour OUT

Nicola Sturgeon – SNP IN


The sample for Leo was 10, way above average.  Leo is a sign of Leadership, and that may be what draws them to politics.  5 out of the 10 polled to exit Europe, exactly half, so I could not say they are particularly inclined one way or the other.  Leos may feel secure in their own sovreignty, and it may not be such an issue for them.

Examples: Liz Truss and Amber Rudd – Conservative IN

George Galloway – Respect OUT


A high proportion of my sample, 14, were Virgoans.  This is surprising, as Virgos are usually more retiring, though they are conscientious and analytical.  You associate Virgo more with the profession of Civil Servant, or health worker.  Only 4 of this sample favoured Brexit, which is much less than average.  Virgos tend to be cautious and favour the status quo, and this may be the reason.

Examples: Michael Gove – Conservative OUT

 Nicky Morgan – Conservative IN

Kezia Dugdale, Jess Phillips and Ben Bradshaw – Labour IN


Libra, the polar opposite of Aries, tended to favour the status quo in my sample, i.e. staying in.  Librans are negotiators, and prefer not to rock the boat.  This sample was 9 in number, just over average, and only two of this number were for exiting.

Example: David Cameron and Theresa May – Conservative IN

Sadiq Khan, Diane Abbott and Chuka Umunna – Labour IN


This sample was 6, just under average.  But the consensus among this group was for Brexit, which may reflect the warriorship reputation of this sign (second only to Aries).  Two thirds (i.e. four) would like to leave the EU.

Example: Jeremy Hunt – Conservative IN


Again, this was a small sample of 6, but the majority wanted to stay in: 5 out of the 6.  This may be because Sagittarians tend to think globally and expansively, and don’t like to feel confined.

Examples: Philip Hammond and Sajid Javid – Conservative IN

Hilary Benn – Labour IN

Gisela Stuart – OUT

Caroline Lucas – Green Party IN


The Capricorn sample was again 6, and like Sagittarius, overwhelmingly for staying in (5).  Capricorns tend to like to uphold the status quo, and also take the safe option.  In this sample there was only one Conservative (Zac Goldsmith) to 5 Labour MPs (who all lean towards staying in).  Goldsmith goes against the “grain” of this sign, and part of that reason may be that wanting to get out of Europe is in his DNA (his father James Goldsmith having been a foremost exponent of leaving), so some of his motive may be family loyalty.  Caroline Lucas has been on record as saying that his stance runs counter to his ecological activism, as staying in Europe benefits working for climate change.

Example: Zac Goldsmith – Conservative OUT

Margaret Beckett and Andy Burnham – Labour IN


The Aquarian sample is small (5), but they are unanimously for going out!  Reminds me of the old sitcom union saying “Everybody Out!” (very Aquarian).  Aquarians of course are activists for change, and may have the best vision of what it might be like to be out.  No quibbling here: they are black and white in their views, and they are the only sign, in my sample, to be all of one mind.


Stewart Jackson – Conservative OUT

Graham Stringer – Labour OUT


Pisces was the smallest sample of them all (2), way, way below average.  You could expect that if you see the stereotype of Pisces as being the shy, retiring, and unworldly type.  Maybe they have other fish to fry than politicking.  Pisces were split exactly equal 1:1.

Examples: Theresa Villiers – Conservative OUT    

Rushanara Ali – Labour IN