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Aspects for the week beginning 7 June 2015

Charles Kennedy (1959 – 2015) Several years ago, I attended a Lib Dem rally in Cambridge (2005 election campaign), while Charles Kennedy was still leader of the Party.  Seemed like a nice chap…And so say all of us, it seems. I wrote about him prior to the election, in March: “The Ashcroft poll this week […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 26 April 2015

Paula Radcliffe The lovely Paula Radcliffe is a world record holder for the London Marathon, with a long list of achievements within marathon and cross country running.  Today she competes for the last time in the London Marathon, and says farewell to her fond fans. Her Birthchart Working without a birth time has been very […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 1 March 2015

Leonard Nimoy (1931 – 2015) I am not a Trekkie, but as an Astrologer I have a natural affinity for the territory.  There is a huge worldwide affection for Leonard Nimoy, who died this week,  and his alter ego Spock the Vulcan in Star Trek, although the actor wrestled with his screen persona, and eventually […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 17 August 2014

Robin Williams Robin Williams, of the kindly twinkly  eyes, the warm emotions of Mrs Doubtfire, and the quick fire mind and communication of an alien,  was a unique comedian and actor. His suicide, after long battles with addiction and mental health issues including (a diagnosis of) bi-polar disorder (often accompanied by creative genius) has re-energized […]

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Lauren Bacall – An Appreciation

Lauren Bacall I can’t let the week pass without honouring Lauren Bacall, one of the lights of the golden age of Hollywood. Her 1978 autobiography “By Myself” is one of the most emotionally honest autobiographies I have ever read.  She wrote movingly about her emotional wounds (she had a conjunction of the Moon and Chiron […]

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Tony Benn (1925 – 2014)

Sun in Aries can be very individualistic and authentic, which left wing politician Tony Benn, who died this week, undeniably was. However, he would not have wanted to be pigeon-holed or categorised by astrology or anything else. His was the freedom to think and act as he pleased, with the prerogative to change his mind. […]

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Aspect for the week beginning 2 February 2014

Pete Seeger (1919-2014) “Do you remember ‘if I had a hammer’ ?” asked hubby “Waddya mean ‘do I remember if I had a hammer?!’ ” I replied,  dropping my usual dulcet tone “We belong to the same generation.” .oO   thought bubble  Oo.    “where have I been all your life?” Answer:  Pete Seeger was part of […]

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Nelson Mandela (1918 – 2013)

Today is a day of prayer and reflection, not just in his native South Africa, but around the world.  As a world citizen, he may be unparalleled.  His achievements were many, but all shot through with integrity and consistency.  The courage he bore in his long incarcerated years in Robben Island and the spiritual leadership […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 13 January 2013

An appreciation of Andrew Marr Andrew Marr needs to be appreciated this morning for his services to this blog.  Andrew, who suffered a stroke last Tuesday, is the presenter of “the Andrew Marr show” which has been broadcast on Sunday mornings since September 2005.  I had noticed that his new book was quite prominent in […]

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Astrological Appreciation of Steve Jobs

I am not a Mac user, but some of my best friends are. This is only the second astrological appreciation I have felt called to do, despite the worthiness of all those who have passed since my little piece on Anita Roddick in 2007. Strangely enough, they are both entrepreneurs, with their Jupiter close in […]

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