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Florence Cameron – AstroAnalysis – Part 3

Another baby was born to a celebrity this week, as Choirmaster and TV personality Gareth Malone became a father for the first time, to baby Esther, part of a flurry of newborns coming after a peak of the Cardinal T-square.  He writes on his home page: “We are thrilled but exhausted. It’s great to be […]

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Florence Cameron – AstroAnalysis – Part 2

In Part 2 of this abridged astrological analysis of baby Florence Cameron (new daughter of our Prime Minister), I look at her Planetary Aspects.  The Aspects are one of the most fascinating facets of Astrology.  These are the relationships between the planets, being the inner harmonies and tensions, and shown by the geometric angles between […]

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Florence Cameron – AstroAnalysis – Part 1

I have been working on a number of baby charts recently – there seems to have been a crop of births.  Since the crescendo of the Cardinal Climax T-square in early August, there has been a flurry of new babies.  In intensively comparing and contrasting the nuances of these late summer births, I have been […]

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Chiron in Capricorn (1951-1955) – Archive

When I undertook my interview series earlier this year, it was put together intensely and over a short period of time.  I immediately realized that more than half the interviewees had asteroid Chiron (the wounded healer, the inner healer) in Capricorn. Chiron was in Capricorn for the years 1951 to 1954 plus the first month of 1955, and I […]

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Saturn opposite Uranus (2008-2010) – Archive

The Saturn-Uranus opposition of 2008 – 2010 as observed by blog: 14 September 2008: It is less than 2 months until the Saturn-Uranus opposition, on the day of the US Elections.  This is being seen by Astrologers as a close contest between the New (as represented by Obama and Uranus) versus the Old (as represented […]

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