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Saturn trine Pluto: Step 2

Previously: Have you identified the forces of Saturn and Pluto as they are working in your life now? (see Step 1) Now you need to bring them both into harmony inwardly: the need for control and the need for psychological truth. Sense where they may be incompatible, and ask your Soul how they can be […]

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Saturn trine Pluto: Step 1

Previously…”a call to start working with the potential of the Saturn-Pluto trine…as it connects Leo and Sagittarius it also connects two areas of your life and you can enhance the effect of the mutual support of these two planets.” Your handy guide to 6 August: First identify which two areas of your life Saturn and […]

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Saturn opposite Neptune

The tension between Saturn and Neptune comes to a peak this week, as you will see from Aspects of the Week on the blog tomorrow morning. Sense which two areas of your life are involved in this process and where the need for understanding and harmony lies. It’s a process of spirituality in relation to […]

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