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Aspects for the week beginning 9 January 2022

Sidney Poitier (1927 – 2022)

“I was a pretty good actor and I believed in brotherhood. I hated racism and segregation. And I was a symbol against those things.”

~ Sidney Poitier

The iconic actor Sidney Poitier died on Friday this week, at the age of 94.  It seems astonishing to think that in the 1950s and 1960s he was virtually the sole black actor in a white film world.  Nowadays we have the likes of Will Smith, Denzel Washington and Idris Elba, but in those days we only had Sidney Poitier.  That is such a historic role for one man to play.

Birth Chart

With over half his planets (6) in the Water element, he was able to convey simmering emotion.  The Sun in his chart was in Pisces, together with Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Uranus.  Pisces is one of the two acting signs, conveying the sensitivity for subtle character roles; the other is Leo, conveying drama and performance.  Pisces is also a sign which can indicate great Soul evolution, and all the evidence points to this in his character, not least for the responsibility of providing a role model for his race, up to and including the  heyday of the American Civil Rights Movement (1954 – 1968).  In this, he needed the sextile between his Sun and Mars (the Warrior Archetype), though he carried his warriorship in the subtle and gentle mode of an evolved Piscean.  He was helped by a natal conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter, a predisposition to positivity.  At the same time, he experienced, and could portray, hardship, with the Sun square Saturn, giving him the strength of forbearance.  His Sun in Pisces opposed Neptune – providing an ocean of sensitivity, emotion and talent.  The acting profession is suggested by a trine between his Sun (acting and directing) and his Midheaven (careerpoint) and the North Node (karmic mission).  The Midheaven and North Node in his chart are united in a conjunction, so they are in sync, and in addition, the Midheaven is exactly conjunct his 10th House career cusp in the Equal House system.  His Ascendant and Moon were in the sign of Libra – his arresting good looks, and grace were very much in evidence from this sign.  But they also depicted his role as Ambassador to Japan, a Libran role.  Going with those Libran traits, Venus conjunct Uranus showed great personal magnetism.  Mercury trine Pluto marked him out as a deep thinker, and together with Pluto’s position in his 10th House of Career this meant that he was very deliberate about the roles he chose, being aware at that time that he needed to provide a positive role model for a man of his race.  Pluto conjunct the Midheaven described very well his role.  Jupiter trine Pluto brought great personal power, and Jupiter trine the Midheaven/North Node brought a successful career with many opportunities.

Life and Career

Sidney was two months premature when he was born, and nearly died.  Moon square Pluto, in his natal chart, is an indication of this, though of course not necessarily in any chart (it can indicate neonatal difficulties of other kinds). He was born in Miami of a Bahamian family, and moved to New York at the age of 16, where he joined the American Negro Theatre in Harlem, and acted as understudy for Harry Belafonte.  Unable to sing, in the manner of the stereotype, he took to acting, and his first film was The Blackboard Jungle (1955).

In 1956 he worked with director William Wellman on Good-bye, My Lady.  Poitier admired Wellman’s humanity and sensitivity.  Wellman was also a Piscean, with his North Node conjunct Poitier’s Sun/Jupiter in that sensitive sign, indicating a karmic link.  Kindred spirits…

1958 saw him play an escaped convict with Tony Curtis in The Defiant Ones, a wonderful story where hatred turns to love.  He won an Academy Award in 1964 for Lilies of the Field, a film where his character plays a handyman helping a group of nuns.


The year 1967 was a turning point for Sidney Poitier, but also in the outside world.  Astrologically, the groundbreaking conjunction of Uranus and Pluto was still active. To Sir with Love, set in a tough inner city school and starring Lulu, was released in the US in June of that year, with Pluto opposite his Mercury (intense work). In that month, Jupiter was trine his natal Sun in Pisces in 5th House of Creativity and Performance, denoting great success.  With Pluto still opposing Sidney’s Mercury (depth of thought) the film In the Heat of the Night, a powerful film. was released in August, where Poitier played Virgil Tibbs, a police officer investigating a murder in the deep South, co-starring with Rod Steiger.  In October, To Sir with Love was released in the U.K., with Mars on his South Node, Saturn trine his natal Saturn, Neptune trine his Venus (the Love!), and most notably his Uranus Opposition, signifying the assertion of his Inner Rebel, living life on his own terms.  Lulu had a hit with the title song, with the transiting North Node trine her Jupiter (karmic rewards).  In December, the third film was released, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, with Mars sextile his natal Saturn in Sagittarius in 2nd House, Uranus trine his natal Mars in Taurus in 8th House (an exciting challenge), Neptune square his natal Neptune in Leo in 11th House (a sea change in his spirituality, with Neptune being his ruling planet) and notably Pluto opposite his natal Venus, being an agent for challenging social mores.  In that film Poitier played a young doctor in a relationship with a white woman, with Spencer Tracy (in his last film) and Katherine Hepburn playing the parents of the young woman.  The depiction of interracial marriage was groundbreaking for its time, with it being illegal for such marriages in 17 States of America, until 12th June 1967.

Turning Point

In some ways, at this point in his life, with Uranus opposing its natal position, and Pluto opposing his Mercury, he could be seen to be a victim of his own success.  His dilemma was that his roles all depicted “perfect men”.  He did not want to damage the image of the black man, but in doing so it was claimed that he was too good to be true, and that resulted in a backlash. He worried that he was being used as a token black actor.  He was criticized for not being confrontational enough.  He couldn’t win!  He thought deeply about this, in his Mercury trine Pluto way, and thereafter steered himself towards directing roles, in order to have more control over his image and career, and to give himself the chance of more varied roles.

He set about this new strand of his career (with natally the Sun trine his Midheaven/North Node depicting a capacity for directing), with The Western Buck and the Preacher in which he himself starred, as well as Harry Belafonte.  Harry Belafonte was born close in time to Sidney Poitier: they may well have been karmically linked, as they came into incarnation so closely: Sidney on 20th February 1927 and Harry 1st March 1927, both Piscean and  both with Sun conjunct Jupiter in Pisces.  Harry’s “Oh Island in the Sun” is a very Piscean song!  It is tempting to believe that they came in as a vanguard for their cause.  Both worked with Martin Luther King in his powerful marches and speechmaking days.  Sidney’s Nodal Axis is exactly square Harry’s Venus, a sign of possible karmic involvement, and their Ascendants are exactly trine.  Poitier’s most successful film as director was Stir Crazy in 1980, starring Gene Wilder.  Poitier subsequently starred in To Sir with Love II in 1996, directed by Peter Bogdanovich, who also died this week, on 6th January, the day before Sidney.  Bogdanovich was a Leo, the most common sign for a film director.  In 2002, Sidney received the Honorary Academy Award for his contribution to U.S. cinema.  At the award ceremony, Denzel paid tribute to Poitier as his role model – by that time, so many black actors would have been able to relate to his sentiments and sense of gratitude.


Sidney married twice, his second marriage lasting from 1976 until his death.  His second wife Joanna Shimkus was a Scorpio, and one of his daughters actress Sydney Poitier was also a Scorpio, a sign often very compatible with Pisces. He also had a long standing relationship with Diahann Carroll, another Water sign Cancer, who was linked with David Frost after her relationship with Sidney ended.  Sidney had 6 children, and 8 grandchildren, plus 3 great-grandchildren.  In 2019, the Bahamas were hit by Hurricane Dorian, and with Saturn opposing his natal Pluto and Neptune on his Mercury, there were 23 of Poitier’s family missing.


At his passing, Jupiter was exactly transiting his Sun, often indicating a happy release in an elderly person.

It was clear that he was an advanced soul.  Adjectives which have been used to describe Sidney Poitier include dignity and grace, grandeur and poise, warmth, depth and stature; vocal precision, physical power, and gentleness.

I hope I have done justice to this icon.

“We all have different selves: There is a public self, a private self, and a core self. We all know the public self – it’s how we put our best foot forward, smiling and behaving.  But the private self is a more fundamental self, and that is where we find our frailties, our fears. It’s like a clearinghouse where our demons are safe…Then there’s the core self, which is our pure instinct. That’s where all our goodness and capacity for kindness lives…Our best comes from there, and we know how courageous and honorable we are. The core self is who we are.”

~ Sidney Poitier, from “The Measure of a Man: A Spiritual Autobiography”


Advance warning:  the week ends with Mercury turning retrograde, so use this week to catch up on all Mercury-related tasks such as documentation, travel and communication.

In the first hour of today (in the U.K.) the Sun was conjunct Venus, which brings harmony to proceedings.  If you are an artist or a musician, it is a day you when you can produce your best creative output or performance.

Mercury also sextiles Chiron today.  This bodes well for health related issues, and problem-solving.  It is helpful for developing your Inner Healer, whatever your sign.  Alternative healing works well with conventional medicine.

In the early hours of Tuesday (11th) the Sun sextiles inspirational Neptune.  The saying goes that you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, but the Sun sextile Neptune gives you the best chance of creating beauty and inspiration in your life.  If spiritual harmony and creativity are some of the goals and aspirations you have for the start of the year, you can safely cultivate them on Tuesday.

Begin such enterprises early on Tuesday, for by the evening the picture may be more confusing, with a square between Mars and Neptune.  Mars likes to act unimpeded, but Neptune forces it to be more sensitive, and possibly also more spiritualized.  Energies may be frittered, and water currents could be flowing in unhelpful directions, e.g. leaks.  Generally under such an aspect, meditation can be helpful, and particularly those which combine physical movement with a stilling of the mind, such as Tai Chi.

Friday (14th) as already mentioned, is that well known turning point Mercury Retrograde, which takes place in Aquarius.  It will not go direct until 4th February.  Be clear in your communications between these two dates, in order to avoid misunderstandings and loopholes.  Although technology can go awry, it can be a good period to upgrade such devices.  You may have developed your own strategies, according to past experiences.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – harmony and healing
  • Tuesday – creating beauty; managing confusion
  • Friday – communication glitches

Aspects for the week beginning 2 January 2022


Welcome to the year 2022: A year of promise.  With Jupiter in Pisces, our dreams can be expressed.  It is a year of expanded consciousness, and there will be a crescendo when Jupiter conjoins with Neptune in Pisces on 12th April, which will encapsulate the meaning of 2022. Times quoted are for the U.K.

If you want to start working with the aspects from now, here is a guide to some of the major astrological events coming up. This calendar is packed with information, so you may want to print it out for your fridge (people do, you know!)

2022 Dates for your Diary if planning ahead:


Fri 14th: 11.41 a.m.Mercury Stationary, prior to turning Retrograde – Communications more difficult.  Retrograde period ends 4th Feb.

Tues 18th: 15.27 Hrs – Uranus Stationary, prior to turning Direct – Change and progress, re-igniting the more positive facets of the element of the unexpected.  Enabling progress for the New Age.

Mon 24th: 12.53 Hrs – Mars leaves Sagittarius, and enters CapricornA time for responsible action.  Slow and steady wins the race. [applies till 6th Mar]

Sat 29th: 8.46 a.m. – Venus Stationary, prior to turning Direct – Relationships breathe a sigh of relief.


Fri 4th:  4.14 a.m. Mercury goes Direct [end of Retrograde period].  Communications smoother.

Fri 18th: 00.13 a.m. – Jupiter sextile Uranus – a time of Opportunity and Entrepreneurship.


Thurs 3rd: 8.43 a.m. – Mars conjoins with Pluto – A very combustible combination!  Caution required…

17.56 Hrs: …A triple conjunction with Venus, so feelings and relationships will be involved.  Unusual combination.  The next three days, Venus and Mars are entwined, which is a very sensual combination.

Sat 5th:  14.06 Hrs – Sun conjunct Jupiter – One of the luckiest days of the year.

Sun 6th: 6.23 a.m. – Mars leaves Capricorn and enters AquariusA time for quickening!… [applies till 15 Apr]

6.30 a.m. – …closely followed by Venus entering Aquarius – bringing a very social vibe.  The sensual and social vibe of Venus-Mars continues until 10th Mar, when Venus starts to pull away.

7.12 a.m. Venus conjoins with Mars – the height of sensuality.

Sun 20th: 15.33 Hrs – Spring Equinox.  The Sun enters Aries – the beginning of the Astrological New Year.  Day and Night of equal length.


Tues 12th: 14.42 Hrs – Jupiter conjoins with Neptune – The Astrological event of the year!  Maximum expansion of consciousness, and possibly spiritual euphoria. But for a few, delusion and the bursting of a bubble.

Fri 15th: 3.06 a.m. Mars enters PiscesAn energetic shift from a “get things done” mode, to that of compassion and charity. [applies till 24 May]

Fri 29th: 18.37 HrsPluto Stationary, prior to turning Retrograde A level of setback, necessitating psychological understanding and awareness of reality.

Sat 30th: 20.28 Hrs – New Moon and Solar Eclipse at 10 degrees Taurus – Turning point, to possible greater stability.

21.14 Hrs – Venus conjunct Jupiter – One of the best moments of the year.  Social and romantic, favours engagements and weddings.


Tues 3rd: 22.33 Hrs – Jupiter sextile Pluto – One of the most important aspects of the year.  Helpful for the expression of power, hopefully in a constructive fashion, though some may mis-use it.  Good for getting big and ambitious projects under way or completed.

Tues 10th: Mercury Stationary, prior to turning Retrograde – Communications more difficult.  Retrograde period ends 3rd June.

23.22 Hrs: Jupiter leaves Pisces and enters Aries – A huge expression of Fire!  But also a positive energy, if used well, and under control.  The forthcoming year ahead belongs to Aries!

Mon 16th: 4.14 a.m. – Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon at 25 degrees Scorpio) – turning point, and great emotional intensity.  Try to keep a calm atmosphere, e.g. through meditation.

Tues 24th: 23.17 Hrs – Mars enters Aries, joining Jupiter in that signMore fiery energy, if you can take it and apply it! [applies till 5 July]


Fri 3rd:  8.00 a.m.Mercury goes Direct [end of Retrograde period].  Communications smoother.

Sat 4th: 21.47 Hrs – Saturn is Stationary, prior to turning Retrograde  – The need to secure foundations, and go over previous ground.  Retrograde period ends 23 Oct.

Tues 21st: 9.14 a.m. – Summer Solstice – The Sun enters Cancer.  The peak of the Light.

Tues 28th: 7.57 a.m. – Neptune Stationary, prior to turning Retrograde – Some retrospection on the Spiritual path.  Retrograde period ends 4th Dec.


Sat 2nd: 2.14 a.m. – Mars square Pluto A very combustible combination!  Caution required.

Tues 5th: 6.04 a.m. – Mars enters TaurusA slower, more purposeful energy, very grounding. [applies until 20 Aug]

Thurs 28th: 20.37 Hrs – Jupiter Stationary, prior to turning Retrograde  – Revising your Philosophy.  Retrograde period ends 23 Nov.


Sat 20th: 7.56 a.m.Mars enters GeminiA more lively, more mental energy. . [applies for the rest of the year.  A long sojourn, until March 2023]

Weds 24th: 13.52 Hrs – Uranus Stationary, prior to turning RetrogradeRebellion, and bids for freedom.  This placement lasts the rest of the year.  Retrograde period ends January 2023.


Sat 10th:  3.37 a.m.Mercury Stationary, prior to turning Retrograde – Communications more difficult.  Retrograde period ends 2nd Oct.

Fri 23rd: 1.04 a.m. – Autumn Equinox – The Sun enters Libra – A time of balance.  Day and Night of equal length.


Sun 2nd: Mercury Stationary, prior to turning Direct – Communications eased.

Sat 8th: 21.57 Hrs – Pluto Direct – Psychological journey more straightforward.  Comparable to the ascent from the Underworld.

Sun 23rd: 4.07 a.m. – Saturn Direct – Less struggle.

Tues 25th: 10.49 a.m. – New Moon and Solar Eclipse at 2 degrees Scorpio – Turning point, to greater intensity, and the nitty gritty of life.

Fri 28th: 5.10 a.m.Jupiter Retrograde re-enters Pisces temporarily – More compassionate and charitable projects.  More active projects recently started in abeyance for now.  Jupiter re-enters Aries 20 Dec.

Sun 30th: 13.26 Hrs – Mars Stationary prior to turning Retrograde – More stalling and backtracking over active projects.  Patience needed.  Mars Retrograde until January 2023.


Tues 8th: 11.02 a.m.Lunar Eclipse – (Full Moon at 16 degrees Taurus) – turning point, drawing a line in the sand.

Mon 21st: 4.07 a.m. – Sun trine Jupiter – One of the luckiest days of the year.

Weds 23rd: 23.02 Hrs – Jupiter Direct – straightening out your Philosophy.


Sun 4th: 00.12 a.m. Neptune Direct. Spiritual path clearing.

Tues 20th: 14.32 Hrs -Jupiter re-enters Aries – Projects can move forward more easily. A green light for Aries!

Weds 21st: 21.48Hrs – Winter Solstice. The Sun enters Capricorn.  The beginning of the Return of the Light.

Thurs 29th: 9.31 a.m. – Mercury Stationary, prior to turning Retrograde – Communications more difficult.  Retrograde period ends mid January 2023.  Stay tuned to the blog!


Hopefully, you have kickstarted the New Year with a verve worthy of the Sun’s trine with Uranus which took place yesterday!

Today is still quite lively with a lot going on, starting with Mercury entering Aquarius.  This is about big, bold envisioning of the future, much as a continuation of yesterday’s energy and promise.  We have wrestled with the realities of Mercury in Capricorn, and can now look ahead and embrace some new ideas about the future.  Perhaps there are ideas we have not quite been ready to accept before this point.

We also have a New Moon in Capricorn in the early evening of today, so if you are using the optimum Capricorn energy, you could have good results today, especially if you are starting a new project connected with organization, politics, and relations with authority and the institutions of society.

Late in the day, Mercury will be trine the North Node, which may ensure that the right people get the right information at the right time, and that karmic justice is carried out.  You should be able to experience that on a mental or spiritual level.

Tomorrow (Monday, 3rd), Jupiter will be square the Nodal Axis.  It is a chance for us collectively to evolve.  This may be characterized by a great deal of interaction, and attempts at jollity.

Venus sextiles Neptune on Wednesday (5th), which is a delightful aspect – a beautiful expression of spirituality and the Arts.  New artistic avenues can flourish, ingenious ways for people to share art, music and performance can keep the Arts alive.  Hopes are on the horizon for such things.

A Fixed Star for Friday 7th may be of interest to some…It is Pi Sagittarii, a group of three stars together, one of which is a yellow giant.  According to “Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld:

“…This group of stars will assist individuals who wish to contemplate and understand their own genetic coding, their connection to their own DNA, and the awareness of their own lifelines through the physical body.  They may be able to understand their heritage and genetics, as well as their awareness of how these things could be changed by them more consciously…”

Relevant to this could be the book “Psychogenetics” by Chris Griscom, if you have any Christmas book vouchers hanging about!

The week in bullet points:

  • Today (Sunday 2nd January) – lively, new beginning, useful karmic information
  • Tomorrow (Monday 3rd) – group evolution
  • Wednesday – spiritual expression of the Arts
  • Friday – genetic coding, relationship to ancestors

Aspects for the week beginning 26 December 2021

Review of the Year 2021

It’s that time again…Time for the Review of the Year!   Year two of the pandemic, we would hope the last.   Containing selections from the blogs, as usual…



Gerry Marsden (1942 – 2021)

Singer Gerry Marsden, frontman for Gerry and the Pacemakers, died last week.  He and his band were a fundamental part of the Merseybeat scene in the early 1960s, and his version of “You’ll never walk alone” was the soundtrack to many a Liverpool football match…

“You’ll never Walk Alone” is a song from the Rodgers and Hammerstein film musical Carousel of 1945.  In the musical, it accompanies a poignant storyline about a widow.

The song is particularly associated with Liverpool Football Club, but is played at football matches all over the world, inspired by Gerry’s recording.

George Martin continues:

“…a more interesting recording Gerry made was of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’, the old American standard.  He always got a great reaction from audiences when he performed it, and it was Brian’s idea to record it….”



Captain Sir Tom Moore (1920 – 2021)

“Tomorrow will be a good day”

“…the doctors and the nurses, they’re all on the front line, and all of us behind, we’ve got to supply them and keep them going with everything that they need, so that they can do their jobs even better than they’re doing now.”

~ Captain Sir Tom Moore

The pandemic which gave us Captain Tom, eventually was responsible for taking away the national treasure which he became.  Captain Sir Tom Moore died on Tuesday last week, 2nd February 2021.  He first came to our attention last April, in the middle of our first lockdown in the U.K.  Wanting to express his gratitude to the N.H.S. for his recent care after a fall, he set upon walking up and down his garden on his walking frame at the tender age of 99.  By the time of his birthday at the end of April, he had raised over £30 million.  It was an eventful year for him, and the nation took him to their hearts.  Many people (including a great number of children) were inspired to raise money through similar exploits, ensuring a positive dimension to our collective experience through this crisis.



Kate Garraway and Derek Draper

“I pray for him every night, in my prayers”

~ Sir Elton John

This week television schedules featured a documentary “Finding Derek” about Kate Garraway and her husband Derek Draper, who faced an induced coma this time last year from Covid-19, and is on a very long road to recovery.  Kate comes over as remarkably courageous, and their relationship remarkably strong.  Doctors have said he was the sickest survivor of Covid they had come across.  He did not open his eyes until July 2020, and his cognitive functions have been seriously impaired…

Derek remains in hospital, over a year on.  He suffered multiple organ failure, and it is amazing that he lived. In the documentary, Kate is seen preparing the house, with the help of builders, for his return, entailing wheelchair ramps and a downstairs bedroom with a hospital bed.  She is shown interacting with the children, and wisely and bravely explaining to them the realities of their situation.  Above all, her love and commitment shine through.  If you haven’t watched it, I would recommend it, as it has implications for society’s recovery from this pandemic, how it can change lives, and touches on the extensive phenomenon of long covid, of which Derek’s is a very extreme case.  Kate will be releasing a new book “The Power of Hope” on 28th April 2021.



Prince Philip (1921 – 2021)

It is sad to think of the Queen without her consort of 70 years.  Prince Philip was in his own right a larger than life character, and these last two days his death at the age of 99 has dominated our screens and newspapers.  He has been praised, not least by Queen Elizabeth herself, for being a rock by her side for her all these years.  I will keep it brief this morning so that you can digest all the newsfeed!…

He married Elizabeth on 20th November 1947, with Uranus trine his natal Node (an unusual new aspect of his destiny).  Neptune was sextile Elizabeth’s natal Moon, ensuring a spiritual foundation for their marriage.  They were both deeply religious.  In their synastry, her Venus is trine his Mercury, so with their ruling planets in sync theirs was a marriage of happy companionship.



Ian Wright

“I can remember clearly seeing my stepdad manhandling my mum.  She was so small.  We were all living in the same room, so my brother and me would have to turn away.”

~ Ian Wright

Football pundit and former professional footballer Ian Wright has been on our television screen this week with a documentary about children affected by domestic abuse in childhood.  Now that we are coming out of lockdown, we are becoming aware of how it has enabled the growth of domestic abuse.  According to the Big Issue this week, “In the last year, 1.6 million women experienced domestic abuse, and in 90 per cent of cases there’s a child present.”…

Ian has eight children in all, from three different mothers.  He strived to be the father he wished he had had, and not to be the step-father he had.  Two of his sons are professional footballers.   Again from the Big Issue interview:

“…my oldest son Shaun means so much because the experience I had with my stepfather made me decide I wasn’t going to let that happen to Shaun.  When I started going out with his mum, I knew I wanted to treat him like my son.  He is my son… all I wanted was for Shaun to have a better upbringing in respects of having a stepdad than I did.”



Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka drew attention to mental health issues this week in relation to the post-match interviews that take place in tennis tournaments.  She decided to resign from the French Open at Roland Garros, when the authorities warned that she could be suspended for refusing to take part in the interviews.  She had been fined $15,000.  She then revealed the precarious state of her mental health, and the strain the interviews involved.  The authorities have been accused of lacking empathy…

Naomi pulled out of the French Open on Monday.  Her transits at the time were:-

Mars square her natal Sun (anger over an issue; making a stand; activism)

Uranus square her natal Jupiter (a disruption)

Pluto on her natal Neptune (deep psychological issues to work through)

The week’s events may lead to a review of the whole issue of post-match interviews.  Certainly, as a viewer, you tend to cringe at the idea of someone being interviewed who has lost and is the throes of deep disappointment.



Entrepreneurs into Space

Last Sunday, vying for our attention with the men’s singles finals and the European Cup, saw Richard Branson launching himself into space on Virgin Galactic.  This coming week it will be Jeff Bezos, and later on Elon Musk.  It seems to be a passion for some rich and wealthy inhabitants of Earth, but to other inhabitants it looks like a self-indulgent and wasteful pastime, and has been widely criticized….

In the Observer this morning, Catherine Bennett writes about our very own “rocket man”, and the trio of billionaires, describing “a growing suspicion of men who, with the colossal means to address climate disaster, would rather burn their wealth on projects that even they occasionally admit are juvenile”.




Book Review: “The Places In Between” by Rory Stewart (pub: 2004 Picador)

The horrific scenes this week of people trying to flee Afghanistan at Kabul airport, people being crushed, women throwing their babies over barbed wire fences supposedly to safety, has shown us this week how absolute is the plight of the Afghan people, since the U.S. and the U.K. have pulled out their presence, and allowed the Taliban to encroach on every inch of the land.

A while ago, a friend sent me the book of Rory Stewart’s walk across Afghanistan, and this week I felt this was the right time to read it, while all our thoughts were trained on the tragedy that has befallen its people.  Another friend this week commented that Rory Stewart would have made a better Foreign Secretary, especially in the light of Dominic Raab taking his eye of the ball when the crisis erupted last Sunday…

I don’t want to give out too many spoilers. His stories would be fascinating on their own, but in addition are seen through the lens of a fine mind and a character with a uniquely interesting take on life.



Emma Raducanu

“Every time you watch her you think she’s going to win every point.  You don’t even get that nervous.  She’s the real thing, you don’t get someone head and shoulders above that often and she’s one of those.  She has an incredible future.”

~ Virginia Wade

Young tennis star Emma Raducanu has been electrifying us with good news and mounting anticipation this week at the U.S. Open, culminating in her astonishing win last night as champion of this tournament.  Since her surprise emergence at Wimbledon this year, she has received A* in A Level Maths and an A in Economics, and toured America, before the tournament which began on 24th August.  She has quipped that she was set for an early exit with a flight back, but is taking it all in her stride, focussing one day at a time, taking care of each day.  Maybe her approach is a masterclass on living in the Now…? …

Watching Emma, I became aware of her unusual body language, and open aura, as though stretching out to her full potential.  Ah, who knew the power of a Venus Return in Scorpio?…I suspect she has a Libran Ascendant.  But both girls were outstanding, and the future of women’s tennis is showing great promise.

“When you make history you do it at  one level or two.  Emma is doing it at so many.  We’ve been hyping her but it’s happening.  She’s backing it all up.”

~ Martina Navratilova



COP 26

The 26th U.N. Climate Change Conference in Glasgow starts today, and lasts twelve days.  It is the last chance for the world’s nations (around 125 are involved) to commit to keeping warming from carbon emissions below 1.5 degrees C.  There is not a nation that won’t be affected by increased global warming, some are more responsible than others, some care more than others, and some are more vulnerable than others.

Astrologically, the next twelve days carry the challenge of a T-square between the Sun and Mars in Scorpio, Uranus in Taurus, and Saturn in Aquarius.  You would not expect anything less for such a complex and demanding international scenario.  Perhaps in your own life or work you are negotiating a long, difficult and complex task, such as a house move.  It is a huge balancing act, and requires commitment.  Additionally, Mars has just entered Scorpio which makes each party fight for its corner and be less inclined to compromise.  But the good of the whole has to be predominant…

David Attenborough will be attending, and Jupiter will be trine his natal Mercury, fulfilling his efforts in communication.  There is also great poignancy for him, as Jupiter opposes his natal Neptune at 22 degrees Leo in his 6th House of Environment, his great sensitivity…

The spotlight will be on Greta Thunberg on Friday, and she will be holding a school strike, as has become normal for that day of the week.  The day is billed for a focus on Youth and Public Empowerment and Education.  She was interviewed at length by Andrew Marr this morning, and answered lucidly on all angles of the subject of climate change.



Azeem Rafiq

The world of that sedate and stately game of cricket has been rocked lately by allegations of institutionalized racism, by its whistleblower retired cricketer Azeem Rafiq…

It appears that even from a young age he was sensitive to remarks made about his ethnicity by white players.  It was reported in the Observer this morning that white British players from private schools are 34 times more likely to succeed in cricket than young Asians, even today.  He must have been outstandingly talented to have succeeded…

The current furore began on September 2020, when he accused the club of  historic racism, harassment and bullying, and a formal investigation was set up.  Transiting Saturn was exactly conjunct his North Node in Capricorn (taking on an Institution), intensifying that responsibility in his birth chart (see above), prior to his Saturn Return.  Rafiq hoped to bring about “meaningful change” at the club. On 17th June 2021 a tribunal took place, but failed to reach a conclusion, and Rafiq refused to take a settlement which would have meant a non-disclosure agreement, as he needed to feel free to speak about his issues with the club.  With Pluto on his North Node, he had to be clear in his integrity…

I would say that any whistleblower, in any institution, particularly if they are the first whistleblower of their kind, has to be incredibly brave, and racism in cricket or anywhere else needs to be tackled.  Rafiq was not able to speak out back in his career heyday, but now, with the “Me Too” and other such movements, the time has come.



Lewis Hamilton

Formula One racing driver Lewis Hamilton has had a momentous week.  He took part in the final of the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the result of which was controversial, and was subsequently knighted.  He has won  seven World Drivers’ Championship titles…

The race itself had been dubbed “one of the most intense, hard-fought battles in sporting history over 22 grands prix”, undoubtedly historic in significance.

Lewis was knighted in the middle of the week, with the same transits pertaining (Pluto sextile his Saturn and trine his North Node): a week with gravitas, for him…

“I see those of you who are staying silent, some of you the biggest of stars yet you stay silent in the midst of injustice. Not a sign from anybody in my industry which of course is a white dominated sport. I’m one of the only people of colour there yet I stand alone”.

~ Lewis Hamilton


Are  you feeling some sense of relief, or at least the beginning of relief, that the Saturn-Uranus square and Venus-Pluto conjunction, with accompanying dramas and emotional tension, are over?  Hopefully, we have cleared a path towards a smoother 2022.

This evening, we have a sextile between Mercury and Neptune, which will assist you in refining your mindset and remaining mental clutter from the past year, which has been so difficult for some.  Our minds will be able to receive higher guidance more easily today.  Delicate conversations and channelling will also be made easier.

Jupiter in Pisces

Skip to Wednesday (29th), inching nearer the New Year, and a big shift occurs: the ingress of Jupiter into Pisces (from Aquarius), after a brief previous sojourn there in the summer months this year.  This coincided with a lightening of restrictions, and a comparatively carefree few months in terms of places of hospitality and theatres attempting a return to normality, and more foreign travel allowed.  So Jupiter in Pisces certainly did no harm to our lifestyles.  However, we are now in the territory of the Omicron variant, and still do not know quite what to make of it.  Jupiter in Pisces increases hopes, dreams and wishes, but not necessarily clarity and reality.  However, hope is always needed.

Under Jupiter in Pisces, empathy and compassion are more likely to bring about an air of unity.  It is charitable, and not divisive in nature.  People may be able to tackle the recent trait of “hatred” which has given rise to political division, and violence in society, among other manifestations.  The idea of “one world” is more achievable.  In the Observer this morning, it was reported that the Brexit division may be evening out, as:

“More than six out of 10 voters believe Brexit has either gone badly or worse than they expected – a year after the UK left the EU, according to an anniversary poll for the Observer.”

Of course, Brexit is only one of many divisions in our society, but it may be a sign that Jupiter in Pisces is almost on its way, and there may be more merging of ideas and feelings.

Jupiter is more comfortable in Pisces (a sign it originally ruled before Neptune came along). The crescendo of its time  in Pisces will come in April of next year (2022) when it conjoins with Neptune in Neptune’s own sign.  To quote the lyrics of Pete Seeger in the song by the Byrds (“Turn,Turn,Turn”):

“To everything (turn, turn, turn)
There is a season (turn, turn, turn)
And a time to every purpose, under heaven

A time to gain, a time to lose
A time to rend, a time to sew
A time for love, a time for hate
A time for peace, I swear it’s not too late”

For the individual, Jupiter will quite likely be in the same segment (House) of your birth chart as Neptune, and be working to subtler and more refined ways of being, especially for that area of your life.  Your inner resources will come to mean more to you.

Still in the morning of Wednesday 29th, Venus will form a conjunction with Mercury at 24 degrees Capricorn.  This conjunction is ideal for socializing, conversation, artistic or literary endeavours, or negotiations.  Your communications will have an artistic flair, so it’s a good time to get creative.

Next up, still on Wednesday, Chiron squares the Sun, not so much of a picnic.  This may pose a dilemma, or a problem to be solved, or even a healing crisis to be soothed.  It is a time to hone your Inner Healer, both for your self-healing, and for anyone who comes into your orbit.

On Thursday (30th) Mars and Saturn will be sextile, and if you are looking for a spot of reality in the new world of Jupiter in Pisces, this aspect will give you the tools you need and possibly the opportunity to put into practice a project or scheme which you may have been trying to get to for some while.  This aspect can be most useful on a practical level.  It is good for both beginning and finishing active projects, e.g. for putting that final piece in a jigsaw.  Some solid ground can be gained with the boost of this aspect.

In the morning also, we have a conjunction between Mercury and Pluto which may have the effect of concentrating the mind, possibly seeming to make the task in hand more difficult, but actually giving it more meaning, depth and thought.  This conjunction brings great scrutiny but goes deep psychologically.  Conversations and communications deepen in nature, and causes of situations and circumstances may be uncovered, such as motives.  We all become detectives.

With Saturday, we now arrive at the New Year of 2022, and a new vibration, at the very least for numerologists.  And we have a very fitting aspect for a New Year, a veritable new broom of an aspect:  the Sun trine Uranus, no less!  This is a hopeful influence.  It may bring an unexpected go ahead to forge on with innovative plans and original creativity. That can include vivid dreams, with informative futuristic information encoded in them.  It is an ideal aspect for New Year’s Resolutions, Affirmations, and Creative Visualizations for the coming year.  Some would prefer not to make resolutions, but I have had it in my mind for some time to begin work on Volume II of my novel trilogy “The Quiet Office”, about present time.  So it’s good to know the stars are aligned on that very day.  Happy New Year to you All.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – refine your mindset
  • Wednesday – deeper into compassion; social, artistic and diplomatic communications; a problem to be solved
  • Thursday – reality triumphs; mental challenges
  • Saturday – a new and original outlook

Aspects for the week beginning 19 December 2021

Lewis Hamilton

Formula One racing driver Lewis Hamilton has had a momentous week.  He took part in the final of the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the result of which was controversial, and was subsequently knighted.  He has won  seven World Drivers’ Championship titles.

Birth Chart

Lewis has the Sun in Capricorn conjunct Jupiter, so is adventurous and lucky by nature, but also very controlled and disciplined, with Saturn rising in Scorpio.  The Sun is closely sextile the Ascendant, showing a competitive nature, and Jupiter is closely trine his North Node, extending the sense of adventure and luck to his karmic mission.  He was born exactly on a Full Moon in Cancer, and has a very emotional chart, with  5 of his planets in the Water element.  The position of his Part of Fortune is worthy of mention, being exactly opposite his Ascendant, which could be linked with his exceptional talent.  He has an  unaspected Mercury in Sagittarius, which may give him a very independent mind.  Mars, the planet most linked with motor racing, is in Pisces in the 4th House of Home and Family.  Certainly his father gave him great encouragement and support from an early age, buying him a go-kart at the age of six, and working hard to support him financially. His Mars receives a square from Uranus, indicating a very electric type of energy, and trines Pluto, providing a powerhouse of energy.  Mars is conjunct his I.C. by 2 degs, making the motor car the foundation of his life.  He also has Jupiter sextile Saturn, an indication of balanced judgement.  Saturn is exactly conjunct his South Node, meaning that control and discipline were a strong feature of his past lives, suggesting intense training in some field (before the advent of the motor car!).  Pluto sextile Midheaven shows he is in a career which is on the edge, dicing with death.  Jupiter is a key planet in his chart, showing up significantly in transits and progressions, and is placed in the 3rd House of transport.

Life and Career

Lewis was born in Stevenage, and his parents separated when he was two years old; he lived with his mother until he was twelve, and then with his father.  He was bullied at school for being mixed race.

When he began motor racing in 1998, and in 2007 he was the only black driver to race with McLaren.  After success with McLaren winning world title for the youngest ever driver, he switched to Mercedes in 2013.  He has been celebrated for  his interests outside the sport, in activism in the fields of ecology and racism (supporting the Black Lives Matter movement), and participation in music and fashion. He is a vegan, and teetotal.

This Week

The 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix turned out to be a two horse race, in that Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen took the lead early on in the series.  Like Lewis, Verstappen has a strong Mars-Pluto (daredevil) connection you would expect in motor racing, in his case a conjunction.  The outcome all rested on the final race.  Hamilton was hoping to make this his eighth title, which would have seen him overtake Michael Schumacher for the record.  Verstappen was able to overtake Hamilton, however, on the final lap.  Decisions on protocol had been made at the last minute by the race director, which affected the performance, and so Mercedes considered appealing the result.  Lewis himself thought the outcome had been “manipulated”.  Nevertheless, he congratulated Verstappen at the end of the race.

Lewis’ main transits for this event were Pluto exactly sextile his Saturn rising, exact to the day, and Pluto exactly trine Lewis North Node in 7th House.  Serious transits, with an element of karma implied.  Verstappen had a Mars Return (completely in sync with his own energy and his car), Uranus square  his Jupiter (controversial luck), and Neptune trine his natal Venus (personal euphoria).

Their synastry points even further towards karmic encounter, with Verstappen’s Moon trine Hamilton’s North Node (karmic), his Saturn forming a T-square with Lewis’ Sun-Moon opposition, his Uranus squaring Hamilton’s Pluto (effecting a change in Hamilton’s patterns), his Pluto squares Hamilton’s Venus (personal rivalry), and his Ascendant squaring Hamilton’s Midheaven (an awkward fit).

The race itself had been dubbed “one of the most intense, hard-fought battles in sporting history over 22 grands prix”, undoubtedly historic in significance.

Lewis was knighted in the middle of the week, with the same transits pertaining (Pluto sextile his Saturn and trine his North Node): a week with gravitas, for him.

Nicole Scherzinger

For seven years, he and singer Nicole Scherzinger made a celebrity power couple.  Cancerian Nicole would fit the criteria of Lewis’ Moon in Cancer (Cancerian women in his life).  They met on 1st November 2007 at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Munich, with Saturn on his Midheaven and Uranus square his Uranus, signalling an important change in his life.  For Nicole, Saturn was sextile her Sun in her 10th House (meeting a prominent Capricornian), Uranus trine her natal Jupiter (an opportunity), and Pluto trine her natal Saturn, showing an important change in her life too. Notable features of their synastry were her Sun sextile his Midheaven (her support for his career), her Venus trine his Uranus (a stimulating relationship) and her Neptune conjunct his Uranus, lending depth to their relationship.  She has always refused to talk about her relationships, though. They separated in February 2015, with Jupiter trine his natal Uranus (moving on to pastures new)  and Neptune on his I.C. (his foundations changing).  Jupiter was trine her natal Neptune at the time and Neptune trine her natal Sun (a new spiritual direction); Uranus opposing her natal Pluto and Pluto square her Pluto (a necessary change).

“I see those of you who are staying silent, some of you the biggest of stars yet you stay silent in the midst of injustice. Not a sign from anybody in my industry which of course is a white dominated sport. I’m one of the only people of colour there yet I stand alone”.

~ Lewis Hamilton


It’s an important week, astrologically, as well as being the main winter  holiday season.  Not only are we on tenterhooks as to whether we can gather with whom for Christmas, but the planets too are on tenterhooks on Christmas Eve.  It brings to mind the phrase “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans” (attributed to John Lennon).

We begin the day and the week, today, with a square between Mercury and Chiron, so mini-crises may arise needing problem-solving skills, and solutions which may be to hand, like dock leaves near nettles, or may require soul consultation, digging deep.  The cause of this may be general pre-Christmas panic, the brain fog of whether you have got that last minute gift or card, for example.

We then have a Full Moon in Gemini.   The tussle of Moon in Gemini and Sun in Sagittarius is a tussle over communication, and that is the principle which can also bring them to a whole.  The Full Moon peaks early in the morning, so you may find the tension starting to dissipate from that point.  By the time you rise from your sleep, you may have resolved the issue to some extent, through your dream life.  This will be a powerful Moon, since it opposes the Sun at the Galactic Centre.

Still in the morning, the rare phenomenon of Venus Retrograde takes place, or her stationing prior to turning retrograde.  Although you may need to go over old ground, you can refer back to a time when a relationship was entirely harmonious, and what brought you together in the first place, when working towards improvements.  But bear in mind that we are in the middle of Venus conjoining Pluto on two occasions (once when it applied to Pluto, and then when it moves back to Pluto), and that may mean deep transformations in relationships, and the way you conduct them.  Financial changes can also occur, and there may be a flurry of various financial matters to deal with.

As if that were not enough to deal with on one day, Chiron also stations prior to turning Direct, so another fluctuation but at least in an easier direction.  This is a helpful turning of the path on your healing journey.  If you are hospital visiting or having a health check up on that day, this development may help you see things in a new light, e.g. realizing the purpose behind the condition.  You may start to find new healing avenues.

Monday (20th) has a sparkling sextile between the Sun and Jupiter, which can bring new hope!  It is one of the brightest  aspects of the year.  Focus on what makes you happy, and make more of that.

On Monday evening, Mercury trines Uranus which spells playfulness and creativity; good ideas can come out of nowhere, always a benefit of Mercury and Uranus.  Some of the best inventions come out of this space.  The mind is uplifted, and computers and I.T. devices given or received, will be on good form and working satisfyingly well.  Mental brilliance, technological upgrades, lightbulb moments, and futuristic inspiration can be yours.  So even if you thought your re-arranged plans seemed rather dull, the day could surprise you. I would say it is the most positive day this week.

The Winter Solstice occurs on Tuesday (21st), mid-afternoon.  For many this will be a relief, and a sense of a new dawn, especially for those who suffer from seasonal affective disorder (S.A.D.).  The Sun’s entry into Capricorn is a return to practicality, after the aspirational month of Sagittarius.  It is a time to look at the general structure and order of things, and your relationship with authority and the institutions which govern our society.

This leads us to the next manifestation of the Saturn-Uranus square, on Christmas Eve (Friday 24th), which has been creating a conflict between the old and the new this whole year.  It is a battle royal, and it culminates on Christmas Eve this year.  It may be difficult to make the best decision at that time, though the decision may be made for you.  Also, take care of physical safety and wellbeing on that day.  You may notice specific personal and universal dilemmas operating for people.  As this has been operational all year, you may also see some progress and resolution as some people see how to resolve certain matters.

The last day of the week, Christmas Day (Saturday 25th), is equally challenging, because Venus again makes a conjunction with Pluto, and it may be a money or relationship issue which might seem as though it never really went away since the last conjunction (on 11th December).  You may feel under a lot of pressure.  What is important, is to try to get to the root of the matter in hand, and for that you may need to go back in time.  There is much to reflect on about the enormity of changes which have come about, and the impact on humanity.  You may need to do some soul-searching in order to have a handle on your feelings.  Whether you are spending Christmas Day alone, or in company (say functional, or dysfunctional family), love and money will take up emotional energy.  Within that frame, you may be able to strike the right note with depth and meaning, to have a fulfilled Christmas.  I hope so.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – complex; problem-solving; emotional high tide; going over old ground in relationships; new healing moves
  • Tomorrow – success; excitement and mental ingenuity
  • Tuesday – down to earth, and light returning
  • Friday – settling the score between the old and the new
  • Saturday – serious relationships

Aspects for the week beginning 12 December 2021

Allegra Stratton – Part 2

I first wrote about Allegra Stratton a year ago, when she was appointed press secretary for 10 Downing Street.  I think her role has been fairly low key, nothing like that of C.J., the White House Press Secretary in “The West Wing”.  Her role this week was as fall guy for the Christmas Partygate scandals.  Women are outraged that it is often the female in the man’s world who is the scapegoat, and the men get off relatively scot free.  Others have felt her tears to let down the women’s movement.  So, plenty to mull over…

I wrote last year (highlights in red):

Birth Chart

“So what sort of a woman is Allegra?  Her birthchart states categorically that she is a Warrior!  She has Sun in Aries (warriorship) with Mars exactly conjunct the North Node (karmic mission as a warrior), with the Sun also trine the North Node (a leader, too).  The North Node at 26 degrees Leo is exactly trine the Galactic Centre, a centre of great power.  Her Sun is also trine Mars (more guns blazing) and exactly opposite Pluto, which is deep and powerful, but not always to her advantage (power struggles can ensue).  There is a sense that while she loves power and is attracted to it, she may also become a pawn in its game.  So warriorship, power and leadership are prominent components of the core of her birthchart.  We do not have a birth time/Ascendant, so we don’t know how much that would mitigate or soften the picture. But she is a definite go-getter.

The Sun and Mars are in a Grand Fire Trine with Neptune, which provides some softness and sensitivity.  This might provide some skill in what she does, because she has the fight (Mars) but the sensitivity (Neptune) to understand the opponent.  However, she was taken to task during her career (2012), in upsetting a single mum who she interviewed, and ended up having to apologize.  An outstanding talent she does have for P.R. and communications is shown by her Mercury exactly trine Uranus: she is in the right profession.  She also has Mars conjunct Jupiter, energy allied with enthusiasm.  Jupiter square Uranus in her chart reveals that she can be a risk-taker, and an opportunist: she certainly bagged an opportunity here…

… So Allegra may be called upon to sometimes defend the indefensible, in her new role.

This Week

The focus of my piece a year ago was how she managed to help oust the chief pantomime villain of the time, Dominic Cummings.  Today, I will be taking a look at the current picture this week.

Allegra became the focus of this crisis on 7th December when a video was leaked of her making light of an illegal Christmas party last year, and she resigned the next day 8th December.  Her transits are striking:

Mars square her natal Mars (in trouble); Mars square her Nodal Axis (karma rebounding); Jupiter opposite her natal Mars (a problem in relation to enthusiasm and humour); Jupiter on her South Node (humour karma); plus Uranus on her natal Chiron exact to the day (an unexpected wound for her).  She said she would regret her words for the rest of her days.

The historic event

The Christmas Party in question (there are now many others reported) took place on 18th December last year.  Unaware of the seeds of her future destruction as she joked four days later at a mock rehearsal press conference, her transits at the time were: Chiron (wounds) sextile her natal Venus; Pluto sextile her natal Mercury (the import of words); Mars trine her natal Neptune (unguardedness).  Not unpleasant transits in themselves, and she did seem quite merry at the time.

Her Role

Allegra must have felt blessed in her life to be “in with the in crowd”.  Rishi Sunak (our immensely rich Chancellor) was a friend of her husband’s and best man at their wedding.  She and her husband James Forsyth (political editor of the Spectator) are godparents to the Sunak’s children, and the Sunaks are godparents to Allegra and James’ children.  She was a friend of Carrie Symonds, wife of the Prime Minister, and together they managed to oust Dominic Cummings, whose lingering presence was an embarrassment to the Prime Minister.  On gaining her role as press secretary, there were whispers that it was another example of cronyism within the party.

Her appointment was announced on 8th October last year, and it was intended that she would undertake a series of press briefings from November.  The potential of the post did not materialize, and at first the plan was delayed to January 2021.  The covid situation (i.e the prolonged lockdown) meant that eventually it was scrapped entirely.

There was a chance for her to shine when she was the spokesperson for the COP26 summit in Glasgow in November 2021.  However, she did not take a leading role and made some unfortunate counterproductive comments such as preferring diesel to electric cars.  So her plumb role could not have yielded much personal satisfaction. Now that it has literally ended in tears for her, she may have regrets about taking the role in the first place.

The astrological comparison of the announcement of her role and her resignation is interesting (to nerds and geeks at the very least), being a history of the beginning and ending of a role: Saturn squared the Uranus of new role to the day; Saturn squared the Mercury (communication role) of the new role, bringing an end to the role, and Pluto was transiting the Saturn of the new role this week (a difficult final outcome).  It had proved to be much of a non-role in many ways…

Relationship with the Conservative Party chart

There are two ways scapegoating can show itself astrologically.  One is through Capricorn and its ruler Saturn (the role of the goat, sadly); the other is through Neptune, which represents sacrifice.  In Allegra’s astrological relationship with the Conservative Party chart, there is not an element of the Neptunian sacrifice (it was not conscious).  But the Conservative Party Saturn squares her natal Mars and her Nodal Axis.  Also she has a destructive square to her natal Moon from the Conservative Pluto (a devastating tear jerker).

The whole story has a ring of karma to it…she obtained the role through cronyism, she conspired with Carrie Symonds to get rid of Dominic Cummings…then she herself became the scapegoat for further scandal.

Meanwhile, the whole affair has made several sections of the population angry: those who lost loved ones to covid, and unable to visit them, while others partied; those who believe that women are scapegoated in a man’s world; those who are offended by the “weaponization” of women’s tears; there was such a sense of privilege about that mock press conference, adding to the public’s outrage at being taken for fools.

It is to be hoped that Christmas Partygate will not prevent people from taking necessary precautions when socializing in relation to covid, and now the further threat posed by the omicron variant.  Currently, the polls have been affected: the Labour Party have risen, and are showing a few per cent ahead of the Conservatives (varying between 2% and 8%).  There have been calls for P.M. Boris Johnson to resign.


This morning, at the crack of dawn, Neptune squared the Sun, which can throw things into confusion.  As it happens, we were unexpectedly thrown into confusion!  We were woken at that time with a call from a confused 95-year old family matriarch, and my husband and his brother rushed to her aid.  Then at 7.30 a.m. I received a phone call from Curry’s to say a new dishwasher was on its way and would be arriving at 8 a.m. So I had to phone hubby who was at mother-in-law’s, for him to clear the cupboard under the sink and prepare for the dishwasher’s arrival and plumbing in and removal of the old one.  They had scheduled the dishwasher for 16th December, so its arrival on a sleepy Sunday morning was not expected.  Sorry about this digression, but it really was a most unusual early morning, and the timing very precise in relation to this square.  So if you are feeling a little discumbobulated, you’ll know why! As well as an air of confusion, today is a day to sort out truth from illusion.

Mars enters Sagittarius tomorrow (Monday 13th).  This placement can be a green light to new exercise regimes and sports initiatives, foreign transactions, and further education studies.  If you are seeking to pursue a line of life philosophy with gusto in order to test out if it actually works, then pick your mantra and go for it!  You’ll have the energy at least, though success is not absolutely guaranteed.  There could be an injection of energy and light to proceedings.  Mars stays in Sagittarius until 24th January.

The late afternoon brings another ingress to further fluctuate the energy, that of Mercury entering Capricorn.  The mental mode of Capricorn is practicality, and systematic and methodical thinking. Mercury in Capricorn favours planning (so helps with planning the forthcoming year. Official documentation may need to be worked on, forms to fill, authorities to interview, etc.  Mercury will be in Capricorn for the rest of the year, until 2nd January in fact.

On Wednesday (15th) Mars conjoins the South Node, which may remind us of past battles (in this or previous lives).  It may be time to review your relationship to the Warrior Archetype, either your own personal inner warrior, or a more universal or symbolic perspective.

The lyrics to Edwin Starr’s hit song come to mind:

“War, huh, yeah
What is it good for?
Absolutely nothing, uhh
War, huh, yeah
What is it good for?
Absolutely nothing”

But, of course, we all need to be able to use our Inner Warrior in the most constructive way, so that is something to consider on Wednesday.

After Wednesday, there are no aspects, but there is a Fixed Star to consider for Friday (17th)..  In fact, it is the Open Star Cluster in Scorpio M6, known as Aculeus.  Bernadette Brady equates it with obstacles strewn in our path.  “Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld gives the following rendering:

“This cluster will assist individuals who wish to attune better through channelling or by reading channelled works or other things shared about beings who work at higher dimensional levels.  There can be deeper attunement to these higher vibrational forces as they are worked with by such beings.”

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – Discumbobulation
  • Tomorrow – go ahead! ; planning and documentation
  • Wednesday – warrior karma
  • Friday – channelling and attunement to higher dimensions

Aspects for the week beginning 5 December 2021

Strictly Come Dancing 2021 – Part 4

I am tying up loose ends here, as I did not complete the roll call of Strictly Come Dancing contestants.  There are two I need to blog about (before it is too late), one of them likely to leave this weekend!  They are A.J. Odudu and Rhys Stephenson.

A.J. Odudu

A.J’s dancing astounded from the word go, though she had never danced before.  She is a larger than life personality, with the broadest Blackburn accent, and the longest legs I have seen on Strictly.  I first noticed her on the show “Big Brother’s Bit on the Side” years ago, and then she recently took part in a cooking contest show before popping up on our Strictly screens.  She has been a frontrunner in the contest all the way through.

She has the Sun in Aquarius, a sign noted for its long limbs!  With Mercury also in Aquarius, she has the capacity for quick-thinking.  Sun exactly sextile Mars gives her great physicality, to balance with the more cerebral qualities of Aquarius.  The Sun is also sextile Jupiter, being equidistant in the middle of a hugely enthusiastic trine between Jupiter and Mars in the Fire signs.  And a superb exact trine between the Sun and Chiron gives her healing qualities too, even if it is just through her infectious joie de vivre.  The Moon is unaspected in her chart, which is a curiosity because she is close to her mother and comes from a big family of 8 children.  Mercury sextile Mars gives her quick mental reactions.  An exact conjunction of Saturn and Uranus may give her personal earthquakes in her life, especially in past relationships given that the conjunction squares her natal Venus.  Let us hope her current relationship, with her dance partner, Kai Widdrington, brings more relationship stability.  It could be that her Saturn-Uranus has forged her character, and, as they say, made her stronger.  Her transits this weekend show Mars trine her natal North Node (fire and energy), Uranus opposing her natal Pluto (great change in her life), Pluto square her natal Jupiter (power) and Pluto sextile her natal North Node (karmic power).  At the end of the contest Mars will be trine her natal Venus (likely to be in the final, she’ll put in a passionate performance), Pluto will still be square her Jupiter and sextile her North Node.

Her dance partner (and current boyfriend, by all accounts) is the new heartthrob of Strictly, Kai Widdrington.  He has his Sun in performing Leo conjunct Venus in fastidious Virgo, and is a superb impressionist.  He is intensely disciplined, with Mercury exactly opposite Saturn, and he also has a complex conjunction of Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn, common to those born in his year (1995).  From the outset, their chemistry was spotted, and they quickly became a couple outside the dance floor.  So you would expect sizzling astrological synastry:  Kai’s  Sun/Venus conjunction in Leo is exactly trine A.J.’s power conjunction of Saturn and Uranus, so they can steady each other  in a profound way.  This makes for a powerful bond.  Kai’s transits this weekend are: the Nodal Axis square his natal Venus (karma around his artistry) and Mars sextile his natal Neptune (bringing out the essence of his spirituality and sensitivity).  At the end of the contest the Nodal Axis will be square his Sun (karma around his creativity and performance), and Jupiter will be square his Pluto.  These transits suggest that while they are likely to reach the final, they are not the most likely to lift the glitterball trophy.

Rhys  Stephenson

CBBC presenter Rhys Stephenson may not be as popular with the public as Dan Walker, as he has been in the dance off more times than he would like, but I find his dancing very enjoyable to watch.  He is particularly skilful at the fast-paced dances.  Looking at his chart, you can swiftly spot why, for he has a close triple conjunction between Mercury, Mars and Pluto in Scorpio.  With Mars also sextile his Neptune/Uranus conjunction, this gives him electric and complex energy.  His transits this weekend (when he is in danger of going out of the contest, despite being top of the leaderboard) are a Mars Return, Mars square  his Saturn and Mars conjunct his Pluto: he’ll be fighting for his place, again, on the dance floor.  At the final, he will have Jupiter trine his natal Jupiter (a triumphant feeling) and Pluto sextile his natal Pluto (psychological self-empowerment).  That may be his satisfaction about his progress overall, unless he can win the public round in the meantime in order to put him in the final.

He is partnered with Nancy Xu (another new professional), and their Suns are exactly squared, which means they have a connection, but have to work at it.  Also significant is that her Jupiter (luck and enthusiasm) is square his triple conjunction in Scorpio, so she is able to motivate him.  His Chiron conjoins her Venus, which is an artistic challenge.  At first he was told by the judging panel that he danced well on his own, but not so much in hold.  But as time has gone on, he has more than proved himself to the judges.  Her transits this weekend include a stunning trine of Uranus to her natal Uranus, so they could surprise us, and their dance last night was stunning.  Her transits at the final show that the trine will still be operational, and even closer.  That  is intriguing: perhaps this contest will be a stepping stone for her to greater things.

Remaining Contestants:

Looking at my previous blogs about the remaining contestants:

Dan Walker and Nadiya Bychkova

“At the end of the contest, Saturn will oppose his natal Saturn (a stuckness), Uranus will square his natal Saturn (he could go out unexpectedly before the end) and Uranus opposes his natal Uranus (a mid-life crisis or rebellion).  I feel that emotions will emerge through this process which have not come up for him before.

Her transits for the time of the final show Chiron square her natal Neptune, so she may be feeling a little disengaged by that time.  So overall, this does not look like the winning pair.”

Well, I have been well and truly surprised how far they have come!  And I have to admit he has improved.  The public just seem to want to keep them in the contest…

Rose Ayling-Ellis and Giovanni Pernice

“At the end of the contest, her transits will include Jupiter square her natal Pluto (a bid for supremacy), Saturn square her natal Mercury (there may be a small disappointment), Neptune still sextile her Neptune, and Pluto still sextile her natal Sun/Jupiter.  She seems headed for the final, but perhaps John Whaite will pip her to the post.

At the end of the contest he will have Jupiter opposite his Venus, Mars trine his Jupiter, and Uranus trine his Neptune, a favourable line up, which could put them at the top.”

That does sound promising…and Rose is definitely a favourite with the public.

John Whaite and Johannes Radebe

“At the end of the contest Uranus will still be trine his Neptune, but the other transits will be waning.  I am not sure how that will translate for the final, because he has done so well so far, it is difficult to imagine him not being there.

[Johannes Radebe]  At the final, he has Pluto square his natal Mercury (mental challenge), and Neptune still square his Saturn.  The transits are not as favourable as I would expect for such a dynamic duo.  There may be something I am missing…”

Could be that they will be runners up…

On these astrological analyses, surprisingly, the order would be:

  1. Rose Ayling-Ellis
  2. John Whaite
  3. A.J. Odudu
  4. Rhys Stephenson
  5. Dan Walker

But I can’t see the public voting Dan out, or keeping Rhys in.  We shall see how this weekend’s dance off plays out…


Mars will be sextile Pluto tomorrow (Monday 6th) so  you may have the energy to push through a pet project.  It is a dynamic and active aspect, and you may find yourself spontaneously clearing clutter.

The following day (Tuesday 7th) finds Mercury square Neptune, and you may lose the clarity and physicality of Monday’s push.  A different sort of tuning in is required: that of sorting fact from fiction, reality from illusion.  This aspect muddies the communication waters:  It is a good day for sorting out your finer feelings, and sensations.  This aspect may contribute to misunderstandings too, so keep your communications clear.

Wednesday (8th) brings another square: that between Mars and Jupiter. This is sheer over the top enthusiasm allied with energy. This aspect can bring spirited exchanges or sporting achievements, but there is a possible hint of damage through lack of control.

Venus conjoins with Pluto on Saturday (11th), bringing a deeper mood.  There is much more reflection about the enormity of changes, and the impact on humanity.  You may need to do some soul-searching in order to have a handle on your feelings.  In your interactions, deep honesty may be required. A strong dose of chamomile tea and lavender may be needed all round.

In the early evening, the general ambience may brighten, with a sextile between Mercury and Jupiter.  This encourages mental development and learning (if you are on a course of study, for instance), and is helpful to businesses in need of a lift.  If you are learning a new language, you may experience a shift and take off with it!  It will also be favourable for the teaching profession.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – pushing through
  • Tuesday – mixed messages
  • Wednesday – over the top energy
  • Saturday – depth in relationships; mind-broadening

Aspects for the week beginning 28 November 2021

Stephen Sondheim (1930 – 2021) 

“Isn’t it rich?
Are we a pair?
Me here at last on the ground
You in mid-air
Send in the clowns”

~ Stephen Sondheim

Composer and lyricist Stephen Sondheim, winner of several Tony awards, died this week, at the age of 91.  He played a crucial role in the development of the musical, and West Side Story, for which he wrote the lyrics, is often hailed as the best musical of all time.  The iconic songs from that musical, such as Maria, Somewhere, and Tonight, are etched in the collective musical mind.  He also helped to create Gypsy, A Little Night Music (from which notably Send in the Clowns was born), and Sweeney Todd, and he even had a hand in the more recent Hamilton through his mentee Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Birth Chart

Sondheim had the Sun in Aries in his 5th House of Creativity.  The Sun was unaspected, which can indicate a free spirit.  His parents separated when he was ten years old, and he lived with his mother.  The Moon in his chart was exactly square his natal Venus – he didn’t get on with his mother.  His Moon was also exactly conjunct Saturn – I call this the “Ivory Tower” – in 3rd House, he had no siblings, and by all accounts led a lonely and isolated childhood.  The Moon closely square Uranus and opposing Pluto added even more to his isolation.  These aspects produced a double square of Moon/Saturn to Venus/Uranus.  His North Node (karmic mission) was conjunct Chiron in Taurus, the sign of Music.  Mercury was trine Pluto in his chart, producing a deep thinker.  Venus was sextile Jupiter – for all his emotional isolation, he loved people.  Otherwise, his relationship problems showed up as Venus closely square Saturn (which can mean disappointment in love), Venus conjunct Uranus (unusual attractions, but also social magnetism), and Venus square Pluto (turbulent relationships).  Venus exactly trine his Midheaven  in Leo pointed to an outstanding musical contribution in his career.  He had Mars square Jupiter – great enthusiasm allied with energy, and Jupiter exactly sextile Uranus in 6th House (the Entrepreneur Archetype).

Life and Career

Isn’t it bliss?
Don’t you approve?
One who keeps tearing around
One who can’t move
Where are the clowns?
Send in the clowns

Sondheim was born in New York, New York.  His mother was a dress designer and his father manufactured the dresses.  It was a shock to Stephen when his father left his mother for another woman, and he found his mother psychologically abusive, taking out her anger on him. Around the time his parents separated, he became friends with the son of Oscar Hammerstein.  The latter became a substitute father figure, and a musical mentor.  He put him through his paces in writing musicals, though critical of the results but showing him where he went wrong. Sondheim then took theatre studies at college in Massachussetts.

His big break occurred when he was invited to work on West Side Story as a lyricist with Leonard Bernstein.  This show was of course based on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. As a musical, it was groundbreaking in its drama and passion.  The show opened on 26th September 1957, with Jupiter trine his natal Jupiter (a great success), Jupiter opposite his natal Uranus (a surprise), Uranus sextile his natal Jupiter (a surprise success) and Uranus trine his natal Uranus (the power of surprise, and sudden success).  Thus was his natal Entrepreneur (Jupiter sextile Uranus) well and truly activated!  This magical union of Bernstein and Sondheim was shown in their birthcharts through Bernstein’s Sun conjunct Sondheim Neptune (mutual inspiration), their Marses exactly trine (often a good sign of working together in synastry) and Bernstein’s Mars on Sondheim’s Ascendant/South Node, Bernstein being a great motivator for Sondheim, but also showing a karmic imperative.

His next opportunity was an invitation to write the lyrics for Gypsy, based on Gypsy Rose Lee’s memoirs. Sondheim was hesitant as he did not want to be known just as a lyricist, but Hammerstein advised him to take the opportunity.  Sadly, his mentor Hammerstein died shortly after, in 1960.  This was a traumatic moment for Sondheim, as they had such a strong bond.

Relationship with Oscar Hammerstein

Just when I stopped
Opening doors
Finally knowing the one that I wanted was yours
Making my entrance again with my usual flair

Astrologically, Stephen and his mentor were close: Hammerstein’s Ascendant was exactly conjunct Sondheim’s Pluto, so they made a huge impact on each other.  Hammerstein’s Mercury and Venus conjunction (the Songwriter) was exactly trine Sondheim’s North Node, a karmic handing down of musical writing tradition.  Oscar’s death was marked by Sondheim’s Saturn Return (a coming of age), with Saturn square Sondheim’s Venus (the loss of a loved one) and Neptune on Sondheim’s Ascendant (confusion over identity).

Further work and collaboration

Don’t you love a farce?
My fault, I fear
I thought that you’d want what I want
Sorry my dear
But where are the clowns?
Send in the clowns

The creation of musicals had its ups and downs, not all succeeded.  But with Hal Prince, in 1973, came another highlight in his career: A Little Night Music, which opened on 25th February of that year.  It received the best reception.  With Saturn sextile his natal Midheaven (career point) in his 10th House, his reputation was stabilized.  The song “Send in the Clowns” became iconic: in recent days I have seen it sung by Judy Dench, Millicent Martin and even Elizabeth Taylor.  But Judy Collins’ version in 1975 was my favourite, really bringing out its beauty.  It was originally written for the part played by Glynis Johns, with her husky, breathy voice, evoking the poignancy of the piece.

Later collaborators were James Lapine (notably, Sunday in the Park with George, and Into the Woods) and Lin-Manuel Miranda (on a Spanish version of West Side Story, and on developing the hit show Hamilton).


Send in the clowns
Don’t bother
They’re here

Sondheim did not come out as gay until the age of 40, at his Uranus Opposition (the mid-life crisis and rebellion).  He had had relationships with the actress Lee Remick, the actor Anthony Perkins, and a dramatist Peter Jones.  He more latterly found love with Jeffrey Scott Romley, whom he married in 2017.

I was aged 11 when the film of “West Side Story” came out.  It seemed radical and new.  For many of us, Sondheim’s vast body of music has been a soundtrack to our lives.

“Isn’t it rich?
Isn’t it queer?
Losing my timing this late
In my career
Where are the clowns?
There ought to be clowns
Well, maybe next year”

~ Stephen Sondheim


Today, the Sun conjoins Mercury at 6 degrees Sagittarius.  It is a good day generally to apply your mind with clarity, concentrate and focus,  and make important statements.  The focus may be on your own growth and potential and physical wellbeing.  Mentally you may see things clearly, if egocentrically.  Creatively, this is a very helpful conjunction: If you are writing a play, for instance, the perfect line could come to you.  It also supports global vision and interests.

Tomorrow (Monday 29th) Mars will be trine Neptune, under which the spiritual warrior flourishes.  You can combine your passions with your spiritual path.  Meditation with movement is favoured, e.g. yoga, tai chi and qijong.  Peaceful demonstrations also chime well with this aspect.  I myself have a chiropody/podiatry appointment, which is perfect, as Neptune rules the feet.  Why not treat yourself to a foot treatment or pampering of some sort, even if home made, with a bowl of warm water and some foot lotion to hand!

The self-care theme continues the same day with a trine between Mercury and Chiron, so the day has real healing potential.  This aspect is all about finding solutions, especially in health matters.  Mercury trine Chiron describes healing on a mental level (positive thinking, writing and affirmations), and helps to combine conventional and alternative or complementary healing approaches.

With a sextile of Saturn to Mercury on Tuesday (30th) there is a chance that Geminis and Virgos may experience this as a better week altogether, aspects to their ruler Mercury being fairly congenial.  Thoughts and feelings can be channelled and harnessed into constructive plans and ideas.  Mental foundations can be laid.  The aspect favours documentation and knuckling down to form-filling etc.

The theme of healing returns with the Sun trine Chiron.  Healing is illuminated by clarity, and solutions may appear to conundrums which have been recently aired.  There is a sense of wholeness about this aspect.  Creativity and healing have a symbiotic relationship under this aspect.

Two more positive sextiles then follow, on the same day.  First, Venus sextiles Neptune, to soothing waves of serenity and heightened inspiration, which hopefully you may experience.  People may come more into tune with each other.  New artistic avenues may flourish, having found ingenious ways for people to share art, music and performance (though some restrictions may now be about to return, with the discovery of the Omicron variant of covid).

Lastly, on Tuesday, the Sun sextiles Saturn which could ground some of the inspiration and bring it into reality.  Practical initiatives are supported by this aspect.  It is a good aspect for setting up solid foundations, for instance.

So, you see, Tuesday is a day real progress can be made.

The gift from Neptune, on the first day of December (Wednesday1st), is its Direct motion.  If you have felt confused of late, there is a chance for more clarity, certainty, inspiration and spirituality.  If  you felt your feet were treading water, then your  path could be on surer ground.  It is an opportunity to fine tune relationships, art, or spiritual practices.  After the turnaround has been achieved you may detect greater flow and movement.  Interactions may be subtle, but subtlety can be powerful.

We end the week with a New Moon and Eclipse (a Solar Eclipse) at 12 degrees Sagittarius on Saturday (4th).  New Moons tend to be upbeat, and Sagittarian New Moons more upbeat than most, focussing on expansion, the planning of holidays, deep study and learning, global issues, and matters of faith.  Re-play your affirmations, with more confidence.  You can have powerful inner conversations under this New Moon.  Eclipses can be dramatic, and contain the seeds of events for the forthcoming 6 months, which often makes them turning points.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – mental clarity and expansion
  • Tomorrow – self care: good foot work; and healing
  • Tuesday – potential for progress: focus and concentration; more healing; inspiration and beauty; positive grounding of reality
  • Wednesday – more clarity and inspiration, movement forward
  • Saturday – new beginning and turning point

Aspects for the week beginning 21 November 2021

Azeem Rafiq

The world of that sedate and stately game of cricket has been rocked lately by allegations of institutionalized racism, by its whistleblower retired cricketer Azeem Rafiq.

Birth Chart

His Sun conjunct Mercury in Pisces indicates a sensitive soul.  But Sun/Mercury square Mars also brings the Warrior Archetype, an energy which he channelled into sport (cricket), and now as a whistleblower.  His Moon squares Pluto, which is also intensely emotional (explosively so at times).  And he has the Critic Archetype in Mercury square Mars. He loves humanity  (Venus trine closely Jupiter), but has a feeling of alienation in society, at the same time (Venus square Uranus).  Jupiter opposite Saturn can be hamstrung at times, and he was unable to speak his truth for many years.  Saturn conjunct his North Node points to an unpleasant karmic duty, in the nature of “it hurts me to say this, but…”. A deep sextile of Pluto with Chiron results in a compulsion to effect a profound healing for himself, and for society.  Chiron in Cancer at the South Node suggests a healer in past lives, possibly carrying wounds through to this life

Life and Career

Azeem was born in 1991 in Karachi, and came to England when he was 10.  He lived in Barnsley, Yorkshire and began to play cricket at Yorkshire County Cricket Club from 2008, where he enjoyed a high level of success.  For example, in 2012 he was responsible for Yorkshire regaining promotion to Division One.   He is described as a right arm off-spin bowler, and was the youngest player and the first Asian to captain a Yorkshire side.  In the 2013 season he sustained a knee injury (natal Jupiter opposite Saturn may have predisposed him to that) and declared that he “lost a lot of confidence in my body and confidence in myself as a person”.  However, he did return to the sport, before retiring in 2018.


It appears that even from a young age he was sensitive to remarks made about his ethnicity by white players.  It was reported in the Observer this morning that white British players from private schools are 34 times more likely to succeed in cricket than young Asians, even today.  He must have been outstandingly talented to have succeeded.

One great wound for him was unsympathetic treatment by the club when his wife suffered a stillbirth in 2018, and he claims their treatment led him to consider suicide.  It was in August 2018 that he first raised concerns with the club, and they were dismissed as vague.  At the time he had Jupiter sextile his natal Neptune, encouraging him to open up about his sensitivities; Uranus square his natal Saturn, unable to contain them any longer, with the double trauma of their treatment over his family tragedy; and Neptune sextile his natal Neptune, his spiritual convictions leading his actions.

The current furore began on September 2020, when he accused the club of  historic racism, harrassment and bullying, and a formal investigation was set up.  Transiting Saturn was exactly conjunct his North Node in Capricorn (taking on an Institution), intensifying that responsibility in his birth chart (see above), prior to his Saturn Return.  Rafiq hoped to bring about “meaningful change” at the club. On 17th June 2021 a tribunal took place, but failed to reach a conclusion, and Rafiq refused to take a settlement which would have meant a non-disclosure agreement, as he needed to feel free to speak about his issues with the club.  With Pluto on his North Node, he had to be clear in his integrity.

After the results of the investigation were revealed, on 19th August this year, the club admitted that Rafiq had been “the victim of inappropriate behaviour”.  At that point in time, Mars was square to his natal Mars, and trine his natal Uranus – an acknowledgement of wounding (where Mars is one of the planets which represents wounds). It was reported that there was “insufficient evidence to conclude that Yorkshire County Cricket Club is institutionally racist”.  Rafiq had pointed out, however, that key witnesses had not been called in the investigation.  By 28th October, the club was saying no disciplinary action was being taken.

But on 4th November, the England and Wales Cricket Board (E.C.B.) announced that the club would not be able to host international matches. a source of status and pride in the past.  Subsequently Roger Hutton, chairman of the club, resigned.  With Mars sextile his North Node (acute karma), Jupiter opposite his natal Chiron, and Saturn closely opposite his natal Pluto, his position had become untenable.  Other Asian players this week corroborated Rafiq’s historic claims.

Yorkshire County Cricket Club

The club was formed on 8th January 1863.  At the time Azeem was officially declared a victim of racism, Pluto was on the natal Venus of its chart and square its Jupiter, with Saturn squaring its Pluto, bringing up serious issues.  At the time they were suspended from hosting international matches, Pluto was very close to the exact transit of the natal Venus.

England and Wales Cricket Board

The England and Wales Cricket Board was formed on 1st January 1997.  At the time that Azeem’s official victimhood was declared, Chiron was square the Mercury in its chart (a wound they had failed to heal), and Pluto was on the Jupiter of the chart (searching questions about power).  Although the furore surrounded the Yorkshire club specifically, other clubs around the country have also been implicated.


This week a further bombshell emerged, and that was Rafiq’s antisemitic comments on social media when he was 19.  He apologized, and expressed that he was “ashamed of this exchange and have now deleted it so as not to cause further offence.  I was 19 at the time and I hope and believe I am a different person today.  I am incredibly angry at myself and I apologise to the Jewish community and everyone who is rightly offended by this.”

The president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews commented “His apology certainly seems heartfelt and we have no reason to believe he is not completely sincere.”

Some have viewed this development as a get out clause for the racism which Rafiq experienced and is trying to stamp out.  But two wrongs don’t make a right! Marina Hyde in the Guardian yesterday referred to the psychology of those bullied, in saying “There are a whole range of reactions to being punched down on, and one of them is to find people to punch down on yourself.”  She went on to observe that “When I first began sitting in sports press boxes, I was fairly blown away by the attitudes I personally encountered.”

I would say that any whistleblower, in any institution, particularly if they are the first whistleblower of their kind, has to be incredibly brave, and racism in cricket or anywhere else needs to be tackled.  Rafiq was not able to speak out back in his career heyday, but now, with the “Me Too” and other such movements, the time has come.

The Quiet Office

You may notice that there is a new heading “Book” on this website, marking a new page devoted to my novel “The Quiet Office”.  The book now has four five star reviews on Amazon, which is lovely, and I have received my first set of royalties. On that page you will find a promotional video, which was created by a friend – Wendy Fry, author of “Write from Your Heart”.  Profound thanks go to her and my web designer.  Click on the image, and hopefully you’ll enjoy the video, which is all singing (if not dancing) as it has a musical accompaniment. If you are looking for an unusual gift, I would recommend the book as a stocking filler for Christmas, and if you watch the video, you may find a reason to buy!


Today is a steady day for making real progress, as it began with a sextile between Mercury and Pluto.  This can produce profound thought and communication,  honouring the gravity of a situation if necessary, and enabling meaningful debate to occur.  If you have something important lined up, you may be successful in getting your point across.

Tomorrow (Monday 22nd) the Sun enters Sagittarius.  This event ushers in the general festive pre-Christmas season of Sagittarius. ‘Tis the season to be jolly, at least in the preparation and anticipation of Christmas.  We hope fervently that it won’t be cancelled this year, in the way it was last year.  Christmas itself comes under the sobriety of Sun in Capricorn.  Your enthusiasm and preparations now can help create and inject warmth into the big day, in advance.  Sagittarius also represents philosophy, working out your ethics, values and how you feel about the meaning of life, and religion.  It’s nice to have settled your take on these, before settling down on the day, with loved ones.

Wednesday (24th) brings another ingress, and this time it is Mercury joining the Sun in Sagittarius.  Mentally, that brings more lightheartedness and expansion.  There’s just about time to hone your sense of humour, sarcasm-free, because Mercury is in Sagittarius until 13th December and Mercury is travelling fast this month, so those quick-fire wisecracks could bring a laugh a minute.  Mercury will be in the more sober sign of Capricorn at Christmas itself, so prepare the jokes for your home made crackers, and prepare your delivery in advance too to avoid them falling flat.

A minor aspect but with major players occurs on Saturday (27th) when Jupiter is semi-sextile Pluto.  There may be minor power struggles going on, more likely on a wider scale, such as internationally.   In your life, you may be re-arranging the furniture in some way.  This combination can be dramatic and powerful, but it can also bring triumph: when it occurred in September, Emma Raducanu won the U.S. Open tennis tournament.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – profound thought and communication
  • Tomorrow – start of the jolly season
  • Wednesday – optimistic mindset
  • Saturday – power and maybe glory

Aspects for the week beginning 14 November 2021

F.W. de Klerk

F.W. de Klerk, President of South Africa between the years 1989 and 1994, died this week at the age of 85.  He was fated to play an extraordinary historic role in leading the country out of apartheid, together with his fellow Nobel Peace Prize laureate Nelson Mandela.  It was a huge achievement, though his role was controversial, not without detractors on either side of the divide.

Birth Chart

With Sun in Pisces, and no planets in Air signs, de Klerk would have operated a great deal on instinct, although Capricorn was also prominent in his chart, conveying his pragmatism and his conservative politics. Six out of his ten planets were in Mutable signs, and he needed that flexibility, to pull off the historic U-turn for his country. He had a packed 3rd House of Communication, containing Venus/Mercury, Saturn/I.C. and the Sun: this marked him out as a Communicator, and he certainly was known for speechmaking and debate.  Reinforcing this skill was Mercury exactly sextile with his North Node (karmic mission).  He was a man of tremendous energy, with a powerhouse Mars in Aries square Pluto (which could be used destructively, arguably in actions and policies followed during the apartheid years), and a hugely enthusiastic Mars trine Jupiter.  Mars was sextile his natal North Node in Capricorn (Statesmanship and Politics) in his 1st House, helping him to fulfil his karmic mission.  Jupiter was conjunct his Ascendant by 5 degrees, from the 12th House, giving him great positivity and the ability to dream, hope and envision.  Neptune was exactly opposite Saturn in his chart, running across his MC/IC Axis – he was not able to please everyone, and it was an uncomfortable state of being, but in many ways necessary to the task that he had to balance them.  This combination provided a sense of spiritual responsibility. Uranus was also trine North Node in Capricorn, adding the necessity of effecting change to his karmic mission. But the Midheaven trine North Node gave him the ability to harmoniously combine the conventional career with the karmic mission.

Family Background

Looking at his life and his chart, he seems to have been born to fulfil his later role.  His father Jan de Klerk was a politician, who played an active role in the formation of apartheid.  F.W. de Klerk took up law as a career, then entered politics within the apartheid regime of the National Party. His elder brother Willem, meanwhile, was more progressive in his views.  There is an interesting karmic astrological slant to the family story, in that when F.W. reached the age of 12 and his father was actively involved in politics, his progressed Sun reached a sextile with his natal Chiron (the wounded healer, that which we seek to heal and go on to help others with).  Thus was the wound highlighted in his chart.  The relationship between his chart and his father’s shows the seeds of how he may go on later to reverse his father’s policies: they had opposed Marses, and squared Jupiters.  But even more crucially, their Nodal Axes were squared. There is a case for seeing that the overall plan for the family was to be involved in the making and reversing of apartheid.  His father Jan’s North Node (karma) was at 10 degs Libra, trine F.W.’s Chiron.  In 1948, around the time apartheid was instituted, F.W.’s Progressed Sun was opposite his father’s North Node, on his father’s South Node of past life karma.  So he later helped dismantle an injustice which his father helped implement!  F.W.’s Mars in Aries was exactly conjunct, and therefore in perfect alignment with, the Mars in South Africa’s own chart.

Nobel Peace Prize

F.W. de Klerk did participate in years of apartheid politics.  As education minister he upheld segregation in schools.  His ability as a peacemaker (South Node in Libra, past-life pattern) showed then in his constant efforts at unity within the party.  From 1984 P.W. Botha was President of South Africa, then in January 1989 he had a mild stroke and continued for a while.  On 2 February 1989, F.W. de Klerk took over as party leader.  The heavier planets weighed in at the time:  transiting Saturn was conjunct his natal North Node in Capricorn in 1st House, taking up political responsibilities; Uranus was trine his natal Uranus – A new path; Pluto trined his natal Saturn – again, added serious responsibilities; and Pluto sextile his natal Midheaven in Virgo in 9th House – suggesting what was to be the moral imperative of his future career development.  He came under increasing pressure to help release anti-apartheid activist and freedom fighter Nelson Mandela from prison, including from Margaret Thatcher.  He became President on 20th September 1989, with Jupiter transiting his natal South Node (reaping a karmic reward). Looking back in his memoir “Long Walk to Freedom”, Nelson Mandela said that at this point:

“To us, Mr de Klerk was a cipher. When he became head of the national party, he seemed to be the quintessential party man, nothing more and nothing less. Nothing in his past seemed to hint at a spirit of reform. As education minister, he had attempted to keep black students out of white universities. But as soon as he took over the national party, I began to follow him closely. I read all of his speeches, listened to what he said and began to see that he represented a genuine departure from his predecessor. He was not an ideologue but a pragmatist, a man who saw change as necessary and inevitable.”

Archbishop Desmond Tutu was also sceptical:

“I don’t think we’ve got to even begin to pretend that there is any reason for thinking that we are entering a new phase. It’s just musical chairs”.

But F.W. showed, starting with a policy of allowing anti-apartheid marches to take place, that he could earn their trust.

On 2nd February 1990, he made a historic speech to Parliament:

“History has placed a tremendous responsibility on the shoulders of this country’s leadership, namely the responsibility of moving our country away from the current course of conflict and confrontation… The hope of millions of South Africans is fixed on us. The future of southern Africa depends on us. We dare not waver or fail.”

Transiting Jupiter was trine his natal Venus exact to the day, promoting his personal charisma.  Saturn was squaring his natal Mars, symbolic of his going against the grain of his past.  The A.N.C. (African National Congress, the party which Nelson Mandela belonged to) would be legalized, among other reforms.  This paved the way for Mandela’s release, which took place on 11th February.  Mandela had a Jupiter Return at the time (Freedom!), and in their synastry, F.W. de Klerk’s Jupiter was conjunct Mandela’s Ascendant: literally, he was the man who would free him!  How pre-destined does that sound?  In their synastry, F.W.’s Pluto was also conjunct Mandela’s Sun, showing that he would have a profound impact on his life.

The two together began to dismantle apartheid, and on 30th April 1993 de Klerk apologized for the effects of apartheid.  It was a balancing act which didn’t go far enough for some, but went too far for others.  The Nodal Axis was square to his Saturn-Neptune opposition and I.C./M.C axis., showing that it was a karmic requirement.  In addition, Pluto was trine his natal Pluto, which astrologically showed it to be a powerful act of self-empowerment for his Soul.

At the end of that year, their joint work earned them a Nobel Peace Prize for ending apartheid in South Africa.  Mandela’s transits were more remarkable than his collaborator’s: Jupiter was trine his natal Pluto and sextile his Midheaven, signs of great recognition.

In 1994, Nelson Mandela took over as democratically elected President, an election which included suffrage for the black population, and de Klerk became Deputy President.


F.W. de Klerk was married twice, and had three children from his first marriage.

He became ill in March 2021, diagnosed with mesothelioma, and he died on 11th November.

Jupiter was sextile his natal Jupiter in the 12th House, a transit often seen when the elderly pass, as a release.  Pluto was also opposite his natal Pluto in Cancer in the 7th House, again often seen when an elderly person completes their life cycle.

Karma shows up strongly as a positive force in his life, with two sextiles and two trines to his North Node.  He certainly achieved something remarkable for his country.


We have a square between Venus and Chiron tomorrow (Monday 15th), which is sensitive for healing and relationship.  If there is an emotional crisis, then healing could be near at hand.  Equally, natural remedies may be readily found for minor physical ailments.  An aspect for care of the self and others.

Another square in the evening, Sun square Jupiter, presents us with another challenge.  This square can give rise to grandiose thoughts and gargantuan exploits, exaggerating everything it comes into contact with.  There is also a joyful, humorous side of Sun square Jupiter too though, so try some laughter-yoga, or looking at the positives of these interesting times.

 Tuesday (16th) is a more balanced day, with a sextile in the evening between the Sun and Pluto.  This could bring a profoundly satisfying note in some way. You may have to put in the inner work of soul searching to find the treasure, but the force is likely to be with you.  It is an aspect which may help to show us the direction we need to solve our collective problems, and understanding the meaning behind our dilemmas.  There is an air of quiet contemplation about it, too.

More caution is needed on Wednesday (17th) when Uranus opposes Mars, and tempers could flare.  This aspect can be disruptive, and incident-prone.  Try to minimize health and safety risks under this aspect, especially in connection with cars, dogs, machinery and electrical appliances.  You may find people extra excitable and calmness may be a valuable commodity. Brush up your meditational skills, and be a port in the storm.

Thursday (18th) brings an antidote, a soothing trine between Mercury and Neptune.  This aspect brings the possibility of mysteries being solved, e.g. around health conditions.  In personal applications, things may fall into place spiritually, and you may be ready to talk about a sensitive subject.  This trine brings mental inspiration, transcendent wisdom, higher harmony, spiritual journeys, and insight.  A small kindness can bring about significant mental healing.

The constructive theme continues early on Friday (19th) with Venus trine Uranus.  If you’re up early you may catch some good news. The aspect may set you up with insights for the following week, or bring encounters of the illuminating kind.  In the field of the Arts, it can bring originality and surprise, e.g. to a performance of music.  Ideas for assisting the problems in our society may also crop up, such as community based solutions. This aspect is also favourable for spontaneous exciting meetings.

This effect may be complicated soon after by the advent of the Full Moon and Eclipse at 27 degrees Taurus, close to the Pleiades.  Your emotions may be stirred and you may be motivated to try to resolve in an issue you care passionately about (Taurus and the Sun in opposite sign Scorpio are Fixed signs).  If you are of an artistic bent, you can plough this feeling into your creativity.  You may get a sense of how an issue will pan out over the next six months.

Finally, another square on Saturday (20th) between Mercury and Jupiter: You may have far to travel, or a lot to learn, and feel overstretched, but could enjoy the ride nevertheless.  It would however be a good day to be out in nature, taking a good stroll through the Autumn leaves, and picking up information.  The aspect occurs late in the day, but you may enjoy the effects during the day, or the following day.

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The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – healing and overstretching
  • Tuesday – profound contemplation
  • Wednesday – explosive
  • Thursday – serene
  • Friday – socially exciting; emotional high tide
  • Saturday – mentally stretching

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