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Aspect for the week beginning 27 January 2013 – Sun square Saturn

“The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.” ~ Moliere Sun square Saturn Sun square Saturn is the only main aspect on the menu this week, one that comes around approximately twice a year.  All other astrological features are not aspects as such, though the Full Moon is an opposition between the Sun […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 6 January 2013

Aspects There is a complex tangle of aspects in the first half of the week, then a pause for thought in the middle of the week, followed by an upturn in mood in the second half of the week. The tangle consists of Mercury at 9 degrees Capricorn, Mars at 9 degrees Aquarius, Pluto at […]

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Aspect for the week beginning 2 December 2012 – Sun opposite Jupiter

Sun opposite Jupiter: Monday 3rd December 2012 1.45 a.m. We have less drama this week, and a chance to accentuate the positive, with only one aspect, and that aspect being a Jupiterian one.  This aspect comes at the beginning of the week, and occurs just after midnight tonight, at 1.45 a.m. tomorrow morning in the […]

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Aspect for the week beginning 4 November 2012 – Venus trine Jupiter

Thus spake Hurricane Sandy. Cassandra in ancient Greek mythology carried a message of warning. She was certainly reminding us of climate change, but her timing was such that she might have wanted to intervene in the stalemate  of the U.S. election too. Who is she voting for? I was going to archive some of my past blog statements […]

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Uranus square Pluto – Phase 2

19 September 2012, 05.57 Hrs in the U.K. This week we face the second square between Uranus and Pluto square, on Wednesday. The good news is that we have already negotiated the first square, on 24 June this year, and have more idea of how it impacts us and how we respond to it.  Uranus […]

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Aspect for the week beginning 5 August 2012 – Venus trine Neptune

Non-Aspects Venus enters Cancer on Tuesday 7th August, and our collective feelings may become less analytical, and more emotional.  We may become mesmerized by water sports such as rowing and swimming.  Having watched a week of Olympics, hubby (re-inspired) is now down at the gym, while I am waiting for him to check the blog.  […]

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Aspect for the week beginning 8 July 2012 – Mercury sextile Venus

The Square Background The Uranus-Pluto square is still prevalent, slightly waning now until its next phase in September.  It was exacerbated yesterday by Venus square Chiron, an aspect I hadn’t mentioned, but which seems to have brought up relationship crises. Global Round-Up The global issues which are linked in my view with the Uranus-Pluto square […]

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Uranus square Pluto – A Guide

24th June 2012, 09.12 Hrs in the U.K. Astrologers have been giving out intimations about this square for some time, and it is now almost upon us.  So I am gathering my thoughts together and hopefully something I write will be relevant or useful to what is going on in your life.  Pluto and Uranus […]

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Aspect for the week beginning 8 April 2012 – Venus sextile Uranus

Venus sextile Uranus is the only aspect this week, and it occurs tomorrow.  After the shenanigans of last night’s Venus-Mars square, you may find that tomorrow afternoon, love, relationships and the arts will take an unexpectedly better turn. Tomorrow (9th), Easter Monday, you may bump into someone and have a great encounter.  I have long been interested […]

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Jupiter trine Pluto

Jupiter trine Pluto, Tuesday 13th March 2012, 4.43 a.m. in the U.K. I have been encouraged to write about Jupiter trine Pluto since my blog of Jupiter square Pluto in July 2010 proved to be one of my most popular blogs. My focus was on the schism in society between atheism and religion, dark and […]

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