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Aspects for the week beginning 28 June 2015

Wimbledon 2015 – Week 1 Here we go again!  This is the fortnight where I try to keep up with the spectacle that is Wimbledon, sometimes hitting the mark and sometimes missing.  But it’s great fun (for me).  I am starting, as usual, with the top four men’s and women’s seeds, and thereafter will update […]

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Wimbledon 2014 – Men’s Final

Federer vs Djokovic General The chart for this match is a similar shape to that of the women’s final, with Mars (now exactly on the Ascendant)/North Node rising in Libra, except that the Moon has joined the conjunction.  This may mean that the match is a little more balanced than that of Petra Kvitova against […]

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Wimbledon 2014 – Ladies’ Finals

Kvitova vs Bouchard General 2 pm today when the match is due to start, under cover of Centre Court if it continues to rain, sees Libra (tennis) rising with Mars/North Node (a karmic battle!) close to the Ascendant.  Certainly each of the two ladies is going to fiercely contest this title.  Petra Kvitova as a […]

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Wimbledon 2014 – Week 2

The rain stopped play yesterday for all but a handful of matches at Wimbledon yesterday.  What a difference a week makes!  I had my annual strawberries last week, but it doesn’t seem right to eat them in this grey weather, and while Wimbledon is at a hiatus.  Hopefully the Sun will be out again tomorrow, […]

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Wimbledon 2014

I was doing increasingly well blogging Wimbledon until last year.  The top seeds seemed to fall away early on, and a new crop of tennis players came to the fore.  I indicated that I may not blog again, but here I am getting back on the horse.  I always learn from each wrong prediction…  As […]

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Wimbledon 2013 – The Finals

In this most unpredictable Wimbledon, here is my last throw of the dice… Men’s Semi Finals Novak Djokovic,No. 1 Men’s Seed Djokovic, continues to  look unbeatable.  Nothing we have seen has challenged that notion. I have been looking further into his chart, and spotted a 1 degree conjunction between Mercury and the Part of Fortune […]

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Wimbledon 2013 – Week 2

I am pleased to say that last week’s Wimbledon blogging bore fruit, so I am featuring 8 players again for the second week.  Some of the content will be reproduced from last week’s blog, commentary and updates.  Serena seems likely to win the Ladies’ trophy, and I am undecided about the men’s, but hope to […]

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Wimbledon 2013

After predicting the winners these last two years, I will attempt to make it third time lucky.  Though it did not win me popularity last year: some felt I should have predicted Andy Murray to win, and resented that I didn’t.  Here as starters are the first four seeds from the women’s and men’s players, […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 1 July 2012

Uranus square Pluto Aftermath Life is for learning, and we certainly learned a lot last week.  How was it for you?  I found new chambers of the heart last week, new aspects of the Inner Healer, and new depths in relationships.  I have always felt that if you are following the yellow brick road, you […]

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Aspects for the week beginning 24 June 2012

The Aspects First up on Sunday morning we have a mellow trine between the Sun and Neptune enabling us to take advantage of the night’s guidance.  We will be primed spiritually, preparing us on some level for Uranus square Pluto, though it is relatively not as powerful an aspect as Uranus square Pluto.  It will help […]

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